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4.2 out of 5 stars61
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2001
I got the PC Version of this game back in early 1999, a few months after it came out on PC. I still play it mainly because you can add modifications to the PC version which I am not sure if you can with the console. I must say that valve software did a great job. Excellent and almost bug-free engine. Monsters have superb AI using A* algorithms to find their way through levels and follow you if they are going to hunt you down! This would be a great choice for the console, however, only if you haven't already played the PC version from start to finish.
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on 14 September 2011
I love this game, it is very entertaining and a joy to play. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find the way through but worth spending time on. I got stuck in the missile silo stage of it for a few days and only found the way through by commiting suicide over the big fan in the ventellation shaft, to my amazement I found that I was blown up to the top where there is a tunnel which leads to the fuel and oxygen supply room. This was where I was stuck, I knew where the fuel room was but could not get into it. I wont say anymore as it may spoil the enjoyment of this massive game. Well worth the penny that it cost, with the postage it only comes to nearly two and a half quid. I cant think of another way to spend so little to get so many hours entertainment, buy it youll love it.
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on 24 July 2008
I've never played the PC version although now I've got one that can run the 'generations'version and not the original and I still stick with this one.
I bought it a while ago after the hype proclaiming it to be the best FPS ever,and I thought it was...ok.
After 3 or 4 hours that had changed and I was well and truly hooked,I've only just read some of the more negative reviews here and what can I say?
Er,what slowdown?,I've played it through several times and never noticed any slowdown at all,Phantasy Star Universe,yes,Quake III,yes,Unreal Tournament,definitely but this?,Not that I'd noticed.
Like I said I've not played the original so don't know what that looks like but considering when this came out I find the graphics actually pretty good,I've got Gunman Chronicles which is a modded Half-Life and even on maximum settings doesn't look as good as this so I Imagine neither does Half-Life.
If my (3)Dreamcasts had been able to run this I would have been surprised,unlike Quake and Unreal,control configurations for this are fully changeable and it supports mouse and keyboard/joypad so anybody should find a set-up they like.
If there's any problems it's the jumping,Freeman feels like He's on roller skates,on ice!!but the quick save feature quickly eradicates this,why wasn't this in Rune?!!,and sometimes you'll do a duck-jump even though the way is clear,Quicksave to the rescue!,I will admit there is 'some' slowdown on the first boss fight (part 1 of 3)but the area is huge so not unexpected,It's a good length too,15+ hours.
granted,the Multiplayer is awful and Decay whilst good is largely irrelevant as the quicksave/any save is disabled and requires a good memory.
I've got/played MOH:Frontlines it was okay,Rising Sun was terrible,Red faction is similar and very good too and to top it off?,I've finished Half-Life 2 on the Xbox twice which is amazing,and that has got (some)slowdown,so to end,Half-Life is a very good game,worth playing even now,PC purists may scoff,like they did with Deus Ex,but the chance to play this on a machine that doesn't/didn't cost the earth..go figure!
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on 14 December 2001
Havn`t been able to stop playing this game since I bought it last week! I loved Lara Croft/Resident Evil/Silent Hill etc and this is much the same having to work out puzzles and use your wits. Only criticism is having to use the analog sticks to move around which I found a bit disorientating! Graphics and realism and fantastic and I have jumped out of my chair more than once. I am going to bed and dreaming about running around being Gordon Freeman which is sad as I am a 35 year old mother of three!
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on 4 May 2016
what can i say that hasnt been said before its a great game that i love and it does my head in that even after all these years theres still no half-life 3, that cliffhanger of half-life 2 episode two still haunts me.
well one thing i can say is if you play this game on the ps2 is very noisy as it uses a very strange purple cd, i have no idea why they did this, its a shame as the games amazing n ported to the ps2 flawlessly.
i havent used the game in a ps3 (the origonal 20gb model that can play ps2 games) but its probly loud in that too (its a shame this game doesnt come with the orange box on the ps3 (or as a download on psn at least) so best off playing it on steam if the noise drives you isane (it did me anyway) and now that black messa is out (this game using the Half-Life 2 engine and its a fan made game) to buy what better time to play this than now.
the game runs perfectly fine on the ps2 and its a classic FPS, i just wish they spent a bit more money and made the print a DVD and bundled in a making of feature or something to warrent putting it onto a dvd or just put Counter-Strike with bots on it or something.
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on 13 April 2002
Half Life is the greatest game that I have ever played. The graphics are stunning, the sound is unbelievably lifelike and the gameplay is a real jewel. If you are someone who enjoys first person shooters and enjoys being scared s**tless, then I truely recommend this game to you. I have given it a 5/5 star rating because it looks great and will last you months as there is so much to do. You have the original 1 player story which keeps you on your toes 24/7 and the 2 player story (decay) which also is lots of fun. For extra playablity, the basic two player deathmatch is another feature where you can play a mate on one of 8+ large levels. Have no friends? No problem, if you complete decay mode, you unlock the 1 player skirmish mode inwhich you the player can face bots on any of the 2 player levels.
In conclusion, Half Life is a must buy for any fan of Shooters as it looks stunning and will last you a very long time.
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on 12 August 2012
I remember playing this years ago on the PS2 but I never completed it. After playing the Orange Box on PS3 I thought I would buy this (I know PC version is better) and its exactly how I remember it and its still a lot of fun to play.
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on 4 December 2001
I bought this product with some trepidation- being formerly a PC owner of the same title.
The following should be observed:
1- Its control pad method is tricky- but once your into it works relatively well. Not great- but well enough. The auto-lock on feature not present in the original PC version helps greatly.
2- The graphics/sound are truely amazing. A real sense of atmosphere are added to a superb game.
3- Weapons- No shooter would be worthwhile without the KA-CHINK of the shotgun or the BOOM of grenades. All here- present and correct.
4- Gameplay. This is a game of many points and actions: You will run, dodge, hide, shoot. Then theres the move crate to access the air duct. You can spend hours trying to work your way out of a pit when you could have flipped a switch to create a bridge across. This game WILL frustrate you at times. Try and try again.
1- Tricky controls- require learning.
2- AI: Not always as smart- the security officers will stick in doorways and occasionaly not follow when ordered. The enemy soldiers will blow themselves up with grenades if you put them in the right position.
3- Lastability- Once you complete this theres not much pull back- The Decay add on adds an exciting aspect to multiplayer games.
4- Multiplay- Only 2 players head to head? Come one. You have to get a serial cable and link up some PS2's. Crock. Its a very good multiplay game shamefully underplayed.
--Overall- a better single play shooter than Quake for example but a not so great multiplay game. Not bad- but you know PC owners will go on and on about it....
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on 4 November 2013
Really this is just an attempt to make a PC port for the PS2 with limited success. The graphics were certainly improved and when going to the health station a actual syring comes out and injects health into you. You could even destroy them to gain more health from what I recall.

However there isn't really anything new beyond that so in my opinion it's just a failed attempt to port a PC game to the consoles, however unlike Deus Ex, the controls aren't difficult, so you can start playing immediatly without spending about 20mins trying to get a hold of the controls.
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Half-life for the PS2 is amazing! I really didn't think the new additions would match up
to the old single player. But they did, Decay is just as atmospheric and exiting. It's
great to talk to someone to work out strategies. Half-Life is exceptionally well
balanced between action and puzzles. I would recommend this to anyone.
Buy It!
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