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3.2 out of 5 stars37
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 October 2003
Let me first make this clear - I adore the game of Scrabble. Having played the odd game with family and friends over the years, I began to take a serious interest in the game at the end of 2002, and have since improved my game to that of tournament level. Ask anyone that I have spoken to on the scene, and you will get a similar answer; 'If you want a decent board, you're almost certainly going to have to order from abroad.' The sad truth is, they are all correct. The faults with this board are legion. The idea that this is a wooden board is a complete fallacy. It sort of looks like wood, but in the end appears to be some kind of plastic - the kind often found on cheap furniture. The raised divisions between the squares are so shallow, that they might as well not be there. Worst crime of all though is the size of the squares. Many serious players now use 'protiles' which are infinitely superior to any provided in a normal Scrabble set, being clearer, more durable, and having no raised lettering allowing one to 'feel' the letters coming from the bag. With this board, the makers have clearly found that they could shave of a little more of the cost of production by shrinking the squares just enough so that protiles won't fit. In the set I saw, they didn't even provide wooden tile racks.
My advice, therefore, would be this: If you are looking for a family set, or one for a casual player, then stick to the 'Original' version, which is about a third the price, and differs little in quality. If you are in any way serious about this wonderful game, then check online for some custom board makers in America or Canada. They are more pricey, but you do get what you pay for.
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on 27 December 2006
I was totally disappointed to offer this 'deluxe' version of Scrabble as a gift this Christmas. I purchased it on the understanding that it has a 'Highly finished wooden framed board with rotating base' which it simply isn't. The board is made from injection moulded plastic which doesn't fool anyone for wood.

It also claims to include a 'velvet tilebag' - which again it doesn't. The tile bag is mock polymer velvet which feels even cheaper that the original Scrabble bag.

Notice a trend? Plastic, plastic plastic. Cheap plastic too.

It looks as if they tried to make it look extra classy by simulating what a Scrabble board would look like were it painted on a canvas using oil paint. But it instead just looks cheap and can be vaguely hard to read if the angle/light is wrong due to glare.

To add salt to the wound, they now fail to provide you with a score pad and pencil, instead, you have to photocopy the score sheet in the middle pages of the booklet. Now that is deluxe..

I'm not the only one complaining - check out the website reviews.

A letter to Mattel is in the post.

A huge disappointment which will be returned and my money refunded.
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on 13 February 2008
I have to agree with the other poor comments about this set. We had the Scrabble Anniversary for £60 which was a nice set but did not have a grid to secure the pieces so that set was returned.

We then purchased the cheaper so called 'Delux' set for £30 and other than the well written manual on playing the game the rest was terrible and seriously tacky to say the least. The center tile area with the apparent grid just didnt function, the grid varied in depth all over the board, the board being made of cheap tin metal, the underside is really cheap plastic, the wooden sides are certainly nothing to write home about and seem out of place to be honest as wood normally means quality and yet the rest of the item is tacky.

No extras like a score pad or timer, so why its called 'Delux' I have no idea. Franklin Mint might be able to say 'Delux' to there £400 scrabble set but thats another story which we intend to investigate as it appears the Franklin Mint scrabble might be your only option if you want to play on a decent set as there is nothing to my knowledge under £100 thats any good or worth buying.

I think this set is highly overpriced for what it is. Really do not advise purchasing this.
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on 4 January 2007
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife who is a long time Scrabble fan. I wanted to give her the best Scrabble set I could find and was lured in by the descriptions of this set. Although my wife was very happy for the gift, I was quite disappointed with it.

* The wooden board is actually a wooden frame with a metal (?) playfield. Re-reading the description, I don't understand why I got the idea that the whole board would be wood, but it does not look as splendid as I had hoped. On top of it all, the nice wood is adorned with a crappy plastic "Scrabble" plate that really ruins the impression. The rotation device works well for us though.

* The letter racks are plastic. That is a downer in a "deluxe" set! Looks and feels cheap.

* The velvet bag is not really velvet! It is "velvety plastic". I would rather pay extra for real fabric than save the money on this cheap stuff. It is supposed to be Deluxe!

I really got the feeling that Mattel is manufacturing these sets for just a little bit more money but charges threefold more. I feel tricked.
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on 14 January 2008
My review follows the same vein as the others which have criticized it.
I bought my parents a deluxe version of Scrabble about 10 years ago. It is I thought I would treat myself to a deluxe version. What a load of rubbish it is!
Tile racks are cheap plastic.
The board which I was led to believe would be wood is cheap plastic
The swivel board however does work.
The tile grid on the board is so shallow, it is pointless. By the time you have 'swivelled' the board, your tiles have moved off the grid positions.
The 'velvet' tile bag is far from velvet. A cheap stiff material.
And finally, where are the pencils and the score pad that are in the deluxe version my parents have? In this version there is nothing, just one page for you to use as a score pad in the instruction booklet.
If you are going to buy Scrabble, save yourself some money and buy the original version, this one is not worth a penny!
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on 31 May 2007
Scrabble deluxe is not a terrible item but it wasn't what I was looking for in a luxury board game that costs more then twice the normal game - for those looking for a nicely made WOODEN board I suggest purchasing the Anniversary Edition - for some reason this one is not as widely publicised as the Deluxe even on Amazon it was hard to find but it is there- this has a quality real wood board, wooden tiles and tile racks (unlike the plastic ones that come in the deluxe) as well as having the turntable feature - all of this and it comes with a nice wooden case/storage box so its good enough to display - I could go on and on about how much better this board is when compared to the deluxe version - the only thing better then it is the deluxe scrabble board sold in Harrods which is truly a thing of beauty but at £2000 is a bit too rich for my blood!
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on 27 July 2008

There is absolutely nothing deluxe about it:

The 'spinner' is sticky
The 'Luxury wooden surround' is cheap pine, stained badly
The racks are horribly tacky and cheap-looking
There is no scoring facility
The tiles look like off-cuts collected from the floor of your local carpenters
The raised surface on the board down't work - it makes the letters harder to place, but doesn't stop them moving around after being placed.

The only thing deluxe about this product is its name.
(or if you're really into scrabble, get a custom-made board)
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on 13 June 2005
I enjoy playing this game with family and it was purchased one christmas to repalce a slightly tired version.
However, we were disappointed. The spinning function doesn't appear to work and causes problems, on the old orginal we had a working spinner.
The tiles can be difficult to read, for my nan.
And what grates the most is the clear lack of scoring facility. Sure there are pages in the book, but on the old version, non deluxe i add, we had a score keeper on the top of each tile holder with scoring in 1's and then 10's and 100's, with pegs which as a child I loved.
I still enjoy the game and find it useful as a dyslexic to play this, sometimes with my dictionary (I know it's cheating but even with it I have no chance of winning!), but I wish we had stuck to the orginal.
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on 2 September 2008
An extremely poorly-finished so-called 'deluxe' product, with nasty plastic parts everywhere you look. The worst insult is the horrid plasticky tile bag, which would have seemed cheap had it come out of a Christmas cracker. Thoroughly, unremittingly shoddy. Avoid.
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on 29 January 2008
A real disappointment compared with the old deluxe. The tiles do not fit into the raised grid, which is not sufficiently deep to keep the tiles in place. Plastic tile racks and plastic edge to the board. A waste of money!!
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