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3.7 out of 5 stars43
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 June 2012
---(THE FILM)---One of the recurring themes of Alfred Hitchcock's movies is the plight of a common, decent man caught in uncommon circumstances. Torn Curtain is no exception.

In this reaction to James Bondism, Paul Newman plays world famous scientist Michael Armstrong who goes to an international congress of physics in Copenhagen with his fiancee/assistant Sarah Sherman (Julie Andrews). While there, she mistakenly picks up a message meant for him, and discovers that he is defecting to East Berlin in order to get funding for his pet project. Or is he?
That's the answer Sarah and the audience discover as 'Hitch' directs this action thriller behind the Iron Curtain...
"Torn Curtain" is an excellent suspenseful adventure. Paul Newman has a great performance in the role of a scientist obsessed to resolve the problem with some missiles
This hardly ever appears in the lists of the master's best films, but it is a real gem - superbly acted, inventively filmed with great music, dialogue and plot. Julie Andrews and Paul Newman work really well together - a very sexy scene early in the film is a delight, filmed in extreme close-up. And Lila Kedrova's cameo is Oscar worthy. This is also a memorable look at the Cold War at its height,you sense the absurdity of the situation. And there is a murder scene of unbelievable savagery -The most memorable scene is the bus pursuit sequence, and the theater audience turning into an hysterical mob when Newman yells "fire" is a great Hitchcock moment.One of his best cameo appearances too.
Also The movie is also correct in so many other ways. For example is it good to see, that the Germans speak German and the Danes speak Danish in contrast to so many other movies, where they just speak English with an accent
(Torn Curtain) Is a top Espionage drama from the Exciting Sixties Cold War Spy Thriller from director Alfred Hitchcock it's still an exciting and extremely well made picture, with a good story its full of tension and suspense which will have you on the edge of your seat.
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on 19 September 2010
"Torn Curtain" is one of the lesser known of Hitchcock's American films. And while it's not as great as some of his best work, it's still very well made and has that Hitchcock feeling. It's not a fast paced story, and a less capable director might have made a forgettable, somewhat dull, movie, but Hitchcock effectively builds tension between the characters (also helped by good acting) and creates several quite suspenseful scenes. You might say that the direction is better than the story and that some of the parts are better than the film as a whole. Still highly recommended to Hitchcoch fans and also recommended to fans of cold war/espionage thrillers.

On a side note: Some DVDs are pan-and-scanned. Unfortunately mine was. Before buying the film, make sure you get the correct widescreen version.
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VINE VOICEon 13 March 2009
For resons best known to themselves, Universal UK have issued most of Alfred Hitchcock's 1960s/1970s films (The Birds, Marnie, Torn Curtain, Topaz, Frenzy) in pan-and-scan 1.33:1 ratio, although these films were originally shown in widescreen (1.85:1).

This is available via Region 1 imported discs - if your DVD player is multi-region - but surely the UK deserves a better service than this!

Come on, Universal UK - give us the same remastered widescreen versions that are available for the US market!!!
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on 5 May 2014
Underated but nevertheless highly watchable and enjoyable Hitchcock offering. Okay so Julie Andrews is no Tippi Hendren or Grace Kelly, but she is a damn fine actress who doesn't need to break into song to get by in the acting stakes.
A solid blu ray release. The opening credits are quite grainy (but in a filmic way so not as bad on the eye as the opening credits of Mary Poppins on blu ray and the 3D Dial M For Murder) but once the action switches to Coppenhagen. the picture bursts into blu ray gold. Colours are deep and rich and quite sharp. The sound is DTS Master HD 2.0 Mono (but very full bodied with good base) Recommended if you like Hitchcock movies
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Michael Armstrong, noted American scientist, (Paul Newman) is in Sweden for a conference where he is to give a big speech. At least that's what his fiancee and assistant Sarah Sherman (Julie Andrews) thinks. In reality, Michael is defecting to East Germany and hoping to work with one of their best scientists. When Sarah finds out, she tags along, further complicating matters. Will she stay or go? What is Michael really up to? And kind of danger will they face?

I had heard this wasn't one of Hitchcock's best, and unfortunately, that turned out to be the case. My problem with the film was the set up. It was just too long. Yes, we did need to know most of the material, but it could have been cut back to half the length and made for a better film.

On the other hand, there are multiple great moments. A life and death struggle in a farmhouse is very memorable. The final third of the film had me on the edge of my seat most of the time. The idea behind the story wasn't bad, it just needed to be cut back at the beginning.

The film is worth seeing, but it isn't worth rushing out to see until you have seen some of Hitchcock's better films.
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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2008
Although originally looking forward to filming this one, it turned out to be little more than an acute disappointment for Hitchcock. He distrusted Paul Newman for his method acting and whilst delighting at the prospect of turning Julie Andrews sweet and innocent image upside down, when he got his hands on her he was eternally disappointed, lamenting that there was not much he could do with her after all.

It's by no means a dreadful film and it does have some characteristic Hitchcock touches; when there is tension between the two main characters, the film is effective, but once Newman and Andrews realise they are on the same side, that dissipates and as there is still half of the film to go, it does stymie it somewhat.

Still there are some standout scenes - especially the one where Newman, with help from a farmer's wife, kills his bodyguard (an amusing performance from Wolfgang Kieling) and at times it is excellently handled. Sadly it cannot keep it up for the duration and watching it is a frustrating experience.
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on 30 April 2005
This is an odd film - neither Paul Newman nor Julie Andrews are the perfect choices for a Hitchcock, but it does work in the end. In fact it probably contains some of Hitchcock's lesser known but brilliant sequences.
The murder (for that's what it is) of the agent following Newman is one of his most chilling scenes - it's cold and desperate and very scary. The bus ride is thrilling and has the same kind of edge of the seat moments as the shoe in the pocket from Marnie and the walk to the plane from North by Northwest. And I just love Lila Kedrova wanting her 'sponsor'.
So it's totally unusual, very watchable, with impressive set pieces. Not Hitch's best, but far from terrible.
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on 21 November 2013
Throughtout the years I have heard on numerous occasions about Paul Newman's so called wooden performance in Torn Curtain, and that ultimately the ruined the film. But some perspective please. True Torn Curtain, Hitchcock's 50th movie is not his very best- but it is a flowing story, and for the most part enjoyable.

I feel that Newman's character especially at the beginning, plays a houlier than thou person even to his wife, as he needs to give himself a higher standing, after all his character is the spy.

Torn Curtain is filled with many wonderful scenes. Tense too. The bus chase, the chase in the musuem, the moment the professor finds out Newman is a spy and the slow death by oven are wonderful highlights. But scenes don't just make a film, and I feel that the film is glued together fairly well.

Not sure about all of the criticism this film has had, I think it's unfair. Especially when you compare it to Hitchcock's next film which would be the forgetable Topaz.
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on 25 March 2015
BLU RAY VERSION: Not Hitchcock's best, but nevertheless a great film from my favourite director, with plenty of suspense. It would have been improved enormously had the two leading characters been the stunning Grace Kelly and suave Cary Grant but such is life in the film industry. Picture and sound quality are good.
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on 6 October 2015
this is the first of the last four films of
Alfred Hitchcock, and not his best work.

Hitchcock had made his last four great
movies, before making this film, so his
best work was behind him...

Torn Curtain isn't a bad movie, it is just
a bit dated even for it's time, his next
movie,Topaz, isn't much better either
You could watch both films back to back
and not know, they were directed by
Hitchcock... plus, this is the first film
sans Bernard Herrmann... so it lacks a
a good soundtrack too...
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