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4.7 out of 5 stars440
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2009
This is the original Monopoly and in my opinion, it is the best version. There are many different versions of this game (Star Wars, Here & Now, World etc) but I am very glad I chose the original one with its original London streets, property values and paper money. This product was very cheap compared to other online retailers, auctions sites and shops and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on 14 November 2012
It's Monopoly, the game is as good as it has ever been. This product however is very cheaply made! You can justify that because it's cheap to buy, but I think I'd rather they spent a bit more making it and charged me a little more to buy it. Personally I prefered Monopoly when it was still made by Waddingtons and not Hasbro. They seem to have focused too much on releasing new fancy versions of the game with credit cards and such, which are less fun once the novelty wears off. For sure the basic, original version of the game is the one to buy, but if you can find it, buy the original made by Waddingtons instead of this cheap American reproduction! The thing I hate most about it is that pounds are now "monopoly dollars" -.-
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on 8 November 2006
Its all down to the luck of the dice, failiure or success could be right around the corner. Will you end up in jail, or will you manage to get a monopoly and start on houses?

Admittedly Monopoly is very repetitive but there is such an element of risk when playing, should you put all your eggs in one basket and buy a hotel on Mayfair and Park Lane, or should you try and get a few houses on everywhere. The fact it relies on the dice means that everything is down to chance, one minute you could be down to £1 and the next you could have £1000. Anything can happen, nothing is definite, you're never out of it until you've gone. THE Beautiful Game!
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on 24 January 2010
It's funny, but the only reason I bought this game really was because I enjoyed playing it so much as a child, and in my twenties. Now, however, I realise that the game is not only great fun but it has excellent educational value too. My seven year old niece was playing it recently and, although English is her third language, she had to read the instructions on the chance and community chest cards, and calculate the amount of change she needed after purchasing property or after paying rent for landing on other players' properties. The fact that she didn't even want to stop playing at midnight, says a great deal about the game's enjoyability. I think there are a couple of new pieces in the game now, (I don't remember there being a thimble or a wheelbarrow in the seventies version) and the houses/hotels etc... are a little less substantial than they were in the past, but it's still fantastic fun. I'm not sure about the speed dice though. As far as I can make out it makes you go round the board quicker, but surely that doesn't help you to acquire property any more quickly, so how does it speed the game up?
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on 15 August 2012
I agree with what so many people have already said in that this game has all the original rules and therefore gives all the fun that the original Monopoly gave.
However, I was disappointed to find that the board itself now folds in quarters rather than the conventional half. The folds themselves are not very robust. This means that there will be increased wear and tear, shortening the life of this game. The manufacturers obviously did this to fit the game into a smaller box, but common sense tells us that the more moving parts you have in an item, the more problems you're going to get.
So, in summary, this game has all the original rules but now comes folded into a smaller box.
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on 3 January 2011
I played this game with a friend last night so I thought while the memories are still fresh in my mind I should write a review about :)

I definitely have to side with A G Purkiss and say that the original version of Monopoly is still the best version. The electronic board game version is very popular at the moment, but I played that version once and to be honest I really didn't like it. Instead of having a banker, you have those silly ATM's, which means you don't have to use your brain at all which for me defeats the whole purpose of the game.

Monopoly is a real classic and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't at least 1 in every 3 homes across the English speaking countries. Like Mark O'Brien said this game has stood the test of time. It's been the family favourite for well over 70 years now, and I'm sure in another 70 years it'll still be in the top 5.

If you've never played Monopoly before, here is a quick summary.

Each player starts at Go which a character of their choice (the most popular is the Car I believe) you then take turns at rolling the dice with the person with the highest roll going first and then moving around the players clockwise. After you've been round the board once you are free to start buying properties, and there are many to choose from. The best ones to buy are Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red. If you manage to accumulate them, you are well on your way to winning. If your opponent lands on a property you own, they must pay rent and visa versa. If you have managed to collect all the properties in a set (e.g yellow) then you may purchase houses for your properties, which means when your opponent lands on them they must pay double or even more in rent. The game ends when a player goes bankrupt!

It's not a game of chance, I've picked up a lot of tricks on how to play over the past 9 years and I win almost every time. You just have to know which properties to buy and when to buy them. When to do a deal and when to spend your hard earned cash. If you slip up just the once, it can cost you the game.

It really brings not only families together but also friends. And it teaches younger children the value of money, which I think is the one of the most important lesson a child can learn.
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on 31 July 2008
I find the naivety of the "I lost because I rolled a 4..." comment startling.

I loved this game as a child and played it often, I now have children of my own and we play it. In all the hundreds of games I have played over the years only a very small percentage was bad luck the deciding factor in the game and I cannot think of a single game when a game was won because of good-luck. There is an element of chance in the game but there is far and away more skill and strategy than chance.

Any player that is out because he rolled a 4 rather than a 5 had probably lost the game a long time ago and that was just the killing blow. Perhaps he had overstretched and was caught out or perhaps another player had risked his fortune by investing in an expensive property and you were unlucky enough to land on it, or perhaps you have been losing little by little and that was just the last straw.
I bet if he played 10 times he would lose because he was `unlucky' most of the time, how about you give some credit to the winner for being better at the game than you.

If you want a warm, fuzzy, lets all hug game, then this is not it. If you want a fun game of skill, that challenges you to plan, to evaluate investments, take calculated risks, respond to fortune or misfortune, to negotiate with others. It is a competitive game and there will be a winner and some losers.

It may not be nice to lose but it is something a child must learn at some point, non-competitive sports and games have their place but not to the exclusion of competing. Playing is fun, but winning is fun too, teaching children to play to win, to seek to improve their skills to better themselves is training them for life. A desire to achieve and to succeed and exceed is sometimes a good thing, games help them learn those skills in a controlled environment.

And above all else this is a fun game.
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on 19 January 2011
Good old favourite with a lick of new paint from the original boxed version I owned and played as a child. More compact, hence easier to store. My son loves it just as much as me and at this price and service back up - everyone's a winner.
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on 10 April 2006
This game without a doubt is truly one of the greats.Nothing would please me more than to have a few family members around to play with and to have some fun. This game is truly a classic. With all the new technology around that could go into making fantastic board games, this game is still leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. The duarability of this game through the ages is phenominal.
Hall of fame game, Period.
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Its a shame to see the negative reviews of this game. Afterall, if its the educational value thats being questioned, this game was made over 70 years ago! So it doesn't incorparate the modern educational values. Instead, it is indeed a game of luck, but also stratergy,

It takes a mature person to last out an hour or 2 to play Monopoly. Its not for the people (or children) that find they get bored after 5 minutes and say "This is rubbish". Its not like other board games, because it requires you to build your way up to winning through fortune - not through simply making small descions while cruising around a colourful snazzy board. The reason people love the game is because it actually links to real life - theirs the water works, electric company, real roads and streets, railway stations - not fictional characters with wierd names, that makes you wonder "whats the point?". The great thing aobut Monopoly, is that it does feel real. And thats why I could never take losing!

Unlike other games too, you learn techniques and stratergies over many years. My dad's been playing Monopoly on and off for over 40 years, and I can see a deifnate pattern in the way he plays, that can only be brought on over time. As a mature person, who's been playing the game for many years, I'm still only learning new things each time. But the only time I play the game is in lazy summer nights, whic I think suits the time scale - you'll be playing the game for at leats 45 minutes/ an hour if you play properly.

The playing 'pieces' are now all too familiar, and most older gamers have a favourite. They are well made, and they'll never break thankfuklly! (seems like one of the few toys thats not built with cheap plastic). I'm sure most people have played the game, but for those who haven't, its a simple idea - the objective is to force the opposing players into debt, so that he/she has no money left, and cannot pay up any charges you have. The fun comes in the building up to this... You may want to buy a 'house' and place it on cheaper property, like The Angel Islington (this was actually a pub - the men who went around collecting street names went to a pub, not knowing what last street name to get - hence the pub Angel Isslington was used) therefore not using lots cash, or you could try being really harsh and buy Mayfair, whilst placing many houses on it, though this costs mega money.

Along the way around the board, you'll come across other features - Chance and Community Chest cards provide additonal luck in your money spending/gaining, while placing a wrong move could send you to Jail! The railway stations on each board side can be bought too, and the utilities (water and electricity) add more variety, but you rarely land on them!

I think this game proves something very special - its timeless. It doesnt focus on something that is era-based, or any techno-babble. It focuses on tactics and right descions. And their values that surely won't fade away?
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