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4.6 out of 5 stars72
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2001
Activision's 'Tony Hawk's' franchise has matured outstandingly since the the original 'Tony Hawk's Skateboarding' on the PlayStation in 1999. This latest addition to the extreme sports series is an essential update and the leap from PlayStation to PlayStation2. Graphics have been smoothened out and are much more fluid - the skaters now visibly draw blood and are a lot less rigid than in the previous versions. There are brand new tracks as well, based in cities worldwide, and the national landmarks have unsurprisingly been included in each track. My personal favourite is Paris, but every track has excellant features; built in halpipes, the oppertunity to grind along lengthy railings, and of course the all important combo oppertunities to get thousands of points.
In terms of sound, the punk rock style of previous versions has been made way for by the nu-metal bands - big names such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Papa Roach as well as other less well known bands feature on this games catchy soundtrack.
The controls are exactly the same as the previous versions - so gamers who are familiar with the controls will be able to pick up and play this sequel - for those of you who haven't played the previous versions will be reassured to know that unlike other extreme sports games, it won't take long to learn the controls.
The more you put into Tony Hawk's 3, the more you get out. The games have always been extremely rewarding and again it is the case here. The game modes include Career Mode where you choose one of a number of famous skaters (or make your own using the custom skater function) and make your way through various competitions to become the best.
This game is extremely big and has numerous options to keep even the most easily tired gamer busy for months. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding 3 continues the successful line of skateboarding games from Activision extremely well.
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on 30 November 2001
This game runs amazingly fluidly and fast. There are now a new variety of tricks and more importantly bails. These all spill blood from your body and you can actually feel the boarders pain as they smash their face up against the concrete. There are 8 levels in all with a variety of hidden ones to unlock as the game progresses. The new Revert function (press R2 as you land) allows you to link air tricks to vert tricks and allows for massive point scores. It is actually possible to do a trick which will last the entire 2 minute run by mixing Reverts with manuals. There are 12 boarders to begin with but other ones may be unlocked (i wont spoil it for you but i really wonder how they got the licensing for some of them). The major fault with the last two games was the way you had to complete the game 12 or so times and each time it was EXACTLY the same regardless of which character you were using. In this edition the tasks change slightly depending on which skater you choose. This leads to a more challenging game and means it isnt as repetitive. All in all this game should last you a while, with so many characters, the ability to create your own skater and park and the innovative new two player modes this game should have you coming back for more each time you turn it off (that is if you can ever put it down in the first place).
This game fully deserves a 5 star rating.
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on 25 April 2002
Having been a great fan of Tony Hawks 2 on the PS1, I was sooo looking forward to this title. I was not disappointed, the levels are great, so much to do and discover, the tricks are endless, if a little over the top. the only problem I have had with it is in 2 player mode. The screen doesnt scroll as smooth as it does on TH2. This is mostly visible on the Airport level. Slightly annoying, but thats the only downside i could see, creat a scatter is brilliant... and so are the various movies (lots and lots)
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on 10 November 2010
This game is genuinely one of the most fun games in the 'Tony Hawks Pro Skater' series, it features the 'classic' style of gameplay where you are given a level with goals, and a certain amount of time to beat as many goals as possible. The controls are more fluent than the previous game, and it has better graphics.

The music for this game is brilliant, from 'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead to 'Fight like a Brave' by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the songs are guaranteed to pump you up while you are pulling off an impressive combo.

There are plenty of skaters to choose from in this game, including some secret ones that are cool, the characters are (*being secret):
-Tony Hawk
-Kareem Campbell
-Chad Muska
-Steve Caballero
-Bam Margera
-Bucky Lasek
-Rodney Mullen
-Andrew Reynolds
-Jamie Thomas
-Elissa Steamer
-Eric Koston
-Rune Glifberg
*Darth Maul
*Kelly Slater
*Officer Dick

The levels are also interesting, ranging from a Foundry, to a Cruise ship, each with their own varying and challenging goals, there are also 'Competition' levels held in Rio, Tokyo and a place called 'Skater's Island'.

If you're looking for an older Tony Hawk game, but don't feel like going all the way back, this is the game for you.
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on 3 December 2001
ist game i bought with my ps2 and i havnt been are superb,no slowdown or pop up which is to be mode challenging but rewarding.collect stat points and new decks as u progress.fave level has to be los angeles where u can trigger of a huge earthquke wicked!!!.12 huge interactive levels with loads off new challenges.plenty of skaters plus create a skater,skate park editor trick list and so on.remember burnside and the warehouse from tony hawks 1,they make a welcome return to the third game.could go on and on bout how this game drags u back kicking and screaming to get that huge combo and 100% the level youre on.before i go the soundtrack is great, from motorhead to linkin park theres something for everyone.fab game if u dont own it ure missing out!.
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on 29 November 2001
Breathtaking! Take everything from THPS1 and THPS 2 and multiply them both by 100! Great characters made out of 1000's of polygons, and levels where you can get lost in. Gone are the boring objetives like "collect 5 liberty bells!" and enter stuff like "Realign the satalite dish!"
There is something for everyone in this game as it conbines exploring and also elements of RPG's (Like character building) Also, it contains moments of "breaking and entering" when you are asked to help the thin man break into his house!
The movelist from THPS2 has been improved and almost doubles. The animations are the best on the PS2. New features include freestyle moves (think Rodney Mullen) and the revert. This allows players to break into the millions in their combos.
Network play has also been included, but while us in the UK will not get the Official Sony Network adapter until 2002, Neversoft have taken the lead by including compatability with many USB modems.
Get this game now because if you do not skateboard at the moment, you definatly want to when you play this game (but just don't go trying the Kickflip McTwist straight away ;))
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on 1 December 2001
The legendary skater Tony Hawk is here in another superb skateboarding game. As usual he's not alone. There are many pro skaters to choose from. All of them have their own skills and decks. One thing that is very different from the two previous tony hawk games are the levels. They are bigger and more interactive than any level seen before in a skating game. There are some glitches in some levels. In one level I went right through a ramp. The characters are about as flawless as possible. When you grind your character waves his arms and moves very life like. There are also several new animations of bails, and when you take a bad fall blood stains will remain on the level until you finish or restart. The "create skater" and "build your own skate park" features are included in this third installment of the tony hawk series. Only now they aren't as limited as in tony hawk 2. The great thing about Tony Hawk 3 being on a DVD rom is that you get much better quality on those skate videos that you eventually unlock. Well to finish of I'm just gonna say that this is a great game for everyone so get it and enjoy it!
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on 1 January 2002
I got TH3 for Christmas. I have enjoyed all of the TH series so far, but thought that having a third of a series about a sport like Skateboarding was perhaps pushing it. I seriously thought, at first, that TH3 was going to be a nasty re-hash of the nigh-perfect TH2, which would bring the Hawk's series crashing to it's knees (literally). But I was wrong. VERY wrong.
True, it takes some getting used to, as you have a bit less hangtime in the air when on a halfpipe, but you soon appreciate that this doubles up as being more realistic, AND gives a real challenge (let's face it, TH2 was very easy, even without a guide).
After the first tournament, TH3 really begins to set itself apart from it's predecesors, as the levels begin to burst with detail and STILL run as smoothly as you'd think imaginable with NO SLOWDOWN AT ALL! The lvels get bigger and better, and now there's other people apart from you in existence on the levels, who yell as you Airwalk over their heads.
Tony should be proud. I wouldn't be surised if he threw down his board one day, give up, and substitute it all for's that good!
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on 30 November 2001
It had to happen, we all knew it was coming, THPS 2 on the PS one, N64, and Dreamcast was a massive hit,
and rightly so, now the next step THPS 3 is here and it looks even better, making full use of the emotion chip, Activision have produced another classic game, levels range from locations such as Canada, Tokyo and a Brazil.
I personally don't feel the sound track is as good as THPS 2, but thats just my view. The thing that really makes this game worth every penny is the inclusion of a number of two player games such as Horse, tag and grafeti.
When you add this to a skate park builder, the ability to make your own skater and customise your board, it's a very tempting package.
I've got to be honest, in my view so of the levels are a bit, hmm, when I say hmm, I mean the levels in THPS 2 were better designed, but hey you've got a skate park builder so you build an even better one.
This game is the best of genre, thats a fact, it's worth every penny ( even if your not a skater ). You will be able to play this game for a very long time.
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on 1 December 2001
Finaly, the sequel to a game which inspired a whole new genre:- the extreme sports genre. Being the third in the series, people may think this game has nothing new to offer, but their wrong. This game features new additions, such as the revert, which adds a whole new to dimension to the gameplay, and gives the vert skaters something to help them catch up with the street skaters' manual.
However, most of the core gameplay has not changed. It is fun to play, and simple for masters and beginners alike, just like THPS2. There is a slight disappointment in the earning system, where money has been replaced by just obtaining goals. However this does not detract from the fun.
The graphics in this game a great, and a much needed improvement over the PSX prequels. The sound is great, but the music is an aquired taste. Motorhead, anyone?
Despite it's minor niggles, this game is great fun and everyone with a PS2 should own it. Just make sure you don't bail to much ;-).
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