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4.6 out of 5 stars72
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 February 2002
This game, for me, is the first landmark title for the PS2, we have been waiting for so long for a real quality game to come from the PS2, and now its come.
The games graphics are exellent, with a definate improvment on the PS1, dreamcast or N64 Versions of Older Tony Hawk Titles.The graphics are super crisp, with the attention to detail exellent.
One major difference in this version is the revert.You can just press R2 to revert at the end of tricks to combine them together, making more points, manual up the half pipe, and bobs your uncle, 500,000 points with a bit of training.
All the worlds best skaters are included again, with the notable inclusion of MTV Jackass star 'Bam Margera' he may suck on this game, but its pretty fun to play as him, his special move is called 'the jackass', where he goes up and headbutts the board.There are some cool cheats aswell, like, darth maul from star wars, or wolverine from X-Men. Darth maul even skates with a lightsaber!
The levels are fantastic too, with massive free roaming levels to test your tricks on, or try out the fantastic career mode.
Overall, i would call this game 'my fave of 2001', so you heard me, GO OUT AND BUY IT!
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on 14 January 2002
After long anticipation the arrival of THPS3 did not disappoint. If you liked THPS2, or even THPS1 but always thought: this is not the button I pressed, and why can't I do these manuals..I am pressing up/down, then will finally be able to become a Tony-God[dess]. With manuals actually working when you press up/down, and the new reverts you can now tie so many tricks in, you will get those SICK scores in no time. With the new introduced balance meter for manuals, rail and lip balance, you are more in control of the game than ever before. But beware....if you think you can put it down after playing for one hour you are greatly mistaken, as the smoothness of the play is not the only thing that has has the level of addiction. Favourite extra characters are making a come-back, such as private Carrera and Officer Dick. In the Spiderman line of THPS2, you will now get Wolverine!! And wait...a new demoness whose special trick can "make you disappear under your board".....but you will need to 100% teh game with a few characters before you can get this one!Create a skater now finally has a female option, which will please men as much as women. All in all, a must have that will make you lock yourself in your room for weeks....go know you need it....
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on 2 December 2001
If you had had Tony Hawk 1, and if youve had Tony Hawks 2, then you have seen nothing yet, wait until you get hold of Tony Hawks 3! It has so much to do, tons of new skaters, you can create your very own skater too!
Well, i suppose you want to know, 'where can I skate?'. Well, there are tons of real locations on the games with the gnarliest half-pipes and ramps, oh, but thats not all, you can choose to go urban and take you board to the streets where its like everyday life, pedestrians, cars, light changes, car crashes and even natural disasters!!!
There are also tons of new moves along side all the new features. I gave it a 4/5 cos' I think it could be improved, the graphics could be picked up a little better, but all in all, its a great game....get it!
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on 30 November 2001
There was much excitement as i awaited the delivery of the newest version of the award winning Tony Hawks Pro Skater masterpiece. I was a big fan of THPS2 on the PC, and having recently aquired a PS2 it was top of the list. All i can say is this game excels on a previously perfect game!!! The animation is silky smooth with no perceptable hangups, the levels are innovative and the learning curve is just right. One of the major attractions that has made THPS a phenomena is the "pickupability". It's possible to have fun from day 1, no annoying learning of the controls to do basic maneuvers, but months of tweaking to get build up into masive combos. It just feels right. An added bonus was the demo of Sean Palmers Sbnowboarding demo. One playable level, and it looks as though that's going to be huge! All in all a a game which has done the impossible and improved on and already outsanding game. Great levels, great graphics, fantastic tunes from the likes of ALien Ant Farm, Henry Rollins etc, and one of the best games released on the PS2 so far. Gran Turismo 3 just got parked in the garage...
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on 30 November 2001
Having been a fan of both previous Tony Hawk games, I was eagerly anticipating the 3rd installment of the series.
And I wasn't disapointed! The graphics in this game are stunning, and the actual levels are huge. At first the gameplay seems a little slower than Tony Hawk 2, but it soon speeds up once you complete a good run of tricks.
The soundtrack features bands/artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Xzibit, and Alien Ant Farm.
The new skate park editor is wonderful with a vast array of peices, and the create-a-skater now has the welcome addition of female skaters.
I can see this game having a long lifespan, due to the massive amount of challenges and options.
If you own or have played any of the Tony Hawk series you should do yourself a favour and buy Tony Hawk 3 NOW!
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Tony Hawks 3. Pure Genius! The best skating game ever and, quite possibly, one of the best games to ever grace a games console, period!!
The graphics are amazing, with only one or two areas of slowdown, and the gameplay is sweeter than ever with the addition of the new 'revert' ability. The game feels huge with some of the most detailed and action packed levels ever seen in a skating game and the fact that some game levels are interactive (the San Fransisco level is actually struck by an earthquake!!) make it more exciting than ever.
Add to this excellent create-a-skater and create-a-skatepark modes and you have a game
that any self-respecting PS2 owner should add to his collection immediately!
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on 30 November 2001
Yes, Tony's back with another absolutely massive video game and this time it is bigger and better than any other skating game out.

I expect you thought Tony Hawks 2 was a huge game with stunning in game graphics and packed full with all the skaters and tricks you could ever think of... well then, let me tell you something, you aint seen nothing yet!
Altogether ther are 21 characters with all your favourites in their and also you have the secret ones such as Wolverine, tramp and so on!! There are also all the tricks you ever could have asked for...and more! And you can always find the hidden combos!
One of the main features of the game has to be the inclusion of the pedestrians. They shout encouragement at you, they tell you to watch it and if they get in your way just knock 'em over...brilliant.
Coming onto the actual skating you will not be dissapointed. They are bigger than ever and packed with grinding poles, skate jumps and halfpipes. One of the levels even has an airport feature on.
Taking you through game is music which will make you skate throught the levels no-end and you will be humming the tunes for hours afterwards.
This game is a must have for all you skater fans as it will not let you down.
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on 2 December 2001
So Tony Hawk finally makes it to PS2, and he does so with some style. Great graphics and frantic gameplay combine in this thumb destroying sequel. Amazingly it manages to be faster than its parent games, with more tricks, more skaters and the same number of parks (bit of a downer that). The money system is no more, simply completing level objectives pushes you onward, while stats and decks are found as objects to collect. The Create-A-Skater has been massively extended (Dame Edna glasses anyone?) as has the park editor. Unfortunately, for anyone who has ground (geddit?) their way through THPS2, there's not all that much different. Its the same old mix of tricking and grinding and not falling over (although there are now pretty blood splats if you do) that so enthralled last time. If you enjoyed the last one, or are new to the series, buy it by all means, just don't expect a huge surprise.
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on 29 November 2001
Although this game is similar to the previous Tony Hawk games, it is also an amazing step they've made onto the PS2! The graphics are sharper, gameplay is better, with tricks even bigger, introducing the new 'revert' manoeuvre enabling you to link more tricks together, and the size of the levels has increased dramatically. The developers of this games have done the PS2 proud! Also a great aspect of the game is other non player characters, an intresting way of improving the gameplay! And with this game being the 1st to use online multiplayer, you will be using this game in years to come (atleast until Tony Hawks 4 is launched) All in all, this is a MUST BUY for anyone who enjoyed the past Tony Hawk series, anyone who likes skating, and generally everyone!
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on 21 October 2011
The tony hawks series always evokes a reaction from me. I remember on the PS1 playin a little bit of THPS and THPS 2, my memories of the Bullring final medal competition on THPS2 and how I had to perfect each combo on the massive half pipe but THPS 3 was the first big release on the PS2 and was a contributing factor in purchasing the console (along with GTA3).

I recently rebough this game second hand a bargain at £[], after booting the game up on my PS3 and with a bit of upscale smoothing I can truly say this game is still standing the test of time. I ripped straight in to create a skater, a common game mode nowadays that lets you customise your own skater, including body, hair, facial hair, hats and other clothing as well as your skateboard, after this I went straight to the first level - Foundry.

The game plays very smoothly and after 4-5 runs I was starting to nail the big combos and linking the reverts with manuals (ahh it all comes back). Then after this blasted my way through the other levels such as Canada, Suburbia and Japan (not including all the levels) to finally medal and unlcok the massive cruise ship.

It didn't take too long to complete each levels tasks but I am now going back looking for stats and hidden skateboards. This game was riding the peak of the THPS series, a peak that has never been reached again, I have Underground 2 and Project 8 but they don't compare and the latest ones, what are they, Ride..... I don't know ignore these, what you need to play again is THPS 2 on Canada or Airport level and blast some Ace of Spades or Fight Like a Brave.....Love it!!!
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