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3.9 out of 5 stars98
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Video GameChange
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on 5 December 2001
WWF Smackdown 3 is the perfect gift for Christmas. This game is the best out of all 3 Smackdown! Titles. The graphis are out of this world and are a massive improvement compared to Smackdown 1 and 2. Over 70 different matches and 52 Hidden Extras to unlock which include Limp Bizkit Lead Singer Fred Durst ( Survive 15 on slobberknocker mode with the undertaker ) New Smackdown arena ( Survive 15 with the rock on slobberknocker mode ) and many more including insurrextion arena and WcW & ECW owners Steph and Shane. All these can be unlocked in story mode. As for the story mode...i think it rocks, if you like the long 6 Year story mode on previous Smackdown games then you will hate this. If you like the short few matches to unlock all the cheats then you will love this. The bad point is that you have to defend your title about 30 times to unlock all the extras. Overall this game is the best Wrestling game to date and plays brilliantly. This game is a must have, even if you dont like wrestling you will enjoy it.
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on 25 November 2001
As a WWF fan i was eagerly awaiting Smackdown: Just bring it! It isn't all it was cracked upto be.

The story mode which was made out to be the greatest thing turns out to be the biggest let down of the game. The story mode reminds me more of "Groundhog day" everything starts the same but you can finsih the game in different ways by taking different choices.
I finished the story mode and got all 52 hidden items in 10hrs (total - not consecutive) unlike SD2 there is no season to play through, just the story mode.
The exibition mode with 70+ match types is probably one of its best features, and the only thing that gives JBI reply value because you will get sick of the story mode very early. Unfortunately the Exibition mode does not allow you put titles on the line a big dissapointment.
The CAW mode is briliant and very detailed with the new layered effect. You will need at least 30min if you want to spend the time creating a wrestler properly.
There's plenty of wrestlers to fight with, but you might be shocked to hear some of your fave WWF stars aren't in the game - such as Scotty 2 Hotty and X-pac.
Many WCW/ECW stars that have been in WWF aren't there either due to legal reason's but all are creatable in CAW mode (and you can even unlock there moves sets in total.)
Hardcore fans of wwf will like the types of matches availible but will be dissapointed by the short lasting story mode which has little reply value. And the much awaited Lumberjack match never made it into the game!
Personally i'm 50/50 with this game, i neither love nor hate it. Just hope that THQ's 4th game has lots of improvement. You might want to rent the game first and i feel i should tell you that it takes up over half your memory card space!
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on 4 January 2002
Terrific game, it as all the modes you would want out of a wrestling game. If the watch the weekly wwf shows you will be-able to tell some difference but not a lot, for instance the entrances for the wreslters are awsome ands full. The undertaker comes out on his Harley to the sound of Limp Bizkit, Triple H comes out with his bottle to Motorhead and when he gets up on the apron he spits the water from his mouth.
When it comes to picking a match there are loads, which include 6 man hell in a cell, ironman (single, special ref) ladder (single, Triple threat, fatal four way and tornado tag) the list goes on.
When you enter the season mode there is the desicion of which belt you want to challenge for, if you want to attack someone and it pays off Vince Mcmahon will book you in a match for your sin.
There are 50 Items which can be unlocked including Tajiri, Spike, New arenas, create parts and more moves for a created player. To do this you will have to complete the season mode a number of times
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on 26 November 2001
This Smackdown game is without a doubt the best wwf game so far, however there some down sides to this great game such as the commentry, it gets boring and is forever repeated, lines such as,"Spike Dudley is the most dangerous superstar in the wwf today", no he is not and he says that about everyone, make up your mind, and the story mode only allows you to play at most three matches, although the cut scenes allow you to explore and that is one of the great things in this game. However I was led to believe that you had to work your way up the ladder of the wwf and one day would get a title shot, not at all, it has never been easier to win the title.
The wondefull thing about this game is the graphics, entrances, all the matches and the create a wrestler function, which allows you to create superstars such as RVD, Booker T, Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, DDP and many more and with the movesets in the game all those wrestlers have their own moves and not someone elses.
To sum up this game I would say great game and certainly worth buying, but could be and will be improved on Smackdown 4 and it could well be that Raw Is War for the XBox will top this WWF game.
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on 9 March 2002
As the Rock would say 'Finally, the Smackdown series has come to Playstation 2!'
I am an avid pro-wrestling game player, but unfourtantly, amidst all the hype and glamour, this game isn't all that good.
The graphics and entrances are gorgeous and really are a highlight of the game. With more match types than ever, you and your mates can beat eachother up for hours!
The Create modes are very good, with a little before seen attention to detail.
The worst features of the game are the Career mode and the Title belts. You can complete your career in under half an hour, because all you do is, wrestle a few matches, win a title, unlock a few cards and then defend it over and over and over. And then, the worst feature, you can't defend you title out of career mode!!!!! What! That was the best feature of the Smackdown games on PSone! The commentary is another fault. Tazz and Michael Cole just drone on and on and on about the match. They use endless, poorly cut and pasted phrases that make me yearn to scream!
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on 27 February 2002
I am a huge fan of wrestling and the previous two smackdown games were truly ground-breaking, probably getting a lot of new fans into wrestling. This game is ground breaking in some ways too, the sheer amount of wrestlers in the ring at once is a joy to watch, let alone participate in, the create a wrestler mode is good, having a referee in the ring with you makes it more realistic and interesting and character likenesses and mannerisms superb, this is a solid debut on what is sure to become one of PS2's best-selling franchises. It is not without it's flaws though, the main one being the season mode which for a lot of people will seriously decrease the lifespan of the game. What is there in the career mode is not without merit, a few of the storylines that were running at the time are there (spike and Mollys' short-lived romance for one) the way that you can unlock the new guys like jerry lynn, tajiri and others during the season and I really like the fact that you can influence what can happen.....I guess the idea was that not every season was going to be the same, great in theory but not in practice. You get asked the same questions every time mostly with only two options for an answer making it too easy to go over old ground when you go to play through it again, you can win the championship in three matches (almost all of which are the conventional one on ones or four ways) and you begin to recognise the patterns as to what will happen when you choose a certain option almost imediately as you will have tried it out on the second time you played through it. I am sure there will be a smackdown 4 at some point in the future and am already looking forward to it, but to make it a longer lasting piece of entertaiment, they need more depth in the season mode, and more matches within it, it is alright having the 70+ variants on matches in the games, but if you are not going to use them as anything but stand-alone exhibitions, it all seems a little wasted. Smackdown 2 (and no mercy on N64) had a pretty decent career mode where there was an infinate amount of time you could spend playing it and little things such as seeing how many title defences you could have made it interesting. I don't want to be on a total downer about this game, as, like I said, there are plus points, mostly concerning the main part of the game - the wrestling is an improvement in many areas, the amount of moves you can do is enough to keep you coming back for more and so are the new modes, which in most cases are outstanding. The slobberknocker and royal rumble are a great improvement too, due to the non-existent loading times and that is a vast and very welcome improvement over Smackdown 2.
So, to sum up, the future is bright. THQ have the basis of a great game, if they can combine the positives of all three games to create the fourth they will have an absolute classic on their hands and while this one will not quite hold that belt yet, it makes strides towards it. If you are a wrestling fan and don't mind playing a series of exhibition games then this is the games for you. One thing that I would say is that if you are expecting anything new in terms of the game engine (slight variations on this in a new game would be welcome to shake it up a bit), don't hold your breath, if you were addicted to the other two games as I was you will be winning your first matches without too much trouble, so dive straight into the hard mode :) I hope this helped you with your decision.
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on 22 November 2001
Some thing is slightly wrong with this game. If you were a fan of the previous two then you might be a tad disapointed with this. Basically, the story mode is pathetic. There is no building a custom wrestlers reputation and status as you start from the bottom of the heap. In this 'enhanced' story mode, no matter who you are, you are only about 3-4 matches away from winning a belt and once you have one over! Well done!
This extremely brief foray in to the tretcherous world of wrestling means that any rivalries cannot be built, stables have no relevance, and interference is rarely seen. The previous smackdown 2 on PS1 had an open ended season mode so you could play on indeffinitley perhaps winning every belt with one wrestler. Here if you pick a wrestler with a belt, you simply defend it, once. Game over! Well done!
Another niggle is the fact that as the story mode is now solely focussed on your character, you don't find out what else is going on in the world of wrestling. No belts change hands unless you are in the fight, and no other storylines featuring other wrestlers are built. It basically feels like you and your opponent are the only wrestlers in the building let alone a shows schedule.
The wwf smackdown series has now been reduced to 78 different types of standalone matches for you to play with your mates. Albeit these are still great fun, and custom wrestler is huge, not to mention that you can commit GBH on Fred Durst.
Hopefully someone will realise the mistake they have made and reinstate the season mode for any future sequels.
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on 17 November 2001
Let me start by saying that I am not here to simply post unconstructive criticism of this title, rather to voice the opinions of a deeply dissappointed WWF and Smackdown fan.
I played and owned the previous Smackdown title on the PS1 and it was the best thing since sliced bread. All this served to do was raise my expectations for SD3 through the roof. However, 48 hours after buying the game from my local HMV I can say that my expectations have been all but dashed.
I suppose the main reason for this is a blatant disregard of true fans' requirements. In the previous title the strengths lay mainly in the fantastic story mode, and many days and weeks were spent with my flatmate working our way through season after season.
Is it too much to ask for the PS2 to enhance rather than detract from its predecessor's efforts?
Not only is there no two player option for the story mode, but the mode itself is lacking in both creativity and realism. All the so-called "choices" you could make to decide your path are absent, replaced by random fixed situations. The story is so linear, there is hardly a choice you make. And what's worse, once you follow a specific title route you are bound to it until you start the whole thing again. That is to say, once you take on the tag-team titles and win them you simply defend them over and over again with no backstage activity or nothing. Lose the titles and you start again also.
This lack of vision is reinforced by the absence of any form of WWF calendar. You will find yourself fighting on RAW, then Backlash, then Summerslam, then Armegeddon, missing out several major PPVs and the entirity of weekly programming in the process.
THQ tried to simplify the mode by eliminating the necessity to simulate matches you had no involvement in, but this merely serves to detract from any idea of continuity. Now, in SD3, you have no knowledge of any matches other than your own, so if you are currently entered in the tag division you have no way of finding out other title changes or results. In fact, regardless of how many matches you play the other titles will never actually change hands unless you are directly involved.
In essence THQ has successfully ripped the heart out of its franchise title.
Other notable exclusions include the lack of a create-a-PPV mode and all in all you have a severely crippled game...
So far as the gameplay is concerned this is nothing but perfection. The system is just right and all the exhibition modes show a game of unquestionable depth and class, but what was to be a 5 star work-of-art has turned into an exhibition-only 3 star title. After all, in Goldeneye (N64) the multiplayer mode is fantastic, but what makes it the wondrous game that it is lies in the reinforcement created via the flowing captivating story mode.
One or the other cannot be ignored, and ultimately it is a great shame, for this had greatness written all over it.
One final note of caution for those who are new to the Smackdown phenomena. There is no in-game help what-so-ever and the manual works on assuming you already know exactly what you are doing. Let's put it this way, I spent a good year and a half playing SD2 and there are sections in SD3 even I don't understand.
I know others will feel the same as me and I look to warn them in advance so as not to get their hopes up. You have been warned.
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on 11 March 2002
Well this has definetly got to be the most extravagant of wrestling games. The graphics, intros, create mode and match types are the best ever but the most annoying thing about this game is that it could be just that little bit better. First of all, is anyone EVER going to get Kane's entrance right. It includes that stupid long beginning before the fireworks, which he doesn't even have anymore and the fireworks and his appearance are too early and not in time with the music. The managers don't walk down to the ring with the wrestlers, you aren't always guarenteed someone, even though in a stable, will run down to the ring and interfere, and THE MOST ANNOYING THING OF ALL is the crappy story mode which last all of a couple of days and you can't even win/lose the belts in an exhibition match so you can't even have your own story mode. If/when a new smackdown comes out to the playstation i'd like to see and stroy mode much like the game Championship Manager to PC where your games are highlighted with others, you play yours, select if u want see others and then have a league table to climb against others. I wanted to give this game a 5, ithought it deserved a three, but the fact that you are just drawn back to the graphics and entrances and match types every time it really deserves a four. A short life span for the single player but a 5-star multiplayer game.
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on 15 February 2002
The PS2 was my first game console and with it came " just bring it!". As a fan of wwf I was full of anticipation as to the quality of the game.I was very inpressed with the game in itself the moves,backgrounds and entrances; however.
1) The commentry is repetative and down right annoying after a while.
2)The instruction manual tells you how to perform the "finishing move" etc, try and do it is another thing.
3)You beat the crap out of your opponent for a good amount of time suddenly two moves later ,your pinned !???
4)When play with a partner in a triple threat match if your partner is fighting with the third person your man turns and faces towards the ref, then you get attacked from behined because you can't move him round the right way.
5)Choose your chosen wrestler carefully as their partner in crime appears at some point to aid them.Fighting HHH then stone cold helping him out isn't something that will help you win.
All in all this game is excellent it will keep you busy for hours, as always "i'll get him this time"! If you can ignore the tazz/cole comments,the crowd,and the computers desire to annoy you this game is just what you want, and more.There are more pro's than con's and the Trish Stratus entrance is a firm favourite much to the wife's annoyance! SMACKDOWN, JUST BUY IT!
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