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4.3 out of 5 stars130
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2001
Wow, wow and wow! Remember all the promises Slipknot made on how "Iowa" would sound? They sure lived up to it! As soon as you hear the twisted screams and cries in "(515)", you know you're in for a real treat. An unsettling and strange beginning, it soon tears into "People=S**t". Now this is where the promises become a reality. 3:36 of brutal guitars, excellant drumming, heavy bass and manic vocals. As a matter of fact, this is the case in all of the songs. Take "The Heretic Anthem" for example in which frontman Corey Taylor (8) screams "If you're 555, then I'm 666!". Each member posesses a terryfying talent on thier respective instrument. For example, Joey Jordison (1) and his brilliant drumming in songs like the previously mentioned "Heretic Anthem" and "Metabolic" and guitar tag team Mick Thompson (7) and James Root(4) and their intense metal riffing. For those of you thought their first album "Slipknot" was good, Slipknot have just turned it up a notch and upped the ante once again. To sum up, "Iowa" is a must buy and trust me, it's well worth it. From the classy artwork to the actual album content, this is fantastic throughout. As Corey Taylor said: " We are not a Satan-worshipping band, but it's not for the queasy or weak-minded." Trust me people, he ain't lying!
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on 17 June 2005
This album is dark...this album is very, very dark...
After the monumental success of SlipKnoT's first titled record, they were put under the enormous pressure of topping it and creating an album which could live up to its predecessors glory. The album begins with "[515]", bassy, twitching synths, accompanied by numerous members shouting and screeching the word 'death' in such a way that the reaper himself could be in their presence. The first full song is in the form of "People=xxxx"'s pounding drum/guitar intro is very reminiscent of the previous albums' opener "(sic)" malevolently combines an awesome riff with almost war-cry vocals and ultra-violent drumming, it leaves the mind and the senses truly stunned. Next comes the dominant "Disasterpiece"...a lot of work has gone into this one, numerous time and key changes combine with harsh and melodic vocal work and some very neat interplay between guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thompson, this is one of the albums great tracks and along with a couple of others...possibly "Iowa's" best. There are three slower tracks on the album in the form of the re-worked "Gently" (re-worked from the bands' first album Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat), "Skin Ticket", and the albums' title track, "Iowa". These three songs are unquestionably the darkest and most moving of the 14 songs...doom-laden drumming and percussion give a stalking feel, and Corey Taylor's lyrics and vocal do more than enough to terrify and amass thoughts of suffering, escapism and intense emotional anguish. These songs are very cathartic and I find myself lost in them frequently. Mosh-pit anthems are also included in "Iowa", in the form of "The Heretic Anthem", "Left Behind" (the first single-release) and "My Plague" (the second single-release). The opening and progressing riff from "Left Behind" still raises goose-bumps to this day, and is arguably one of SlipKnoT's greatest. As for the rest of the records offerings, there is the soul-demolishing genius of "Everything Ends", the incredible "New Abortion" and the harmonic and melodic cry of "The Shape", these three songs are in no way inferior to the rest of the album, they are actually some of the best material SlipKnoT have ever produced!! Band-wagon fake's will buy this because it's cool...true Maggots will hold "Iowa" together with the rest of the albums as a great step in the ever conquering cycle of SlipKnoT's reign over our hearts and our minds..."you can't take my soul away from me...", we give it to SlipKnoT...
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on 4 September 2001
Despite usally being into more extreme music, i absolutly adore Slipknots debut and i never thought they'd have the passion and anger to better it. But with "Iowa" they have taken their sound to a new level, producing an album no fan of extreme music should be without. After the weird intro, "People=S**t" suddenly erupts forth from the speakers with its devestatly heavy music and a cry of "Here we go again motherf******!" that annouces the arrival of "Iowa" in the best way possible. Next we get "Disasterpiece", a song that Cannible Corpse would be proud of and that will probably be the heaviest song anyone buying "Iowa" for the image will ever hear. And to be honest the album just carries on being fantastic. "Everything Ends" and "The Heretic Anthem" are 2 of the best Slipknot songs ever and "Left Behind" still sounding good on the album despite being less extreme. "Gently" is one of the albums quieter moments. Most people wont have heard the origonal which was fantastic and much rawer but this dark re-working just about manages to be the better of the two. Towards the end of the album "Skin Ticket" and "Iowa" help create a dark and dangerous atmosphere that prove the point that Slipknot are totally against being trendy or popular. So forgot the silly image, the leigons of 11 year old fans and the fact that they are called nu-metal. Buy this for the music and you wont be dissapointed.
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on 12 June 2003
This is a great metal album, even if opinons of them are split more than probably any other band at the moment.
The best song on the album is Heretic Anthem, an awesome song from the strange 8, 7, 666 countdown at the start, to the very last second, although there is plenty of competition from other songs such as Disasterpiece, and Everything Ends.
It isnt as diverse as its predeccesor, but if you thought (Sic) was the best song on the last album, this is for you.
There is a couple of bad points on the album, such as the pointless intro, and the overlong final track, which is very subdued, and not what you would expect from a band famous for their aggression.
They aren't the best metal band out there, but if you do take them at face value, admitting the masks are just a gimmick, and that its hard to take them seriously when two of them spend more time fighting than playing instruments, you should really enjoy this album, especially if you liked the first, or other similar bands.
It took me a long time to get into Slipknot, and I'll be the first to admit that not everyone likes them, but if you liek the songs you've heard, you should be happy with this CD
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on 5 December 2002
Being the second offering from the brillaint Slipknot, 'Iowa' follows up well from their amazing debut. Right from the opening track '515' you know your in for quite a listen, as it explodes into 'People = S**T'. There are perhaps one or two weaker tracks here which let the album down, but as a whole, it represents everything about Slipknot, and lives up to the hype surrounding its release. Every self proclaimed fan should have this album. Its amazing, dark, heavy, melodic, brooding and surprising. GET IT NOW!
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on 7 December 2002
I was resistant to buy Iowa at first but I definitly don't regret it now.
The album is better than the previous one although one cannot forget such classic tracks as 'Wait and Bleed' and 'Spit it Out'. The band sound more refined - Corey Taylor's voice and willingness to try out new styles of singing have matured.
I reckon that even the most timid and non-adventurous would get some satisfaction from this album. Songs such as 'Left Behind' and 'The Heretic Anthem' are songs that I have listened to over and over again.
The only flaws in this album are the situating of '(515)' as the first song (it is clearly not an encouraging welcome that will make you want to listen on) and the length of 'Iowa' (it drains some of the atmosphere out of the album through).
Nevertheless, it is a good album by Slipknot and is sure to get a few mosh pits going wherever it is played.
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on 9 February 2002
When I bought their other album, I was disapointed with it because it just didn't sound very good. I went off Slipknot for a while, but then when this album came out, because it came out on my birthday, I decided to give them one more chance and I was glad that I did! Their other album didn't have any effect but this one was excellent! The best songs are probably:
But I warn you now, if you don't like songs with words you can't get the hang of ... ever ... then DO NOT buy this. But if you don't give then buy it .... NOW!! You won't be disapointed!
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on 16 November 2011
This re-issue of the now 10 year old Iowa is fantastic! The album has always been an absolute amazement to me, and to get it now with the DVD etc is a pleasure! Definitely a fitting tribute and re-issue of this album! A must have!
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on 15 August 2012
I didn't purchase this album at launch; I was too busy trying to be a snobby metal head desperately in search of some obscure ridiculously heavy music. I still continue that search today but I can appreciate music in all its forms. Anyway about a year after launch I bought the album in one of those three for £20 deals with a free DVD. Slowly the album hooked me and how could it not it is basically every genre sown together with a heavy metal thread, it is the Frankenstein's monster of music- intelligent but violent.

Even today it has to stand as their best album, never again have the parts contributed so well to the whole, they are legion for they are one.

If you survive the pummelling of the first half of the album the nine will take you to deeper, darker places, not bad for an album that if memory serves me correctly reached number one in the album sales chart.

Sic: Demented clipped screams, welcome to the nightmare.

People = S**t: Angry much? Yes. Full steam ahead controlled chaos, the percussion section stamps on your chest while Taylor roars like a beast barely contained. Samples are used to build up the tension to ensure that those guitar riffs pummel you the way they should.

Disasterpiece: Highly unpleasant lyrical starter. The chorus is almost black metal. Spoken word sections add to the dynamics and show of Taylor's skill for sounding unhinged on an almost permanent basis.

My Plague: This one has a nice swing to it and has a nice cleanly sung chorus, it's in the vein of `Wait and Bleed'.

Everything Ends: This is one of the best songs on the album, the vocals are angry and insane and it has a nice palm muted bounce.

The Heretic Anthem: Their best single release. If your 555 then I'm 666 indeed.

Gently: Slipknot take their foot off the accelerator pedal for a bit here and show some incredible depth; voices, guitars, samples and drums all simmer away before the gentle creepy vocals build up to a scream. This song is the definition of madness.

Left Behind: Perhaps a bit too straight forward possibly the weakest track of the album.

The Shape: Back off the accelerator again, sample heavy verses with mixed heavy and loud chorus which holds a simple looping riff.

I Am Hated: Recalls their self titled album. Song for the longer term maggots.

Skin Ticket: I remember being blown away by this song when I originally purchased this album. The way it builds multiple times is incredible and it gives a nice unsettling feeling. It's one of those songs where if you allow yourself to be immersed it can be quite a ride.

New Abortion: Slipknots punk lyrics in one of their more impressive songs, a good one to try out.

Metabolic: A good mix of all instruments.

Iowa: Wow, just wow must be listened to to be appreciated

The album is standing strong in the test that is time. If you don't have it get it.
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on 2 March 2004
After reading more or less all the reviews on Iowa i take good points from both sides of the fence. But let's get something out of the way now; Slipknot are not Nu-Metal. The connotations of "nu-metal" bring up bands such as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Coal Chamber, Papa Roach etc and to me Slipknot are far cleverer than all of these bands put together. With Slipknot's debut album doing so well, i think Iowa was a statement of how they weren't going to be one hit wonders. And right enough, straight from the git-go this punches you straight in the face. People=S**t, Disasterpiece and Everything Ends really set the standard for the album. Heavy, Broody and compelling. The only song i dont really feel fits the bill is I am Hated. Im not mad about this song at all. And is probably why i have given the album 4 out of 5 and not full marks. My favourite song on the album is Metabolic. A song i havn't ever heard anyone sing the praises of, but one i think is great. A band such as Morbid Angel would be proud of the riffing by the number's 4 and 7 respectively. I also love the epic, slow build up of the title track and the explosion into the song. Fantastic stuff. Skin Ticket too is brutal as buggery.

Now, being July 2008, the new Slipknot record will be out in a month and i'm very excited. After the success of Vol 3 (An album if i was reviewing i'd give 5/5) Slipknot have shown maturity, and far better and more contrasting song writing after being freed from the stranglehold of Ross Robinson. After hearing the two songs posted online, All Hope Is Gone and Psychosocial, i am glad to hear Slipknot have once again tried something different and that's something you cant slate them for. Always looking for something different. Adding string sections, keyboards, piano etc really adds more strings to their ever increasing bow. So i'll finish as i started, give Slipknot a break, they're not nu-metal and get prepared for the new album because one again Slipknot are going to raise the bar in Heavy Metal writing.
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