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4.5 out of 5 stars40
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2002
The eleventh film in the series and a favourite for Sidney James. James is the Rumpo Kid. He enters Stodge City and takes it over. Meanwhile Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams) demands a Marshall and ends up with sanitation engineer Marshall P Knutt (Jim Dale). What follows is every tradition in Western movies being trampled all over by the team. While Williams and James play for real (with authentic American accents) the show is stolen by Charles Hawtrey as the campest Indian chief you'll ever see. It's worth buying this DVD just for his performance alone. There are series debuts here for Peter Butterworth, Bernard Bresslaw and Angela Douglas and this is Jim Dale's biggest role to date. Carry On Cowboy is also a great example of director Gerald Thomas filming a subject matter he loves. It's also obvious that Joan Sims and James are having a ball too.
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on 22 June 2007
The Carry On team finally decided to spoof the Western genre in this little gem of a film. The series was really at it's peak here. The actors are playing characters rather than just turning up as personalities and the story is a fun romp through Western Cliches.

Jim Dale and Angela Douglas are excellent romantic leads but the real stars of the show are Sid James and Joan Sims who really bring the danger and sexiness of their characters to life.
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When Judge Burke sends for help to rid Stodge City of The Rumpo Kid and his gang of trouble makers, he's delighted to hear that he is being sent a trained Marshall. Trouble is is that it's Marshall P. Knutt, a trained sanitary engineer.

In 1964 the "Carry On" team has ventured into their first parody of the movies with Carry On Cleo. A huge success, and arguably the best film of the lot to many fans, it prompted the Thomas/Rogers/Rothwell team to believe that movie pastiche's was the way forward for the franchise. Enter Carry On Cowboy a year later. With a knowing of the genre and all its conventions, screenwriter Talbot Rothwell produced one of the better parodies to have ever been made. The stock cartoon fervour and cheeky asides still exist, but Carry On Cowboy is a more leaner, even darker "Carry On" than any of the others film's in the series. In its own right, with out the "Carry On" name attached, it's a fine comedy, with dashes of violence and even a revenge thread running thru it {courtesy of the gorgeous Angela Douglas as Annie Oakley}. It's also one of the few film's in the series to demand a bit more from its actors outside of guffaw jinx and innuendos. Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims rise to the challenge, happy in the knowledge that Jim Dale and Charles Hawtrey were there to grab {and get} the laughs. 8/10
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This is one of the stand-out Carry-On films for a number of reasons - the amount of location filming done, the funny American twang everyone speaks in, and the perfect spoof on Western life.

Cut long story short, we see Marshal P. Knutt (Jim Dale), a drainage inspector, enter a small town and is immediately mistaken as a 'ranked' Marshall of the U.S Law. The Judge of the town realises that since no-one realises this mistake, P.Knutt should be the Marshall anyway...

Sid James plays 'Rumpo'; the rebell cow-boy of the town who as usual is up to no good. But his antic's aren't being forgotten - The absolutely gorgeous Angela Douglas play's a sassy Cow Girl secretly wants to put a bullet in his back!

The locations are fantastic, as are the sets and costumes. The only thing I've never liked about this film is the ending, which seems a little weak given the build up to the final fight. Never the less, this is a real laugh and even for '66 was a step away from traditional style comedies.
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on 21 November 2003
This film is a hilarious romp through the bars and bedrooms of the wild west with the carry on gang. Sid James is on top form as the rumpo kid, an outlaw who shakes up the sleepy residents of Stodge city. Kenneth Williams is the puritanical judge, and Jim Dale plays Marshall P Knutt, a hapless plumber mistankenly sent to clean up the town. This is a classic carry on and I highly recommended it.
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I have already reviewed western classics like “Shane”, “Red River” and “The Searchers”, but how can I look at myself in the mirror in the morning knowing that I have neglected that shining example of the genre “Carry on Cowboy”. Whilst Sergio Leone was filming “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”, Gerald Thomas was wrestling with “Carry on Cowboy”, the 11th in the series and the only one to go over schedule. Filmed in the wilds of....err...Chobham Common and Pinewood Studios, the film lampoons all those westerns of yesteryear. Jim Dale plays the sanitary engineer P. Knutt, mistakenly recruited as sheriff to clean up Stodge City from the depredations of the Rumpo Kid, played by Sid James.

I will admit to having a soft spot for the ‘Carry on’ franchise, with its very British saucy postcard brand of humour, full of crude double entendres. Sid James gets the best lines. On one occasion he comments ”I once talked peace with a Sioux, but you can’t trust them. One moment its peace on and the next its peace off”. After shooting three men, he says “I wonder what they wanted”. All good hearty comfort food for the Carry on fan! There are lots of dodgy American accents with Kenneth Williams giving it his all as Judge Burke. Charles Hawtrey is hilarious as Chief Big Heap, and Bernard Bresslaw makes his Carry on debut as Little Heap. Jon Pertwee has a funny cameo as the blind and deaf Sheriff Earp. Percy Herbert appears as a bartender, and clearly made an impression as he went on to co star in the Cimarron TV series, and also popped up in “Captain Apache” and “Man in the Wilderness”.

The film bears similarities to that other western parody “Paleface”, starring Bob Hope. In that film Hope is bailed out by a fast shooting Jane Russell, and in this one Jim Dale gets help from Angela Douglas as Annie Oakley. Dismissed by some critics as puerile nonsense, who were clearly not visionaries, its lack of subtlety will not be too everyone’s tastes. The makers were not out to get oscars, they were out for laughs, and these they got. Fans love them for what they are, a British institution. Far from perfect, but one of our own! Happens to be my favourite in the series, well it is a western after all.......umm sort of!
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on 9 June 2014
They just don't make them like this anymore..

The blu-ray picture quality is extremely crisp, I have purchased all the recent blu-ray releases of the Carry On's and they are all well presented, but cowboy has the edge. The print is bright and colorful with lots of detail that I have never noticed before.

The soundtrack is nothing to write home about but completely serviceable for a film of this vintage.
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on 3 May 2006
Following the International success of the hilarious classic, Carry On Cleo (1964), Gerald Thomas and Peter Rogers decided another parody was what was need to keep the series vital and alive. Written by Talbot Rothwell, the team came up with another one of their very best entries in the series with Carry On Cowboy (1965).

There was always a loose structure to the plot in most Carry On films but with this one, its far more concentrated, with a surprisingly gritty, hard-edged realism behind the laughs. The action is set in the heart of Stodge City which lies in the heart of the Wild West where the notorious Rumpo Kid (Sid James) and his gang are striking fear into all the residents of the local community. Desperate to bring his deadly and violent reign to an end, Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams) hastily sends for a sheriff but through a comic misunderstanding (this is a Carry On film after all) ends up being sent a sanitary engineer with the laughably named Marshall P. Knutt (Jim Dale) who is accident-prone from the word go! Luckily for him, help is at hand in the shape of the volatile Annie Oakley (Angela Douglas) who turns up at Stodge City seeking revenge on her fathers murderer who just so happens to be the Rumpo Kid!

The merry Carry On gang all take on surprisingly realistic American accents and carry it off remarkably well with some of the cast members even approaching their roles in a deadly serious manner. Sid James is excellent as the Rumpo Kid who doesn't quite shake off his own inimitable characterisation but is certainly the only role where he plays a genuine baddie, killing people seemingly by the minute.

Kenneth Williams laughably plays his usual pompous and incompetent figure in the shape of Judge Burke whilst Charles Hawtrey is in a highly effective comic role here playing the Indian, Big Heap, who camps it up right to the end. Jim Dale is his usual bundle of nerves as the hopeless, accident-prone Marshall P. Knutt and is featured in a wonderfully staged shoot-out scene at the exciting climax of the film.

Joan Sims turns up in one of her best Carry On roles here. Joan actually said that this was her favourite role in a Carry On film and indeed in all of the period Carry On's, Joan Sims always played an integral part in the film. In Cowboy, she plays the brassy, glamorous, Belle ("my intimate friends call me Ding Dong") in a blatant Mae West characteur which she carries off superbly and plays opposite mostly to Sid James where her character quickly succumbs to Sids cocky, brash charm.

Other members of the cast in this fun entry include Bernard Bresslaw in his first Carry On apperance, playing the manically evil Indian, Little Heap, Angela Douglas who sparkles in the voluptuous shape of Annie Oakley, Peter Butterworth as the useless doctor and a small cameo from Jon Pertwee as the sheriff.

The authentic sets and costumes capture the era impeccably well. The action is fast paced as is the rollercoaster dialogue and this certainly stands as the most dark, violent Carry On with the highest death count! Still it's essential viewing and fans of this genre of comedy will love it!
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on 12 April 2000
With a more serious subtext than most Carry Ons, "Cowboy" is a real triumph for the team. Sid James is not only his humourous self but actually manages some acting as The Rumpo Kid, and Kenneth Williams is as brilliant as ever as the corrupt and self-righteous Judge Burke.
Talbot Rothwell was at the peak of his writing powers, and the film has a real depth which enables it even to pass muster when compared to its US cousin, "Blazing Saddles".
As long as you don't mind a Carry On in which half the characters get killed off, this one should please any fan of the series.
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on 3 July 2015
50 years old and a strong classic indeed, not up there with the top 10 films of the series for me but still a good solid hoot from start to finish. A strong cast can be found here and some great scenes and jokes and banter., the odd thing doesn't work but that was always the way and of course in 2015 it all seems tame compared to the slap tickle nature of the jokes which shocked people in the 60s. Sid james is great here to be fair, one or two members probably aren't firing on all cylinders here but that could just be the script but its good steam at the same time.
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