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on 17 November 2001
Hi I'm Jamie and I have watched the film yesterday, so i wanted to play the game as soon as possible. I think the game is very replayable. The game dosnt follow the story of the film or the book. It is however based on the characters and all the scenery. Any true Harry Potter would enjoy it. I started playing it, and could not put it down. I was on it for 5 hours.
Harry runs about shouting 'Flipendo', which is the standard attack against small baddies.The spells are very cool. and there are several ones you have to do yourself, and they are from the books. You learn the spells from lessons.
It isnt particluarly hard or frustrating, unlike sone other games. It is a real pleasure to play.
There are many different challengers and no real levels. You collect cards and house points. You have to explore Hogwarts, looking out for some nasty suits of armpour and yellow conquer creatures. Many creatures that havent been seen so far in the books, appear in the game. They are in the magical creatures book.
The game revovles around collecting several flavours of Berti Bots every flavour beans. Including some bogey and earwax flavour!!!
Draco malfoy is much more evil in the game. In the books hes just an annoying bully but in the games he is a key force of evil.
As usual there is alot of platform jumping, but its not very hard to do.
If you buy this game you will have a great time.
This game never gets boring.. and you don't have to the same jump a thousand times"!!
As Ron said to Harry "Just you wait, its the best game in the world!"
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on 23 November 2001
This game, like the movie, was one of the worlds most eagerly awaited peice of merchendice from the Harry Potter Phenomenon.
The game lets you explore the whole of hogwarts grounds and castle within a touch of the button. The imagination of it is ingenius, and the maker of the game must have really paid attention to the book.
You are able to interact and communicate with other characters in the game (eg Albus Dumbledore and Ron Weasley) and they will help you with the tasks set.
The let downs. Well... there aren't too many, to be honest. The main one is that there is no multiplayer option. Only one player may join in the fun. And the other one is that, when you complete the complex and strategic journey, you aren't very likeley to start over and play again.
If i could have given the game 4 1/2 out of 5, i would. The minor let downs are forgotten when you are free to perform magic, and battle with huge creatures.
This is a must buy, if you are a Harry Potter fanatic, and own a Playstation.
Henry Miller
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on 2 January 2002
This playstation one game has got good graphics and it is funner for ages 4-6 although ages 7-10 would understand it more. I am 12 years old and it is not i that have got the game it my cousin who is 8 years old. He is a big fan of Harry Potter so he would like the game but it is not only the fact that he likes Harry Potter it is because he thinks the graphics are marvellous, which makes him want to play Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone over and over again. I give this game 4 stars.
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on 15 November 2001
This is a well-produced, enjoyable game, whose only real flaw is that it doesn't follow the book quite as closely as it could have done. For example, the whole 'detective' thread of the novel, which leads Harry and co. to eventually deduce that the Philosopher's Stone is being kept in the school (and that someone is planning to steal it), is barely mentioned. But since almost everyone playing will already know the story back-to-front, this hardly matters.
The camera-moves take a little getting used to, but the strangest part of the control system is the lack of a 'jump' button: Harry jumps automatically if you run him off an edge sufficiently quickly. A problem with this is that sometimes you will casually sidle over the edge of a pit that you intended to leap over. Conversely, it makes sections of the game that would have been irritatingly fiddly a lot more fun, and we should be thankful that our thumbs are being saved undue wear-and-tear.
Having mastered the controls, the gameplay becomes extremely enjoyable, exploring and learning new spells, puzzling throughout the expansive Hogwarts environment. Mini-games are often encountered, and these are (for the most part) fun, replayable games in their own right (especially the exhilarating mine cart runs!). Broomstick flying is enjoyably challenging to master - although this might mean that it is a little too hard for the target audience. The inclusion of a 'Quidditch tournament', separate from (but unlocked by) the main game, is a brilliant idea, since it allows the Quidditch-obsessed to indulge themselves, playing Quidditch in all weather conditions and ultimately winning the cup for Gryffindor!
The sound is excellent throughout: the sweeping orchestral score provides the perfect atmosphere for any given scene, and when combined with a rumble-pack, the Forbidden Forest in particular can feel truly haunting! There is plenty of speech too: it's very nice to really 'talk' to everyone you meet (although Harry himself is almost mute, which is odd), and the voices are all generally very well-cast.
One possible issue is that of saving the game: it is only possible to do this at 'Save Points' (denoted by floating red books), and this will sometimes irritate you if you've made a lot of progress but want to stop playing and feel the sunlight on your face for an hour or two. For the most part, the Save Points are placed right where you would need them, but later on in the game you actually have to search and find hidden rooms in order to save your progress regularly. If you don't find these hidden Save Points, the last section of the game will become particularly annoying, since death at Voldemort's hands will restart you back with Fluffy.
Overall, most players should get a lot out of this game. It's reasonably easy for beginners to scrape through to the end, but suitably challenging for the more experienced to find every Bean, all 17 Witches & Wizards cards, all the hidden areas, and pick up every possible house-point. And if you think you've mastered Quidditch, you can always try reversing the controls...
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on 20 November 2001
I think that this Harry Potter Game is fantastic. The graphics are brilliant and all the main aspects of the game are marvellous. The inventors of it really managed to capture what JK Rowling did in the books. All the things that are good about it would go on for ever!
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on 25 November 2001
This game is not all it's cracked up to be. The gameplay is very easy and you are led by your hand through the entire game. If you are below the age of six then great otherwise you will soon become very fed up with your lack of freedom. There is no jump button, this is an awful aspect of the game. Youfind yourself falling off ledges and missing easy jumps just because the camera has moved automatically. If you had a jump button you would not miss these easy moves. Also you find yourself stuck and unable to continue in the game. Gringotts bank is so frustrating. The gameplay suddenly becomes more difficult and you just have to keep the game on pause in between sessions as you can't continue until you have collected enough money and there is no save point. The book is fantastic, the film is also pretty good but this game does not deserve to have the good name of Potter put to it.
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on 20 November 2001
Unfortunately in the rush to release this game to co-incide with the release of the film, I think the results show that they hurried it a bit.
The game 'hangs' the music can also 'hang' and there are parts of the game where you cannnot proceed unless you complete the 'task' i.e in Gringotts Bank where you are collecting knuts,which is 'a particulaly tiresome task' unfortunately you need the tenacity of Harry Potter himself, and if you can't collect a sufficient amount of money, there is no way to progress through the game.
There are also very few save points, and if this is really aimed at younger players, that becomes very frustrating if you only have a certain amount of time to play the game each time.
My boys age 9 and 7, are nevertheless still enjoying it (because its HP)but I can see it has been dissapointing, when they would normally play a new PS game to death , they have already become frustrated and have gone back to other favourite games.
Sorry, it doesnt live up to the quality of the books/film. Shame on you Electronic Arts.
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on 26 November 2001
I bought Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone and I rated it 5 stars. You can learn to conjure spells and potions, play Quidditch and many other things that are featured in the film and the book. There are many characters featuring: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy and many, many more. It's a must buy game!
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on 17 November 2001
Harry Potter, it amazed kids and even adults. Now its a game. Great!.

This was one of the best games for the playstation I have ever played. The graphics are great and you can never get bored of playing quidditch and wondering around Hogwarts. I think the best thing in the game would be the closest thing to the book. The spells. You can learn new spells. For stuff like defeating the monsters and gets through difficuties.
The controls are simple to master and sometimes move for you(jump). But some of the levels are a bit easy and are just sutible for 4 and 5 years old. But it is still a great game.
Another good thing is that it isn't just Hogwarts all the time. Its London and Diagon Ally. Choosing your wand and Gringotts bank was just superb. The effects of the ride to the vaults were great. And the voices of the people just sounded like the real ones in the movie.
This was a great game with great sound and effects. I know I will be playing on this for a long, long time.
Ian Ford
Aged 13
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on 10 January 2004
This is one of the best ever games I've come across. It's not just for kids-it's also for big kids too!!!
I have spent hours playing this game and loved every minute of it even though I got frustated at times because I found some areas difficult i.e in the mine shafts, and collecting the three peacock feathers in Ollivanders (was so tempted to blast the bird!).
What's good is that you can save the game fairly frequently so you don't have to go back far at all and complete really difficult tasks over and over again.
You get to play Quidditch against the other teams like Slytherin and there's a live commenatry as you play!
I highly recommend this game. It's fantastic and great fun.
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