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4.3 out of 5 stars26
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2003
WEll well well! After Rob Halford's departure as the front man for one of British Metal's most influential bands who, would have thought anyone could fill his shoes? Tim 'ripper' Owens now fronts the band, and it doesnt half do a good job! my primary concern was that Priest would regress back to their 'hey-day' and Halford's replacement would be all immitation. However, this has proved me entirely wrong as Demolition makes many metal albums of recent years pale into insignificance with the superb blending of riffs, amazing vocals and overall prowess of a band that know how to rock! From the subdued "close to you" to the vigourous "feed on me" this album certainly has something for everyonw and will not dissapoint.
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on 12 December 2001
This LP in my opinion, is better than Jugulator. It is more melodic and has a greater punch. Owen is not Halford in his youth, but Halford now is less than Owen (I've seen them both live).
Songs like "Metal Messiah", "One on One", "Bloodsuckers" deliver power in a way that only the Priest can do. There are also some new style stuff (like "Hell is Home" and "Subterfuge") that rule. Like all JP records there are 1-2 songs ("Lost And Found", "In Between") that are below average. Don't let this stop you, from getting an LP that will be referred as a classic in 10 years time, and rocks now.
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on 13 May 2002
This was a profound CD in that it took me a while to discover its true value (but who trusts any CD that you enjoy straight off?) I am (and always will be) a devout follower of the Halford cult, but I have to admit that this is a classic album. While Ripper's vocals are in almost the same range, he cannot compare (making some songs sound too high for any self respecting Priest fan) and some of the songs particularly annoy me (Bloodsuckers is the prime example). But that is all I can find to say that is wrong with the album. The songs (mostly) are genius. This is an album that has to be heard and sticks to the traditional guns that made Priest famous the world over. The best songs are undoubtedly: IN BETWEEN, JEKYL AND HYDE, HELL IS HOME and the glorious METAL MESSIAH. Having said that, the heartbreakingly melodic strains of CLOSE TO YOU, rank this album as one of my favourites - love it or hate it, but LISTEN TO IT.
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Demolition, the latest album from metal legends Judas Priest, is aptly named. It demolishes the competition. Ripper's voice resonates with ungodly power while the original Priest members kick like an angry mule on acid. No bad tracks to be found here but Metal Messiah is surely an instant classic. Buy Demolition and experience genius.
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on 28 April 2003
i dont know what katherine turnman is on about but its not this album. this is a heavy album and has some real quality in it. if you have this played though anything other than airplane free headphones then you can tell its got some heavy bass in there especially subterfuge however it is spelt. this ranks up in the best 5 priest albums not quite sure where in that 5 but being in the top 5 is good enough for most cd collections of band who have this many albums let alone a band with this amount of quality albums. i like the new singer he just needs to step away from trying to be like halford apart from this there isnt a fault in the album buy buy buy its rated at 4.5 so far so you know its good
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on 27 November 2001
First impressions were not good when I saw the cover. I was extremely disappointed in the lacklustre artwork that breaks a long tradition of sci-fi / robotic metal art drawings. The omission of (or lack of effort to produce) a memorable cover is entirely unforgivable, but nevertheless I was relieved to find that the sonic contents of the album were not a reflection of the poor package design.
"SUBTERFUGE" is an instant classic, the finest song, though "METAL MESSIAH" could have been if the production had been right (Chris Tsangerides co-wrote both of these songs). The weakest is "JEKYLL & HYDE," containing that slight sense of cheapness which has permeated the songs of Judas Priest since former vocalist Rob Halford's unfortunate departure, but which has been thankfully reduced to a minimum on this latest album, "DEMOLITION."
Somehow Glenn Tipton has managed to put his own stamp on Judas Priest's traditional style of Heavy Metal peculiar to that first heard on his solo album, "BAPTIZM OF FIRE" - a kind of vocal feel akin to "Alice in Chains" in some parts. The overall quality of the production on this album, mainly produced by Glenn Tipton, is of a very high standard (though the volume level on "METAL MESSIAH" was comparatively, and woefully, low) and gives a strong aggressive feeling. There are also a few songs that can be classed as "ballads" and these are quite touching in their own way.
One thing that I found immediately evident was the conspicuous lack of "traditional" Judas Priest duelling guitar solos, rather there was more of an emphasis on distinctive effects rather than skilful technical playing and the harmonic rhythms that we are used to hearing from Glenn and KK. Scott Travis' drumming is as awesome as ever, still one of the best drummers in the world, while "Ripper" Owens sounds uncannily like Rob Halford on a few songs (particularly the live version of "THE GREEN MANALISHI").
There are occasional irritations - the excessive, and quite unnecessary, swearing which adds nothing to the songs and is seemingly included to appeal to younger fans - but I would thoroughly recommend this album as it is an out and out Judas Priest album, only Priest are a little different since Rob Halford left.
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on 31 October 2015
I have to be honest, I pondered on wether or not to buy this album for a long time because of how much I'd read about it. Unanimously considered as judas priest's weakest album, I only really bought it to complete my cd collection but I'm glad I did because it really ain't bad at all! The ripper's vocals are on point throughout, some powerful riffs and a great production quality. Some of the lyrics are a bit cheesy but if you try to detach yourself from judas priest's legacy and enjoy the music on 'demolition' in its own rights then this really isn't a bad collection of songs, granted its not priest's best stuff but it's still a decent listen
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on 20 March 2014
This is the 2nd Studio Album with Tim "Ripper" Owens on Vocals and sadly the last. This is a VERY good Judas Priest album, very heavy and Ripper proves that he belongs in the band.

There are very good Metal songs on here and possible JP Classic's, fore e.g. "Machine Man", "One On One", "Bloodsuckers", "In Between", "Feed On Me", and "Metal Messiah" which is a JP classic as was "Cathedral Spires" on Demolition's predecessor "Jugulator". If you want a very good Metal album and Judas Priest Album by this.
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on 16 February 2002
What can I say? If you love metal, buy it. You won't be disappointed. Two things stick in the mind after a listen to this album. One is Ripper Owen's vocals are simply astonishin in both power and range. Listen to "Bloodsucker" for proof. The other is Tipton and Downing still cut it as a top notch guitar pairing. I saw them twice live last year. Ripper surprised me by being able to perform Halford era material with equal aplomb! What are you waiting for?
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on 30 June 2009
Better than it's predecessor, the awfully named Jugulator, and not a bad heavy metal album per se but there is one fundamental flaw. Like Jugulator it doesn't quite feel like a Judas Priest record. Owens has a fair old voice on him and whilst I personally prefer Halford you have to give the man his due. Priest have never been afraid to push the boundaries and experiment but they have always sounded like... well... Judas Priest. When Dickinson left Maiden to be replaced by Blaze Bayley they still sounded like Maiden.

I don't know, there's something just not quite right. Buy it by all means if you love metal and if you insist on having the entire Priest back catalogue but don't start exploring Priest here
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