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4.7 out of 5 stars1,385
4.7 out of 5 stars
Style Name: EF 50 mm f/1.8 IIChange
Price:£68.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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981 of 1,015 people found the following review helpful
on 23 April 2012
As a keen photography enthusiast i have decided to take a plunge and upgrade my old Sony a200 system (that i couldn't get on with) to a canon 7d - the first mistake i have made was buying expensive body and not having the funds to buy a decent lens. I love photographing people so i thouht a prime lens will be the best choice for me (this is a fixed focal lens ) 50mm lens can basically mimic the perspective seen by the human eye . i felt that this will be the best choice .Also prime lens made me more creative , as i hadn't had the opportunity to just zoom in if i wanted to.I had to move around and try viewing subject from different angles.

when the lens arrived i was surprised by the toy feel - its all made of plastic (besides optics) - it felt cheap like it will brake any minute ,there iwasnt any pouch with this lens .just an instruction manual .The lens is very light ( 130g ) and small (2.7" x 1.6"/68.2mm x 41.0mm - WxL ) - it is also a canon smallest lens on the market . before i have decided to review it i thought i will use it for a bit (i have used it for over a year ) .I was a bit doubtful if constant lens change could affect plastic lens mount in any way - but it didn't .On the lens itself there is only one switch AF/MF (Auto focus and manual focus ). Autofocus is driven by a micro motor - that is pretty fast. With a minimum focus distance of 1.5' lens can deliver some good images.

My first test shots look terrible , the lens flare that was on the images looked pretty bad and affected the overall quality . Lens flare is created when forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera's digital sensor. I have decided then to buy lens hood and filter (to reduce glare) and try again. i would strongly recommend buying lens hood (ES-62 ) that includes the Hood adapter that threads onto the lens - the hood then attaches to the adapter by pinching two latches

With everything in place i decided to do a few test shots again on few different light situations and f settings (aperture size are often referred as a f settings .The aperture size determines the depth of field, or zone of sharp focus, that surrounds your subject the smaller the f i.e. f/1.8 - the shallower the depth of field is ). i love the way my images came out - sharp where i wanted them to be , and colours where fantastic .focus worked well on a 4 year old who run around the park like a tornado and because lens is very light i was able to take some decent shots handheld , without the discomfort, or a lense shake.
The strongest quality of this lens is sharpness - it produces fantastic pictures , i can honestly say that its sharpest at f/2.8 and beyond on f1.8 it performs also good but not as sharp if the camera is hand held .All depends what you want to shoot . i tend to shot people at f/5.6 (but this depends how much of the subject i want to stay sharp) and landscape at f/8 - as i find this my safe zone , and i know images will come out decent.

Autofocus is pretty fast when shooting moving objects ,it focuses quickly witch is handy when shooting kids (that just don't sit still ... ) or fast moving objects .
Lens its very good in limited light conditions ( in the house ) - but only if you shooting on wider aperture (smaller f number) .- most of portraits are shot in low light condition and all of them are shot using this lens

another good factor was the lens size and weight -it is very easy to carry around , despite being plastic it is also very robust ,and it can take some serious banging. Just imagine me trying to strap screaming 4 year old into a booster seat with camera still hanging on my neck - it usually bash straight into car paintwork (that did chip)

I have grown to love this lens in fact this is the lens and i use in 98% of my images as the lens is very portable and light , so its easier to take hand-held shots without minimal camera shake.
most of the new dlsr's on the market come with a standard kit lens either 18-55 or 17-85 . so if you are looking for a nice addition to your camera i can highly recommend buying this lens despite it plastic look , its a very nifty lens with fantastic price tag. , and as i mentioned earlier i would recommend purchasing lens hood and possibly a UV filter .

"please bare in mind that im Polish - and English is not my strongest point but i try my best to give as honest review based on my own experience , and i know my grammar is terrible . "
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326 of 346 people found the following review helpful
This is the first prime lens I have bought and I didn't know whether to go for the f1.8 or this one. After much research I went for the f1.4, the build quality is much better, the focussing is improved and that extra stop counts for a lot.

The simplicity of this lens is such an eye opener, you have to work for your shots now instead of standing still and zooming in on everything. Your legs become your zoom and because of this you are much more likely to raise or lower your normal eye-level view of the world to find a more interesting angle on a subject.

This lens is purely about quality of image, there are no gimmicks, no image stablisation or anything you don't need, you have a focussing ring and an AF/MF switch. That's it.

Like every lens the sharpness is improved by stopping down from maximum, at f1.8 the 50mm is like a razor, even wide open at f1.4 the pictures are still pretty usable. But its the image, the colours are beautifully captured, the contrast is excellent, sharpness outstanding and the bokeh (out of focus areas) are so soft and creamy its like gazing into a pan of melted butter.

This is the lens you've been looking for, it frees you creatively, lets you make those images you could only dream about before. Sure, it takes a bit of work to get the most from this lens, but the effort will repaid tenfold when you see the results possible with this little cracker.

Sure, the f1.8 is a step in the right direction but the f1.4 is the grownup version, built to last and deliver the results time after time.

I am not exagerrating when I say that this lens has reinvigorated my photography.

If you own a Canon DSLR, you need this, its that simple.
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382 of 406 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 November 2006
Most reviewers of this lens will talk about the lack of build quality and plasticky feel overall - and they are to be believed!!

However, don't let this put you off.

Yes this lens has a plastic mount, yes the focus ring is narrow and fiddly and yes, the autofocus motor is an older, noisier, slower type but do I care one bit - NO!!!

This lens an absolute gem. I thoroughly recommend it as a replacement for the 18-55mm kit lens (I bought it for my Canon 400D) and recommend it simply because it's a great lens in it's own right no matter what you already have. It's a nice focal length for portraits.

Where this lens scores highly is its 1.8 f-stop - very fast!!! Images are definitely soft at this setting but acceptable in a pinch. I reckon you'd need to go above A4 prints for it to be noticeable. You always have to remember that you may not have got the shot at all if you didn't have the f1.8 setting so a bit of softness is the trade-off! Noticeable improvement in shrapness is seen at f2.2 and it just gets better from there on in. Stopped down to around f4 - f11 the lens displays stunning levels of clarity and sharpness for the price (by all accounts rivalling L series pro lenses costing much, much more from what others have said- I can't personally verify this but the results I've had are truly excellent.) It also focuses down to 45 cm!

To sum up, this lens punches far above its weight. For £65 you will get a lens that gives you fantastic pictures typical of lenses costing many times the asking price. Go for it!
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301 of 321 people found the following review helpful
on 14 April 2007
I've got a Canon 400D with the standard kit lens. It's OK but I was a little disappointed by the sharpness that it achieved. After quite a bit of reading up I'd heard so much good stuff about this relatively inexpensive lens that I decided to get one.

Most of my pictures are of my kids and many of them are indoors. This lens is great for portraits and because the aperture can be opened to 1.8 it gets enough light that flashless indoor pictures become feasible. The results are great. Nice, natural colours compared to the flash and as others have mentioned, the blurring of the distant background is very pleasing.

Having read that it had an old fashioned and noisy focus motor I was expecting something horrific which would cause people to look around if you were taking a picture in public. In reality it's marginally louder than the USM lenses and a little slower. We're talking 25% in my view. It's perfectly useable. In low light, manual focussing is preferable and is very easy. People also say the plastic housing is fragile. Well, if like me you've got a 400D with kit lens, it's not really any more plastic like than the either of those so don't be put off.

I've only had the lens one day and I've already taken some pictures which I'll treasure. Only downside of the lens is that at 50mm on a 1.6 ratio camera like the 400D it's a telephoto. In other words, you have to step back a bit to get everything in, so not ideal for indoor group shots. A 30mm lens would be better *but* the one I was looking at was three times more expensive and that's what swung it for this one.
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148 of 158 people found the following review helpful
on 3 April 2006
I've tried all of Canon's 50mm lenses from the cheap, plasticky f1.8 to the hyper-expensive f1.0. This is the best compromise and allows decent shutter speeds in low light without flash. It ia sharp all the way to the edges (upto A3 at least) and doesn't seem to be affected by flare even without a lens shade. If all you have used is the zoom that came with the camera kit, I suggest you try this and see what a difference a decent prime (single focal length) lens makes. At nearly £300, however, it is quite an investment, but worth it.
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67 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on 18 June 2007
I've had mine for 8 years and it delivers sharp pictures with great colours every time. If I could only own one lens, this would be it.
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49 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on 21 July 2007
This lens is great for low light conditions. The focus is sharp and the background blur dreamy & creamy when wide open. Brilliant results with my 5d.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 5 June 2008
Just wanted to join the large amount of praise for this lens and thank others for reviews which tempted me to buy!
I have just upgraded to a Canon 40D and purchased this lens, as it appeared fantastic value, to got along with my kit lens.
Firstly, this lens feels cheap and plasticky and nothing like the 17-85mm lens in the kit.
This is totally irrelevant though as the lens is cheap.

The pictures are totally stunning and i am over the moon with this lens. The shallow depth of field delivers great portraits which is something very important as I became a dad a couple of months ago so i have a 24 hours a day model at my disposal!

The only problem now is that having seen the benefit of prime lens and fast lens i now have lens lust for an L series zoom!
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 9 November 2007
I had recently purchased the canon 400D and although it is a brilliant camera was finding myself a little stuck with the kit lens and despite being told that upgrading would improve picture quality, soldiered on regardless.

That is until i bought this lens! For the price prepare to be amazed. The quality is absolutely beautiful and at 1.8 you can get some truly stunning vusual effects with the depth of field. I would do nothing but recommend this lens. Don't let the price put you off! There is nothing cheap and cheerful about this, it excells the kit lens and i wished i had purchased this earlier.
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41 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on 13 June 2010
I can't really add much to what has already been said about this lens. It feels cheap and insubstantial. It's what I suppose it is - just a few bits of thin glass stuck into a thin plastic body. BUT - it works!!!!!
In my opinion, it just can't be beaten for value and performance. I am a semi-pro and I have to work sometimes in demanding environments. I would never be without this lens. If I dropped it - I'm sure it wouldn't survive, but hey - I'd just go and get another one. Incidentally - a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO AMAZON is due. I bought one of these lenses a few months ago and after a few weeks a loose piece of plastic appeared inside the lens cavity which got in the way of every picture. I called Amazon who were amazingly helpful and efficient. I actually had a new relacement lens rushed to me BEFORE I sent the faulty one back. It was the best service I have ever had!
Thank you Amazon. Another very good reason to shop here!
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