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4.0 out of 5 stars21
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2003
Firstly to all those complaining that this is just the same as Cradle Of Filth's other records then this is not, this is a very different CD from previous ones such as Principal Of Evil Made Flesh and Dusk.......And Her Embrace.
Secondly, the drumming isn't too bad. No where near as bad as it's been made out to be.
Third, Cradle are a different band from Dimmu Borgir (who you should really check out) so of course they're going to use different techniques. You'd soon complain if they didn't.
As a stop - gap album this has to be one of the best, the cover of Sisters Of Mercy's "No Time To Cry" is amazing. The 3 re-recorded songs (Summer Dying Fast, Black Goddess Rises and Principal Of Evil Made Flesh) sound so much better now. The Principal Of Evil Made Flesh album had a raw quality but these versions sound much better (especially Summer Dying Fast). A top album, not their best but still worth a listen.
If you like this then check out Midian, Cruelty and The Beast and Damnation & A Day. If your into their older stuff then get Principal of Evil Made Flesh, V Empyre(Dark Faerytales In Phallustein), Cradle to Enslave or Dusk...And Her Embrace. If you're new to Cradle Of Filth get Lovecraft and Witchhearts or Live Bait For The Dead.
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on 23 February 2002
I have all of the Cradle of Filth albums and this appears to be one of thebest yet. As an avid dark metal fan, Cradle are, to me, a refreshing break from the unholy riffs from bands such as Enslaved and alike. Some call COF the 'Linkin Park' of black metal, but I would have to disagree. There is not a weak song on this album and it lives up to every expectation I had when I bought the album. I advise anybody just getting in to black metal, or indeed anyone who has liked it for a more substantial amound of time to buy this album. How refreshing, how cradle.
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on 25 July 2001
After the pitiful travesty that was Midian, I was shocked to find that I couldn't buy BSTS for quite some time. After a while though, and after listening to Cruelty again to regain my confidence in the greatest band in the universe, I bought BSTS. I will never regret it. Bitter Suites may be just a teaser of things to come, but it is a work of genius. The artwork and music (once again) complement each other perfectly, with a running theme of a post-apocalyptic, sun-blasted Earth. The remakes of the Principle songs are on the whole an improvement, the new musical directions taken with Born in a Burial Gown and Scorched Earth Erotica are brilliant and the instrumental Dinner at Deviant's Palace is simply frightening as Hell. This album won't convert new fans, but it will definitely sate the appetites of those waiting for the next big release.
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on 15 February 2002
it was quite a shame that you have to listen to older tracks but the 6 new ones and a cover of Sisters of Mercy makes up for it.
The album kicks off with an instrumental, but after that all the wicked tracks start pounding into your skull. Born in a Burial Gown has the evilness and Summer Dying Fast (a personal favourite) and No Time To Cry show COFs talent with their excellent riffs and solos and shows off the guitarists talents. After that, you get even more of Dani's screams and shrieks in Priciple... but untill the last track, i think things get dulled down. Suicide and Other Comforts is a bit poor for COF, and who wants to listen to a child screaming in a song[Dinner a t Deviants Palace], and then the penultimate track: a re-make of Black Goddess from their debut album. Luckily they get into the swing of things with Scorched Earth Erotica. The guitars are present but not intrusive and theirs a nice little solo towards the end. A nice track to end on.
You must get this album
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Symphonic Black metal/Gothic extreme....a classic in this genre and probably one of three important albums by this band, Cruelty And The Beast, Midian, and Godspeed The Devil's Thunder are all must haves by this band. Ultra dark and sophisticated music skills combined with outstanding poetry and uber black metal darkness. All the while a great team of engineers and an obviousley expensive production. For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Satyricon, and Sothis.
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on 20 June 2001
I've been with Cradle Of Filth since the beginning and even though I think this CD is great like the others, the fact that the bands quest to make their sound brutal but accessible at the same is more apparent than ever. 'Midian' was a fine album, but its 'friendlier' sound made some people worry that they were turning into 'wusses' and turning their back on the more extreme measures of the black metal scene, this release doesn't help matters, the new tracks on offer, while excellent peices of work, lack the sheer brutality that Cradle are known for, the cover of Sisters Of Mercy's 'No Time To Cry' is an awesome addition to Cradle's list of covers and has much more punch than the original. Much talk has, strangely, been made about the re-recording of 3 tracks from the bands debut album, 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh', these tracks are basically a statement from the band that thats how these songs should have sounded like the first time and sound fresh and powerful. At stated earlier, this mini-album is great, but don't expect the new songs to be as brutal as past efforts.
CD Highlights:- "Born In a Burial Gown", "No Time To Cry", "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh" and "Scorched Earth Erotica"
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on 31 October 2001
For many aspiring black metal bands 'Bitter Suites to Succubi' would be nothing short of a triumph but for the creators of the likes of 'Cruelty and the Beast' and 'Midian' this is a lacklustre affair. Despite the bands insistence to the contrary this *not* an album as the release contains but four new tracks and two new instrumentals one of which consists of a small child wailing over some chords played by Mr Powell ('Dinner at Deviant's palace'. The other tracks consist of rehashed versions of three songs of Cradle's suspect first release. Though the tracks sound a great deal better compared to newer material they seem somewhat infantile and lacking. Luckily two of the four new tracks help disguise this by being rather uninspiring. The culprits are two rather tedious track entitled 'All Hope in Eclipse' and 'Suicide and Other Comforts' The final two tracks are fine examples of cradle's masterful craftsmanship of Gothic masterpieces. Those who feel Dani and his cohorts have grown overly commercial may be further disapointed with the "albums" direction.
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on 29 June 2001
I only came into contact with CoF about a year ago. Having seen some of the band's artwork and merchandise around (such as the infamous jesus is a **** shirt) i was a bit unsure as to what to expect. I bought the album Midian and was simply blown away! Every part of this band is awesome!!!! The guitar riffs are amazing,the keyboard reaches orchestral highs and Dani..well even the devil himself would be scared of this guy. I now have nearly all their work and each is simply amazing. BSTS is no exception. Sporting a much more produced sound CoF's new EP shows how far this band have come along. With a combination of new tracks such as the awesome Born in a burial gown (my personal favourite) and re-workings of older tracks CoF deliver a message to all...THIS DARK MACHINE IS GROWING IN POWER AND WITH SONY NOW BEHIND THEM COULD EVOLVE INTO SOMETHING MONSTROUS!!! If you are new to CoF, this is a good album to break yourself in. If you are already a follower then hell you've already got it!!
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on 31 March 2002
You can't really call this an album as it only has 4 new tracks on it, the rest are either re-recordins from their "Principal of Evil Made Flesh" album or cover songs. So if you dont allready have that album then its a great buy because they have taken the best tracks such as "summer dying fast" and "The Princupal of Evil Made Flesh" from that album and re-recorded them because on the old album the recording was a bit raw. The new tracks are also excellent although it's rather different to their older material it's more "new-age Cradle of Filth" but still very good with tracks like "Suicide and Other Comforts" and "Scorched Earth Erotica" which in my opinion are better than anything on the "Midian" album. The cover songs are ok but nothing special, so not really an album but a taster of what's to come from their new album.....I can't wait :-)
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on 19 June 2001
This EP could be described as the bands exit from the underground, as limb bizket a few years ago. I dont think form this they are going to start wearing baggy trousers and red hats to sell CDs do you!!?!?! This is amazing! i would say better than "Midian" As always it does let a little dull towards the end, but that does not matter when the begining is so good. Its a shame this band probably wont ever get the prasie they deserve, there is real talent in this band. The only down fall of this CD is the title sugests they are a comedians, this could be why they are over looked alot of the time. Also not having the full version of the video "Born in a Burial Gown". Very good EP. If your a COF fan youve already got it and if you are intersted in this type of music this is thr CD to break you in, they are only going to get bigger!
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