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3.6 out of 5 stars99
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2014
The living dead have overtaken humanity. The last remnants of the human race live inside a walled city as they come to grips with the situation.

The wealthy live in sealed skyscrapers as the poor fend for themselves on the streets.

Protecting them is an enormous tank called Dead Reckoning, controlled by a group of people led by Riley.

But when Riley loses command of the tank to an insane man bent on destroying the city, he must save it from Dead Reckoning as those who walk beyond the walls of the city slowly develop new abilities and become a much greater threat to humankind.....

In my opinion, it's much better than day of the dead and the movies after this, but let's be honest, would this film really have been made if Shaun of the Dead hadn't been released, and if it had, would it really have the budget this film had? Baker the main hero in this is just bland. He has no desperation about him, and just spends the majority of the film, looking like one of the undead.

So thank heavens for Leguizamo and Hopper, who make this film the watchable horror that it is. LOTD really tries hard in the consumerist edge, but it ends up looking more like it's borrowed from Dawn, than be original.

There are some good scenes though, everything featuring Big Dadyy is just lovely to look at, and at times Romero depicts the zombies as the victims.

All in all it's a fun movie, not necessary, but fun anyhow.
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on 16 March 2010
First time I watched this, I hated it. It felt like a cheap 80's Hollywood movie, in the same vein as an Airwolf film. The acting is rubbishy and the story line is week. How the person which created the previous three, the Crazies and Martin allowed this to happen utterly confused me (im concerned by the people that have abused 'Day' on here, its a masterpiece, conveying utter futility), so I thought I would give it another watch.
All the reasons I hated it the first time, either by design or luck, seemed to give the movie context second time round. The embarrassment which was the human's story just served to reiterate the new found dignity and humanity of the undead, which is exactly the point of the of the overall story arc, Im guessing Romero doesnt do luck. So if youve only seen this once, youre a fan and you didnt like it, try it again, it sits well with others. As for 'Diary', that really is a piece of....
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2011
I don't think I'd have watched this film if a friend of mine hadn't made me. It seemed that it would be a bunch of slow-walking lame actors saying things like "brains" and catching credulous bimbos who do not have the good sense to run.

Not only is this film more than that, it is actually a very watchable film. Having not encountered a George Romero film before (except via many inaccurate parodies), I wasn't aware that there is proper direction and a decent plot at its heart.

Although occasionally you may shout at the screen as the charactors end up splitting up or abandoning safety for stupid reasons, it is still compelling viewing and there is enough suspense, gore and horror to make a highly entertaining film.

It's also worth mentioning that there is almost a Greek fable quality to the film, with stupid selfish humans ending up being horribly mauled while the more enlightened humans escape the zombies' clutches.

Lastly there is the acting, with the guy who plays The Mentalist doing a sterling job as the lead, and Dennis Hopper doing his usual best as the villain of the film. Furthermore, none of the acting comes across as hammy, and I didn't see any scenes which were stilted or not believable.

To sum up, although slow-walking Zombie films may seem ten-a-penny, really the work of an original master is beyond the sordid cliches of his imitators.
Like watching an original Wes Craven movie (as opposed to a franchised sequel), the watered-down version often marrs the original.
But if you're fearing this film is a lemon, then don't worry - it's not.
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on 15 February 2016
George Romero packs in tons of character beats, innovation, action, logic and as always modern day satire in LOTD. His "dead quad trilogy" screenplay had been waiting for years before 28 Days Later re-invested interest in the zombie movie genre and LOTD was greenlit. Every penny is up there on screen, with actors clearly relishing being in a George Romero zombie movie - what actor or fan wouldn't cherish that?! All of George Romero's pent-up passion and artistic frustration is mostly given free rein here, delivering a fresh take on a well worn theme. Simon Baker is beautiful, vulnerable and charismatic as the world-weary Riley and KNB's physical effects are great. This Director's Cut adds extra gory seconds previously trimmed for time and there are some great DVD extras, including a commentary track.
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on 3 October 2005
I have always been a fan of Zombie flicks and George's ability to make a good horror film whilst still including a very deep social commentary is what makes his films stand out....
The film revolves around the last human city, ran by Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) the rest of the world it would seem is overran by the zombie hordes. Of course even in this post zombie apocolyptic world, power and money it seems are king. Kaufman decides who gets in and who remains on the outskirts of the sanctuary.
The strangest thing about this film, that frankly I expected to really dislike is that Romero has in some ways humanised the zombies, strange as that sounds.
Although most are of course relatively mindless the main lead zombie played by Eugene Clark seems to retain a little of the intellect of his living counterpart and in ways leads the zombies.
This gives a strong contrast to the humans and leaves you wondering who the true monsters really are. This aspect is the films strength adding to the social commentary but at the same time its weakness. Frankly I couldnt decide if I should be cheering for the living or the dead. After a while I didnt worry and just let myself enjoy the action. It did feel wrong to be pitying the zombies, but maybe thats what George intended. If you can pity the monsters when compared to humans then we truly are lost.
The film is quite gory, with plenty of dark humour that is needed in this kind of film. For me it wasnt quite as good as the remake of Dawn of the Dead, but I enjoyed it none the less and will be buying it when its available on DVD.
I was borderline giving it 4 stars but that would be my rating for the remake of Dawn of the Dead and I feel this one fell short of that mark.
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on 9 April 2016
The two installments that followed, make this film look like a masterpiece by comparison. I like the scene with the rich couple, as they glance over their latest expensive purchases, with the world around them, outside of their bubble, being in a state of total devastation. It's the little moments like this throughout the film, that made it a more memorable movie than it probably would have been otherwise. After Land of the Dead, the series truly went downhill.
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on 23 November 2013
Awesome film, Great price, Dont hesitate, the best zombie film i've watched, very well made film with no noticeable floors.
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on 27 January 2014
Land of the Dead is one of the best zombie movies for many reasons. Firstly Simon Baker makes a very likeable hero in the film. Secondly Asia Argento is awesome. Thridly Robert Joy is a great and again likeable sidekick to Simon Baker. Fourth Dennis Hopper is a vile and loathsome villian. Fith Dead Reconing!!!! The Ultimate Anti-zombie ride. Lastly,some great gore and action too. Buy this if you do not have it!!!
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on 7 September 2009
Land of the Dead is far from perfect, but - if we're to be honest - neither were Romero's other zombie movies.

Before anyone takes umbrage with the fact that I can pick faults in Classics of the Dead, please let me point out that I'm a massive fan of Romero's work, and the attraction of his films lies in their energy, invention, character development and general 'feel' rather than airtight plot or production values.

On the subject of production values, Romero has proven long ago that he can make an epic from nothing, and that's stood him in good stead with Land of the Dead. The success of 28 Days Later and the Dawn remake might have secured the movie deal and given him a larger-than-average budget for this kind of film, but the technology for creating new worlds and special effects has taken quantum leaps since Day of the Dead was released in the mid Eighties. The result is that Romero can finally produce a movie on the kind of scale we all wanted while still working within a modest budget.

I haven't read many comments from Romero following the release of Land of the Dead, but I get the impression that too many corporate fingers were in the production pie, given the way he ran off to go guerilla-indie with Diary of the Dead. If there was corporate interference on this project, it honestly hasn't detracted from the fun of the film. It's a thoroughly entertaining piece of work.

Yes, the learning zombies are a tad cheesy, and yes, some of the less sympathetic characters are left quite one-dimensional, but the overall effect is a great piece of escapism. You can take all sorts of social or political allegories from it if you want, but in the end, it's a bloody good rollercoaster ride.
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on 5 October 2015
Huge action and very good story ok dawn of the dead zombie is the best movies of george romero social movies and critical politic but i like this one and the actor simom baker jhon leguizamo asia argento and hooper a touch of escape of new york and little bit of mad max great and powerful.
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