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4.8 out of 5 stars76
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 October 2004
This is the best release of the A-Team on DVD yet, it consists of 14 episodes, those being;
Episode 1 & 2 - Mexican Slayride (Pilot - 2 hour)
Episode 3 - Children Of Jamestown
Episode 4 - Pros and Cons
Episode 5 - A small and Deadly War
Episode 6 - Black Day in Badrock (althought it says Black day & black rock on the case sleeve)
Episode 7 - The Rabbit That Ate Las Vegas
Episode 8 - The Out-Of-Towners
Episode 9 - Holiday in the Hills
Episode 10 - West Coast Turnaround
Episode 11 - One More Time
Episode 12 - Till Death Do Us Part
Episode 13 - The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
Episode 14 - A Nice Place to Visit
Overall some good and some Brilliant episodes. Just a note, the episodes have NOT being digital remastered, so the sound and picture is original, having said this, I only noticed in the beginning of one of the opening sequences any distortion of sound, other than that I thought it was good quality. Cant wait For season 2 to be released, reminds me of many a happy saturday watching this at home. I'd recommend this to All A-team fans.
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on 9 March 2007
This is the first season of the A-Team. If you don't know the A-Team is the collective name for Hannibal, Face, B.A. and Murdock. They would be those four fellas on the front of the box there. These four guys are former soldiers and fugitives on the constant look out to avoid capture by the military police after they escaped from a military prison. That sounds like great fun to watch. But that's not all they also help people in trouble against bigger bad guys at the same time. Yup, that's right :- AMAZING!

Even more amazing is some of the ideas the guys come up with on how to acheive this. They will use their wit and Face's scamming skills to obtain just about anything in any situation. Then with seemingly random bits of junk they create something incredible that just whoops the bad guys. Not only do the plans work but they add several ounces of pure cheek and class on top - thank Hannibal for that.

As well as the clever build up of junk you can see an almost perfect dynamic between the four main characters. Hannibal is the leader as he was in army, he comes up with the plans and gets really excited when everyones lives are in danger (the jazz). Then there is Face, he is the charming con artist who can get absolutely any item no matter what, no matter where, he usually gets the girl too. Then there is Sgt. Bosco Baracus or B.A. as he is called which stands for 'Bad Attitude' played by Mr.T, he is the driver, the muscle and the man who builds things out of scrap. Finally is Howlin' Mad Murdock, the crazy pilot who adds some comic relief with his 'crazy rap' constantly annoying BA.

So the ideas are great and the characters are great too, but then everything else is great, the music - timeless. The stunts are off this planet - look at how close the helicopter sometimes gets to clipping the floors and hills and cliffs.

All of the episodes offered on this box set are great but for me the best two are 'Pros and Cons' set in a prison, and 'Beast From the Belly of a Boeing' set in a plane. Everyone has their personal favourites but those two show why the A-Team are the best in my book, a complex plan in one and some really quick thinking in the other.

If you remember the A-Team fondly then buy this. If you've never seen it before then still buy it as it really is classic stuff. Solid gold.
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on 21 December 2005
My memories of 'The A Team' have been filtered through many distorting lenses since the series was originally shown, but I nevertheless thought I had a reasonably good idea what the series contained: lightweight dialogue, a hail of bullets with no-one seemingly copping any injuries, and ludicrous machines concocted from tinfoil and paper clips.
Having just finished enjoying the first series, I must confess to having been wrong on all counts. Firstly, whilst there is plenty of surprisingly gripping action in the series, it is unquestionably dialogue-driven. The interplay between the four leads is nothing short of wonderful: Hannibal is edgier than I remembered him, and Face more self-deprecating and less suavely confident than my memories suggested. BA could not be further removed from the two-dimensional muscle-bound lunk of my recollections, and his character is hugely appealing, with a dry wit underpinning all the 'crazy foos' and 'suckas'. His ongoing commentary throughout the series on Hannibal's 'jazz' is particularly entertaining. It is Murdoch, however, who is the unsung hero of 'The A Team'. His deranged brand of humour was clearly a massive influence on Jim Carrey, and the surrealist strain he introduces into the series is one of the reasons for its enduring appeal. You too will start singing 'garbage, ho!' every time you put the dustbin out. If you start petting an invisible dog, talking in rhyming couplets, or eating shaving foam, however, you should probably give this set a rest for a couple of weeks. Watching Mr. T corpsing at Dwight Schultz's antics is a joy; it must have been a tough job keeping that scowl set on your face with such a hilarious character actor bouncing around at your elbow.
To turn to my other observations: people do get injured in 'The A Team' (one episode begins with BA having received a potentially fatal leg wound), and in this first series at least, the episodes go to some effort to make the cobbled-together inventions BA creates seem vaguely plausible. The vehicles do have a tendency to fall to bits, too, and there is never any suggestion that they have somehow managed to craft a production-line perfect version of whatever they have attempted to fashion.
All in all, this first series of 'The A Team' is most entertaining, and may well overturn your preconceptions of the program. Either way, you'd be a 'foo' if you didn't enjoy it.
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on 10 November 2004
My best friend and I watched the entire box set last weekend and I haven't laughed so much in an age - I had nearly forgotten how tremendouse the series were. The pilot was terrible, however, and we did wonder how on earth this series got commissioned on the back of it.

The box set is a must for any nostalgic A-Team fan, but please watch out for these classic moments:

(1) The body double for Hannibal in an early fight scene (who is clearly half the weight and size of George Peppard) executes a perfect 360 degree flying kick. Unfortunately, his wig stays stationary.

(2) The boys being drafted in by the military to rescue a colonel and his daughter who have been taken captive by a South American guerilla group. They are given a map from "military intelligence" which has been drawn up using watercolours and the finest illustrations an A Level art student could manage. We were surprised a big arrow with the legend "bad guys be here" wasn't included.

(3) Hannibal driving along on a motorbike with Face on the back drives full speed off a ramp. In the ensuing "slow-mo" shot, it is fairly obvious that "Face" is a prosthetic dummy who has been strapped to the ankles of the Hannibal stunt double. You can almost hear the "boiiiiing!" as the motorbike hits the ground and "Face's" head bounces around like a crash-test dummy.

All in all, a fabulous experience - HURRY UP WITH SEASON TWO! Especially for those of us not insensitive to the silver-haired lure of George Peppard. Grrrr!
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on 22 December 2010
I love The A-Team, I could quite happily watch this show 24 hours a day and never get bored. It's not the stunts (which are always spectacular), it's not the theme tune (which is amazing) and it's not the interplay between the cast members (which is never less than hilarious); for me it's the concept. Nobody ever gets seriously hurt, the bad guys are always over the top caricatures, just missing a long moustache to twirl and black top hat and the good guys always win. What's not to love about that?

If I'm being critical the show has aged, but I like to think in a good way (kind of like how Phillip Schofield looks better with grey hair). The stories and plots for this first season lay the foundations for what is to come, and being honest they are all variations on a theme; but that's kind of missing the point. Indeed the first series contains some classic episodes. BA's one liners never stop being funny and I love the over-arching concept of good guys helping the down trodden stand up to bullies. Mary Whitehouse once complained that the A-Team was too violent, I think she was missing the difference between violence and action. The show is action packed, but by the standards of today hardly violent.

In conclusion almost everyone is aware of The A-Team to some degree, watching these DVDs easily reminds me of why the show has become ingrained in popular culture. You can pick this season up for less than £10 and to be frank there aren't many ways you could be more entertained for less than £10.
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on 4 January 2011
You cannot beat the original A Team for good clean fun entertainment. Have just bought the rest of the series. The whole family love to sit and watch these. Saw some back in the 80's when they originally aired and am still enjoying them 20 year on!
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on 20 February 2011
Bought it as a present and my friend was very happy to see it again. Quick delivery, must have it. Do not expect digital quality, was not like this when it was done, part of its charm too.
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on 10 November 2007
Although the format of "The A-Team" is generally the same in each episode, the writers still came up with some great ways to make each one individual and that's what made this such a fantastic show! Below is a list of characters. Following that is a list of episodes.I have given a rating to each one, as well as writing a short synopsis!

Colonel John "Hanibal" Smith -- the leader of the gang, the man who always has a plan. (George Peppard)

Lt. Templeton "Face" Peck -- the Team's con-man, born with a blindly white smile and charms to match. (Dirk Benedict)

Captain H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock -- the pilot. Murdock can fly anything, so long as it has wings. (Dwight Schultz)

Bosco "B.A." Baracus -- the Team's engineer. Can make anything, given the right tools and equiptment. Is scared of fly and as such hates Murdock, whom he dubs a "crazy fool" and "sucker" throughout the course of the show. (Mr. T)

Colonel Lynch -- the man who's been hunting the A-Team since they escaped from high-security lock-down in 1972. (William Lucking)

Before I start on this section, let me explain the rating system as I see it! 5STARS = excellent, 4STARS = good, 3STARS = okay, 2STARS = poor, 1STAR = awful...

Episode 1 & 2: "Mexican Slayride" -- The A-Team is hired by journalist Amy Allen (the beautiful Melinda Culea, who appears throughout this season as the A-Team's assistant) to help find her missing co-worker in Mexico. 3 STARS.

Episode 3: "The Children of Jamestown" -- The A-Team is hired by a man to rescue his daughter from a religious extremist, but soon find themselves fighting for their lives in an attempt to escape after being captured. 4 STARS.

Episode 4: "Pros and Cons" -- The A Team decide to help free one of B.A.'s friends from prison, where the inmates are being forced to fight to the death for a taste of short-lived freedom. 5 STARS.

Episode 5: "A Small and Deadly War" -- The A-Team are hired by a police officer to put an end to another freelance group committing murders for a price in LA. 5 STARS.

Episode 6: "Black Day at Bad Rock" -- After B.A. is injured, the A-Team is taken in by the local sheriff, but are forced to team up with him against a motorbike gang threatening the town. 5 STARS.

Episode 7: "The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas" -- The A-Team are hired by 2 students, whose lecturer went missing in Las Vegas after discovering the perfect method to make money in the casino. 4 STARS.

Episode 8: "The Out-Of-Towners" -- The A-Team take up the cause of local shop keepers being threatened by a protection racket in New York. 4 STARS.

Episode 9: "Holiday in the Hills" -- After the team's plane crashes in South Carolina, the A-Team are hunted down by a group of hillbillies who want to burn them at the stake. 3 STARS.

Episode 10: "West Coast Turnaround" -- The A-Team is hired to help a melon farmer whose livelihood is being threatened by a murderous rancher who wants to take his land. 5 STARS.

Episode 11: "One More Time" -- Colonel Lynch finally captures the A-Team, but they are then hired by the US Government to help free a general and his daughter in Borneo (Indonesia). 3 STARS.

Episode 12: "Till Death Do Us Part" -- The A-Team must rescue an unwilling bride from the man who killed her father and prove he committed the crime. 5 STARS.

Episode 13: "The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing" -- The A-Team is hired to recapture a hijacked plane, something not made easy when Murdock goes temporarily blind and B.A. goes catatonic. 5 STARS.

Episode 14: "A Nice Place to Visit" -- Following the death of a good friend, the A-Team decide to help free a small town from the grip of a murderous family. 5 STARS.

That's it. I didn't think much of the double-length pilot, to be honest. I also didn't like the format of the episode "One More Time" (a format followed in season 5.) I would still recommend this to any old fans or people who have never seen The A-Team. Don't expect DVD quality, though. The sound is okay, but neither the sound nor the picture has been digitally remasted, so can sometimes be a bit pixelated. This doesn't remove the fact that this was (and still is) a great show!
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on 4 October 2005
A friend lent me a copy of this season of ATEAM Season One, identical to this one, except for the Region ( Strange Amazon retails Season 2 on Region 2, but only R1 for the first series). These DVDs are great: 5 discs in the set, each with up to THREE episodes of the series, including the Feature Length Pilot Episodes (1 + 2) on the first discs. Each of those episodes are roughly 45 minutes each. For £20 then, being slightly more expensive than a new release Special Edition 2 Disc DVD, and less expensive than the average Box set (e.g Friends Series 10- £32.99), it seems these discs offer quantity for a start.
Minor disadvantages: The main menu is the basic affair: Play All, Scene select (break down of episodes, then by scene), Configuration and settings etc. There are no special features as such: George Peppard died shortly after the filming of the series, so interviews are not available for him ( and similarly none of the other stars have offered to appear in interviews: perhaps it wouldn't be the same without Hannibal!).
Ok enough technical specs. The plots are often criticised, and admittingly, they aren't without some flaws ( sheer convenience of timing of someone to save the day etc.), though it HAS to be emphasised: This is a comedy/action/adventure series and all the main characters (Hannibal, Face, Murdock and BA) all recognise this fact and all seem to revel in the flexibility to act 'seriously' in some episodes, while sending up their characters in others. This can be seen in particular with BA. In the "Pros and Cons" ep in this set, where he uses his no-nonsense attitude to force the team to come to the aid of a young kid whose older brother is compelled to fight by a warden while being detained in a county jail, while in "Black Day at Black Rock", BA is wounded and is compelled to accept a blood donation from the only member of the team with a compatible blood type (MURDOCH!!) and, clearly, enjoys playing paranoid that he has inherited his donors crazy "jazz"
To summarise, the series may have faults, but it it easily forgiven them if they are viewed with the light-hearted humour and the brand of vigilante justice they deploy: even when strapped for cash, they take on the most seemingly futile of missions and carry it off with flair and style. Enjoy!
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on 22 January 2010
I only recently thought that I should finally revisit the A-Team. It's been years since I watched this and after watching the full series I have to say this is the best dvd box set that i've ever bought!

I found myself appreciating this more now, than I ever did as a 7 year old. As a kid I only ever watched because of Mr T, but after watching this I have to say its hard not to like all four of them Hannibal Smith the leader and genius of the team whos always on the 'jazz', Templeton 'face-man' Peck the ladies man and all round con artist, 'Howlin Mad' Murdoch the mental patient whos always having to broken out of the crazy house ( Im sure Jim Carrey used to watch this guy) and of course B.A Baracus, the man is a legend. The chemistry between the four was brilliant and the action was even better. To me there is no other action/comedy show outthere that can touch this.

I mean there will be those that will point out the blatent use of stuntmen and the fact that nobody ever died in a gunfight, but who cares? this was a family show and it was the 80s. This is pure childhood gold.

So all in all I would reccomend this to anybody who ever watched this as a kid, you'll find yourself loving this more now than you ever did back then. I just hope that the new film is at least half as good as this was.
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