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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2001
I didn't hear about Easyworld til I had the fortunate thing of seeing them live at The Reading Festival this year, and boy they didn't half stun me. The tune I distinctly remembered was "Junkies and Whores". When I bought the album, I was blown away. There are influences, vocally from Molko to Bellamy. The tunes are whistleable, and at times stray over to the likes of Blur, which are one of their influences. The guitar distortion is at times grungy and transports you back to early Smashing Pumpkins. There is an interesting mix of electronika and rock music, which Soulwax similarly use. Tracks to look out for are "Junkies and Whores" and "Hundredweight", but the whole record is amazing. If you're looking for a vibrant indie/rock band that doesn't talk about misery and death, but intelligent issues, then Easyworld is your band.
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on 4 June 2003
What an amazing album! I spend pretty much every day trying to find this kind of stuff and usually fail miserably. I stumbled across this and was not only persuaded to get it because it was rock/indie, highly recommended and not well known (most mainstream rock is so boring!) but because of the really cool cover! Boy was I glad I got it. Personal favourites are Lights Out, Hundredweight and Junkies but they're all such excellent tracks it would be hard to put the album down. It's not just the tunes which are good but the lyrics are (ok, in places) meaningful and it feels like these guys are playing for the music/meaning, not just for the money. It's just great indie, without the depression.
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on 3 October 2002
simply an amazing debut mini-album. recorded on the cheap in singer/songwriter dav ford's bedroom, it shows, but in a good way. The raw energy in their live shows really comes across well on this. i hear of comparisons made between muse and JJ72 but they sound to me like placebo playing the happiest songs they never wrote. This band will be huge! see you in the charts!
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on 20 July 2001
Dav ford has the most perfect voice, i seen them first in January when they were supporting King Adora. Easyworld completely out played them, and they have released a far better debut album as well. From the opening riff to the final foot stomp, you will be boucing off every wall in your house. Back to the vocals, he has a femine voice not unlike Jeff Buckley but it is higher pitch and has a slightly Brian Molkoish touch to it. This album should have been released when good bands were given recognition because these guys deserve it. They whole album seems to celebrate dysfunctional youth rather than drown it in sorrow and anguish. This was mainly recorded in the lead singers house so has a home-made punk quality. "try not to think" has a guitar piece that is similar to "you stole the sun from my heart". Other comparisons to the manic's and King adora can be made as these boys (and girl) are found of make-up and girls clothing but unlike KIng adora they have lyrics are deep and mean something. My favourite line at the moment is "star-crossed lovers take there lifes, every friday night." This album is intelligant, earth shattering and will show those who want a break from the mainstream they don't have to listen to it. The melodies and songs are so great that i can't believe NME gave them 7/10 and rocksound gave them 3.5/5. This band shouldn't break throught to the mainstream as the would be wasted on todays, slipknot are cool, youth. If you are looking for the best album likely to be released by a British band this year, buy this album
It is better than a thousand "nancy boys"
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on 30 March 2015
David Ford can do no wrong in my mind.
This is me back tracking from his solo stuff.
This is good and shows the promise that he is now delivering.
Some tracks are all over the place , but the good stuff is great.
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on 22 November 2001
..."you hear the cynics and pessimists sing"... Maybe Easy world it's actually making reference of those bands radiohead-alike (not that they are bad...they are excellent but sometimes soo depressing)who need prozac urgently, but maybe "I might be wrong" (sorry Thom pun intented)... then they say "...I don't want to sit and talk about bad times, baby, there are a better ways to self destruct" and ooohhh this is so true, Easyworld is very enjoyable group, bass, electric guitars, pedals and strong drums beats everywhere, they are making powerful and catchy songs. They are probably one of the few torch holders bands of the fast Indie rock, the singer (wich I don't know his name because the CD doesn't mention the names of their elements) has an excellent voice, sometimes like Matt Bellamy on Prozac, you gotta hear the single "hundredweight". I bought this CD because of the first review (I like King Adora) but after listening the whole CD I noticed that Easyworld it's more like the excellent Indie group My Vitriol, maybe not that ellaborated but good enough to compete with them, gotta say that they are not the best songwritters (just listen "U make me want to drink bleach" to understand why...) but they are good anyway.
They are not breaking any music ground but in days like these it's hard to find music that enegize and fill your body, cuz' there's already too much pessimism in the Indie rock in these days to crush your spirit anyway(read Lowgold and Radiohead) but not Easyworld, that's why I gave it 5 stars (altough they deserve 4 for originality). Like Easyworld say "you could make it harder but... it's an easyworld".
Give this CD a try, you won't regret it, I highly recommend it.
Want more??? try also My vitriol, Idlewild, Urusei Yatsura.
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on 23 May 2001
This short debut album, has all power of rock it needs. Very catchy chroures, songs like A Stain To Never Fade is a wonderful ballad sounds like this song should be in the top 10. Other highlights are the single Hundred Weight and Try Not To Think. Anyone who likes grunge/indie catchy music should have this record in their collection and believe me you won't be disapointed. The down point it only has eight tracks in total which last 32 minutes. But I expect easyworld will be releasing more material very soon, so beware this are band will be big. Go see this band live then you will live the expierence, they are an excellent live band.
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on 30 January 2002
not a really a review but if you're into any kind of pop/rock music this is a record you must own, similar to the likes of king adora and crashland. if you dont have this in your collection, believe me, you need it fast
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