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2.9 out of 5 stars11
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on 17 April 2006
The only reason I bought this DVD is because it was cheap. I am a huge fan of the living dead series and other zombie related films and considering Tom Savinis name was attached to it I thought it couldn't be too bad despite the fact that I hadn't heard of this particular one. This film will go down in infamy as being one of the most amateur films ever made. I think the makers may have blown their whole budget just getting in Tom Savini for 10 minutes because the rest looked like it took about £2 to make. The camerawork was embarassingly shoddy and the acting was even worse. I don't think you necessarily need a big budget to make a decent horror film. In fact some of the better horror films have been made on a shoestring (I cite Halloween as a main example). The head zombies make up looked okay but it did tend to get on your nerves that everytime he was there even in the background there would be this Grrrrrrrrr noise that would denote he was there. I was surprised to see that this film was made in 2001. By the way it looked it seemed about 20 years old. The only good thing about this film is that it wasn't that long but truthfully this film should never have been made its that bad.
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on 31 October 2006
I remember picking this up in the bargain bucket two dvds for a £10 watching it when i was about 13 and i have to say it really doesnt do much for a horror fan let alone a zombie fan. At age 13 the film made me laugh , at age 17 i really dnt think id have to much to say about it. I remember the dialogue really was bad, the acting from the teenagers in the van was surely young kids getting whatever work they could and the whole zombie concept is lost in this joke. I remember the openening being rather exciting which isnt bad saying im remembering this film from 4 years ago. Lots of zombies being shot in a field which is fun yes. But to have the name living dead after it is rather a disgrace due to the classic early romero zombie films. Buy to watch and laugh if you can get it cheap, otherwise, turn away.
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on 28 October 2011
Its good to see ol' Tom leaping about the shop but just as yer congratulating yerself on a crackin film find the plot kicks in and interest wanes...

One Dimensional characters, poor acting and clunky ideas usually don't affect whether I enjoy a film or not, but when they are all wrapped up in such an uninteresting story and execution, its hard going...

On the plus side we do get Tom Savini, a handful of entertaining moments, zombies and a coupla gallons of blood! But as I said it is all let down by committing the B-movie cardinal sin, being dull!
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on 27 June 2001
I just bought this on DVD and boy was I dissapointed. I'm a huge fan of the living dead series and this was just a complete waste of time.
Set after Night of the Living Dead (but I guess before Dawn) It tells the story of a bunch of Zombies led by a Zombie serial killer. The Zombies knock off a few people before attacking the main cast in a diner. Those also some love story between the son of a wealthy car dealership owner and a girl who was once abducted by Zombies.
Oh dear, oh dear utter tosh. The movie claims Tom Savini as the main star, which is another reason why I was attracted to buying it. Don't be fooled he's in the first 10 mins and thats it. The first 10 mins are most entertaining as Savini, playing an all action cop, blasts away Zombies but then he dies and thats it. Ok the special make up aint too bad, and the film is watchable but its mindless forgetable horror which unfortunately is linked to one of the best film horror series of all time, so expectations are high.
Come on George give us your own further installment to this series and erase our memories of this rubbish.
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on 28 October 2003
The first 10 minutes or so with Savini are great. Being a fan of zombie movies, those first 10 minutes made me immensly happy... and for christs sake its Savini!
Then the actual movie begins and its utter turd! Worth watching for the first 10 minutes, and the fact that it is so bad its funny! If you get this cheap, then youre in for a terrible treat. An entertaining bad movie. Watch alone, or with mates, and you'll be entertained.
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on 27 May 2002
Quite how this was ever allowed to be filmed is beyond me. I am a massive fan of the 'Dead' series, but fail to see the relevance of this shoddy offering. It looks like a poor TV movie, terribly dubbed in places with stiff acting and a truly awful script. Set 14 years after the first 'Night of the Living Dead' film, it shows no continuity and shuffles along painfully. If George A Romero gave the go-ahead for this then I'm affraid I am terribly disappointed, both in him and the fact this ever saw a release. Avoid.
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on 17 May 2002
Although not part of George A. Romero's 'Dead' story arc, this John Russo produced film is certainly enjoyable. It's certainly the best Russo Zombie flick since the original 'Night Of The Living Dead' and is far removed from the cheesy, tongue in cheek 'Return of...' series. Although shot on a budget, this movie handles the subject seriously and has enough gore to keep you entertained. Several key 'Dead' regulars accompany Russo for the ride including Bill Hinzman as cinematographer, Heidi Hinzman playing one of the main zombies, Tom Savini acts as stunt co-ordinator and also as the lead star for the first 20 minutes of the film as ex-cop turned survivalist, Deputy Hughes. Savini's short but superb performance is worth the admittance price alone and you'll be glad to hear that although he doesn't handle the special FX personally, plenty of blood squibs are employed throughout this movie in the best Savini traditions.
The Venus probe is once again a speculative cause of the zombie infestation. A new and interesting addition to zombie lore is the new revelation that the zombies are not interested in biting children.
Some criticism has been aimed at the lead zombie 'Abbot Hayes' who is responsible for the regular re-infestations in this small town. I did not see him as a cheesy Zombie leader but rather I interpreted him as a Fulci-esque character.
With music by Halloween's Alan Howarth, I would definitely recommend this budget DVD. Give it a try.
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on 7 September 2007
I have to say when i saw this film i was disgusted at how bad the film was, then upon watching the film with my friend it soon became the greatest film ever made. We laughed so much it hurt our body's. In conclusion buy this, bring round your friends & count the mistakes!
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on 31 October 2003
The main ingrediants of any good horror movie!
Except for the rather predictable script and poor unconvicing acting.
The only element of this movie which earns it a 15 certificate is the gallons of fake blood used in the movie.
The main zombie "Abbot Hayes" rather unconvincling bites the victims to death in predictable fashion.
Not a must for horror fans but any collector or fan of the series should buy this movie
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on 9 July 2008
Not as good as the other three dead films because it had a low budget and romero was not involved but highly enjoyable and fun with some great zombie action bits and i thought it was better than land of the dead which was a huge dissapointment
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