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5.0 out of 5 stars All Beauty Must Die
There’s none of the brash explosive violence of early Cave here, this is as polished as it gets... not that that is a criticism you understand. No, this is an epic in every sense of the word.
Here, Cave draws on the principal preoccupations that he is most synonymous with - love, death, drugs, madness, murder and religion being amongst the more obvious - and...
Published on 31 Dec 2003 by Jonathan James Romley

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nick Cave tried too hard
Surfing on the success of his previous excellent album The Boatman's Call, Nick Cave here tries to re-create the mood and ambience that spoke so fluently, effortlessly but nonetheless deeply on the aforementioned album. However he tried too hard to look for something that ultimately one has to wait for (true inspiration, the exceptional moment). As a result of this, No...
Published on 8 April 2001 by

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5.0 out of 5 stars How can an album be any more perfect?, 27 May 2003
Mr Daniel Judges (Like that? yeah take that!) - See all my reviews
This review is from: No More Shall We Part (Audio CD)
Unbelivable! this is one of the greatest albums of all time.
Can it be that every note is sheer magic?Kittens do not match this albums beauty!You will love it!Only perhaps the Boatmans call could come close, butUnbelievably it is not in the same league.Believe me this is the Best of Cave so far!It is a far greater than Cave's often spectacular early work!Genius!Definatley a must buy album!
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3.0 out of 5 stars frustrating, 3 Oct 2007
This review is from: No More Shall We Part (Audio CD)
amount of tracks :12
excellent :3
v.good :1
good :4
fair :4
poor :0

That cave is a real genius songwriter there is no doubt. but, the frustrating thing for me whilst listening to his work is that for every track that makes your jaw hit the floor in wonder there are plenty more alongside it that are so disjointed that you wonder whether the same artist is responsible! most of his early work is unlistenable to me, being just a racket with no sense of itself. all noise and bluster with no real power, regardless of how good the lyrical imagery is. his later work settled down somewhat and this album is probably his very best. and its his best because half of it is in the area that suits this man best - on slow, introspective numbers. cos when he and his band raise the bar they cannot cut it in my opinion. there are half a dozen lovely songs on this album, the title track itself is a fine peice of work (we'll forgive him slipping out of tune!) 'god is in the house' is also a great track. by far and away the highlight of this album though is 'love letter' - surely one of the greatest peons to love ever written and an incredibly sad and moving peice of music. harrowingly sad in fact! its so frustrating that this guy can hit such heights of songwriting - real premier division stuff - and then in the next instant descend into chaotic bluster. it beats me why he cant see where his true strengths are and capitalize on them. its alright to say that albums need light and shade, but in caves case the quality between the introspective numbers and the 'uptempo' ones are so wide that it makes that argument valueless. another prime example is from his recent 'abbatoir blues' album where only one track, 'hiding all away' saves the album from being a wasteful mess

all caves albums suffer from this malady, some more than others. this is the least affected and therefore the most recommended. what this means is, no matter what, you have to plough through all his work cos theres gems out there and those gems are solid gold and must be heard. tracks like 'love letter' 'weeping song' 'nobodys baby now' - staggeringly beautiful songs, but like i said , you have to trawl through some dross to get there
if this sounds like a put-down, its not meant to be as i consider cave to be one of the most important artists around. but he is so very unpredictable that he makes for truly frustrating listening. as for this album, id give it 5 stars for 'love letter' alone, but cos of this unpredictability and inconsistency, it doesnt warrant more than a 3 star rating as a whole. do, however, seek it out just for the aforementioned tracks, and also go seek out all his other albums cos theres treasures out there! be advised though, the journey is a very rocky one......
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2.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps his weakest moment..., 2 April 2008
This review is from: No More Shall We Part (Audio CD)
I've followed and enjoyed Nick Cave's work from The Birthday Party onwards, but I'm afraid I'd have to say that this album is not his finest hour, for me. That's not to say it's without any merit - the title track, God Is In The House and The Sorrowful Wife are strong, while Darker With The Day is sad and lovely.

However, having stripped things back from the violence of his early work on the beautiful Boatman's Call album, it seems almost as they don't know quite where to go with this one. Many of the ballads aim for the rawness and tenderness of his previous album but somehow fail to convince, as if his lecture on the art of writing a love song had dried out this frequently wonderful aspect of his work into a stuffily intellectual rather than truly passionate exercise. And the more aggressive material fares no better - rarely have the Bad Seeds sounded so bereft of life.

Maybe Cave was little overwhelmed to finally find himself embraced by the dull weekend broadsheets following Boatman's Call and his Best Of, and intimidated by the kudos given to his writing. Certainly, it contains some of his most self-conciously "literary" writing, and as a result is frequently heavy-handed - As I Sat Sadly By Her Side has wince-inducingly pretentious and clumsy lyrics, while the humour in tracks such as Hallelujah and O My Lord is all but swallowed up by the pompousness. On top of this, many of the songs seem to go on far too long - I have nothing against long songs per se but it helps if they at least have some substantial meat on their bones, and many of these offering don't, they simply bluster on and on.

If you are new to the work of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and keen to investigate the band's formidable back catalogue, I would whole-heartedly recommend works such as Tender Prey, The Boatman's Call, Let Love In or Your Funeral, My Trial. In fact, almost any of his earlier studio albums are more interesting than this one. A few treasures, and a great deal of work passable for a mediocre artist, but hugely disappointing for one capable of such brilliance.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly patchy, 7 Dec 2011
N. Drew "NickD" (London, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: No More Shall We Part (Audio CD)
Others have reviewed this more articulately than me, but given that I bought this mainly on the basis of the reviews, I felt I had to add my tuppence-worth. I'm a big fan of Nick Cave's more recent work - Dig!!, The Lyre of Orpheus/ Abattoir Blues and (while it is quite a different sound), Grinderman, the Proposition OST, plus the 1998 'Best Of'. And having read the reviews here and seen him play on Jools Holland a couple of times, And No More Shall We Part seemed a natural next step.
To be honest, it's been a disappointing surprise. "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side" starts things off reasonably well; the title track is fair if not outstanding, and Fifteen Feet... is probably a high point, with God is in the House another strong track. But none of them really hold a candle to the best (or even the average) from Lyre of Orpheus/ Abattoir Blues, and tracks such as Oh My Lord do, as another reviewer points out, overwhelm somewhat in a not particularly enjoyable way.

Obviously Nick Cave at his worst is not exactly the Kaiser Chiefs, but just be aware; it feels like it takes more work to find the really great musical talent in this album than some of his others.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Flogging a dead horse, 30 April 2001
By A Customer
This review is from: No More Shall We Part (Audio CD)
God, is this disappointing! After the balls-out onslaught of 'Murder ballads' and the pained, skeletal honesty of 'The boatman's call' there seemed no higher place for the bad seed's current direction to go to. Well, this proves that there isn't. Out of all the songs on this album only a few can be called worthy of the man and his band. Most of the remainder exist as diluted parodies of former glories and fail to satisfy a fan who has avidly followed this band for years. Despite all the praises lauded on this work by the music press, it really isn't all that good. If you are a new fan who hasn't heard this yet, I urge you to ransack the back catalogue for much more satisfying material. For those of us who have seen better, this is a big let down. That said, those few songs that are good hint at a new, subdued direction that appears more interesting than retreading ground previously (and better) mapped on older albums. So hopefully this isn't the start of Rod Stewart syndrome, and the next album should be adequate compensation for this puny offering.
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