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4.0 out of 5 stars128
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2008
Nick Marshall(Mel Gibson) works for an advertising company and on discoving that he has not been promoted and that Darcy McGuire(Helen Hunt) has got the job instead he sets out to sabotage her. Darcy sends each of the people on her team including Nick home with a kit of products that need representation. Mel has no ideas so decides to borrow some of his daughter's music and get into the woman psychy and try all the products on! Though in doing so he manages to electicute himself and ends up hearing every womans thought, including the thoughts of poodles!

Not only does Nick find out that everyone hates him, he also finds himself seriously falling for the woman he set out to destroy.
So Nick sets about restoring the world's opinion of him by becoming a man that women really do want and not just a man that men aspire to be!
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on 9 November 2002
This new box set provides three funny, original films for the cheapest of cheap prices.
Mel Gibson is simply stunning in What Women Want and the chemistry between him and co-star Helen Hunt makes this film a must-see.
There are many seriously funny jokes and the concept of the film, if a bit way-out, is original.
Miss Congeniality sees Sandra Bullock transformed, by the amazing Michael Caine, from FBI frump to beauty queen. This is one of Bullock's best roles to date and shows a different side to her acting ability.
Caine is hilarious, adequately demonstrating why Mike Myers chose him to star in Austin Powers, Goldmember.
The plot is straightforward but the script keeps you entertained to the end.
Heartbreakers is a film you can watch time and time again and still find the humour as funny as the first time around.
As well as the humour the plot is intricately planned and twists throughout.
Weaver and Hewitt provide plenty of on screen sex appeal and Hackman and Liotta both put in strong performances.
This box-set is a perfect collection of modern romantic comedies. A must-have for any DVD collector.
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on 9 April 2001
I went with my husband to see this film and we both absolutely loved it! And I can tell you that my hubby is no fan of Mel. From the opening scenes when he wakes up and expects his housekeeper to bring him a bagel his face shows how much he was enjoying starring in the film. My biggest shock was seeing dance to the tune of Frank Sinatra's music. He looked really great. Some people will complain about the implausible plot, but who cares! the question is really what women want and i can tell you that this woman in particular wants to see more films like this and if Mel is in all of them so much the better. By the way the music is great. I left the cinema with a big smile on my face. No need to tell you that I went back for second helpings
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on 13 April 2005
You knwo when your settling in for a girly night....this is the film for you.
a man every womens nightmare, cocky and chauvinistic finally gets what comming to him when he beggins to hear what women are thinking.
mel gibsons performance is fantastic and manages to get you to hate him at the beginging and then fall in love with him by the end! Mel Gibson is what women want, and Helen Hunt is what women want to be!
With fantastic comedy performances from marisa tomei and a camio by miss bett lynch this romantic comedy is a girls best friend.
nancy Meyers gives the film class and has an underlying layer of the old romantic films
classic film making and fantasic performances
buy it
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This movie is surprisingly charming, given the fact that critics pilloried it when it first came out. All I can say is that Mel Gibson still has what it takes to be a leading man in a romantic comedy.
The movie certainly opens promisingly enough with a hilarious sneak preview into the childhood of the main character, Nick, a top advertising agency executive that Mel Gibson plays with great aplomb. Nick is a divorced, male chauvinist who thinks that he is God's gift to women. Unfortunately, as so many men of this type are, he is dead wrong. He is just a man's man who thinks that he is a ladies' man.
He begins to get his comeuppance when the coveted job of Creative Director, to which he is expecting to be promoted, is offered to someone outside the agency, another advertising whiz named Darcie, affectingly played by Helen Hunt. She gets the job, rather than he, so that the agency might be better able to tap into the women's market. She is now his new boss, and Nick is not happy.
After their first meeting, the disgruntled Nick goes home and drinks himself into a stupor. Look for the wonderful dance routine done in best Fred Astaire style. It is a charming salute to an all time great. While in his inebriated state, however, Nick has a shocking accident (pun intended) that enables him to be able to read women's minds.
This ability causes him some distress, as he is amazed to find out what women really think of him, and it is not always flattering. It also enables him to please women as never before, as he is able to read their innermost thoughts and anticipate their needs. It even helps him repair his relationship with his fifteen year old daughter who is undergoing teenage angst.
He uses this ability, however, to trump Darcie, unbeknownst to her, as he has every intention of getting the job he coveted. What he does not anticipate is falling in love with her. This certainly puts a kink into his plans. The question is whether love will triumph. Watch the movie and find out.
The contrivance of being able to read women's minds creates some very funny scenes and interesting situations. It also allows Nick's character to grow as a person and become more three dimensional. There is a strong supporting cast that includes Delta Burke, Marisa Tomei, and an unbilled cameo by by Bette Midler. This is an engaging film that, oddly enough, is sure to delight both men and women, and Mel Gibson, with his easy going charm, is definitely what women want.
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My Thoughts:

"What Women Want" is a funny, well thought out and inventive romantic that although falls into the chick-flick category (which sometimes mars the reputation of certain comedies) it balances the humour between the battle of the sexes rather well making it ideal for men and women to enjoy together. Mel Gibson pulls off male chauvenism like no one else can and despite his bad publicity as of the last few years, this film gives you a good reminding of why at least one time in his career, the guy was likeable and admirable (before he tarnished his reputation as a 'nice guy'). Helen Hunt dazzles in this as a smart, sophisticated and direct woman who while not quite as attractive as most leading ladies, lends a certain charm into making an audience fall in love with her.

The story is, in the age old tradition, a 'learning to change' and 'finding one's self' tale. A refreshing spin on this one is that both characters are portrayed as being in their forties (one of the few romantic comedies that promote the idea that love and amazing careers aren't just for people in their twenties). There are a few interesting side stories here as well, giving the audience a change of pace from the direct story between the two characters (giving the main character of Nick more to 'grow' on), and still somehow miraculously does this without going over-run or giving the audience a reason to lose interest. The comedic moments are well placed, and Mel Gibson's terrific performance as he struggles to 'get into the female psyche' by sampling products aimed at women should be enough to make anyone - fan or not - interested in buying/renting this!

The Plot:

Nick Marshall, a misogynist jerk who is full of high opinions of himself, is so over-confident he becomes convinced he will gain the job of chief creative director at the advertising company he works for. To his disdain, he discovers that because of an increased desire for female interest in advertising, that his 'male' spin on the job isn't required and he's even more disgusted by the fact his boss favours hiring Darcy Maguire, a fast speaking, classy broad from a rival company.

Under Darcy's new management, Nick agrees to 'sample' a box of female products, which ultimately leads to him being accidentally electrocuted; when he eventually reaches conciousness, he discovers that he has been cursed with the ability to read minds...but only the minds of WOMEN. Upon the revelation he could use this gift to his advantage, he begins to work on secretly picking Darcy's brain to advance ahead of her at work, while at the same time, trying to use his unique gift to read and connect to his estranged fifteen year old daughter Alex, who is dating an eighteen year old. What Nick will learn is that gaining access to the female psyche will give him the power to gain access to himself and how he is seen through the eyes of women that he would normally overlook.
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on 10 November 2009
Blu ray version of What Women Want is an upgrade to dvd version for sure, not reference material, have it mind. Small hint for all who have problems with playing the movie. After disc is loaded and you see - let's call it menu - press stop on your BD player (twice if needed), after that press 1 (simply select chapter 1) and confirm with enter, movie should start. This is workaround just to see the movie itself, try it, works on mine Panasonic BD 80, good luck :)
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It might be based on simplistic, stereotypical ideas, but what this film is about is letting you imagine it is actaully possible to know exactly what someone else is about to say.This is a girlie film, with laughter, tears and excellent cast. Despite its predictable bits, there are other times when you just dont know whats gonna happen, unless you have watched it as many times as my sisters and i have! Go rent or buy! i promise you wont regret it! One for the collection.
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on 22 July 2015
I saw this film years ago on telly and never forgot it so it was my intention to buy it eventually. Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) is a chauvinistic user of women and he knows it. He is a very successful ad man but no idea about womens' psyche and his firm is floundering unless they tap into the womens' market. Enter Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt) played to perfection as his opposite number. She gets the job Nick should have had and he is well annoyed. A freak accident gives him the ability to listen to women and what is going on in their minds and he uses this against Darcy to get a very good account from Nike for the company. There are sub-plots about his daughter's prom dress and boyfriend, a brief affair with Marisa Tomei at the coffee shop and a visit to a shrink (Bette Midler) and these all add to the beauty of the film. As these two (Nick and Darcy) are working together so much inevitably love gets in the way and they realise that they are falling in love. Nick then gets a revelation about what he has done and after Darcy gets fired (Nick got the account not her) he goes to see her, confesses and is about to leave but love conquers all
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on 10 May 2010
When a film is 2 hours long but seems to finish in about half that time,it's a very good sign.A smile rarely left my face during this movie and the bit of pathos it contains was very sweet and not overdone.Everyone is on their top game here,Gibson seems to be on a sugar rush for a lot of the time but never takes it over the top & at times is very funny.Helen Hunt could just stand still and it would be enogth for me,but she really is heartbreakingly sweet & vulnerable in this movie.When the support cast contains people like Alan Alda,you cannot go wrong.This is a romcom that is ok for both sexes to admit to liking such is the truth behind the witty scripting.There is also an excellent behind the scenes feature in the extras making this one of the best bargains you can buy on Amazon.A final thought...Helen Hunt was once quoted as saying that she had a girl next door quality that she did her best with.I only wish that she'd live next door to me!!
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