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4.1 out of 5 stars74
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2005
I've not laughed so much at other films that were out and out comedies as I did with this hilarious film, but even now I'm not so sure I should have found it as much fun as I did. Not made in a totally obvious spoof style, it's still pretty clear that the film makers decided that to make a pure monster creature thriller would be too passé, so instead jazzed up this offering up with a completely over the top script and as much camp posturing as they felt they could get away with.
A remote lake in Maine has become the scene of the grizzly death of an underwater Beaver researcher. (See how camp it is!) When the diver's body (well half of it anyway) is recovered, a post mortem reveals a tooth that has been lodged in the remains. New York museum professor Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda) takes a look and decides it is the tooth of a reptile and vows to return to Maine to make further investigations.
This is much to the chagrin of local Sheriff Hank Keough (Brendan Gleeson) and fish inspector Jack Wells (Bill Pullman). What makes these two official's job even more difficult is the arrival on the scene of millionaire crocodile lover Hector Cyr (Oliver Platt) who seems more intent on saving the monstrous reptile than clearing the lake of the danger it represents. Perhaps the key to it all lies with the only inhabitant of anywhere near the lake, aged grey haired Delores Bickerman (Betty White) who lashes the forces of authority with the full length of her tongue at every opportunity.
As I say the film really does work best when it doesn't take itself too seriously and it does a fantastic line is witty bitchy retorts between all the main leads. Some of the lines the characters come out with are pure pantomime and I wondered at times how they all kept straight faces. The casts are obviously having a great time with the film and it's nice to see them all enjoying hamming it up to the limit.
Where the film doesn't operate so well therefore are in the supposed thrilling sequences, staring the 30 foot rubber croc. Whilst the special effects aren't awful, they are less than what modern films have made us expect.
All in all, this is an entertaining piece of throwaway cinema, and at only just an hour and twenty minutes long, it never outstays its welcome. Good Fun!
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on 10 August 2010
Written by Ally McBeal's David Kelly, this has a lot of that series' very sparky, sassy comedy dialogue. Bridget Fonda's paleontologist is foisted off into the wilds of Maine after an animal attack leaves behind what looks like a fossil, and she makes no secret of her utter lack of adaptability to the woods. Her character is great fun to watch, and holds the movie together in one of her best performances, with some truly standout lines: "If you call me Ma'am one more time, I'll sue you - and with today's laws it's possible!"
Bill Pullman is the laid back game warden tolerating her bad attitude as he tries to find out what killed a man in the lake, and Brendan Gleeson is terrifically resigned as the Sheriff having to babysit them all. It's a cast sent from heaven, as all of them seem utterly at home spouting Kelly's fast, snappy, barbed one-liners. And then Oliver Platt arrives as a slightly demented and appallingly opinionated adventurer, and the comedy begins to increase at about the same rate as the horror does. Seasoned director Steve Miner doesn't forget the horror, and builds the suspense masterfully, with several startlingly violent and fast attack scenes that really highlight the danger they're all in, as well as a terrific 'trapped in the water' tension piece. The woods feel truly wild, there are some ingenious moments and interesting mythology, and Miner even gives comedy foil Platt a moment that is arguably the most chilling and threatening suspense scene in the film. It's a film of tremendous skill from all involved. Not designed to be taken seriously (except where it clearly hints: 'this is a serious bit' with a deft change in tone), it's sophisticated sharp-edged comedy, with fast paced action and masterful horror-tension and gore.
Filled with a warmth of spirit charm and adventure lacking in the majority of films, let alone the majority of horrors, this is an unmissable treat.
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on 17 December 2008
Dont be put off by the rotten title or the ghastly cover. This is as good as comedy horror gets. I actually won this in a TV competition but I would have bought it as it received some pretty good reviews upon its release. Some of the gags will make you smile rather than laugh out loud but its a good film. Oliver Platt as the maniacal but well intentioned conservationist is the best on show, however running him a close second is Brendan Gleeson's slow witted sheriff. The two bounce of each other really well. The effects are good and its short running time ensures the next gag or thrill is just around the corner. At £2.98 this is a steal.
I saw a very dodgey looking sequel to this in Sainsbury's recently. It just had buyer beware written all over it.
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on 25 August 2014
Fantastic film. Great characters. Superb sarcasm. Very good effects.
Just one problem - the USA version of this blue ray is NOT region free.
It is not all regions. It is locked to region 1 USA and will not play in off the shelf UK players.
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on 16 May 2010
I guess you either love this move or hate it. It is not a horror movie, but a parody and as such very funny. There is a monster in the form of a very large crocodile, and at times it becomes a bit scary. (Not really more than that in spite of a decapitation.) But more important is the set of quirky characters and the spiffy dialogues. The problem of a movie like this is that the makers easily go over the top. This is not the case here; it has just the right balance between absurdity and realism.
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on 18 August 2014
At last, been waiting ages for this little gem!,....before i go on, this title is listed as Region Free, please beware, it is not. Must say got me a tad miffed..Being a film buff iv'e always had a Region free DVD Player..but since the turn of Blu Ray until two days ago not botherd...So.having' Lake placid' display Region invalid!!! had me bouncing off the walls searching for my credit card! so now i'm the owner of a Multi Coded machine [ SONY BD-S1100 ]and i can confirm 'Lake Placid' looks and sounds fantastic, i always thought the DVD looked pretty good... but this Blu Ray eats it's Low Def counterpart for i can plough into the rest of my small but soon to be ever going pile of Region A disc's!!!.
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on 14 June 2001
Lake Placid is a great fun film for everyone to enjoy. If you like action horrors you'll love this, and if you like comedies you'll also love it. With a classic performance from Oliver Platt and Bridget Fonda, it will not only keep you on the edge but also have your sides splitting with laughter! Ask yourself one question, if you had a 30 ft crock swimming right behind you, what would you do? Oh and by the way watch out for the mad old lady who feeds it cows! It has a great music theme and a perfect film setting. A must watch for anyone. If you haven't seen it don't miss the DVD, it took ages to come out so I wouldn't be surprised if it disapears pretty fast!
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VINE VOICEon 14 August 2008
Hardly a horror film, but it is a rib tickler. A zany, ill fitted expedition seek to find if there is indeed a killer creature in Lake Placid (not the famous one, but the other one).
The cast is outstanding with fabulous performances by Oliver Platt, Bridget Fonda, Brendan Gleeson and Golden Girl Betty White.
Jokes from Platt come hard and fast; and Ms Fonda is not short on Hang-ups.
Well worth watching, this movie has been a firm favourite of mine right from the first time I saw it. Though rated 15 in the UK, I think children would love it.
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There's a gigantic crocodile loose in the waters of Maine. A number of local hicks and big city eccentrics converge to try and stop the beast...

Wonderful! A modern day homage to the creature feature movies of lore. It's not a spoof, it's a fun packed tongue in cheek thriller, hell it may even have some literary worth as regards ecological concerns, while the cultural clashes that thrive are written with knowing skill.

Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda and Brendan Gleeson are superbly underplaying things, but they all get usurped when at the 20 minute mark Oliver Platt flies in on his helicopter and promptly owns the film from that point on.

The script crackles with choice wit and sarcasm (the Gleeson/Platt on going feud an absolute joy), while Stan Winston provides beastly graphics that are blended with genuine suspense courtesy of director Steve Miner. Oh and Golden Girl Betty White turns in a support slot - the potty mouth!

Double it with something like Tremors, movies that know exactly what they want to homage. 8/10
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on 6 March 2004
As the film begins, Hank, the local sheriff is in a boat, assisting the sarcastic guy from the Fish and Game Department who's tagging beaver. He's just sitting in the boat, eating a Twinkie and listening to someone singing "I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of ... " on the radio, when the Fish and Game guy, appears at the surface in his diving gear in a distressed condition, hurtling through the water as though he has a motor attached to his bottom. When Hank yanks him into the boat, he finds a significant amount of the man is missing. There's a large predator in Splendid Lake (even though the film is called Lake Placid) and the experts have to be called in to find out what it is and remove it.
Yes, it's been done before with other implausibly large predators, but it's still fun. This one is a real sparkler. It's not very scary - not even the underwater scenes where the colossal critter is gliding silently among the divers. But it's very witty. Jack, the Fish and Game Warden and Kelly, the palaeontologist are pretty sharp, but the real stars (for me) where Hank, the sheriff and Hector, the mythology professor who bounced sarcasm and just plain rudeness off each other like a pair of tennis players. Mrs Bickerman, who claims to have killed her husband with a skillet (I think that might be a frying pan) also has a cutting wit and spits most of her venomous humour at poor Hank. As investigations progress and the body count (moose, cow, bear, men) rises, a thin and insubstantial hint of romance flickers between Jack and Kelly, and the offensive Hector and grouchy Hank show signs of getting to like each other by the end.
The scenery is breath-taking - beautiful, glittering lake, mountains and forest. The music's agreeable (includes songs by Tom Jones, Eddie Grant). There's action and some gruesome scenes, but really, this is mainly a comedy. I've happily watched it several times. It's rather good.
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