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4.7 out of 5 stars61
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2006
I just love this series, some people think there is not enough continuity in the episodes, but i don't think that's true. I am going to rate these episodes below out of 5 marks:

The Long Legs Of The Laws ****

Ashes To Ashes *****

A Losing Streak ***** (The best of the series)

No Greater Love ***1/2

The Yellow Peril ****1/2

It Never Rains *****

A Touch Of Glass ****

Diamonds Are For Heather ****
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VINE VOICEon 7 July 2007
In 1981, the first six episodes of Only Fools And Horses were broadcast. The series was not an immediate hit with the viewing public, generating only average ratings, and the BBC could have easily decided not to give The Trotter's a further run. Instead however another series was commissioned and as with near rival Minder, the programme was a slow burner before becaming a huge success with the general public.
For the second series, a new theme tune was adopted for the programme and used for all subsequent episodes, although it is also on the first series DVD replacing the original instrumental theme by Ronnie Hazelhurst. The theme as written and sung by series creator, John Sullivan, was in part says Sullivan, used to explain the origins of the title of the programme, which had confused many viewers.
As well as the central characters Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad, familar regulars Boycie and Trigger also make their second appearances in the series. One of the best episodes in series 2 is an episode, The Losing Streak, in which the characters all gather together to play a game of poker. Card games always seem to work well in comedy ,a memorable early episode of Cheers featured a poker game involving the regulars and confidence trickster Harry The Hat. Here the cheat is Boycie, although Del may have more up his sleeve then he lets on. This episode was actually inspired by John Sullivan's dad who enjoyed gambling sessions.
Also in this series, we see The Trotter's involved in painting a restaurant, and Rodney dating to Del's horror, a Policewoman and then later deciding to take her back to the flat, containing all of Del's dodgy goods. For the first time in the programme, the Trotter's go on holiday visiting Spain. Although the budget restrictions for the early episodes, meant that the episode was not actually filmed there.
Many fans have said that the season finale, Diamonds are for Heather, is amongst the weakest of the series. Although the episode is short on laughs and there is a strange sequence in which Del is seen to romance Heather to the tune of Fat Larry Band's song Zoom, the episode does offer the viewer a chance to see what it would be like if Del did settle down and is in someways a prelude to later episodes when Raquel became Del's girlfriend. The most famous episode here is the classic A Touch of Glass, when the Trotter's become involved in cleaning the chandelers. In many ways the famous sequence in this episode really helped to turn into the success it became.
As with all the Only Fools DVD's, no extras are included. Maybe the BBC will release these again with an added commentary.
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on 7 April 2015
This second series of the best comedy series ever is slightly weaker than the first and the third afterwards but this is still side splitting stuff and contains some of the funniest moments and single episodes in the shows history.
We see Del Boy's classic buddies Trigger and Boycie share a episode together for the first time,we see both brothers fall in love,we see Granddad arrested and we see one of televisions most famous moments a priceless chandelier crashing to the ground along with genuine moments of sadness which never really was tried in sitcoms and Only Fools done it many times very well.
The Long Legs Of The Law-'Rodney upsets Del and Granddad when he announces his girlfriend Sandra is a policewoman and after inviting her to the flat Del has to try and stop her seeing his dodgy gear that's all round the flat but has she seen it already'.This is the strongest first episode of the first three series and love how just from getting a girlfriend Rodney puts Del Boys whole way of living under threat.We also see the first appearance of Sid.Funniest moments include Del and Rodders talking in the cafe 'see ICI's dropped a point,yeah Chelsea dropped 3 on Saturday' or Del going into great detail of what he had at the cafe for breakfast or Rodney trying to chat up the policewoman when she is stopping a fight or Del and Granddad getting in a state when Rodney brings Sandra back to the flat or Del telling Rodney to think before he acts before the plonker shows Sandra that they have three cases of knocked off booze.A fabulous start to series two.5 stars out of 5.

Ashes To Ashes-'Trig's grandmother passes away and after going with him to her funeral Del,Rodney and Granddad discover the urns that they were going to sell on contains Trig's granddads ashes,after a series of sequences trying and failing to scatter them can the brothers get rid of them'.This is the second strongest episode of the second series with a couple of truly hysterical scenes and also nice to see wonderful character Trigger back.Funny moments include the truly excellent sequence in the flat where Granddad thinks he is talking to Trig's Granddad's presence but its actually Del talking through a parking cone('tell me where your money's hidden,i ain't got no money,don't give me that you liar i know you have a few bob and wanna know where it is hidden,its in the suitcase under me bed,no it ain't i looked)or Rodney having his jeans on back to front at his girlfriend's place('i bet they didn't know if you were coming or going')or the brothers trying to get rid of the ashes in the bowling green,the Thames and even a cement mixer or Del and Rodders finding out Trig's nan was married twice.A very funny episode with a standout sequence.5 stars out of 5.

A Losing Streak-'After losing to Boycie at cards and failing to fool him with a double headed coin Del invites Boycie and Trigger round his flat for a poker evening but as he begins losing the game can Del get out of it before losing all he has'.This is without doubt the best episode of series two and one of my favorites in the shows history,it feels like a spoof of classic movie The Sting and its also the first episode where Trig and Boycie both appear in the same episode and the chemistry is just superb.Funniest moments are Del losing three times to Boycie with a bet on a double headed coin or Boycie describing he seen a place like Del's on a television show before'was it Dallas,no not Dallas definitely not Dallas no it was a charity appeal' or the classic game between Del and Boycie or Del finding some more money for the game 'Busby sent it down the line didn't he'.A truly classic episode and proof why this is the best tv series ever.5 stars out of 5.

No Greater Love-'Rodders has a new love in his life but Del is horrified to find Irene is not only twice Rodder's age but her husband is in jail for attempted murder,after he convinces him to dump Irene her old man comes back and attacks the wrong Trotter but after taking his brothers punishment Del finds out Rodders has already moved on to someone else'.This is where the second series drops in quality a bit but makes up with some really funny moments and genuine sense of emotion.Funniest bits include Del giving Rodney a coat miles too big for him though Del's seems made to measure or Rodney scaring Del into thinking he was talking romantic to his mate Mickey Pierce on the phone or Del saying Irene is even too old for him with even Granddad saying 'well i'd have to think twice' or Del telling Rodders if he wants a confrontation with Irene's hubby 'if one day you're fed up with knees in the middle of your legs then you go see him but if you've become attached to them emigrate to Vietnam' or Del brilliantly saying Irene's son 'could pick up BBC 2 on that hair'.Not the best but still funny and really well acted.4 stars out of 5.

The Yellow Peril-'Del gets Rodney and Granddad to decorate a Chinese restaurant while he uses some of the paint to brighten up his mum's tombstone but after both is done Trig informs him that the paint is slightly different than normal'.A pick up in form with great chemistry with the brothers and a fantastic final scene.Funny moments include Del's mum having a tombstone made of fibreglass and the only one that needed planning permission or not to let the cat out the restaurant as it 'means number 49's off the menu' or the owner of the restaurant wondering where Del is and Granddad tells him Del is out but asks 'where you gone to Del' or Del finding out the paint he used can be used for signs in tunnels.A return to form with a superb final scene.5 stars out of 5.

It Never Rains-'The Trotters are having a miserable time so after conning travel agent Alex in getting a cheap holiday to Benidorm the Trotters with Granddad included travel to Spain but their hotel is pretty poor,Del chats up a blonde and Granddad gets himself arrested'.A bit of a hit and miss episode where it doesn't really get that funny till the last 10 minutes with the scenes of Granddad arrested.Funny moments include Rodney saying a 'fathers day card arrived this morning' even if it was a joke from Rodders or Granddad going back to the hotel for a fiesta or Del getting his own back on a so called bully or saying Granddad is on the Spain most wanted list 'in between Carlos The Jackal and The Black November'.Up and down but comes alive at the end.4 and half stars out of 5.

A Touch Of Glass-'After the Trotters help stranded Lady Ridgemere they take her back to her mansion before Del offers to clean Lord and Lady Ridgemere's chandeliers for a lot cheaper than other people,what could go wrong'.A historic episode containing possibly the most famous moment in tv history the collapse of the chandelier which is remembered so many times.Funny moments include Del telling Granddad not to 'drop none in there' or Granddad asking if the house is haunted to which Rodney says 'oi what you after a part time job' or getting a China cat that plays 'how much is that doggy in the window' or Del thinking he can use super glue and windolean on the chandeliers or of course the finale with the climatic crash of the chandelier to which Granddad coolie says 'did you drop it then'.A brilliant episode with one of the great moments in television history.5 stars out of 5.

Diamonds Are For Heather-'After Spanish night at the Nags Head with Rodders and Granddad a down in the dumps Del meets on her own pretty lady Heather and Del walks her back to her flat,despite a son and a split from her husband Del falls in love with Heather before he decides to ask to marry her but poor Del can't get a happy ending'.For me this is the slowest Christmas special of Only Fools but is made up by some truly outstanding acting especially from Sir David Jason and his love with Heather is a lovely and sweet one even if it as it seems always for Del Boy ends sadly.Funniest moments include Del constantly wanting someone to sing 'Old Shep' or Del saying Heather's son Darren was 'a big lad for his age' whilst staring at a photo of her husband Vic or Heather saying her husband went down the job center once and didn't return to which Del says 'the state this country's in he may still be queuing' or Del getting sea sick on a toy boat outside a shop or Del brilliantly saying to the waiter at the restaurant with Heather 'haven't you got any Uncle Ben's' to the waiter asking what type of rice they want.This is slower than some Fools and Horses but there is no denying the strength of the acting and rare emotion in a comedy series and how close Del came to having a family of his own once before he got it a few years down the line.4 stars out of 5.

Weakest of the first three series but still packed with wonderful humor,great characters,moments,chemistry and a real sense of emotion and superb acting highlighted by Sir David Jason.

'What do you think the bogeymen are gonna get us in our flat,if they do they will be too knackered to do any haunting them lifts have broken down again'.
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on 11 May 2004
I don't think anyone can say a bad word against Only Fools and Horses. Series two is absolutely and thoroughly entertaining so if you are a fan of only fools and horses then what are you waiting series two NOW!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 May 2008
Personally, I love some of the early episodes of 'Only Fools and Horses', which showcased a comedy show with lots of potential. True, they aren't brilliant when you compare them to later series, and the masterpieces which came in 1989 when the show went for 30 minute episodes to 50. Nevertheless, they are still thoroughly enjoyable, despite the simpler plots and lack of character development which came afterwards.

I think series two was an improvement over the first (even though I still rate it five stars), the chemistry between David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and the late Lennard Pearce was there from the start, and despite the fact ratings weren't initially high, I, and millions of us am so glad the BBC had the good sense to recommission it again, and again.

This DVD contains all eight episodes, including the famous 'A Touch of Glass', originally broadcast between late November to early December 1982. My personal favourite of the lot is 'The Long Legs of the Law', which sees a horrified Del at the sight of Rodney taking his latest bird home, a policewoman nonetheless!
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on 26 February 2001
The chance to own a copy of one of the series of Britains finest comedy's along with the Monty collection, Faulty Towers and Black Adder, should not be turned down. The characters Del Boy and Dave (Rodders) turn the actors who played them into house hold names. Even after nearly twenty years this DVD/Video will bring a smile anybodys face and at a extremely fair price this is a complete must not only for die hard Only Fools and Horses fans but for people who might not have seen the programme before.
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on 29 March 2014
Faultless in everyway possible, a must for any Only Fools And Horses Fan. You won't be dissapointed in watching this dvd
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on 19 October 2011
Again another prompt delievery from Amazon.
Very enjoyable series with loads of laughs, just ordered the rest and can't wait.
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on 3 March 2013
Bought this as a present, and the person I bought it for has been enjoying viewing this, and the other ones I bought
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on 3 October 2013
Received very fast thank u great DVD makes me laugh every time good old Del Boy and Rodney glad I got them on DVD
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