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4.4 out of 5 stars142
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 October 2001
This album by the tremendously talented lads in 'Papa Roach' is one of the best, meaningful and fun albums EVER made. 2 cd's of raw fun! The first being the actual 'Infest' album with elleven cool tracks and one secret. The second CD has the two non-album bonus tracks, 2 CD-Rom videos and the pick of the Infest tracks.
The Infest album captivates attention from the start with the spectacular Infest it heads off with flying colours. The best tracks are: Broken Home, Last Resort, Infest, Snakes,Between angels and insects, Thrown away and the secret track tight rope. Last Resort has punchy, cool rap lyrics sompotent drum work and sirening cool guitar riffs. The excellent Guitar riff work on 'Tightrope' and 'Broken Home' are second only to R.A.T.M's Tom Morello. The disc also looks cool with shiny logo and symbol. Snakes is made extra fun by wicked Turntable scratches which highlight and improve the work.
The 2nd disc, titled: 'Between Angels and Insects' is just as good. 'Legacy' is a cool track. And the video for Broken Home is up there with the best of them, Last Resort video is also good but extensive editing makes it almost comedic. Throughout both Discs Coby keeps up a well-spoken, thought inducing, meaningful andf well-thought out set of lyrics which will inthralln you completley.
Also, the best thing about 'Papa Roach' is Tobins confident, unashamed Bass work. The best I've heard with cool supporting riffs, Dave's drum work is also excelent fast-paced and stylised with some nice beats.
All in all a great Album!
Great price as well!
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on 15 February 2001
Imagine, if you will, the torments and anguish of modern America, personified into some of the best rock anthems you have heard. Then imagine, tuneful melodies combined with skillful guitar solos. Imagine a soothing reaggae number as a bonus track. WELL STOP IMAGINING. Papa Roach's Infest is all these things and more. By far one of the best albums I have ever bought, especially for a debut, the band bring the sure fire hits of Last Resort and Broken Home to you with the amazingly catchy Blood Brothers from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. If you want a CD that will make you mosh and headbang one minute, attmpt to match Coby Dicks voice the second, and finally relax to a tuneful reggae number the third, then Infest is the album for you. There is not one song that is sub standard on the entire album, and just when you think it cant get much better, the penultimate song Binge shatters all of your preconcepted ideas. A fanstastic album, and a fantastic group. Ladies and Gentleman, Papa Roach have arrived. Buy this album, and youll see why.
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on 14 July 2001
This is definitely the pick of the "Infest" versions here. It has the Australian bonus disc which contains: 1) Between Angels And Insects - 2) Last Resort. (both great tracks, lyrically meaningful, power songs!) That could be said of most of the "Infest" album though. 3) Dead Cell (Live). Full blast, grows on you, sort of thrash metal rap track. 4) Legacy (non album track). Fits in well here. Meaty, beaty rap. Could've been a chart single anthem for them (although a bit short). The CDROM videos on this disc are: Broken Home + Last Resort. (viewable as full screen or small window). Broken Home another lyrically serious song. Can't escape the reality. The CD album is the same as the non enhanced UK version (as the enhanced stuff is on the bonus disc here), but with the hidden track "Tightrope" which plays as track 11 ends. So it has 12 tracks. Infest is an album full of rockin', beauty, rappin', meaty, riffin', beaty, meaningful metal music. This is the spread of "Infest".
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on 1 January 2001
I am not going to say that this album is life changing coz it is not. One thing that it is and that is that you can relate to it and I was very supprised at this. I have never heard of papa roach until a week ago and after seeing their music on Mtv2 it was love at first sight.'Last resort' is still my favorite track and I have had the entire street listening to its teeney lyrics. Very much like Limp Bizkit but in its own right different in the fact that what they play is more than just noise and primal screams. I love limp bizkits latest album but it was just too angry in a school pupil rebellion sort of way, which is a shame. However 'infest' althought living in the shadows does incorporate hints of rebellion that attracts teenagers, but it does also have the lyrical content to be recognised as music that has been thought out. At first I was amazed by its style and I was just mumbleing along with the words and then one day on the bus they hit me and they touched me. I was almost crying on the bus as I could hear words that are too similar, words that everyone says. However I was disturbed by some of the lyrics as I felt let down that they couldn't continue the class all the way throught. I think that the major let down was'Blood Brothers' as it just contains words that any one could be saying it is so obvious that no thought to add their own mark on these 'boring' lyrics was a shame. I would like to say that these people are talented and that I enjoyed the fact they branched out into hip-hop and almost reggae. I have never regreatted buying this album. Nomatter where and how you listen to it, the music will always be great. I have enjoyed listening to it in public as 'Last resort' always gets the bus looking at you and when 'Broken Home' comes on after it you will be hated by the elders and respected by the younger ones as it is a statement that has to be made. They are here and althought being tainted with the Limp Bizkit brush they are fresh.
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on 10 September 2001
forget wot the other people have said. Papa roach are not the new limp bizkit, if you like eminem you wont like this. Papa roach are different, no one sounds like they do. Its fresh its new its raw. Theres to many sugar coated rock bands around like linken park to name one, but Papa roach play music which is personal to them. It covers issues which other rock bands simply try to glorify just to sell albums. Last resort, broken home and between insects and angels are all classics. This is truly a fantastic album, and in 10, 20 even 30 years time this album will not sound dated, like the limp bizkit and eminem of this world. They are good but Papa roach is on a different planet.
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on 1 November 2008
To be honest, I've had this CD for YEARS and never fully listened to it until now!
It's better than I expected - production is sharp, the bass guitar is loud & pumping and the crunchy guitar work seems to be a hybrid of Borland's rhythm work with Limp Bizkit and the guitar harmonies that you would hear on Iron Maiden albums (Last Resort=Hallowed Be Thy Name!). There aren't any solos to speak of, but good riffs and a thick tone suffice, paricularly with such solid bass playing to accompany.
The drums are not overly technical but do the job, and there is the odd burst of turntable skills from (guest) DJ AM.
The lyrics it must be said are very teen angst, and the rap vocals won't be to everyone's tastes BUT in themselves are more than good.
Whilst maybe not in fashion anymore, the band themselves having evolved into a more full on hard rock, Motley Crue style, with the rapping largely dropped on later material, it has to be said this is better than much of it's competition in the early 2000's.
Blood Brothers is a very good song, and also Thrown Away which about a third of the way into it's nine minute running time, shifts into a Reggae mood! Now that isn't normally my cup of tea but this is actually very good - particularly vocals and bass, while still retain a rock edge ala The Police.
One of the better Nu Metal albums.
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on 4 March 2002
as we all know by now nu-metal is taking over the world and love it or hate papa roach must be given respect for promoting the genre. while pasty faced goths will sneer at the lack of high pitched screaming or the hip hop style drumming labelling papa roach as townie-metal or gangsta wannabe rap metal it is a fact that they are pushing heavy metal into the public eye inspiring other groups and forcing the world to sit up and take notice of a genre which is often ignored by radio, television etc.
the album itself is a bit samey but if you like hardcore this is a good album. the chunky guitars, catchy riffs and solid, clean drumming make for an album which is both listener friendly yet incredibly dark at the same time. coby dick's vocals can switch from gentle crooning to harsh barks in a split second adding to the energy and fervour of this album.
ignore those who disrespect papa roach purely because of chart success, they have been successful for a reason. PLEASE buy this instead of anything by limp bizkit.
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on 8 July 2001
In a world where metal has degenerated into nu-metal, at least Papa Roach are a regular Heavy rock band who at least can be bothered trying to sing instead of rap poorly and know what a guitar is meant to do. The lyrics are basic, like a teenagers view of songwriting, but at least Coby Dick is making a partially genuine attempt to write about something real (domestic problems, alcohol abuse ect.). Despite this, the riffs are too basic, there is no lead guitar to speak of, and there is little diversity to the style and tempo of the songs. Papa Roach have been adopted by the "angry about anything because I like swear words" nu-metal fraternity and do not mark a return of old metal or heavy rock. Pity. If you want real metal from talented musicians who write about genuine topics,try music from the 70s and 80s (e.g Metallica (not Load or Re-load)). Presently, nu-metal has ruined Heavy Rock.
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on 1 April 2003
Does anybody out there get annoyed with listening to the nu metal bands who sound the same. you have really got to be into nu metal to be able to listen to this over and over. Yeah, its got some great songs on it, but they just aren't catchy enough. Last resort and between Angels and insects are the only songs on this album that you can listen to over and over with out getting bored with.
the thing about Papa roach is, they plod along, without really introducing anything new, every song sounding nearly the same as the next.
When you first get it, its great, and it'll be in your player all the time, but as time wears on, it will sink to the bottom of the pile.
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on 14 September 2002
It could be worse. It could also be better. The band try to tackle real life issues, sometimes it comes off sounding good (although with simplistic lyrics) and sometimes it comes off badly. It seems theres a bit of swearing for the sake of it, and the album drags on, but its worth listening to if youre doing something else (ie not paying attention to the sound).
Theres some MUCH better rap metal out there though, such as Biohazard, Rage Against the Machine or One Minute Silence. As usual the best tracks you'll already have heard if you watch MTV2 or Kerrang, but "Thrown Away" is excellent, with the hidden "Tightrope" tacked on the end.
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