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on 4 January 2005
This movie's deeply disappointing. Unfortunately the film's creators deemed it necessary to remove more or less everything that made the first couple of Puppet Master movies great (i.e knowingly bad acting, great animatronics and creative gore action) and replace it with sub-Eastenders level acting, puppets on sticks and cut-aways every time someone's about to get it. Dealing with the first problem, the acting. Let's face it, saying I watch Puppet Master for the acting would be like saying I watch Jason flicks for Kane Hodders tortured performance. I watch them for crazy living puppets and mental death sequences. However, the acting in Puppet Master 1 and 2 was really hammy in a tongue in cheek fashion, whereas in Curse the acting is just plain rubbish. This would be ok if the movie had a high bodycount, heavy action or great effects but you're forced to watch these shmucks muddle through supposed 'meaningful' dialogue about 'real social issues'(Meaningful in the same way the aforementioned Eastenders is. If Americans knew what 'You SLAAAYGGG!' meant, it would have been in this script somewhere.) and garbage like that for 55 MINUTES of a 74 minute film. Only if you manage this torturous task will you get to see any Puppet-based craziness, and this is deeply compromised. Some of the gore in Puppet Master 1 is still to this day pretty nasty. The gore in Curse WOULD be nasty if it was actually shown to us (there's one scene that is still pretty bad in it's implications despite the editing) but it's really anti-climactic, as the directors have elected to cut off shot or to people's faces the moment anything violent happens. I'm not a gore-hound but it strikes me that in an 18 certificate horror movie, you could afford to perhaps not butcher the atmosphere so badly. It's almost like Full Moon were pushing for a PG-13(12A over here in blighty) but didn't remove enough so still wound up with a high certificate. Also, the previously fully animatronic Puppets have been reduced to being pushed across the floor on sticks just off screen. Which is pitiful. Even Deep Freeze managed to afford motion on the weird bug things, and that is far lower budget than this. So in conclusion even if you've seen Puppet Master 1 and 2 and liked them, I'd still avoid this like the plague, because I love those films and I still found this movie hard not to stop watching out of sheer boredom. On that note, I'll also nail the final nail in it's coffin, this is Puppet Master 7. What the hell happened to 3 through 6? Customs? Electrical failure? Ninjas? Another blow to UK Horror fans. This movie doesn't suck, as it's still a Puppet Master flick, and the Puppets are still cool as hell even with this mauling, but it is boring, and it's certainly a rental, not a buy. Oh, and if you're not a dyed in the wool horror nut, I'd dodge it entirely, because this has NOTHING to offer people who have a fringe interest in the genre. Buy/Rent it if you're running out of Horror movies you haven't seen, but if you've not seen a Puppet Master film, start with 1 or 2, because they're funny, reasonably fast-paced and filled with OTT action and gore. Whereas this is like watching a really bad Outer Limits Episode. And pay no attention to the 18 certificate. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is both more scary and more violent. Let that be the last word.
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on 6 July 2003
An acceptable addition to the "Puppetmaster" series even though it takes a while to get going and the puppets in this episode don't seem to have as much action as in previous films. What was looking like a good solid storyline builds up to a climax that doesn't happen and leaves you with the feeling that there should have been another 5 or ten minutes due on the DVD somewhere. Still, "Puppetmaster" fans will still want this one in their collection.
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on 29 July 2015
One of The Weakest of the Series with nothing like as much imagination going into its making as went into the previous films.This more or less spelled out the end in quality for what was to come next.
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on 7 December 2002
Ok, me and a mate of mine rented this movie, we hadn't seen any of the other P.M movies, but who cares? This movie actually explains itself, the puppets (Blade, Pinhead, Drill Head, Six Shooter.etc) are introduced on their own.
The movie is about a gas station worker named Tank who is taken in by Dr Magrew and his beautiful grandaughter. The living puppet's original master was Andre Toulon, now it is Magrew. DR.M wants to create a human puppet (Hence the Sub-Title: The Human Experiment) and guess what, Tank is the puppet-to-be.
After a break in and attempted rape (stopped by pinhead) a gang leader who doesnt really like Tank is brutally Murdered by two of the puppets ordered by DR.M
Lots of laughs and gore, perfect for a night in!
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on 10 August 2009
In the previous films they werent quick in fact nicely paced to better develop the characters and story. Curse is not good it is easily the weakest and there arent many impressive stop motion FX shots to enjoy here. Basically everything that made the previous sequels special is lost here if it had a bit more action, horror in it then it would have saved this.
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on 2 March 2006
...The ending was so incredibly abrupt. You can tell that they either cut it, or ran outta ideas near the end of the script. it's still mildly entertaining if you forget about the horrible ending.
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