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4.4 out of 5 stars169
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2001
I've had the songs from the internet for several weeks now but I thought it wouldn't be fair to write a review 'till I bought my own copy (the album's just been released worldwide this very morning).
I'm not a Daft Punk fan, let's get that straight. I'm not that much into techno-music, certainly not into disco-funk. And I'm NOT giving this album 5 stars because continental (and more specifically French) music became HOT all of a sudden. Don't worry, Madonna knows what she's doing... Vive L'Europe ET les Etats Unis, prenons le meilleur des deux mondes!
'One More Time' In Europe we all know this track by heart, young and old: Eurodance with transformed vocals by Romanthony. It's really great but the rest of the album's better. Let's move on, now shall we... 'Aerodynamic' A song that consists of two parts: aggresive breakbeats and a really fast guitar solo with some synths. This track is MASSIVE! 'Digital Love' Pure guitar pop with filtered Daft Punk-vocals, folllowed by devastating breaks. Phoenix meets Supertramp. A 100% FM-summer hit! 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' Filtered (again) disco-funk, but not to worry, their sound is ENORMOUS once again (nice 'contre-temps'). This is a clear stand-out track. Love it! 'Crescendolls' Extremely festive electro-house, a real party-track: a recurring gimmick, background voices with special effects and some filters. A Daft Punk-track like only Daft Punk can make 'em. 'Nightvision' Slow with mid-tempo rythms. It's a nice interlude. 'Superheroes' Pure Muscle Music. A mix of a hard house beat and a californian FM chorus, this is 'Star Wars' goes Disco. Easy but good. 'High Life' Real Daft Punk-voices brought up in crescendo. Simple plan but... MY GOD IT WORKS!!!!! 'Something About Us' Downtempo funk with some more delicious vocals by Thomas Bangalter. It's got a real laid back fancy edge to it. 'Voyager' Tender but firm. A very nice bassline with the usual guitar riffs and an 'ambiance mélancolique'. The Dafts show us their music can be subtle as well. It works for me! 'Veridis Quo' This is deep-electro with a sad vibe to it. This is not for the clubs but shows us Daft Punk have a lot up their sleeves... 'Short Circuit' Vintage Electro-funk meets modern electronics. Reminds me of Grand Master Flash (in part one) and the Aphex Twins' 'Windowlicker' (part two). First it SURPRISES, then it SEDUCES. 'Face To Face' The Perfect Daft Pop Song (with vocals by Todd Edwards). Brilliant, one of the best tracks on 'Discovery'! 'Too Long' This is a potential hit single with Romanthony on the vocals, like 'One More Time'. This track is no genious but it really works and delivers... The album ends like it begins: with a sure commercial hit.
All in all? PURE GENIOUS, BRILLIANT MUSIC but most of all A TON OF FUN and GROOVY DANCEFLOOR THEMES. Own this album and you (and everyone around you, for that matter) won't regret it. Discovery comes with an exclusive Daft Club membership card, where you get acces to every single new track or remix Thomas and Guy-Man want you to hear. And if that doesn't convince you I don't know what will...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 March 2015
Garage and dance music doesn't usually appeal to me, at all, but Daft Punk's now-classic dance album from 2002 is one of the expectations. 'Discovery' is something different, original, well-crafted and produced, and very uplifting. There's nothing overly 'cheesy' or particularly 'naff' on here, which are two words that spring to mind when I think about such music. These guys are talented musicians.

Highlights include the major hit 'One More Time' which always makes me smile and will get you in the mood for dancing, the rock-influenced 'Aerodynamiac', 'Digital Love', which is a ballad and that's rare for such an album, 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' is another catchy single, and 'Face to Face' is another high point.

A nice, fun ride, 'Discovery' surprised me really, it's not bad at all.
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on 18 August 2005
I'll start by saying that I am no fan of dance music in general. I'm a rocker (anything from Toto, Boston thru Metallica) and guitarist .. but when I heard this album, I had to get it. Whoever made this stuff are obviously talented musicians, as well as being able to wield the samplers and sequencers very skillfully. The tracks are so infectious, and it takes me back to being a little kid when I'd just listen to cheesy pop tunes - and love it. This stuff is so much more original and well crafted than the usual cheesy dance stuff, that usually makes me want to puke. The pop, and rock influence is obvious. The keyboard playing in 'harder faster' is fantastic, and the guitar solo in the wonderful 'Digital Love' is one of my favourite ever (and I'm a Vai and Satriani fan) - WHO PLAYED IT!!? I particularly like the way they use the electronica to warp the sounds of their guitars and keyboards. O.K., I believe they're using other peoples stuff in samples, but they do it so cleverly.
All in all, I think ANYONE who likes a nice hook and tune can get off on this stuff, and have a bit of a boogie !!
P.S. I think I first heard this album on a Gap Jeans ad with that actress Juliette Lewis (natural born killers) dancing with the daft punk robots (was that the actual guys?) to Digital Love. And they used it on Match of the Day!! LoL!!
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on 26 August 2001
This is a beautiful belnd of electronica, samples and feel-goodness. The standout tracks are Too Long, One More Time and Crescendolls. The only dodgy track is Veridis Quo. I'm not quite sure how that track fits in with the rest of the album. Think funeral march with slow, drifting beat. There are other unique sounds - 70s and 80s electronica and wizardry mixed in with Euphoric House. Any self-proclaimed dance music fan should have this in their collection. It's been well worth the wait since 1997 and this album is more vocal-driven than 'Homework'.
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on 2 December 2004
Daft Punk, the ex French punk rockers turned funk/dance/acid producers and in my opinion are the most diverse and talented producers in dance music. Their first album Homework was no short of a cult classic with the smash 'Around The World' but Discovery takes their production to a whole other level. From the necking bending opener 'One More Time' right the way through to the 10 minute banger 'Too Long', the album maintains the a standard no other producers (in my opinion) have reached before. 'One More Time' is and energetic and horn filled banger and with bending vocals from New Jersey garage man Romanthony is nothing short of the floor filler of the year this album came (2001). 'Aerodynamic' shifts through fast paced funky guitars to all out electric guitar, back to the funk and then ends with a sublte loop of keyboard mayhem. 'Digital Love' is perhaps the only criticism of this album due to its heavy pop appeal which is never a good thing. To go through every song on the album would probably not be good enough to describe this albums diversity and originality. The short but ambient 'Nightvision' is a brief smoker before one of the albums highlight tracks 'Superheroes' kicks in. The album jumps from bangers to ambience in a matter of minutes and tracks like 'Nightvision', 'Something About Us' and 'Veridis Quo' deliver the anti-climax to the previously neck jerking tracks. If i had the amount of words i would go into every minute detail of the album because it is simply that good. Overall an easy 5 STAR rating and definatley worth whatever you pay for it or however long you wait. Discovery is simply the greatest dance album there is to buy!!!
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on 19 June 2011
Daft Punk. Where to begin...
No band has ever released as many great house singles, but where most house/dance groups survive merely on their singles, Daft Punk can withstand any criticism stating that House music only creates one-hit wonders. Discovery is the album that proves this wrong.

Homework was a decent album and a fresh debut, including such amazing singles as "Around the World" and "Da Funk". Incredible! But on Homework Daft Punk missed as much as they hit. Generally the tracks on Homework featured great ideas, but they were oftentimes very schematic and the beats too sharply drawn.
This is where discovery succeeds completely. The tracks all sound very organic, flowing together nicely and creating a sense of an actual album instead of a collection of tracks. This is done without having to lose the hit potential. The amazing "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and my personal favourite album-opener "One More Time" pushed the bars higher than ever seen in House (and rarely seen in electronic music at all).
Only minor flaw on the album is the duo's penchant for corny synth pads, which are used quite often, but mostly just make you smile rather than annoy you.

Discovery MUST be part of your collection, even if you dislike electronic music in general (which would make you a shallowminded *something*). Don't bother with the Daft's next studio album, which is a major low-point.
(Also check out Alive 2007 - amazing live-album, worth getting recognized as an independent album).
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on 11 April 2009
It's tough to describe this album in few words, especially given Daft Punk's radical shift in style over the course of their three LPs to date. What I will say is that what everyone says is right - this album is definitely at least worth a listen, and for fans of all music, not just techno. This is highly accessible stuff, and worthy of being played in anyone's player. I'll also add that the album is probably worth it for the first four tracks alone, easily one of the best opening runs ever recorded. However, it has to also be said that most people aren't going to like every single song on the album. For every person that worships Aerodynamic, there'll be another one who thinks 'Too Long' is boring and repetitive; someone who likes the quieter 'Voyager' might dislike the upbeat classic 'One More Time'. The point is, the phrase 'try before you buy' has never been more prudently used than on this album, because it won't be to everyone's tastes, despite the fact that it's hooked in many people who'd never even heard of electronica, techno, acid or house before.

As for the tracks, they tend to fall into the category of either stunning, or reasonable. Newcomers to Daft Punk should be aware that the duo are primarily electronic-synth merchants, but also have a penchant for slinging in catchy choruses and insane guitar solos to sweeten the deal for those who aren't fans of a droning beat. As I mentioned earlier, the first four tracks are stupidly brilliant, and put together comprise perhaps the finest opening to an album that I've heard in a long time. More or less everyone knows 'One More Time' and 'Digital Love', even if they don't know it's by Daft Punk. 'Aerodynamic' is my favourite, the entire song flows well together and as everyone always raves, the solo is genius. The rest are either very quiet, murky ambient affairs or massively upbeat (almost to the point of being comical) blast-fests. The mood change is often swift and brutal, and can catch the casual listener off-guard when going through the entire album.

It is genuinely tough to not give this maximum marks, but I do recommend that the album is taken with a pinch of salt. Listen beyond the first four tracks and see if you like the rest, although those earlier ones are a decent indicator of overall sound. If you like a driving beat and some excellent synth-work that almost works as a rock-house-acid fusion, then this is almost certainly for you. Everyone else should tread carefully, but be advised that if you want to get into any of the genres of techno and associates, this is an incredible way to start. On a sidenote, this is one of the best love acts in the world, so try to see them if you can.

To sum up, definitely worth a listen, but also an acquired taste in parts. 8.5 out of 10, pushing a 9.
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on 25 February 2002
If you can accept the weird, geeky Kraftwerk-like image of Daft Punk then you'll love this album. They certainly haven't received the acclaim they deserved for this masterpiece of an album. When I think of other, very overhyped albums of recent years in their genres like Dido or Tool, it seems unfair really. But then DP have made dance music accessible, like Moby did with "Play". Thankfully they haven't gone down the route that ad-man Moby did; sadly that album was lost within a wave of over-exposure.
The elitists moan that this isn't as good as "Homework". They're right, it's not as's much better than Homework. Having heard both albums several times, this is much more accessible: "Homework" is overindulgent house music.
I actually heard this at a second hand record shop in Newcastle last May and was amazed at how good it was, I actually hung around in the shop until the record finished! At the time I was looking for music that was very far removed from dance music, death metal like Deicide or Morbid Angel!
You will have heard the four singles on MTV or somewhere like that, so no need to describe them. But chances are that you have heard this album somewhere, you just didn't realse it. "Crescendolls" was often used by ITV in their FA Cup coverage last year.
A tranquil but meaningless interlude follows Crescendolls, then the quite excellent, thumping "Superheroes" - very early 80s sound, sounds inspired by the synthesisers used on the Al Pacino classic "Scarface". An upbeat dance track follows on "High Life" - music to get ready to go out to. One of the songs that really grabs you when you first listen to it.
"Something About Us" is an OK but cheesy ballad, then two very solid instumentals follow in "Voyager" and "Veridis Quo". "Short Circuit" is the worst track on the album. "Face To Face" was a hit single when I was in Paris recently and it's easy to see why. "Too Long" is a bit tongue in cheek, as it clocks in at 10 minutes. Not bad though.
This album is well worth buying. It's probably more leftfield and ambient than anything you have in your record collection. Many magazines raved about this album, which charted very highly on writers' lists. Most times that means that the public don't get it, if you've ever seen the film "Magnolia" you'll know what I mean. But for once the media have their praise spot on. Excellent.
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on 13 June 2001
So Daft Punk return with the second instalment of their unique vision having defined the sound of late 90s house, opened the floodgates for countless French musical visionaries and been expensively imitated by the pop elite. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have even gone so as to reconstruct themselves as bionic funkateers to complete the picture, so you know they mean business. And this gleaming, diamond hard album of mechanical disco pop, four years in the making, contains all the "magic, surprise, entertainment and art" they claim as their manifesto.
The first thing that hits you is the sheer sonic assault of these offerings: a combination of bizarre, faux naïve ideas with slabs of noise so monolithically huge that you don't know what's hit you until it's too late. Take the widdly Van Halen solo and heavy disco loops which make up "Aerodynamic", or the panel beating techno mixed with an imaginary soundtrack to a "Transformers" cartoon in "Superheroes". "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "Crescendolls" are the real enfant terribles here, brutal and hilarious bionic stomps full of gibbering, steroidal gym instruction and funfair whoops- truly daft punk music. We may never know what the fractitious dance fraternity make of this because we won't be able to hear their mumbling over the enormous din.
Not that "Discovery" sees Daft Punk ditching their house roots. Romanthony tops and tails proceedings with the disco smash "One More Time" (which you know and hate to love) and the old school house of "Too Long" (which actually isn't), and the filtered Disco of "High Life" wouldn't sound out of place on "Homework".
But this album's real strength is in marrying innovative digital productions with pop suss, creating a European counterpart to Missy and Timbaland's US Hip Pop. Maybe it's geography- this unity could only come from a younger, smaller scene more open to ideas and less dispersed into sub genres than the UK's. Or maybe it's a demonstration of those characteristics begrudgingly attributed to The French by the Brits- style, taste & intelligence- overcoming the tardy imaginations of more established pop scenes. Rescuing the be-mulleted mid-80s pop of Jean Michel Jarre and Toto is a trick only the Punk could pull off with such panache: memories of the early MTV years are plundered without irony, adding an unexpected poignancy to Daft Punk's ultra modern oeuvre. Take "Something About Us", a majestic lovesexy Prince number with Air ambience and breathy, soft rock vocals which make for an affecting love song, or the highlight of the album, "Digital Love", a sun drenched pop giant which sounds like Buggles singing over banging millennial French Disko. "Discovery"'s victory is to prove that there are an infinite number of past pop moments and impressions waiting to be translated into a new context, that the self-regenerative power of pop itself will never cease. Madonna will have to spend millons reviving herself in a couple of years' time to keep up with the game.
The result is a fantastic Pop artefact for the kids and anyone who remembers what it felt like to be a kid. "Discovery" is provocative, overwhelming, irrestistable and hilarious. And, as you might expect from two over educated Gallic aristos prepared to spend £150,000 on dressing up as robots, as much fun as can be had.
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on 6 April 2001
Almost every song on the album is brilliant with the exception of Short Circuit. Aerodynamic's heavy bass mixed with an amazing guitar riff makes for an excellent blend. The best song on the album, however, is Face to Face with a heavy beat with an uplifting housey tune with more electronic lyrics. I just can't get enough of it....
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