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4.6 out of 5 stars93
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 March 2010
I loved Thunderbirds when I was a child, all those BBC2 repeats were bliss. This is an obsession that has not paled with the passing of years.

Recently I purchased the 9-disc Thunderbirds box set and discovered that these two films weren't included, so I decided I must have them.

This is a 2 disc set - one film plus extras per disc.


An 89 minutes film based round the Zero X mission to Mars.

Watch out for the appearance of Cliff Richards and the Shadows.

audio commentary with Sylvia Anderson and David Lane (Director)
3 featurettes:
history and appeal
factory of dolls and rockets
epics in minature
2 easter eggs
theatrical trailer
photo gallery

Regions playable - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Subtitles - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Greek
Soundtrack languages - English, German, French, Italian and Spanish


Members of International Rescue are guests for the maiden flight of a new aircraft.

An 86 minutes film.

audio commentary with Sylvia Anderson and David Lane
Lady Penelope
Building better puppets
Tiger moth
theatrical trailer
quiz - craft mission
photo gallery

Subtitles - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Sutch and Greek
Soundtrack languages - English, German French and Spanish (no Italian)

Thoroughly enjoyable and not featured on the 9 disc boxset - Thunderbirds Complete Series Digistack--9-Disc Box Set [DVD].
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on 12 March 2001
I first encountered Thunderbirds as a young kid when the series was repeated in 1991. I became engrossed by the exploits of the International rescue puppet team amd 10 years later I still am! I have vivid memories of going to see this cracking movie at my cinema- to see Scott, the boys and the Thunderbirds themselves on the big screen was ridiculously exciting! This second feature film is leagues ahead of the first, offering high adventure on Lady Penelope's holiday aboard Brains' new airship, Skyship One. The plot is daft of course but the sheer audacity of the vision here, the funky fashions of Penelope, and the inevitable explosion on a grand scale make this little-seen offering a timeless classic and a treat for all ages. The advent of DVD means that the widescreen vision not seen in previous releases is restored as is the glorious colour and sound. Truly a magic 60s spectacular!
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on 31 March 2010
"Thunderbirds are Go" is the more serious of the two films, despite an ill-judged dream sequence, concentrating on the first manned flight to Mars. Presumably the first Mars probe project was scrapped after it fell off Arlington Bridge. Well paced and engrossing, this film probably shows Gerry Anderson's eagerness to move into live action films more than even the increased realism of his later marionette series.
The, perhaps rather too long, assembly of the Zero X craft in the opening sequence is accompanied by Barry Gray's most regal and dignified composition, the wonderful Zero X theme.

There are many standout moments, such as the beautiful point of view shot of the transit from atmosphere to outer space as Zero X embarks on it's mission, and Alan's desperate work upon it's return. Lady Penelope and Parker have one of their finest dry comic moments when they dispatch the Hood, closely followed by a magnificent view of the Zero X ascending.

The Mars mission itself foreshadows the general theme of Captain Black's ill fated mission to that planet in Thunderbird's successor series. A near perfect (dream sequence lets it down) adaptation from TV to screen.

The second movie is much lighter in tone, if not content. In "Thunderbird Six" four members of the team abandon their previously vital anonymity to take a holiday on the 21st century's least commercially viable aircraft, apparently designed to carry no more than a dozen passengers if the seating arrangements are anything to go by, before being on the receiving end of a rescue at the world's least effective early warning station; while Jeff Tracey goes through some sort of stress related crisis and obsesses over the need for a "Thunderbird Six", ignoring the fact that the multitudes of machines at their disposal have served International Rescue perfectly well through almost forty rescues. And it is a glorious finale to the Thunderbirds franchise. While aspects such as the high body count in a saga which had until this point placed high value on human life and the occasional moments of whimsy can jar, overall this is an enjoyable romp.

The models are of course exceptional, the landscapes in particular are the most convincing of any Supermarionation production, with trees especially far more realistic than ever before, adding to the scale perfectly. Models and sets combine to make the intercut model and live shots of the Tiger Moth bi-plane virtually indistinguishable. Widescreen and a movie budget give the model makers, set designers and cinematographers scope to create some truly spectacular images, from the aerial view of Lady Penelope's convoy to the breathtaking high altitude vistas at the scene of the rescue. Images such as these would not have been out of place in blockbuster live action movies at the time and stand up today against the self indulgent CGI backdrops of recent years.
As you would expect, the music is excellent although a few comic passages lessen the tension in the bi-plane escape scene. However this is easily forgiven as Barry Gray's main theme for the movie is just about the most infectiously bright and optimistic movie theme ever. Make a point of watching the photo gallery in the special features to hear the full piece.

Even the glib denouement cannot detract from the pleasure of this film, which provides a colourful and captivating culmination to an iconic piece of popular culture.

The special features are good without being overwhelming, informative and it's good to hear Sylvia Anderson's recollections. She hasn't tried to distance herself from these shows, like Gerry did in the seventies, and her likeable manner and obvious pride in the show shine out.

This set is a must for any Thunderbirds fan and also as a unique and iconic part of modern entertainment history. And of course, both films have fantastic explosions.
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2005
Our two sons (4 & 2) really enjoyed this. They have been making Zero X and Thunderbird 4 with their Brio ever since. The 4 year old keeps wanting to know what number Thunderbird the "Thunderbird Boys" are in. Mum and Dad loved it too - it took us back to our own childhood. We were both amazed with the quality of the special effects, they stood the test of time well. Story was perhaps a bit slow for today's generation but it was wonderful to have a story that really was family fun. The Cliff Richard and the Shadows dream sequence made us smile!!! Enjoy!
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on 21 July 2004
If you like the Thunderbirds series, then you'll love these 2 films. The action takes a little while to unfold, but when it does you realise that, apart from the longer length and the higher quality of filming and special effects, the films are no different to the original TV programmes - and that's exactly why they are so wonderful.
The 'Featurette' extras on the DVD are an interesting insight into how each film was made, although not really essential. The 'Quiz' on each DVD are for the much younger viewers and the other extras are patchy, but this is a minor gripe as you're buying the DVD for 2 great, and fun, movies.
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on 24 January 2009
How awesome to enjoy these two fabulous movies, with interesting extras !
I am amazed that this boxset is so cheap, considering its quality.
Jump on it!
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on 24 September 2014
Cult viewing for adults and children alike here as the Tracey boys are transferred to the big screen. Two films are on offer here starting with "Thunderbirds Are Go" which the launching of the first Mars mission named "Zero X".The first launching goes horribly wrong and they are forced to ditch in the sea.The second (this time with the help of Thunderbirds is a success and they blast off for Mars.
To reveal more plot here would spoil your viewing but you just know something has to go wrong!This is an enjoyable romp and the action never lets up, well only briefly for a dream sequence featuring Cliff and the Shadows, simply brillant!!
Second in the pack is "Thinderbird Six" which is a few notches down from the Zero X film, feels more like a long episode,but it is still enjoyable film! Basicly Jeff Tracey needs Brains to develop a new craft hence T6, Brains to his credit designs all sorts of new craft but all are rejected because they are not as versitille as the other craft,poor Brains.
These two films are above par from the episodes as the Andersons were trying new puppet technology which is evident in the films.Both discs contain extras and easter eggs and you get to go behind the scenes as well as interviews with Sylvia Anderson, and a few games! This is good quality enjoyment............!
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on 28 July 2011
Thunderbird Six has had a bad press in its time; certainly I was disappointed the first time I watched it. It's the sort of thing you need to watch more than once, because after a time it begins to grow on you. The modelwork is excellent - I like the Skyship, I don't think it's "visually unremarkable" as one viewer commented - and the action fine. The problem is that it was made a while after the TV series finished, and it shows. Because of that lapse of time those responsible for it were no longer in a "Thunderbirds" reality and something of the soul of the show was lost. I think the voice artistes had to some extent forgotten how to play the characters as they seem to have changed, not always for the best, from the original portrayals; particularly Jeff who always had a genial side to balance his gruffness, but here comes over as mean and hectoring in the way he treats Brains. Somehow Lady Penelope doesn't seem like Lady Penelope, either. There's also the fact that IR kill quite a few people, sometimes quite graphically. This is certainly against the spirit of Thunderbirds. They could have used stun guns instead, which would have been more in keeping with a humanitarian organisation. The destruction of the Black Phantom's base seems unnecessary given his plan has failed. With a bit of care and thought, which seems to have been lacking, some acceptable explanation for it could have been devised. And although it's not the Tracys' fault, someone did once tell me they found the scene with all those bodies being dumped in the water in succession "obscene".
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on 16 March 2015
I went to see this film at the Richmond odeon on the hill overlooking the bridge in 1966, years later I bought a sloppy version on vhs, now comes the dvd and it is much improved, the sound has been remastered along with the picture, in some parts the sound seems muffled but that only happens rarely the picture appears to be croped here and there to fit in with the screen format so the front and rear of the zero X seem lopped off. however having said that the film still stands up and is fun to watch, my wife's hairdresser is a sixties fan and I gather as much of this material as possible to entertain, during the film which she has never seen before we are treated to Cliff Richard junior and the shadows in a dream sequence, she found this hysterical and a bit 'out there' all in all a fun experience. now for the trivia, the people that made the effects for ALIEN where foced to sit through the assembly sequence for the ZERO X every day for a month, they were told by the director this is how visual effects were done in the old days by patience and effort so no moaning. Remember this film was made for 8 year olds who love watching how things go together, they knew how a child's mind works and catered for it without talking down to them, ever wondered why Gerry Anderson and Derrick Meddings were succesfull watch this.

where so successfull
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on 19 July 2009
If you're interested in this DVD, then chances are you've already seen the films at some point, so I'm not going to elaborate on the films themselves - suffice to say they're both great additions to the Thunderbirds canon. Personally, I prefer "Thunderbird 6" to "Thunderbirds Are Go". The latter has less charm and personality, I think, feeling like an extended version of one of the worse episodes of the series, whereas "Thunderbird 6" has more character, charm and humour, as well as many rich and varied environments in which the action takes place.

The quality of the films themselves is very good. Crisp and clear, with bright colours which really bring the fantastic machines and special effects to life. The special features are also very good, concentrating on Sylvia Anderson for a change (as she was "in charge" of the films in the same way that Gerry Anderson was in charge of the series). They go into a fair amount of detail on the making of the series, etc, and are well worth watching.

All in all, a brilliant product, and excellent value for money.
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