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4.5 out of 5 stars251
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2002
Now I have to say I'm not much into Pop, Rock, call it what you will. As far as I'm concerned, there's good music and there's pants music.
Being curious about the accolades Dido took at the Brit awards, I bought this CD having never heard Dido before. My feelings on listening to the whole album in one sitting were akin to those when I first heard Vaughan Williams' "A Sea Symphony" - where have you been all my life???
This album has clearly been produced with love, care and attention to detail by a group of very talented people. Yes, Dido has voice that will haunt you in your dreams, but she is backed my musicians of Rolls-Royce quality.
However, one song stands head and shoulders above the rest. Take my hand is quite simply a masterpiece. Lasting just over 7 minutes, the duration gives the music time to develop and reach climax before ending reflectedly over sombre piano chords.
So go buy this disc, turn down the lights, put the ansaphone on, pour yourself a glass of wine and lose yourself in Dido's world for an hour. You'll feel a better person for it.
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on 21 January 2002
Having come from the sixties (and I do remember it despite what people say), it takes a lot to impress me these days, especially since most modern music is electronic, over-produced and often simply lacking in talent. This album is good, but what makes it a 5 star is the track 'Take my hand'. Every now and again through life, one encounters a song which grips and seizes the heart, and when I try to sing along to Take My Hand in the car, I choke up. Dido professes to be 'No Angel', but her hauntingly beautiful delivery of this song is almost archangelic. It's worth getting the album for this, and you'll get a bonus because the rest is pretty good too. While the aforementioned song is unique, and most of the material is original (something of a rarity these days), I perceive hints of Suzanne Vega and even occasionally Bjork (on her best days), but can't personally see the Alanis connection (I like her too). I travel a lot and this one will be in my car for a long time to come.
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2002
I bought No Angel as a present for my wife, not expecting to like it. What I found was a collection of surprisingly complex, slow-burn songs sung in a haunting voice (perhaps somewhere midway between Sam Brown and Sinead O'Connor and someone else - can't quite place the breathy element in her voice.) Some of the songs are totally riveting, especially Don't Think of Me, but they share an intriguing, almost eerie quality. You recognise great music when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!
Some of the reviews for Dido's album are perplexing, to say the least. I wonder if these people were listening to the same CD? To the Nelly Furtado fan who only listened to Dido four times, I can only say that you evidently like music with immediate gratification. It takes a lot more than four listens to appreciate the subtlety of this album, and as we all know the best things take much longer than 3 minutes to appreciate...
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on 9 April 2005
In an age where pop tarts keep popping up every other week on the Top Twenty countdowns worldwide,displaying anything BUT artistic ability,this maiden effort by Dido is like a ray of sunshine after a long,unbearable winter.I saw the ' Thank You ' video before I bought the album and was completely bowled over. I kept asking myself-is she for real ? Yes, she is and thank heaven for that ! Right from the beginning,'No Angel' is a dream.Dido's mesmerising voice just takes you from one track to the next , and you simply cannot have enough.My favourite tracks are ,'Thank You','Hunter','Don't Think Of Me' and the bonus track,'Take My Hand'.But to be honest,every track on the album is a masterpiece.The haunting tune of 'Honestly O.K.' rivals the best work of Enigma,while ' I'm No Angel' showcases Dido's individualism without sounding rebellious.I also loved 'Isobel' and the soothing 'Slide'.Yes, Dido is the queen of Britpop,and may she continue making albums like this one !
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on 6 December 2000
This is on the whole a pretty sophisticated and beautiful album. Not every track is great but, hey! What is the skip button for? The album starts of brilliantly with "Here With Me" a power ballad drowning in its own depth of emotion. Next up is "Hunter". Haunting melodies on this one will have you listening to it opver and over again. "Don't Think Of Me" is another outstanding track which sounds influenced by Lene Marlin's "Unforgivable Sinner". A powerfull song with equally as strong words. "My Lovers Gone" is one one the weaker tracks on this album, although the beautiful irish sounding vocals on it just about save it. "All You Want" is next up and guess what? That's right another great track! Descending bass line all adds to a mellow and relaxing song. The chorus seems to be heavily influenced by some of Alanis Morissette's more recent stuff. She even imitates her voice. "Thank You" is the track Slim Shady chose to sample in "Stan" and I must say, I would rather listen to this than slim shady's rabble. I love the chorus and the change of key into major halfway through the song adds variety and keeps the listener keen. "Honestly OK" just has nothing to it that I can "Honestly" say is "OK" about it! Just a track full of silly sounds and a voice with too much reverb on it! "Slide" is not bad, infact the more you listen to it, the more you will like it. It's actually a quite good track but has so much more potential i think. Goodness me! "Isobel", almost bored me to death. I was woken up after 1 minute into it when she actually decided to sing. The song is still too drab and boring. Sorry Dido! "I'm No Angel" is quite an uptempo song, but still doen'ty add much to this otherwise great album. "My Life" is another boring one. Not as bad as some, but still leaves much to be desired. If only the tracks had been a bit better spaced out on this album, so you don't end up with all the weak tracks at the end! The final track "Take My Hand" is outstanding, but it just goes on too long. Modern Dance influences creeping in in parts. Great! Generally a good album. Better than many these days!
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on 28 September 2003
Dido's first album "No Angel" is a brillaint perfomance from a brilliant performer. It includes the singles "Here With Me, Thank You and Im No Angel". The vocalism is excelllent and she manages to capture every moment for every emotional feeling exceptionally. The album also includes an enhanced video section featuring 2 videos: Here with Me and Thankyou and has a bonus track "Take my Hand". To conclude - good music, good CD.
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Like walking through her dreams with her, Dido's trademark cynicism seeps into every song, and while this lack of variation could have become a little boring after a while, the arrangements on No Angel are each original and different enough to keep up the interest.

On this album, production values are high, and they compliment Dido's performance. Despite the depressive and ethereal nature of the album's personality, reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing, it is this production quality that dishes out the feel-good factor. In the end, we are presented with an album that is deeply soulful, rhythmic yet restrained, and the result is memorable and well worth listening to.
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on 11 February 2001
This album firstly is NOT for people that like rap, hip-hop or any crash wallop bang bang music. The CD is one of my favourites it has such powerful songs as 'Hunter' 'Dont Think Of Me' and 'ThankYou'. 'Thankyou' is the verse that Dido performed in Eminems 'Stan'. She puts different lyrics to the tune. My personal favourite song is 'Dont Think Of Me'. If you come home from a hard day at work, put this album on and Didos soothing tones will calm you right down. The CD includes CDROM videos of 'Here With Me' and 'ThankYou' there is a bonus track called 'Take My Hand'. Buy this CD if you are into this sort of thing. One things for sure, Dido will be in my CD Player for a while yet!
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on 5 November 2000
Dido is easily comparared to soloists such as Sarah Maclaclan and Paula Cole, indeed, there is a definite similarity in her vocal ability. Yet, Dido's sound is more moody, and occasionally even dark, which gives her closer links with Fiona Apple. However, the brilliant Trip-Hop tracks on the album really set Dido out there as an individual artist, equal in her own right. The opening track "Here with me" is amazingly uplifting and absorbing, which is adaptable to every musical taste. Darker tracks, with great depth follow, such as "Hunter" and "Don't think of me", but I guess I'm going to find I'm not alone, when I say that my favorite track is "Thankyou". The album really is worth the buy, it is distinctly individual, and I've found that there's something in it for everyone, as since I bought it, three of my friends went out and bought it. I only wish I hadn't been so eager that I bought it on import, which as you'd guess cost quite a bit more.
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on 21 April 2001
Very rarely can have I found an album that enthralled, and bewildered me in the music...but this album had done just that. I'm a student revising for exams right now, and this music is perfect for revising to, falling asleep to, or spending time with someone special to.
I find it difficult to express myself creatively, but this album just compelled me to try. I want everyone to share the mellow, content feeling that completely absorbs me when this album comes on my stereo. Dido's soft voice (which I first heard in Thankyou, on Eminem's track) is captured in a varity of powerful ways on this album, that's truely a must for any CD collection. Somehow, Dido mangaes to make her music some of the most emotive stuff I've heard in a very long time, which is a vital aspect of any good album.
I was first told about this by a friend studying for the same set of exams, and she told me it was some of the best stuff she'd ever come across...I didn't believe it, so I borrowed the album, and now it's always being played in my house...
Congratulations Dido, you've opened my eyes to music again....
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