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3.1 out of 5 stars39
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2005
Ok, lets get this straight. The uk vipco version of this movie is heavily cut. The NTSC GRINDHOUSE release is totally uncut, great transfer and packed with extras. So, its quite simple. BUY the GRINDHOUSE release. Ignore the UK disc. Goodnight.
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on 11 August 2003
Another "so bad it's good" video nasty classic now available on dvd! "Cannibal ferox" was written and directed by Italian Umberto Lenzi and filmed on location in New York and South America. It was originally released in 1981, two years after the excellent "Cannibal holocaust", which many people consider to be the pinnacle of the "cannibal" genre. Personally I prefer "Ferox" to "Holocaust", mainly because the latter tries a little too hard to be a "proper" movie, while "Ferox" has no such pretensions and just gets on with delivering the gore by whatever cheap and nasty means are required.

The film actually starts off in NYC, with the rather annoying subplot which serves as an intermittent and completely pointless distraction throughout the film, and involves gang members (and later police) searching for a missing drug dealer who has run away with their money. All of a sudden we switch to South America, just as three young explorers (Gloria, the leader, plus her brother Rudy and friend Pat) are about to set off into the jungle.

They don't believe in cannibals! In fact, this is a research trip to help Gloria finish her thesis, which seeks to prove that cannibalism is a myth. Little do they know....

After a series of minor disasters and encounters with the local natives and wildlife they eventually bump into two other Americans, Mike and Joe, who tell them they've escaped from some cannibals that killed (and partly consumed) a friend of theirs. Our three well-meaning innocents believe them at first, and before long they all arrive at the cannibals' village, which is temporarily safe due to the fact that most of its inhabitants have left. The few mainly elderly natives who remain are obviously rather wary of Mike, and Gloria and her two companions are shocked by the sight of some decaying and partly consumed human remains, whose presence seems to back up the story Mike and Joe have told them.

However, by the time they realise what's really happened in the village and what a fine mess they've got themselves into, it's too late....

When the gorefest really begins, most of the cutting, stabbing, chopping and impaling is surprisingly realistic (although there are some very amateurish moments as well). I'll refrain from describing it all, but my favourite moment is a particularly juicy "lobotomy" scene that you won't forget in a hurry, and of course, there's also some cannibalism....

Overall the quality is well above average for a video nasty and while the plot, dialogue and acting aren't exactly brilliant, I've certainly seen and heard a lot worse. The main problem with the film is the unnecessary sub-plot which starts in New York and eventually ties up with the action in the jungle, but mainly just gets in the way; and listening to the same burst of cheesy disco music during every cut-back to NYC starts to get on your nerves after a while. The director is also a little too keen on punctuating the jungle scenes with endless footage of the local wildlife, and seems to be particularly fond of monkeys, but it's worth enduring all this for some genuinely excellent gore!

Although often talked about as if it's the most horrific of all gore movies and apparently banned in a huge number of countries, "Cannibal ferox" is not as shocking as you might expect. Many of the complaints about it have come from animal rights activists who object to the fact that apart from the fake gore inflicted on the humans, the film also includes some animal deaths which are obviously real. If you do enjoy this film then "Cannibal holocaust" is definitely worth seeking out as well, but most of the other cannibal films ("Cannibal apocalypse", "Cannibal terror" etc) are best avoided....

CENSORSHIP WARNING: please be aware that UK versions of this film are very heavily censored, and as the only possible reason for wanting to see "Cannibal ferox" is the full-on gore that's been almost entirely removed, there's not much point in buying one of these.

Uncut version: Cannibal Ferox [DVD] [1981] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
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on 27 June 2001
Vipco have yet again released a gory horror movie only to edit all the best parts. A student sets out to disprove the theory that real cannibals are more than a myth, and ventures deep into the Amazon jungle accompanied by her terribly-acting brother and nymphomaniac friend. They encounter a couple of wounded men who claim to have been attacked by cannibals, and thus begins a downward spiral for the newly formed group as the so-called cannibals pursue and capture them, and then the fun begins, or so I thought. This release is missing ten whole minutes of the original, and every scene thats cut is so blatantly obvious, it just makes you want to scream along with the films victims. The movies box is very misleading, because it says ''Banned in 31 countries'', ''You won't sleep for a week after watching this''. There is no way this version could be banned anywhere, as nearly all violence has been removed, ridiculing the front cover of the film which states ''The Most Violent Film Ever Made''.Some of the cuts I have to agree with, I mean who wants to see animals subjected to wanton cruelty, but the violence towards the human characters is no worse than what you will find in films such as Day of the Dead or Zombie Flesh Eaters, but still this film has been butchered by the censors. All in all however, this is a good film, with a suprisingly good storyline and on the most part fairly decent acting. The musical score is also worth a mention. But if like me, you are looking for a gory movie with the gore intact, avoid this version as very little violence is shown. Search the web for the 4 minute U.S trailer for the movie and you will see all the scenes removed from this version. Only for the cuts made with this version, I would have given it 5 stars.
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on 28 June 2010
Mike and Joe two petty drug dealers flew New York after owing $100,000. When they arrive in Paraguay in search of Cocaine and diamonds they meet up with three travellers, Gloria her brother Rudy and their friend Pat. Gloria is their to see if her theory is correct that Cannibalism is fake but what they all find is proof that she was more than wrong.

This is prohaps the most controversial and violent Cannibal movie (behind Cannibal Holocaust). Director Umberto Lenzi had already made two Cannibal films before this so knew what he had to do in this gory sub-genre.

Umberto Lenzi was a good director and is able to make the most of his low budget. Here he doesn't just create a standard Cannibal film where the white people are eaten by some savages for no reason. The brutality of the natives is triggered by the acts of Mike a low life who tortures a tribesman and murders a young girl. So the violence the tribes exact on the Americans is justified.

The violence really kicks-in in the second half of the film, where Giovanni Radice is explicitly castrated, then has his hand chopped off and then finally the top of his head cut off and his brains eaten. His lover doesn't get a happy ending either as she is stripped naked and hung by her breasts with large hooks.

Roberto Donati and Fiamma Maglione's score has some impressive music used over the jungle sequences but when the film switches back to America it turns into some funky 1970's trash.

As this is a Cannibal film we get some horrible real life animal deaths, the worst been a scene where a little pig is tied to a stick in the ground and is eaten alive by a anaconda. Other deaths include a pig been stabbed, a turtle having its head chopped off and a crocodile been gutted.

Overall a well made, Cannibal film that is really just like all the others of the genre but its still worth checking out.

The version I watched was the Region 1, Grindhouse version which is in Widescreen and Uncut. The English release is heavily cut by around 6 Minutes I think.
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on 13 February 2001
This film is one to be recond with, it has everything a horror film fan would want. The film starts off with these 3 people going to the jungle to try and prove there is no such thing as cannibal's how wrong can u be!! they later meet up with 2 more people and all goes horribly wrong for the luckless five! this is not as gory as you might think but it is still effective in shocking you!!! (the animal violence is real)
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on 24 June 2005
The UK edition of this great movie has been heavy censored and many of the most brutal scenes taken away, to leave an unfinished and pretty dull film.
Ok, so much of the gore still remains, however if you wish to see it all, even the bits where scrotems are cut off and ate and a woman is hung up by her nipples with the region 1 edition.
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on 2 December 2003
From all the hype surrounding this title, it had to be seen really didn't it? Gore fans in the UK will be disappointed - as this version is missing key mutilation sequences that made it so notorious. Welcome to free Britain.
On the whole, it is still worth a look, as the story is a patricularly good one and the acting is still very good.
Worth a see, definetly, but try to get your hands on the uncut version first, as a film like this shouldn't really be released without it's shock value.
Worth 4 stars for keeping me on edge, lost one star for losing about 10 minutes worth of cuts.
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on 30 March 2001
Unfortunately most viewers will be disappointed with this release of a previously banned film. Despite recent advertisements on television, there I was thinking that at last Cannibal Ferox had been released "uncut". Sadly only the edited version has managed to hit our streets, a whole ten minutes missing from the original tapes. Little gore and very little happening in this version of the Amazon romp. Blood and gore fans will be extremely miffed that Umberto Lenzi's cult classic has hit us in this form.
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Oh dear. This film is really quite poor. The whole thing is clearly just an attempt to jump on the bandwagon of the vastly superior Cannibal Holocaust.
The director of Cannibal Ferox seems to have thought that the best thing he could do would be to try to make the film as pointlessly violent as possible and chuck in a fair few scenes of deliberate and senseless animal cruelty for bad measure. As a result the film becomes not unbearable to watch, but totally unrewarding, and a waste of the viewer's time. There is no real sense that the film is trying to say anything at all, let alone make some kind of social comment or political statement.
Where the fictionalising of the lives of Yanomamo people and their cannibalistic practices in Cannibal Holocaust serves a worthwhile purpose, both in making a statement about western journalistic practices, but also in forcing us to question our wider understanding of, and horrendously bad treatment towards, societies we have little positive contact with. The shamefully degrading performances that the director of Cannibal Ferox extracts from his jungle dwellers serve only to sicken.
Cannibal Ferox is purely exploitative and has no redeeming features. Avoid it if possible. Watch Cannibal Holocaust instead, it is a far better film all around.
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on 23 December 2000
Charting the (mis) adventures of college researchers and drug runners in Amazonia, this a foul and obnoxious film, notable only for its extreme violence. Unfortunatly, this British release has had over seven minutes censored which renders the film a bady acted and tedious bore. Ok, so John Morgen gives his usual psychotic performance and the use of locations is good, but lets face it, you watch this sort of film for the nasty bits. And thanks to over the top pre-censorship cutting by the distributor, there aren't any here worth sitting through the rest for. In it's uncut version it lives up to the hype as 'the most violent film ever made', but not here. Get Zombie Flesh Eaters instead, much more satisfying !!!
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