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3.5 out of 5 stars11
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2004
Steve Austin returns to find out who did the hit and run on him nearly a year ago at Survivor Series 1999. Will he get the answers he needs? Will anybody be safe? You will have to wait and see.
8 Man Tag Team Match
Right to Censor (Steven Richards, The Goodfather, Bull Buchanan and Val Venis) vs The Acolytes and The Dudley Boyz 5/10
A decent match but slow and weak in some places.
Strap Match
Tazz vs Jerry Lawler 2/10
Their SummerSlam match was much better but still not a good effort.
6 Man Hardcore Title Challenge Match
Steve Blackman vs Crash Holly vs Al Snow vs Perry Saturn vs Funaki vs Test 7/10
This match was way better than the 6 way title match at Backlash, it was more hardcore and had some good spots that got the crowd cheering, even though they were not death defying.
Chris Jericho vs X-Pac 6/10
Some good wrestling by both men and decent match.
Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match
Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz 8/10
Not as great as the tables, ladders and chairs match at last months SummerSlam but still some excellent stunts by both teams.
Intercontinental Title Match
Rikishi vs Eddie Guerrero 5/10
A decent match that didn't take up too much time but also wasn't a short match.
Triple H vs Kurt Angle 9/10
Some great stuff by both the best wrestlers in this industry today.
World Title Fatal Four Way Match
The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Kane vs Chris Benoit 9/10
Another excellent main event all four men are at their best, especially Benoit who wins the match, or does he?
With a few great matches on this card and the return of Steve Austin this is one PPV every WWE fan should own.
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on 10 May 2015
My review of WWF Unforgiven 2000:

The Dudley Boyz & APA vs RTC (Right to Censor) ***
Great way to start off the pay-per-view with an amazing amount of talented tag teams, with the usual style by the Dudleys to put a certain Steven Richards through a table.

Jerry Lawler vs Tazz in a strap match **
This was an average match to finish off the heated rivalry between Jerry Lawler and Tazz. The strap was used quite a lot and a certain ECW icon gave Tazz the victory.

Hardcore invitational for the WWF Hardcore Championship ****
This was when hardcore was hardcore in the World Wrestling Federation. You had steel chairs, trash can lids, trash cans, road signs, you had everything in this 10 minute hardcore mayhem of a match.

X-Pac vs Chris Jericho ****
A match that really pulled off to be a great match, with a lot of near falls towards the end.

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz for the WWF Tag Team Championships *****
I will give this match the match of the pay-per-view and one of the best matches on pay-per-view for 2000. Here we have two tag teams that have had numerous matches involving tables, ladders and chairs, but this time they both squared off inside a steel cage. I recommend any fan of both teams to watch this entertaining tag team match.

Rikishi vs Eddie Guererro for the WWF Intercontinental Championship ***
Not a bad match involving the late Eddie Guererro R.I.P, but too much interference by Chyna who stopping Rikishi from winning the match.

Kurt Angle vs Triple H w Commisioner Foley as Special Guest Referee ****
A match between these two is always amazing to watch, with the match itself a no disqualification match.

The Undertaker vs Chris Benoit vs Kane vs The Rock for the WWF Championship *****
Perhaps one of the best fatal four way matches for the big prize of the World Wrestling Federation Championship. A match with amazing talent and a match that was just briliant from start to finish.

Overall thoughts of WWF Unforgiven 2000:
I have to admit I loved this pay-per-view. I was a big fan of the Attitude Era and this pay-per-view rocked all the way.
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on 16 August 2006
right to censor vs acolytes & dudley boyz.


strap match

tazz vs the king


what the hell was raven doing?!

hardcore title time limit

steve blackman vs funaki vs test vs crash holly vs perry saturn vs al snow


this match is why they call this match hardcore!

x-pac vs chris jericho


not very good, it was short and thier match at no mercy was probably alot better with the steel cage.

tag team titles steel cage match

edge and christian vs hardy boyz


great performance by all 4 men in 1 of the best matches of 2000!

interconinental title match

eddie guerrero vs rikishi


not good

kurt angle vs hhh


great wrestling by both men and alot of hype in this 1.

stone cold steve austins return.


great stuff.shane omac claimed he had video proof of who ran over stone cold.turned out all it was was steve blackman running over ken shamrock a while ago.blackman came out and straight after we saw the return of the texas rattlesnake, who stunned blackman once and shane omac 3 times!

wwf title fatal 4 way match

the rock vs undertaker vs kane vs chris benoit


great performance by all 4 men.this match keeps u entertained from 1st minuite till the last.

this is a fantastic video and at a very cheap price, well worth buying.
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on 3 February 2001
After 10 Month's Austin returned to WWF PPV, not in a match status but more in terms of going around backstage and assaulting people. This video is worth it just to see him slam Kevin Kelly into a wall and throw pipes on him. Then he interogates Angle who tries to give Austin a replica Gold Medal which in no simple turns Austin tries to shove somewhere. Then later on Shane 0'Mac as JR says 'Takes a dump on the porch' when he tries to make out Steve Blackman ran Austin over by showing footage of Blackman running over Ken Shamrock almost a year earlier. Needless to say the 3 that's 3 stunners he got for his line of Bull will have you chuckling in your seat. Okay so some of you might not be Austin fans and couldn't care less about his return, so your wondering what else is on this tape to warrent me parting with my cash. Well to open the PPV an 8 man tag between the Dudleyz and APa who face the RTC. Not a great match at all but remembered best for the after match Party, which saw the APA get Medievil on White-Socks himself Steven Richards before the Dudleyz put him out of his misery by giving him wood! Oh so worth the price just to see that. If you prefer seeing people based with inanimate objects there is a Hardcore Invitational featuring Hardcore Holly, Crash, Test, Blackman, Snow, Saturn and 'Indeed' Funaki. A match which disapoints is X Pac/Jericho match, they put a better show on in the cage at No Mercy so best fast forward this one. Eddie Guerrero faces Rikishi in a match which sees the beginning of the end of Latino Heat when Eddie lets Rikishi stink-face and Bansai Drop Chyna. Then the Tag Team Cage Match. The Hardyz face Edge and Christian. A great match which could have been even better if Jeff Hardy could keep his balance. The Hardy boy fell off the cage in the opening minutes of the match which meant for most part it was 2 on 1 in the ring. This match was filled with some cool moves, outrageous bumps i.e The Whisper in the Wind by Jeff which missed Edge and Matt Hardy leaving him to crash into the mat. Then later on Lita impresses when she leaps grabs Christian who is stood on a ladder and delivers a Hurricarna onto the hard floor. Fans will love the end, but one thing was missed from this match. The Swantom? Who would have loved to have seen Jeff come off the top of the cage with that move? Then is probably the best match on the video. Triple H faces Kurt Angle. Now in a no DQ match favour would say Triple H was better positioned. But what you will see if a performance from Kurt Angle which no doubt resulted in a month later him becoming World Champion. The Belly to Belly he delivers to Triple H from the anounce table putting the Game through the spanish table is awesome. Of course the ending centered around Mrs Helmsley as she had to chose who won and lost. It's a surprise decision really. The main event Fatal Four Way. Rock, Benoit, Kane and Taker. This match probably not as good as the fourway at Wrestlemania 16 but none the less a good match. Once again the title match was spoilt by Rock's biggest fan Mick Foley reversing the Ref's decision after Benoit pins the Taker to win the title. Of course we know who will win, I mean the Rock has to cause he'd have whinged if he had a short reign as champion. This event was good, but sadly most of the lower card let the event down. The 8 man Tag and Jericho/X Pac matches were just awful. The big matches though saved the PPV from being average. Austin of course makes it so much better cause all the time your wondering who he'll question next or more importantly who will get a can of whoop-ass opened on them. Though it's interesting to see the only person who isn't questioned but actually gets a handshake. If you are like me at that point you'd be screaming Stunner! Buy this PPV but don't expect it to be the greatest thing you'll ever see, there has been better.
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on 28 January 2001
This was an atcipated event in the wwf the return of stone cold stecve austin. It was great. The fatel four match for the title and the no dq match between triple h and kurt angle was amazing. Other matches were the 6 man hardcore invitational match tag team cage match an intercontinental title match and 8 man tag was all great.
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on 15 December 2000
This video is not the best of ppv's but it is agood one . The first couple of matches are ok and the tag team steel cage is brilliant aswell as the return of stone cold steve austin. The hhh -angle match is very exiting and the main event which is the four way match is quite. overall this video is very good.
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on 19 October 2006
Ive always enjoyed this pay per view, i find the matches enjoyable, and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin is entertaining.

However the video i got wasnt so good. The picture is perfect, but the sound is very bad in parts which is quite annoying.
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on 10 November 2002
Unforgiven 2000 is overall an enjoyable show with a number of acceptable matches. It kicks off with a big 8 man tag match which was capitalising on the heat on RTC. Nothing spectacular here although nothing offensive making it watchable. Tazz/Lawler is abysmal and serves only to give Tazz his return win from Summerslam and to introduce Raven. The Hardcore Title situation had been done to death on so many occasions that it had simply become uninteresting by now. The match itself was fair, however it was nothing more than standard Raw T.V. Things finally pick up with the Tag Titles Cage Match. Although this feud was also tiring the match itself was excellent and the booking at the end made sense(even if the Hardyz should have won the straps at summerslam). X-Pac vs Chris Jericho is simply Triple H's way of burying Y2J into mid card oblivion. The match is solid but it achieves absolutely nothing for Y2J as he was well over and should have been stepping into main event land and not being lumbered with X-Pac. The blowoff from the Kurt/Steph/HHH love triangle is a real letdown and is clear evidence of HHH at work backtage. The match is a solid wrestling match yet the ending is difficult to suffer knowing that HHH has just swiped Kurt Angles legs of by leaving with Stephanie and Picking up a pinfall. Very bad booking(Unless youre HHH). Austins big return is memorable and although they used Steve Blackman in the segment(I guess they figured Blackman would be over in Pensylvania but he wasnt) the pop and stunnerfest on Shane Mcmahon saves the segment even if Jim Ross goes into usual Hyperbole mode. The main event is good although to do the tease finish of Benoit leaving with the gold twice in recent PPV's is daft. The match is good as the 4 way stip enables each man to pair of making the action always enjoyable. Again the conclusion sees bad booking but not unsuprising with Benoit being the man to job and not Undertaker or Kane. Overall enjoyable but a cut below Summerslam from a month before this.
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on 26 March 2003
Not a bad event but let down by a few terrible matches. It starts off with a 8 man tag featuring The Dudleys and The APA vs Right to censor. It was a poor match but it had an entertaining finish. Next up its Tazz vs The King in a terrible bull rope match. Although a terrible match its got an suprise run in. Next its an entertaing 6 man hardcore match which features some high spots. The poor start continues with Y2J vs Xpac in a boring pointless match.Just as the card seems lost we are treated to a great tag team cage match between E + C and the Hardy Boys which sees Jeff do a moonsault off the cage. Then there is a drop in standards when Latino Heat takes on the Rikishi in an awful match. We then see one of the matches of the year when Angle takes on the Game in a thrilling no DQ match, which sees an amazing bump by the Game. The main event was the 4 way which was ok but a poor ending.
This event is worth buying to see Stone Cold return and destroy half the locker room.Also the Angle match makes it a good event.
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on 8 January 2001
If your going to buy this video it should eb for one reason, and one reason only, to see the debut of Raven, otherwise its not worth it. Your better of buying an ECW ppv like anarchy rulz, because the quality of wrestling is of far better skill and entertainment, that is if you actually appreciate wrestling, rather than the fireworks display and flashy promos. Do not buy this video unless you are a hardcore Raven fan like myself!
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