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4.2 out of 5 stars101
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2001
'Just Enough Education To Perform' has given the Stereophonics a totally different direction of tracks influenced by Bob Dylan especially but with a great 'Phonics touch to it. Stuart, Kelly and Richard have yet again delivered without a doubt a great rock but mellow album. With Stuart' great drum patterns and Kelly's adding 'Tar' voice and some new guitar slide and riffs, plus Richard's great strong bass lines. It is obvious that the boys put there heads together and created another yet completely different album. One great track on the album is 'Nice To Be Out' with a lovely smooth relaxed Bob Dylan touch to it. 'Have A Nice Day' is a very happy summer song with a great catchy tune to it, and a deffinate hit for there third single. All in all 'Word Gets Around' was a great debut album that caught everybody's attention to the Stereophonics. Then came 'Performance and Cocktails' which made them even more famous as a band and had them recognition as musicians. And now the long awaited J.E.E.P record and shows how much they have changed and matured since the first record. This record is certainly going to turn many more heads.
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on 22 April 2001
With the charts filling up with pop after pop after pop each day, i've been waiting for this album for quite a while now.Anyone who is a true music fan will enjoy this, not necessarily a Phonics fan all the same.A lot of the reviews on here are from big Phonics fans + aren't used to this new mature sound their beating out this time round.Also, I don't think it's a good idea to review a disc after one or two listens, especially with this disc as we're only just being introduced to their new styles of music on this album. Don't worry, Kelly's voice is still as husky + kool as ever. Top tracks on here are the classic "Vegas Two Times", a kick ass start to the album + the Phonics at their best."Lying In The Sun" +"Have A Nice Day".Defo one of the better albums out at the mo.Not as happening straight away like the fab "Word Gets Around" + "Performance and Coctails" but still defo worth a listen.Also, top new albums out from Feeder + Ash this week. Recommended girls + boys. P.S. I rarely give 5 stars
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on 17 September 2001
As soon as i got the cd in my grubby little fingers i ran home and put it on full blast attempting to disrupt all neighbourly activity. Vegas 2 times came on and my prayers had been answered...or had they? I then proceeded to listen to the rest of the album. Once it had finished i sat there and thought to myself "what a bag of crap!" Where's the Just looking, the local boy in the photograph where's this style gone? And i'm sure i wasn't the only person who purchased this album and thought that. After constant listening i ended up liking about 5 of the 11 songs. Not overly liking them i might add. Then 2 things changed everything. 1 - the release of Have a nice day which became one of the tunes of the summer. 2 - Seeing them playing the Day at the Races in Donington. Kelly Jones came on and told us he was gonna start from the beginning and that he did. They started with Local boy and ended with Rooftop. The i understood, i suddenly understood what Jeep is all about. It's about maturity and moving on. And all it took was 50,000 people and one great concert to get it through to me. My favourite song of the evening? Mr Writer! I couldn't believe it myself but it was truly magnificant. So to truly understand this album either give it time or see them live. I recommend the second as its a lot faster.
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on 23 November 2001
The problem with the people who have slagged off this album is that they all say the same things. The phonic's have lost thier edge, sold out thier roots, not as bangin' as the first two..blah blah blah!!! this album is all about moving on, its all about developing as artists. I think the new album is top rate, step on my old size 9's is a classic and i enjoyed the entire album thoroughly. try reading the album insert or look at the interviews, get behind the songs and see why they did them. If the phonics had stuck with the same type of music they have been doing ofr the last 5 years then they would have become obsolete, songs by numbers and living on your past glories always fail in the end, look at wacko jacko! great bands like the stones, the beatles have always evolved, always changed, and its always the hard-core blinkered fans who try to resist. With this album the phonic's would have gained new respect and new fans, i just hope that the old fans will stick around, i know i will.
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on 21 April 2001
Well, reading some of these reviews actually makes me wonder if all the people moaning played and listened to the cd at all. Yes, it is a very short album (only 45 minutes) but that just adds to the brilliance of it. 11 tracks all with great melodies and lyrics, all straight to the point, no ...2 minute intro or outros, no faffing about. It is very acoustic but that shows of the musicianship of the band. you dont always need guitars and amps set to 11 to make a good song. its good to have a track or two like that but its also nice to have some chillout tracks aswell. And that is exactly what JEEP is, saying what they want to say, with uplifting melodies and soulful lyrics. Some other people have said that it is dreary, no, its intelligent songwriting. Not 'up your own arse' intelligent songwriting like the manics but meaningful songwriting. If you want throwaway rock music listen to Limp Bizkit. Not Stereophonics. Thats to keep.
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on 14 April 2001
I think a lot of stereophonics fans were expecting too much from this album. But, personally, I think it's one of their best, it's not as rocky as Words Gets Around or P&C but it is certainly better musically. And it certainly isn't dull, the songs are slightly slower thats all. Which I think is a good thing having created a stereophonics acoustic album for myself so I can hear the slower side of the phonics. Everybody liked such songs as Stopped To Fill My Car Up and Billy Davie's Daughter, this album is written in the same vein. Vegas 2 Times is one of the best phonics tracks i've ever heard and that's followed by the magnificent Lying In The Sun, after those two songs it didn't matter what the rest of the album was like, i loved it. And for those who were disappointed, you can't expect phonics to churn out the same songs over and over, I think it's good to experiment with different styles of music and I hope their next album experiments more again so that we can hear the different types of songs Kelly Jones can write. Getting better all the time
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on 23 April 2001
The stereophonics have lost all of their rock content with this 3rd, and in my opinion worst albulm. With the word gets around albulm the stereophonics produced a fantastic albulm with quality melodies and catchy choruses. They followed this up with the nearly as good performance and cocktails, however there were fewer fast paced songs on this albulm, and this was possibly a sign of the future. JEEP in my opinion is a big let down. Most of the songs are slow and drag on, gone are the catchy guitar riffs and (in all but the first track) distorted guitars. The only good song is Mr. Writer, which is still not a patch on their old material. I think this albulm will lose a lot of respect for the phonics, as they have tried to be too different rather than producing what they are good at.
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on 29 April 2001
The Stereophonics have recieved mixed press concerning their new album. Some have slated it as monotonous, repetitive and have even criticsied Kelly Jones as having 'run out of things to say'. Personally, I disagree. The album opens with 'Vegas Two Times' and is definately a new sound for the band, immediately shooting down critics who claimed the album would be more of the same. Those who saw Kelly perform on his solo tour will be surprised at the 'big' sound produced on this track, maintained throughout the album. Of course the problem with mastering the 'big' sound is that subtle but important creativity is often lost. The band side step this landmine by incorporating experimental riffs, playing around with the tempo and of course more of those magic Kelly Jones lyrics we all know and love. Claims that the band have lost their edge are in my opinion unfounded. Anyone who has listened to the album, seen Kelly's solo tour, and even watched live performances on programmes such Jools Hooland will see that this material is extremely versatile. From the gentle accoustic sounds produced on Kelly's solo tour (which made me fall in love with Step on My Old Size Nines and Lying in the Sun) to the new and experimental sounds of Vegas Two Times and Rooftops, this album is well worth the long, LONG wait. The band as a whole has taken on a more mature style. I think its a shame, however, that the first single released was Mr. Writer. While die hard fans like myself love all of the songs, it is a bit 'heavy going' and unlikely to win the hearts of those who criticised Performance and Cocktails. Personally I think it will be Americas loss if the album does make it big over there. They can always come home and play for us, we're happy to have them.
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on 9 April 2001
kelly jones summed it up best in the song mr.writer. After reading a few reviews of this, then reading the reviews on here and in kerrang, there were two types of opinion apparent of this album. One that it was bland and lacked musical genius of word gets around or performance... how wrong could these critics have been? saying the phonics had "done a be here now" or slagging off kelly jones.
A band cannot continue to be either successful or interesting if they stay to the same old formula time and time again. The phonics three albums just show how they have successfully moved on and changed style with each album, as they have matured. This band really have got something going for them and are going to be with us for a very long time. So give up music critics, and start telling it like it really is, tell it like it always is, in the case of the best band this country has ever produced.
From the moment I heard lying in the sun at the phonics first date at birmingham NEC arena in december 1999, I knew this album was going to be world class, and yes believe it or not, even better than the first two
Stand out tracks include....well let's see...all of them, but my personal favourites are lying in the sun, mr.writer, and step on my old size nines. But the whole album just gels together perfectly. You may have to listen to it a few times, but each time it will grow on you more and more until you realise, this is album of the year already.
Good luck boys, and I think it's safe to say congratulations on another number one, world class beating album.If only every band could be as good as this......
Do yourself a favour and buy this album, or your cd collection with have a very, very large hole in it.
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on 17 April 2001
the so-called 'difficult' third album, and the 'phonics pull it-off with prowess and ease. mixing together the drink-fulled delight of 'Word gets around', and mature outlook of 'Perormance', JEEP is an acomplishement in every respect. come album no.3 Oasis faded; getting lost within an electronic fussion of turgid pretentiousness, the sterephonics seem to have matured to the stage of indie-brillance. the 'phonics seem to be a band destined to stay with us, yet, as is very much the tone of the album, always lurking beneath, hiding their faces from the media - prefering to let their talent as musicians speak for itself. this is an indie album destined to grace the top of the charts.
JEEPS power, as a result of Kelly's now acomplished songwritting, is the juxtaposition of seemingly dreary dark singing, with upbeat joyous guitar riffs. the track, "have a nice day" is brilliant in its satrical pleasant melancholy.
limp bizkit this is not (thank god), no preaching about my generation with unneccessary profanities thrown in to fuel kids'anger, and of course please the parents. the 'phonics have produced a raw, seemingly melodic-grunge album where sounds are real, none of the computer aided docturing found on so many albums released nowadays.
so if you're looking for an album which seemlessly pulls together all the stereophonics' previous ablums, yet with a truly unique profound outlook breeded with maturity which few can match then purchase this album .
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