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4.2 out of 5 stars81
4.2 out of 5 stars
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 3 November 2014
Please Note: The 3 star rating is for the Universal 2002 DVD release of the movie. I would probably give the actual film 5 stars. It is listed as widescreen, when it is in fact Full Frame. This means watching the movie with black bars on either side or changing the settings of my flatscreen from 16:9 to 4:3, which makes the image look worse and rather stretched. AWOL would really benefit from a widescreen presentation as it is a relatively low budget film from the early 90s, hence why the picture quality isn't great. If I'm not mistaken, the Kickboxer DVD from 'Pyramid' suffers from the same problem. As for the film itself, if you're a Van Damme fan, then this is essential viewing. Double Impact and Bloodsport both look great on DVD so its a pity AWOL hasn't received the same treatment. Check out Blu where 'Lionheart' (as it is known in the U.S) scored 4/5 on picture quality. Its a new release in the U.S, so it might be a while before the UK gets it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 June 2013
The early Van Damme movies were like one remake after another but they significantly upped the budget for this stateside vehicle. It's still little more than a glossy Karate movie and something of a mash up between Bloodsport and Kickboxer. Van Damme is a Legionnaire who deserts his desert posting to take care of the wife and child of his deceased brother. Enrolling in the underground fight scene he's quickly picked up by socialite femme fatale who puts his talents to good use in ever more exclusive and violent venues.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 21 June 2010
Jean Claude Van Damme is one of if not the best Action Heroes of all time. Wrong Bet or AWOL as it is known in the UK is also one of his best. So to hear there is a dutch release of the film Uncut and Uncensored I was really excited. I received the DVD and watched it immediately only to find that it is the same as any other release I have owned included the VHS I bought some 15 years ago. To say I am gutted would be an understatement. The film is still class but if your hoping for some extra footage then your in for a let down. The quality of picture on this DVD is far worse than the UK release which was also a let down as it is the same quality as the old VHS!
Please note my 2 star rating is only for this DVD release not the film itself and certainly not for JCVD
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on 24 July 2015
I have been waiting for a DVD / Bluray release of this that is better than the 1990s Guild Home Video Laserdisc that I have had for many years. The first UK DVD I bought has a bad transfer, kind of yellow tinted, as others have mentioned.
This 101 Films Bluray has a good transfer, and is the best I've seen of this film...however it is cut compared to other version I own, and the cuts don't make any sense.
This isn't extensive, but the ones I noticed were:
1. Lyons brothers fire scene at the start was shorter
2. The scene where Cynthia loses it and tells Lyon that their relationship is now purely business and that he should deal with Russell, is effectively gone
3. The part where the 2 guys betting on Lyon against Atillia is cut, they no longer call him a "meek fellow"

I don't know why these were cut. They weren't controversial and aided the plot.

But regardless, if you don't know / love the film as much as I do, then you won't know they're missing and like I say it's a good transfer, a better buy than one of the earlier DVDs and I hope 101 films keep up releasing "cult" films like this at a decent price.
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on 26 May 2015
This is certainly one of Van Damme's best early movies, a must have for action fans and cult fight movies of the 90's, also better known as Lionheart in America and A.W.O.L.: Absent Without Leave in the UK, Van Damme plays Lyon Gaultier, a deserter from the Foreign Legion arriving in the USA to find his brother has died and his sister-in-law without the money to maintain her and her child. To earn the money needed Gaultier decides to take part in some very dangerous street fights, There is plentiful action throughout this movie with lots of great fight scenes and Van Damme high kicking plenty of butt, its fast is violent its great entertainment, the rest of the cast is good too, look out for a cameo from karate champion Billy Blanks at the beginning, a must for all Van Fans!!

Blu-ray picture is pretty decent (101 films) a tad grainy in places but still looks better than DVD,
No special features which is a shame (not even a trailer at least?)
Region B, 105-mins, 1990.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 7 April 2010
this is a very good film good fight scenes all well done the only bad point is the picture quility is not that good but if u like fighting you will love this film it is well done with the plots is basically about JCV aka leon who joined the the leigon and told his brother he will always be there for him hes got 6 months left to go when he gets a letter from his sister in law telling him his brother is in hospital she phoned him before but the leigon didnt tell him so he has to escape to go and see him when he meets josh i think his friend is called he fights for money to pay for his journey to his brother and they found out he is good so they want him to fight more but he dosent want to when he goes to his sister in laws house he founds out she is in debt so he starts fighting to try to take her n her child away from all this very good film would of got 5 stars easily but the picture quility is a bit of a let down but u really have to watch this and for the price u can buy it for its so cheap and if you like this you will love kickboxer and bloodsport these are a must see for a person who loves fighting films
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on 11 January 2015
I've seen some of the reviews regarding the picture quality of the DVD - and I'm saddened to see, those who like this movie (myself included), are now wondering if they should buy it or not.

The video I still have - quality isn't much to write home about - but until there's a better version available, I'll continue with the one I've got or wait for it to be broadcast : for those who like a low-key film with a realistic storyline (not to mention being Van Damme enthusiasts), it sounds rather disappointing.

All the money spent getting movies around the world, and twenty+ years after this, companies should treat customers far better than this!.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 21 May 2015
I was so exited today when this arrived as I was waiting for a while. Opened the case no 4 discs only 1 disc. Ok I can understand that but don't advertised it as such.I put the disc on my blu ray and thats where I realises this movie is the same exact movie that has been out in the US in the 5 movie action pack blu ray which I already have that plays in UK too.It is not UNCUT as some parts missing or different starting at the camp where Leon's superior tells him How about 2 weeks labour, and it stops. On the uncut dvd it says Starting tomorrow, you got something to cry about Leigonaire? That has been cut. In the ship you see another cut, Leon doesn't say I paid for the trip showing his hands.Also the conversation at the Doctor has been changed. In this the Doctor says they caught the criminals. Also Leon talking to his brothers wife has been cut.the argument with Sinthia at the hotel room has been cut. The part where Sinthia buys Leon clothes is extended as someone speaks to them in the changing room: all ok in there! Leon says Yes everything is fine.some angles are different too. In the beggining where Leon's brother is set on fire you see a further out camera not the close up as the uncut dvd. Now the picture quality is good and a big improvment to the dvd versions but I think a better job should had been done. Lots if grain and I mean lots of it. I am actually disappointed by this UK blu ray release of AWOL ( Lionheart). And where is the DTS sound? Just LCPM 2.0 sound. I know we have seen different dvd versions like The French and the US version but make a blu ray with every available scene included don't delete and ad things like its nothing. We the fans love this movie and we want to see a real UNCUT version of the movie not 105 min. That is a shame as I love the movie. I hope we will see a better version one day as it deserves better. It hurts to give a 2star to a movie that I adore but when things are not right they are not right. No point hiding our heads in the sand and say I love this. As a movie fan 100% honesty in a review is a must.
review image review image review image
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on 21 May 2015
Excellent Bluray. The quality is excellent for a 25 year old film. Full 1080p, MPEG-4 AVC Codec (Averaging between 20-30Mbps), natural looking picture, sustaining the grain, vibrant colours, good blacks. 101Films have included a lossless linear PCM 2 ch-soundtrack. One of my favourite JCVD films, the street fighting is awesome. This contains the Normal Theatrical cut (US-R rated) of the movie, not the international cut which is why i give 4 stars. Shame they couldnt either included the deleted/cut scenes or offered you a branching version to choose as extra's. I highly recommend this, you will not see a better version.
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on 12 January 2014
This and Kickboxer are my fav Van Damme movies. Great fight scenes and acting. . . yeah acting! Hmmm. . Ok it's not that bad but there's some funny lines in this movie. It has a good story too. It brings a tear to my eye *sniff* (reminds me of Nowhere to Run) I'm holding out buying this for a better transfer DVD or Blu Ray version. One thing that I always found odd was the front cover of this movie and then I realised it was from another movie. If you search for it the movie is actually No Retreat, No Surrender.
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