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4.8 out of 5 stars44
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 April 2006
Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer or Spyro: Ripto's Rage, is a very good game. It has many friendly characters to talk to, unlike the first game.

From the dusty desert to the deepest depths or the icy plains to the sunny coast, this game has many new places to explore.

The video clips are funny, and you get to view them in a theatre at the end of the game.

Learn new skills such as swimming underwater, climbing and headbashing as you fight your way towards Ripto's Arena. Beat riptocs, pay gems and even ride shark submarines in Spyro's second adventure.

Buy it!
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on 26 January 2012
When I'm bored, and I'm in danger of falling asleep on my hands because of it, there are three things I like to do to get rid of that boredom: Go out for a run; picture myself French kissing Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays; or play a classic PSone game on my classic PSone console. One such classic is Spyro the Dragon, and here he is in his second outing, Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer.

Having defeated Gnasty Gnorc in the previous game, Spyro and his dragonfly buddy Sparx are fed up with the bad weather in the Dragon world and decide to take a nice relaxing vacation in Dragon Shores. But instead of getting sand, surf and choc-chip ice creams, the two of them end up in a far away land called Avalar. They've been brought into this world by a group of friendly critters whose world has been overrun by Ripto, a pompous dictator whose height makes Napoleon Bonaparte look like Kevin Nash.

In order to defeat Ripto and his two jokes for henchmen, Crush and Gulp, Spyro has to travel to numerous levels throughout Avalar; rid the levels of any bad guys; and collect orbs and talismans from the upstanding citizens of those levels. Only with these orbs and talismans can he then confront Ripto and co. in boss battles.

The layout of this game is very similar to Spyro's first outing. You have home worlds and in each of the home worlds you have portals leading to levels. You have to defeat enemies and collect treasure, and every level is presented to you is bright, colourful PSone graphics with free-roaming 3D environments. But Spyro 2 introduced new ideas and features that made it an improvement over Spyro 1.

For starters the overall structure of the game feels more organized. Every task you come across comes in the form of an objective set by a level's citizen, which may involve defeating a certain number of enemies, or simply getting a piece of machinery up and running. Successful completion of these tasks is rewarded with orbs and talismans. While some of the tasks have to be completed straight away, others can be left until a later date if you're finding them too difficult. But in any case there's plenty of fun to be had with them, and you'll be more than happy to keep plugging away until they're completed successfully.

Spyro 2 is not just more organized in terms of gameplay. Spyro 1 was a great game, but while there were many dragons to save it did feel somewhat empty in terms of character interaction. In Spyro 2 the game feels more alive and active with the numerous characters to talk to. There's Elora, the leader of the Avalar people who is meant to be some kind of goat...

Elora: I'm a Faun, you dork!
90's Guy: Oh, sorry.

...Hunter; an athletic Cheetah who enjoys a sporting challenge, but is a bit of a wimp when it comes to Ripto; Zoe, a kind fairy who provides checkpoints for Spyro with a wave of her wand; and the Professor, a nice guy who's a little absent minded despite his job title. Then there are the numerous critters you'll come across as you play through the different levels. But there's one person you'll come to hate more the chain-smoking fat uncle you have to visit once a week, and that is Sir Moneybags.

At numerous points in the game you'll come across this itch on the backside of life. You have to constantly pay him to open doors and construct platforms in order to continue with your progress. According to him they're just "small fees." Small fees my...! (clears throat) Well there is one good point about this bear, and that is he can teach Spyro some useful tricks. These are: swimming under water, climbing up ladders, and a head bash move for breaking certain rocks and chests. All of these moves make for a more varied gameplay experience.

Anyone who played Spyro 1 and got somewhat annoyed by not being able to find that very last gem in certain levels will be pleased to know that Sparx has a trick of his own to solve that problem. If you press L1, L2, R1 and R2 all at the same time, Sparx will point in the direction of the nearest piece of treasure, therefore taking a great deal of annoyance out of searching for gems. That said Spyro 2 overall is a little more challenging than Spyro 1 and will keep players occupied for longer.

There isn't too much to criticize about Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer. The new moves, the more organized objectives, and the pinch of extra challenge make it an improvement over the first game; whilst the free-roaming levels and catchy music will remind veteran players of why the first Spyro was so much fun to play. Spyro 2 is rather on the cutesy side (even more so than Spyro 1 I'd say), but it's still a fantastic platformer and a classic that must be in every PSone collection.
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on 25 June 2001
never having played Spyro 1 I can't compare it to this but there is one thing I do know: it is way better than spyro 3. Spyro 3 was one of my favourite games but it fades away in comparison to this. The backgrounds are some of the best I have seen. This game's unique quality is that it doesn't feel like a sequel at all. The characters are at their best (watch out for Moneybags and the guy with the skeleton friend who reappears in Spyro 3, on holiday)Unusually for a vidoe game most of the tertiary characters have a subtle wittiness about them that you sometimes catch in Japanese manga cartoons that you should watch out for (notably the Eskimo chief and the other fawns) there are also many handy cheats that I am not going to spoil your fun by telling you now. The Dragon Shores bit at the end is well worth the effort.
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on 18 November 2000
Spyro launches a new adventure this time in the Gateway to Glimmer. Graphics,characters and Hunter are just a few ofthe amazing things in Spyro2.Also collecting gems becomes much more fun get enough gems and Spyro can now do headbash.New sub-games like ice-hockey and a duck shoot contribute to an amazing game. Brillant.
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on 3 August 2010
I have to say the idea of a sequel for this game was inevitable, solely because of how well the previous game has done. But how is it that a sequel, continuing the legacy of such a golden game, match up to it's predecessor or better yet be better than it? Well this game says it all. Now the concept for this is a bit better than it's original one (I'm referring to how adhered to the plot is in this one by the way, but still regarding Spyro is a brilliant game as it stands), regarding how much continuity it has also.
The levels are brilliant also, how Spyro has to collect tokens to keep in his guide book from each of the individual levels he enter, the orbs power certain levels that you're unable to access, doors unable to open and things like that. There's a lot going for this platformers as far as story and exploration goes - Nothing to depreciate here a tall.

Spyro is having break from the last game, getting him thinking about a holiday in Dragon Shores. The problem is the portal he entered is being tampered around by a professor whose intention is to calibrate a portal in work, so he can find a dragon to defeat Rypto and His Minions, Crush and Gulp. When Spyro's anticipated holiday didn't turn out so well he finds himself in Avalar, which has a division of 3 Worlds - A Summer one, An Autumn one and Winter Tundra.
When Spyro hears about Rypto's plans to take over the worlds that surround Avatar by the professor, Elora the faunn and Hunter The Cheetah, he is forced to go into all the levels and collect the talismans to find them.

Yeah, as you can see there's more story included in this game, but they still manage to keep the levels innovative and fresh. Spyro can use power-ups, swim and even hover.

I'll let you decide about the game, as I got it back when it was first released as a child - And till' this day I still love it!
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on 22 February 2001
Since buying this game for my five year old last year, both of us have become totally absorbed. The 3D graphics are unbelievable after being used to 2D games, and Spyro's challenges have been great fun for both of us. We literally have stopped playing all other games and are so glad to hear there is a Spyro 3 to tackle next.
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Very different from the first game, and yet I can't quite put my finger on the reason. This game is the best I've played since MetalGear Solid, and so deserves five stars. Spyro 2 is a much larger, harder and more complex game than the first, and will take you much longer to complete. They are very opposite games in atmosphere and I recommend that you own the pair. Play them in order, as an intro Spyro is perfect to help you when you first play the immense challenge of the sequel. The characters, the areas you return to and the time spent trying to beat Hunter at the speedways is unforgettable. If you persevere you will discover a much deeper game than you first expected.Great!
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on 27 October 2007
'Gateway to glimmer', in my opinion, is the best spyro game of the playstation 1 selection. It's no doubt one the best adventure games going too. This was my very first ever game when i had my playstation 1 console (years ago now), this in which gave me such a wonderful memory of playing when i was younger. I've always especially enjoyed adventurous games, those that have a long adventure with exciting levels throughout. Another thing i absolutely loved about this was the friendly helpers that help you through the game (Learning to glide, run then jump etc). Unlike the first, which was battling towards more enemy than good. Also, there seemed to be more of an adventure through the levels in this game. They all amuse you for a long time, especially THIS! I don't remember how far i got on this game as it has been ages since i have played it, BUT out of all i would definitely buy 'Gateway to glimmer' before any of the others.
Play it and you will see why!
Kids will definitely not have problem in playing this either as its not too hard.
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on 1 September 2009
What a classic! For those of who you, like me, prefer the 'gentler' games, where minimal fighting and bloodshed are involved, definitely opt for this. Mini challenges, fun scenery and adorable enemies make this game great for those who want to play an enjoyable game without having to permanently be in fight mode. Spyro 1 lacks the qualiy of this game - granted the effects are typical 90s smudginess compared to today's high quality graphics, but it offers great entertainment and interesting mini challenges. Players of all ages will love this - I had it bought for me when I was 12 (I'm 23 now) but I regard this as one of the great fun classics. Something simple yet with a lot of excitement swirled in.
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on 4 June 2009
I love this game as much as Spyro's first.I remember when I first completed the game and saw the credits at the end, I thought NO!!! It can't be over - I am enjoying this too much! But luckily they take you to the dragon shores and you can go on the rollercoaster to pop all the balloons. You get to swim under water which is great, you can hover at the end of your glide and there are also more characters like The Professor, Hunter the Cheetah and Elora the Faun to talk to. Spyro's mission this time is to free Avalar from Ripto an evil sorcerer. The challenges are fun, the music is created by stuart copeland again, and the graphics are good.
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