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4.4 out of 5 stars128
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2003
We've seen it before (WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE) and since (YOU HAVE MAIL), but Meg Ryan is indisputably The Right One for this cutesy-yet-not-too-slushy romantic comedy lark ... although the even lovelier Sandra Bullock (WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING) can do it, too ...!
Aviophobic bride-to-be Kate (Meg Ryan) is enthusiastically preparing for the lavish wedding when her fiancé flies off to Paris on a medical conference ... only to 'phone-in a few days later with the startling announcement that Kate should cease wedding arrangements forthwith as ... he has fallen in love with a Frenchwoman. Disbelievingly, Kate faces her mortal fear of flying to get to Paris and shake him out of his infatuation. On the aeroplane she sits next to petty thief Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline - Gérard Dépardieu declined the rôle). Exchanging stereotypical national dislikes, it is hate at first sight.
Or is it ...? Ryan is ever-cuddly and ever-so-slightly-ditzy, whilst Kline is perfectly-accented and stubbled, oozing a pretty darn convincing Gallic charm. Kate's rebuttals by the Georges Cinq's stoic Concièrge - she puts down 100 Francs as a bribe; he simply takes it - are a treat. And so is her animated air-fighting following the theft of her luggage - "Oh man ... ma stuff, man ..." Almost as a fil rouge, Kate's wanderings through the City of Light include constantly not seeing the Eiffel Tower ... until she is on a train leaving Paris.
Kate's earlier opinion of loser Luc turns via promiscuous rascal to grudging respect upon discovering that he is, in fact, a Man With A Plan, from a background in fine wine - that moment is quite poignant ... Hovering in the background is avuncular detective-sergeant Jean (Léon) Réno who is aware of Luc's family history as well as his current jewellery-smuggling, but who owes Luc a never-fully-explained life debt. It is he who actually rescues the mis-matched couple ...
Anybody who says "They don't make 'em like they used to ..." should swallow those ill-chosen words as the 1990s have produced endearing romantic comedies to counter the numerous over-the-top petroleum-jelly & mayhem Action Blockbusters. FRENCH KISS may be a trifle formulaic, but its superbly-nostalgic soundtrack - Charles Trenet's rendition of Verlaine's 'Blesse mon coeur' is wonderfully evocative of an autumn stroll in Paris - and the fine interaction between Ryan and Kline help make this one of the more memorable and heartwarming feel-good films of the decade.
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on 15 February 2004
This is Meg Ryan at her best, playing a neurotic woman, jilted by her fiance - hence she sets out to Paris to get him back. I have to say though that Kevin Kline makes this film for me!! He is just brilliant and very convincing as frenchman Luc, who uses Kate (Ryan) as a unknowing carrier for his stolen goods from Canada to Paris. He pretends to help her when she becomes a victim of another thief, but along the way falls in love with her, at the same time as he makes her realise how uptight she has always been, thus emerges a new Kate. This is a lovely comical romance, and just watchable again and again!
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on 10 January 2002
Excellent romantic comedy. Meg Ryan's fiancee (Tim Hutton) flies from Canada to Paris to a medical conference, meets and falls in love with another woman. Meg conquers her fear of flying and sets off in hot pursuit, to be helped but also deceived by small time con-man Kevin Kline. Arriving in Paris, Meg's belongings are stolen and she finds herself stateless and penniless. Kline offers to help her retrieve her love as the action moves to the Cote d'Azur, purused by the French police in the form of Jean Reno.
Beautiful locations, some very funny moments and pleasant characters. enjoy it. Kline does overact a bit, but don't let that spoil it.
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French Kiss is an easy viewing, romantic comedy. With Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline and Jean Reno, it has brilliant casting. Throw in a backdrop of Paris and the French countryside, a cops and robbers type back-story, chase sequences, slapstick (not to mention Kevin Kline overacting brilliantly) etc, it really has a bit of everything.

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Kate (Meg Ryan) and Charlie (Timothy Hutton) are engaged and even have a house in mind. However Charlie has to go to a medical convention in Paris. Kate is afraid of flying so she stays home in her newly adopted country, Canada; that is until Charlie finds a French goddess (Susan Anbeh) and calls the whole thing off. Kate won't stand for this and gets up the courage to fly. On her way, she meets an obnoxious Frenchman Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline). Little does she realize that their paths will cross again and again.

As in the movie "Boys' Night Out (1962) with Kim Novak", Kate, Charlie, and Luc, only know what they are supposed to want in life. They pursue their wants until they find that they really want something different than they were supposed to want. That is a lot of wants.

Lots of action, one-liners and great music (French Kiss: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.) I notice that all the time Kate is in Paris that she just misses seeing the Eiffel Tower by a few seconds. She does find an Eiffel Tower souvenir that reminds her of Luc.

Everyone is perfect for the part. I would almost thing that Kevin Kline was French. Laurent Spielvogel plays the Concierge and has the attitude that Johnny Carson always says the French have. Even Jean Reno (birth (location) Casablanca, Morocco) seems exceedingly French.

Boys' Night Out [VHS]
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on 10 May 2015
Good Movie which treads a fairly well worn path,particularly with Meg Ryan in the lead part,but still offering a great deal of charm and interest as she overcomes misfortune and adversity,and eventually finds,and secures,the love of her life. The storyline is pretty average,just about believable,but the locations in France enhance the watchability of the movie,and Kevin Kline,as the eventual Mr Right is quite a surprise. I wasn't even sure that the scruffy,long haired,unwashed Frenchman I was looking at,was actually him until about a third of the way through the film.and its worth watching just to see him in this unusual role.
The ending is good,if you can really see our Meg,planted in an old vineyard,somewhere in the middle of rural France,but don't be put off,the movie is pleasant to watch,and the feel good factor is spot on,as our lovers walk off into a golden,leafy sunset!
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on 3 June 2009
This is my one of my favourite comedy films. Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline really shine throughout this movie.
Meg's character Kate thinks that she has a happy future with her boyfriend Charlie but, things don't go the way Kate wants them. Kate meets in the Airplane a man (Kevin Kline) named Luc who is a thief and maybe a hindrance or an ally for Kate in the long run.
I won't spoil the film especially if you have not seen this fantastically funny film.
I absolutely adored Kevin Kline as Luc plus, Kevin's French accent was spot on. Meg Ryan is also very adorable in this movie. This film also has the actor Jean Reno who is another great actor and for which he is great in this.
I give this film 10/10 as this film made me laugh plus, the scenery is absolutely beautiful to look at too.
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on 15 July 2015
The film is great. It's a very simple transfer, sadly the French spoken lines are not subtitled on this edition and the only way to get them up is to switch on subtitles for the whole film. Rating is for the disc set up not the film itself
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on 29 August 2009
I like both Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline and although it is an old film by now, it still gives me few chuckles. It's easy to work out the storyline, but a nice easy to watch film all the same.
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on 30 March 2008
I really enjoyed this film. Like a good French meal, the flavours build up in subtle beguiling layers. Great setting of Paris and an irresistible combination of sexy, French, laid back hero and uptight, American heroine. This combo has been done before in Green Card, but the plot here is completely different and has a fresh feel to it. The friction between the characters unfolds beautifully into frisson and then passion thru the conduit of the accidental kiss. Having already heard the characters respective opinions on kissing, this is quite enchanting.

Initially, we come to know Kate's (Meg Ryan) story in a light comical fashion. We are then taken thru a train journey into Luc's (a very convincing Kevin Kline) story. This is a sensual delight. A feast first for the palate in the description of cheeses, then for the eyes in the stunning landscapes, for the nose in the exploration of wines and of course for the heart as everything is bought to a satisfying finish with an unexpected twist before the final flourish.

With all the wonderful comic touches along the way, and the great soundtrack I would recommend this DVD for a great night in, or in my case as I have already watched it many times, lots of great nights in. Worth buying.
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