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4.2 out of 5 stars272
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 January 2005
The new DualShock 2 the only controller your PS2 will ever need.
So seen the cheap controllers going for a fiver in your local videogame store(these only last for five minutes or until both your thumbs are covered in sores)and the Sony controller next to them. Don't think twice BUY SONY!!.
If your familiar with the best games console, the Sony PS2 then you'll need to become familiar with the best pad, the new DualShock 2 controller takes the DualShock to the next level. The PS2 controller is far easier to use than the GameCube controller which is comfy but it's hard to reach all those buttons and also the Xbox controller which is just a plastic brick. The DualShock is fantastic you can reach all the buttons at all times.
The DualShock 2 is great featuring pressure sensitive keys and analog sticks. It is also the best looking controller around and may I say again !Fits straight into your handS! It is also of an immense quality, I bought one with my PS2 2 years ago AND ITS STILL WORKING FINE.
Well Done Sony!
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on 27 July 2004
The dualshock2 controller is identical to the orgininal dualshock, which was a favourite among gamers, apart from colour and the analogue feature.
This feature measures how hard you press a button. This is particually useful in driving games, pushing the accelerator button down hard will mean you "floor it" and speed off. While presing the same button lightly will mean you accelerate at a more relaxed pace.
I've had two dual shocks for over 4 years now, and if i'm totally hounest, I don't treat them very well. They go flying accross rooms in frustration quite often, yet have still worked fine to this day.
All the buttons are easily accesible and the controller is comfy for hands of all sizes. Which is more than I can say for the XBOX and Gamecube contollers.
If you are looking to replace your current PS2 controller, or want to purchase more for multiplayer fun with friends and family, I would reccomend no other controller. Except no immitations and go with the official and best.
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on 15 March 2004
This one i bought should be my 3rd official sony PS2 dual shock 2 controller. I had the first one which came with the PS2 whick broke in the first six months of having it. Then i bought my second one which lasted me until now. Im buying my third one as i need a second player and i think NO other PS2 controller works as good and easy as the official one. I also think that sony deliberatley made the bundled controller cheap so you can buy more!!! I have been through 3 un-official controllers. Two of them broke, the buttons got packed in early. the third on is MIA but it works good.
The best idea i reckon compared to the dual shock 1 controller are the following:
-Pressure sensetive buttons
-Longer lasting analouge sticks
-Thinner cable
-Longer cable (only by about 1ft)
-More stroger plugs for people who like to tug on the cable
-Plug looks more sleek
-Alot lighter then the dual shock 1
-Better rumble to feel the trigger moments...
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on 5 April 2002
This controller is simply the best! It may be tempting to buy a cheaper controller but it will NOT match this for quality or gaming experience. The controller has the same design as the Psx controller which is a good thing but this adds another dimension to the actual experience of this superb console. The buttons are pressure sensitive which means that, for example, if you lightly make contact with the button your character will walk, if you press it, he will jog and if you hold it down fully, he will run. This controller also feels more powerful in the ways of the Dualshock mechanism. It gives a much more powerful jolt and it seems to fill your hand better than the old Psx controller. I have two of these and I would never switch to another controller. If one broke, I would have no hesitation but to go out and buy another one. But hey, this is a Sony product, it has build quality of a Bomb Shelter and if you are looking for a good quality, solid controller then this is the product for you. Go get it NOW!
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on 12 February 2005
feels good to use when playing, good control and buttons click quickly and easily. seems better than the one that comes with the ps2 itself!
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on 2 October 2011
The Dual Shock 2 controller is the official Playstation controller for PS2. It comes in a variey of colours, including the funky transparent variety, although the ones we own are the silver and the black versions. The right hand side of the controller has the "action" buttons, square, triangle, circle and cross, which have a variety of uses, depending on which game you are playing. On the left hand side there are manual directional buttons. Beneath these controls there are two analogue sticks, which have a slightly rubbery feel, and offer you a different way to control your character on screen. In addition to these controls, there are four buttons on the top of the controller, L 1 and 2 and R 1 and 2, which provide a variety of functions, usualy firing weapons, or increasing speed in games. In the centre of the controller there are Select, Start and Analog buttons. The controller has two solenoids, which rumble independently, creating a more realistic gaming experience.

The controller has a generous length of cable connecting it to the console, about 8ft in all, which means you can comfortably sit on your sofa and play games on the PS2, without having to rearrange the room. The buttons have a nice smooth feel, and the controller feels comfortable to handle. I can play games for a few hours without feeling strain in my hands and wrists, and the controllers are light and suitable for young fingers too. My kids have been using these since they were 3! Another advantage of these controllers is that they can register the amount of pressure as well as the duration, giving better feedback during a game, and a more realistic experience.

I must admit that I have noticed a big difference in quality between the official Dual Shock controllers and the cheaper versions, mainly in how long the actual product lasts. In our house, these controllers get a real pounding, especially on football and racing games, and usually the first signs of wear start at the section where the controller and the wire meet, as this section can become frayed and the wires exposed. I must say, this has not been a problem with the official Dualshock version. Also, In cheaper controllers, the buttons tend to cave in and the analogue sticks can break off, again, not a problem I have had with the Dualshock 2.

These controllers used to cost about £20, which is a bit pricey when you want more than one, but costs are slowly coming down. It is well worth investing in these as opposed to the imitations, as one of these will last about 3 years, whereas cheaper ones won't last a year, so based on the cost over the lifetime of the controller, these are better value. As a family, we tend to play a lot of games together using the multi tap, and the Dual shock controllers work just fine when plugged into this product too.

Sometimes you can cut costs and save money, but this is a well made quality product which is a joy to use, simple to pick up and really is a lot better than it's competitors. The original and best.
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on 2 April 2012
I've only recently purchased a ps2 for the first time (yes, I know, over a decade late!) and it unfortunately arrived with no controllers. I'm a stickler for official merchandise so picked up the sony official ps2 dulashock 2 controller from a marketplace seller and it was promptly delivered and put to good use.

It's a brilliant product, perfectly weighted and very comfortable and the build just oozes quality.

For only £14 brand new/boxed it really is worth going for the official controller.

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on 7 August 2013
Bought this a few weeks ago, finally got round to using it today (it was for multi-player) and found it to be broken. The L1 and R2 buttons don't work, and neither doies the X button. Very poor
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on 19 February 2014
the good parts

it is an official play station 2 controller (not a cheapo rip off)

it works which is most important

all buttons and analogue sticks work nicely.

price for the controller was good (bought from zerverstock)

the bad parts

it did take quite a while for it to be delivered (but hey it was worth the wait)

bottom left side of the handle had a very small crack and chip (but to be fair that could have happened during the delivery
process where a few bumps may have occurred. for people who buy this controller, you might get this in better condition. the crack and chip for me is no problem what so ever.)

was just a little bit dirty. it would have been nice if the previous user had cleaned it up a bit more.

details on the controllers condition was set as "very good". if it wasn't for the small crack and chip including it being a little dirty
I would have agreed. however in my opinion i would state in the condition of "good".

overall i got this for a good price and it is working nicely which is the main part. so i would say if you want to get a play station 2 controller then definitely get one from here.

hope this is useful.
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on 7 June 2014
I was happy with the purchase but after only a couple of weeks the l2 and r2 buttons have stopped working which has annoyed me as was supposed to be fully working!!
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