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4.4 out of 5 stars98
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 January 2014
First off i pre-ordered this from dvd world usa and have received my copy early.

This US disc is region free so uk fans buy with confidence.

The film is presented in 1.78.1 according to imdb the films original aspect ratio is 1.85.1 so don't know why that wasn't used for this blu ray.

PQ is very good vibrant colours and a clear picture that looks like it has been re-mastered.
I have death wish on dvd and the blu-ray was worth the upgrade.


Special features are poor just a theatrical trailer.

If you are a fan of this movie and own the sequels on blu-ray then this disc is worth importing.
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on 20 October 2007
Due to this films rubbish sequels(each one worse than the last)critics seem to tarnish it with the same brush. If your new to this film ignore the critics and go buy. Its the gripping and sometimes disturbing story of Paul Kersey who turns vigilante after his wife is killed and his daughter raped by low life scum who break into his house. This is one of the first films(if not the first)of its kind and also one of the most underated movies of the seventies. Even though it does seem a little dated now. Charles Bronson is on top form as Kersey. Also to my knowledge this is the first time the film is available in its uncut version on either dvd or video.
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on 28 February 2015
I'm big fan of the Charles bronson films especially Death wish
really Good Action thriller brilliantly Directed by Michael winner who passed away 2 years ago now

the first dvd release of Death wish was barebones anyway, no extras
well Paramount finally Decide to release the film on blu-ray, but again no new special features which i think is insulting
to Death wish fans like myself
so for Paramount to advertise this blu-ray as 40th Anniversary edition is Disgusting & insulting
how can it be called 40th Anniversary edition when there's no new extras anyway, makes no sense
at least Paramount could've produced a new Documentary about Charles bronson's life
or about his films including Deathwish
which would have interviews with other Actors or filmmakers that have been influenced by Charles bronson or Michael winner
they could've added this Doco to this blu-ray version, i've seen similiar Documentaries about Charles bronson on youtube
so these retrospect Doco's do exist
but no of course Paramount studios are not going to bother with it

i do have some positive comments to say about the picture quality
the new HD transfer does look Good nice, clean transfer, better than the old dvd release from 10 years ago
the sound quality is average, only a 5.1 Master audio mix which is Good but not excellent
Disgusting effort by paramount for sure should not be advertised as 40th Anniversary edition
2 stars i give this insulting blu-ray release mainly cause no new extras, nothing really.
it's only worth 1 pound
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Despite switching the emphasis around entirely from the novel's argument that vigilantes = bad to vigilantes = f---ing great, the first Death Wish is a surprisingly pretty decent film, if only because Michael Winner still had enough ability to hire a crew and cast who knew what they were doing to make him look good. It's a shame that at a fairly late date new producer Dino De Laurentiis took over the project and changed his mind about the direction the film would take, though: it was written originally for Sidney Lumet and Jack Lemmon and was more like a middle class version of Taxi Driver, the anti-hero's vigilantism descending into indiscriminate killing of anyone he doesn't like the look of that's just as bad as the lowlives he stalks. Unfortunately Winner happened to be reading the novel and described the plot to Bronson on the way back from the set of The Stone Killer.

"I'd like to do that," said Bronson.
"What, make a movie of the book?"
"No, shoot muggers."

The rest is history. To be fair, Bronson makes a decent stab at playing a bleeding heart liberal architect (the character hadn't yet undergone his metamorphosis into a gun-toting Superman), but whereas with Lemmon there would have been some surprise when his frustrated everyman killed, here it's more of a surprise that it takes Bronson so long to get down to it (the movie is nearly half over before his killing spree begins). And whereas Lumet would have drawn out the moral ambiguities, Winner just takes the story at face value and delivers what ends up as an efficient violent urban wish-fulfilment fantasy. On that level it delivers pretty well, tapping into both the urban frustration of the early 70s when society seemed to be in terminal decline as well as the frontier mentality that plays such a part in America's gun culture. It's a shame the film doesn't make more of the game of cat-and-mouse between Bronson and Vincent Gardenia's detective towards the end of the film after the vigilante's identity has been uncovered, but it's still a smarter and more emotionally honest film than it's sequels (check out Bronson's reaction of fear and self-disgust when he confronts his first mugger). It also offers a chance to see early performances by Jeff Goldblum (as one of the rapists), Olympia Dukakis and Christopher Guest, though it's a shame Herbie Hancock's score isn't a little more restrained at times.

Paramount's Region 1 DVD is a decent uncut widescren transfer and, unlike their UK DVD, includes the theatrical trailer
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on 24 February 2012
This 2012 release of Death Wish II is the pre-cut R-Rated version. It was pre-cut by the American distributors to avoid the dreaded adult rating (X at that time), therefore the rape scenes have been heavily cut (not as much as in the previous UK versions, though) and Carol's demise has been shortened.
The BBFC imposed no further cuts to this version. Whether or not this is an improvement to the previous UK versions depends whether you prefer to see more of the rape or a few seconds or gore. Personally I prefer the gore.
The best choice still is the rare unrated Dutch version (CAUTION: Only the Tri-Star/Columbia version is fully UNcut, all MGM releases feature the R-Rated print).

The R-rated DEATH WISH 2 is still an outstanding movie - hence 5 stars - the additional scenes of rape are overacted and as intense as in I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, and it well deserves its 18 Certificate.
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Michael Winner once again pushes the buttons of Hollywood with this sequel to his controversial hit, Death Wish. Plot follows a familiar trajectory, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is now in Los Angeles living a normal life, when wouldn't you know it, some scumbag youths cross his path after administering some rape and pillage on folk close to him...

The problem here, and the reason why some critics positively burst blood vessels after watching it, is that for the first half it just is pure exploitation, this in spite of some decent production value. Did it really need to be another sex crime? Could it not have been a murder et al? There gets a point in the film where you sense it's boobs for boobs sake. Though you have to wonder if Winner dared to ask Chuck and Jill Ireland (playing girlfriend of Chuck...) if Jill would do a nude scene? I think a broken nose may have come about if that subject had of been broached...

Once Kersey (Bronson hard as nails again) goes about dealing out his brand of justice, the film hits its straps, teasing the viewers with moral - cum - ethical outrage or conversely, vicarious thinking. Vigilante films are always going to swim in tricky waters, provoking anger and heated debate from all walks of the political spectrum, but better to have them out there to provoke a response than not. Surely?

There is nothing remotely high end here, but it's a film worthy of its above average rating on IMDb. It can shock, annoy, dismay and even induce unintentional mirth (three of the rapist thugs dance the campiest dance ever), but it will not be ignored and people are still seeking it out today to watch for the first time. Michael Winner still showing the ability to pique interest with his vigilante franchise. 6.5/10
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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2012
Michael Winner's always been a controversial character, and here he doesn't disappoint, with his sharp, aggressive and rather sick look at crime, it's victims and the vigilantes which it attracts.

Paul Kersey thought life was back on track - after leaving LA he thought everything would settle down. How wrong he was, after a petty crime while out with his family, he re-lives the worst moments of his past, with even bigger nuisances to stomach this time round.

Although Michael Winner's trying to be deliberately shocking, in some ways I find him making valid points; there are nasty people out there just trying to ruin people's lives. The important thing to know here is that vigilantism isn't always worthy - or right, and even though Winner's work doesn't push you either way, you do get the idea that, with the religious connotations (all those religious places near his hideout) that there is some sort of conscientious questioning of an eye for an eye here.

Charles Bronson is great in this, and does show a moody - Rambo-like attitude you'd expect from this genre. I did feel though, that Jill Ireland was a bit 70's with the over-acted family acting you saw on "Little House On The Prairie" which seems dated now.

A lot of talk has been surrounding these DVDs - although not completely uncut, they are enough for me thank you. I'm not the type to enjoy gratuitous violence of any type. I don't really feel it needed more, you get the gist, and that is probably enough for anyone to form an opinion on the situation, and why Paul gets involved in sorting this out without the police's intervention.

Not a bad film, don't think I'd watch it many more times though, a curiosity film for sure.
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Death Wish. What a film. This film rode the tide of admiration for vigilante action against the ones that seem to avoid justice or just plain slip through the cracks. When Paul Kersey's (Bronson) wife and daughter are attacked in their own home, beaten and sexual assaulted by a gang of low life scum, the police and the courts offer no justice. Later after learning to shoot and ditching his liberal values Kersey takes to the streets to dispense some real justice!
Now this sure does raise some interesting moral questions, but lets face it, we all back Bronson/Kersey, and maybe even secretly admire his actions, at least to some extent. We know that what he does is wrong, but the 'thrill' of revenge and harsh punishment dealt out to criminals sure carries a hell of a punch. You may be surprised just how relevant and fresh the issues are to modern Britain now. Time to remind yourself just how important a film this is.
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on 18 December 2003
'Death Wish'. The title really sums up the whole film, and how violent its going to be. Thats not a problem though as this is a great film and by now is definately, in my eyes if no one elses, an all time classic.
It stars Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey who turns from a normal everyday man to an urban vigilante who deals out some real justice after his wife is murdered and his daughter-in-law is raped by some thugs.
The acting in this film is great, especially from Charles Bronson, who really shows the emotions of Kersey well, and as i'm sure you already know, the audience, (well me anyway) have no trouble believing that Paul Kersey could really do such a thing because how can they not when Bronson is playing the role.
In total there are four sequels following on from this one which i will be honest about and say that i have never seen them despite my liking of the original. Its not that i don't want to see them, its just that they are quite hard to find.
So, if you are a fan of Charles Bronson then you simply must buy this film, if you are not a fan of Charles Bronson, then still by this film and by the end of it you probably will find that you have become a fan.
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on 8 July 2014
Famous film with Charles Bronson, first one from the Death Wish series and one of the best. Picture is fantastic on blu-ray and worth the upgrade. I got the US import as uncut, if you have not seen the film then you need to as it is one of the best vigilante films ever made, pretty violent and is still relevant today.
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