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4.0 out of 5 stars74
4.0 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
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on 13 August 2001
Tekken Tag Tournament is Tekken 3 plus the novel "Tag" option and is Namco's first attempt at a PS2 conversion of their massively popular "beat-em-up" Tekken series.
The game plot itself is your average run of the mill "whack everything in sight as fast as possible" fight simulator. What sets TTT apart is the astonishing graphics, depth of character moves, pounding sound track and tonnes of added extras!
Game play is aimed at the "real-deal game heads" that have astonishingly good hand-eye co-ordination and infinite patience when figuring out special moves. There isn't too much for anyone to work out in terms of moves which, initially I found a little disappointing. Experimenting in the Practice mode I soon discovered a whole host of combo-moves and throws that, whilst extolling unadulterated violence across your TV screen, offer serious amounts of pleasure as your opponents crash to ground accompanied by groans and wails! What I am saying? Yes, I was hooked! I normally prefer a more cerebral challenge and thus I realise I will never complete Time Challenge in under 5 minutes or win 25+ rounds on Survival but I must say I do thoroughly enjoy a couple of rounds with TTT to let off a bit of steam occasionally.
The usual suspects line up in TTT plus Unknown, a female that usurps other players' styles and acts primarily as an end-of game boss. The twist to TTT is the Tag element that allows the player to select two players (or more in Team Battles!) and alternate throughout the fights. As battle commences the sumptuously drawn background is alive with various on-lookers wandering around. Some on-lookers get quite excited, especially in the School Locale, and you can sometimes get a serious pummelling as your eyes absorb the excellent detail in every scene. The music booms out some cracking good tunes that if you are not careful you catch yourself humming at work the next day. You have been warned! I don't need to describe too much about the game play itself but be prepared for sore thumbs and massive sulking sessions in the kitchen after you get another mighty kicking from that great lug, Ogre or even worse the skinny chick, Michelle!?! Apologies female readers but you can have your revenge on this reviewer by whacking Jin or Law whom I normally play and thinking of this review. Having bought TTT you will play the game and then come back for more and keep coming back indefinitely, I promise.
You need ferocious hand-eye co-ordination to really progress in TTT although Arcade Mode always offers the chance to "Continue?" I must confess that I have on occasion been known to utter expletives and throw down the Joy Pad complaining bitterly that the CPU has "cheated" but normally return, shame-faced, when my girlfriend posts yet another "Fastest Time" in Time Attack Mode or "Greatest Survivors" in Survival Mode. These two modes offer gamers the opportunity to show the world just how sad they are by recording the best efforts! Having said this however; I am extremely jealous of people that go fast than 9 minutes in Time Attack and cannot believe anyone could do more than 12 wins in row on Survival! Other Modes include Arcade, 1 On 1 and Team Battles allowing up to 4 players with Multi-Tap converters.
Secrets are unlocked throughout the game and there is FMV by the CD full after completing Arcade with each character. Watch out for Forrest Law but be prepared to wince as FMV shows him warming up with his mate, Paul. Ouch! Tekken Bowl also becomes available which offers a reasonable diversion from knocking lumps out of each other. Characters that were moments earlier running across each other and stamping at heads are now teamed together to fire in the Strikes and Spares. Tables of character utilisation, clever clogs Survivors and big head Time Attackers compliment the usual tuning screens for adjusting anything from match duration and round counts to screen position. TTT is a brilliantly programmed and beautifully crafted game that is playable by all, from the "game-heads" that make real-life fighter pilots look like snails to the more ponderous of us with the "crash bang wallop" just waiting to get out from their subconscious.
Overall, although not radically different from Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament offers gamers a truly intense "Beat 'Em Up" second to no other on the PlayStation 2. I personally cannot wait for Tekken 4 having been converted to this form of game in a big way although I am sure my Joy Pad may not agree as it goes crashing across the floor after the CPU "cheats" again ...
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on 12 September 2002
This is by far the best of the Tekken series upto to now. With the iminent release of T4 coming up, this may change, but still this is a great game. First off, the graphics are by far the best I've seen of any fighting game to this day.
The gameplay is so addictive, I just can't stop playing it, even after nearly a years worth of play. To be honest I never thought I'd be captivated by this game as I have. If you liked the other Tekken games, it's a new challenge to incorporate the new tactics that tagging has to offer into you arsenal. The 'special tag' features are also a cool addition that didn't need to be added but was just for some extra fun. Definately a classic, that will still be played years from now!
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on 5 May 2004
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken. Most of us will recognise that name to be the name one of the best fighting games of the Playstation series. From Tekken to Tekken 4, they have been getting better all the time. However, until now they have all been repetitive with only slight differences in the actual gameplay that drew us to these games in the first place, but then, after the highly successful Tekken 3. Namco decided to offer us something new, Tekken Tag Tournament. Being one of the first PS2 games to hit the shelves Tekken Tag leaped off the shelves into our hands quite happily.
Many fighting games have tried the tagging element but none have quite succeeded like Tekken Tag. The tag feature in this game is what it's all about, hence the title. You are no longer a single fighter like in previous games. You are no longer doomed to humiliating defeats when your life gauge runs low. Your chance of victory entirely remains on your partner. While one character fights, the partner will slowly fill up their life gauge again. This means the rounds can be a lot longer, and more about endurance.
All the characters from the pre-Tekken Tag Tournament games (minus a few) will be reunited giving you the biggest character selection yet. Sadly there are very few new moves to perform, except for the difficult to master Tag moves that can be performed by special tag partners. For example Paul and Law work very well together in a team.
The graphics aren't too great seeing as more was expected since the last Tekken games, the graphic style is very similar to Tekken 3. However this doesn't stop the fluent combos from looking any less impressive.
There isn't really a storyline. How can you explain the reappearance of characters that have completely disappeared along with others in the extensive storyline of Tekken. However the gameplay will make up for this and with the new mini-game Tekken Bowling how can a storyline ever develop?
The multiplayer feature really shines in Tekken Tag. Not only can you play against a friend but now with a friend as your tag partner. Along with this new feature, Pair Play will even allow you to play with a multitap giving you four players. Two on each side!
To complete the game it will be very similar to recent games in the series. Enter the Iron Fist Tournament and win. How simple is that? However doing this over and over again won't really appeal to you and to be able to enjoy an afterlife of this classic title you will need a friend at the other end of controller slot 2 to feel the magic that is Tekken Tag Tournament.
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on 6 February 2001
Ok, so its just the same as Tekken 3, right? Wrong.Tekken Tag Tournament is superior in every way. With added moves, mind-blowing graphics, end movies, a fantastic tag option, and other treats, it is not a game to be missed. If yoou own T3, then some would suggest to wait for T4, and buy the likes of SSX and TimeSplitters, and this is healthy advice. However, I really don't think buying TTT is a regretable choice. If you have the dedication to learn all the moves''combos'n'throws, then the satisfaction you'll get will be worth every penny.
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on 26 November 2000
You have got to buy this game! this has got to be THE BEST ps2 game which is due to be launched this year. if you want a game then this is the one that you must buy first. with its superb graphics and the way that it flows across your screen with movie like animations this tekken is the best!!!!!!!!
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on 12 November 2000
One of the best games ever made by any games company!! Jin,Kazuya and all your others favourites are back. You can also create some of the best tag teams ever like Heihachi and Jin. New Moves, New Area's Some new characters 1 million out of 1 million Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 2 April 2001
How can anyone fault Tekken Tag? This really is the greatest fighting game you will play. You WILL get blistered thumbs. There are endless combinations and moves to learn. The music and backgrounds are some of the most detailed and the gameplay is smooth and logical. If you are a Tekken fan you will love playing the old characters in improved format and if you hate fighting games this will convert you. *Even beginers will can have fun randomly thrashing the keypad and launching unexpected attacks that will make skilled players hate you.* It's all down to opinion but if I could take one game to a desert island this would be it. Hey, I'd pack this over a First Aid kit and die happy.
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on 11 December 2001
Tekken Tag is the king of fighting games,with
it's superb graphics, an amazing soundtrack and people who hate fighting games are going to be completely converted after playing this!!!!
Even beginners who are just trying out the controls make you KO in two seconds with some super, unexpected moves and it's wonderful to find the characters of the first Tekken series back!!!!!!
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on 29 December 2000
TTT is Tekken 3 in new shiny 3D clothes, and the moves are the same, but if you are after a pure fighting game for the PS2 then this is it. The graphics are polished, the gameplay is superb, however it is Tekken 3 in it's Sunday best. If you already own Tekken 3 only buy this is if you really love the series, but if you don't own Tekken 3 and you enjoy fighting games then this is an essential buy. SFX3 and DOA2 are very much the poor relation in this genre, if you want a good beat em up then go for TTT.
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on 27 November 2000
Tekken 1,2,3 were all great games and were the gamrs to beat on the playstation 1. Now its back with over 30 characters and an all new tag feature wich was never seen in its early realease on the ps1. Tekken ofers over 1,500 moves and with each chracter having there own uniqe moves. One problem about tekken is that it realy is tekken 3 with one new character a few more moves and better graphics but lovers of the game will still love this and even if your not the bigist fan of the series, it will still entertain you alot. Unfortunaly Tekken haters will not change there views on the game after playing it. Tekken is easy to pick up but very hard to master. there are story lines to each character and each one is given a end game little movie. Tekken has been one of the biggest selling games since the launch of the great console and will certainly be one of the biggest selling for christmas
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