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3.9 out of 5 stars30
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2001
This game is a big disappointment. Whilst it's true that there are far more species of dinos to kill, they are easier to kill and there are more of them - this is at the expense of game play. The first DC was great because there were a lot of puzzles to solve, some of them pretty difficult which combined perfectly with the "shoot anything that moves" part of the game.
DC2 is way to over the top - there are now so many dinos that it just becomes annoying when they appear constantly en masse, especially as they are so quickly and easily killed.
The puzzles have gone completley. Instead of re-wiring circuitry to open a door, (as in the first one) you now just wander round until you find the key laying on the floor. Instead of scribbling down passwords, key codes, identity numbers, you know just keep your finger on the trigger of some ridiculously enormous weapons and keep (yawn) firing.
Part of the skill of playing the original was to use ammo and recovery items carefully because once you emptied a box - that was it. Now, as long as you have the points, you can spend the entire game as some sort of mobile nuclear power-station, with unlimited ammo and recovery items available from the "shops".
The lack of puzzles and all-round head-scratching means that the game can be completed in just over five hours - leaving your brain feeling bored and your firing thumb feeling sore.
As a dino shoot 'em up - it's great - bags of ammo, loads of weapons and hundreds of dinos. But as a sequel to Dino Crisis - it's disappointing to say the least.
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on 1 April 2003
Arguably the best survival horror on PS1. Improves on the original in almost every way. If you like to be in the thick of it in your survival horror then this is the game for you. The main problem with the original was that there simply werent enough dinosaurs. In this sequel you'll be fending them off from all angles. A good mixture of the usual exploring and puzzle solving and some nice 'shooting from a truck' levels. Essential.
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on 28 March 2001
After buying the original i had to buy this! Dino Crisis was really resident evil but with dinosaurs instead of zombies! Not scary it was too intense and action filled to be scary! I must say i prefer games that are weird and creepy! The original was still a classic!
When the sequel came out i went and bought it! The game started of similar to the original, a remake of resident evil but better. Until the storyline started to build up. It was strange and even slightly eerie and creepy in places! I would say it was a mix of the first, resident evil and silent hill! The jungle scenes and music were eerie so were the scenes underwater. They were much more dinosaurs and weapons than the first game!
So why dont i give it 5***** instead of 4****? Well it was action filled, full of great cut-scenes,(the one's with the t-rex were especially nail biting)! There was one flaw like they are in all great games. This one unfortunately stood out.
It was very short! There was so much that could have been added! The last scene with dillian and his daughter, instead of killing them of they should have made it so the two need to escape in a set time limit. Really it's just a question of why did they do that? Its a shame really, i also wanted to kill the t-rex myself! They were so many intense cut-scenes with the t-rex in it, but in all of them dillian or regina are saved! Why didnt they give us a chance to put up a fight and keep the action intense?
Apart from this unfortunate flaw the game is great! Action filled, intense, eerie and frightening! Unfortunately too easy and would have been better if it was like the first one. This still is an improvement except for the lifespan. Luckily it is worth playing twice through so all is not lost!
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on 28 February 2001
Dino Crisis 2 is markedly different in style to its parent game and to all intents and purposes the changes have been successful. More of an action-orientated adventure than the occasionally hair-pulling puzzlefest of the original, it consists of a series of tense, staccato bursts of fighting interspersed with brief respites when you can stock up weapons, ammo and - most importantly perhaps! - health. The cinematic interludes are well-integrated into the gameplay even if the dialogue and voice characterisations are of the usual, ahem, standard (having said that I profess an admiration for the vocal abilities of the actress portraying Regina). The graphics are well-rendered and the backgrounds - of expanses of wilderness with Triceratops trundling along, jungle thickets, and dilapidated science facilities etc - add to the atmosphere of the game. One or two exciting mini-games spice up the pot somewhat and the underwater sequence at the Third Energy Research Facility is nerve-wracking enough to have left this reviewer with sweaty palms.
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on 30 January 2001
I have to give it to the writers, because this game is amazing. But the only reason I didn't give it five stars was because unlike the first, the puzzles and key cards and numbers to remeber were none exsistent; infact I think I remeber 1, yeah one puzzle throughout the whole game; and even that wasn't a puzzle, you just had to read a journal to get this number you need. I am a regular game player (I only play it usually when I feel like it) and I managed to complete this game in about four and a half to five hours, now the first one took me double that, almost eleven hours!! But the graphics are alot better and certain things like there is more weapons, and you get to be two different people. Also when I completed the first game all I got was a stupid costume change. After eleven hours of play!!! But after five hours I got a cool dino collessium!!! So I hope they do bring out a dino crisis 3, but keep it the same as the second one, but little extras should be added on, like they should make more puzzles, and make it harder.
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on 19 October 2002
One of the best descriptions of Jurassic Park I heard was from a friend of mine who killed it "Aliens Jr", and that's an image that stuck. Imagine my surprise when a few years later I come across a Playstation Game that does that description real justice.
Dino Crisis 2 picks up the plot threads remaining from that game. However the style of the game varies heavily from the prequel, This is a little more like the Resident Evil games (From the same producers), set at a faster pace and heavily dosed up on Adrenaline.
The Plot? The heroine of the first game, Regina, is brought in to consult on a particularly dangerous mission. Experiments first brought to light in the prequel have gone awry once more, but this time rather than bringing a handful of dinosaurs through time, this particular faux-pas has catapulted not only the lab responsible through time, but has dragged along a military base and a small city as well. So, Regina is called in to assist the mission commander, Dylan, as an elite team is sent back to bring back as many survivors as possible.
Of course, it's never that easy. No sooner has the special forces unit set up camp than they are attacked by natives of the time, Velociraptors (Jurassic Park style, hence larger than 'real world' raptors - Closer to Utahraptors for anyone with a paleontological bent). As the survivors think they've beaten off the Raptors a second attack comes, from another familar creature, a T-Rex.
With the setup out of the way, the player takes it in turns to control both Regina and Dylan as they journey between the lab, the base and the city, searching for survivors and trying to find a way to repair their damaged time-travel equipment. The action is presented in a cinematic style, with the three-dimensionally rendered characters travelling through pre-rendered locations, each with a fixed 'camera' viewpoint.
The game itself is a balance between exploration, problem solving and combat. This is a nicely balanced mix, the problems are scaled pretty well, and the combat is usually fast paced, and is often initiated when a dinosaur gets the drop on you.
As you proceed you get to upgrade your weapons and equipment, and explore a prehistoric world, fighting to survive every inch of the way.
In comparison to other survival horror games this fares well, it's faster paced than the Resident Evil games or Alone in the Dark, but there isn't the same sense of foreboding as you'll find in those games. This is not at the expense of the plot though, which is probably richer than any of those games, with little mysteries and twists to keep you involved right up until the powerful climax.
To conclude, this is a visually stunning game, which is action-packed and engaging all at once. With prettier graphics than it's predecessor, a greater variety of opposition and a plot which can keep you on the edge of your seat it's definately the better of the two.
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on 16 November 2000
I bought Dino Crisis 2 from an importer over a month ago. I was well and truly impressed. The sheer improvement over the first game is astonishing. Capcom have spotted all the flaws that lurked in the first game and corrected them. For a start the Dinosaurs are not as hard to kill as in the first game, in the original oyou would pump about fifteen pistol bullets into a velociraptor before it died, in this you shoot them twice and they usually drop instantaneously. Another fault with the origianl was the lack of ammuntion, well like Parasite Eve 2 you can buy weapons, ammunition, health powerups and special items. One of the main complaints was the actual dinosaurs a) there weren't enough, this has been rectified as Raptors and other dinosaurs attack in abundance, sometimes three at once and more jump out of the trees as you pass. b) The lack of variety of Dinosaurs, this has been improved, there are now 13 species of dinosaur, including Dilophosaurus and the recently discovered Gigantosaurus. So no quams there. This is a massive improvement over the original, with such features as being able to hold weapons in two hands, this is the nearest we playstation owners are going to get to Resident Evil Code Veronica
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on 8 September 2014
I enjoyed the first Dino Crisis it had a strong sense of horror and survival, which was pretty much the same as resident evil 1 and 2, however the second Dino Crisis has went through a metamorphosis to differentiate itself from the RE franchise in order to create its own little niche of arcade style third person shooter where the ammo is plenty and there are a lot of dinos to kill along the way, graphically i would compare this to RE3 with environments rendered in real time in great detail for the platform, with little FPS drops and smooth animation of characters and NPCs, the story involves the protagonist from DC1 where here she has a entire town ruled by a variety of dinos, the story does get a little twisty in the first 2 hours of the game so i will not spoil it. Overall, the game is one of the finest it has a much more relaxed feel to it where you don't have to worry about ammo and health since you can buy them from save/shop stations. Its one of the rare games which i find no major negatives with, other than the minor voice acting being quite cheesy at some points but it is still a ride worth taking.
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on 17 January 2001
I think that Dino Crisis 2 has the best graphics I've ever seen on the PSOne, there are even more dinosaurs with even more realistic attacks, new areas to explore and loads more weapons to use, the dinosaurs die more easily and you earn points for each dino you kill, these points can be used to buy guns and ammo. Should be awarded game of the year 2000
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on 6 January 2001
this game is a big dissapointment. when i first heard of the game i couldn't wait for it too come out. now i have it i wish it never existed. it is no way betetr than the first. the intro sequence doesn't explain much. and the ending is soooo crud. the game it'self is not very fun either. unless you like shooting the same dinosours again and again to earn points. the only thing i found that was betetr than the first was the dinosours. there was alot more. the bad thing is that the T-rex wasn't even scary. same with the other big thing that shows up atend the game didn't even make me jump. the game was more action and thats it. at least resident evil 2 managed to have action and able to scare the poop out of you. anyways this game is really bad and it's another sequel that is no better than the first.
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