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4.3 out of 5 stars13
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2000
rage against the machine are one of those bands who after you've heard them the first time, they have already changed your life without you really knowing it. this video sums up what they are all about. following them on their recent tour of mexico with inserts of actual video of their songs and charting their political and muical aims (which zack felt they were not reaching and consequently left the band). a must for all fans and poeple who would like their musical and plitical brains expanding. rage may no longer be as we all recognised, but they are far from over. still banging out the tunes and stading up for what they believe, bands like this do not happen everyday so stand up and join the fight.
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on 2 January 2002
Rage are one of my favourate bands of all, time, I have loved them right since I heard them for the first time. But this DVD doesn't do them justice...
The music is amazing in the DVD. it's Rage's finest hour at performing live, but there is one huge problem...
This problem isn't in the band but in the DVD, as mentioned in someone elses review there is a time lag...
You hear the pounding and enthralling drumming of Brad Wilks but then you see his hands moving after they have been heard, The music is out of sync with the action, it is slightly ahead and very noticable. You see Zack de la Rocha's mouth moving after the words are heard and you see Tom Morello's hands moving after the guitar is heard.
As I said before, this is Rage in their finest hour musical wise but the out of sync in the video makes it a disapointment to watch ! BEWARE !!
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on 3 October 2001
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE rage against the machine, bought the CD's, Seen them live etc etc...and it's because of this that you need to know that although the show it well shot, the music obviously superb, the problem lies in the fact that the DVD is out of sync!
There seems to be a one or two second time lag between the picture/sound which makes the whole event annoyingly unwatchable. you hear Zack's vocal 2 seconds after the words have left his lips.They attempt to go into slo-mo every now and again to be "arty" but it never works.
As well as the spectacularly inept editing, the Gig has been well and truly Censored to protect our delicate little ears from all that swearing.
Imagine what the end of Killing in the name would sound like..... AVOID!
Let's just hope they re form and shoot a better one.
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on 25 February 2001
Rage Against The Machine, from Los Angeles, California, have had a turbulent nine years together. They have fought for the justice of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier, been arrested whilst partaking in rallies, all of the activities you would come to expect from a group of people who care very much about the way the world runs and that justice is given fairly. This view took them to Mexico City. The band are fighting for democracy in Mexico, and this video captures the most energetic show of their career, in Mexico City, hence the name. All of the fans' favourites from the first three albums are there, including Know Your Enemy, Guerilla Radio and Bulls On Parade. The full gig is shown, much to the Rage die-hard's delight! A prolific video that deserves a place on any Rage enthusiasts' shelf.
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on 24 December 2009
Anyone who has been lucky enough to see Rage live will know that they are one of the most exciting bands you are likely to see... This DVD unfortunetly is plagued by a massive problem which ruins my enjoyment of it every time I try to watch it.

I long time ago I borrowed the VHS of this concert from a friend. It was brilliant. The feature perfectly captured Rage delivering a superb live performance. I eagerly purchased the DVD soon after...

The sound on the DVD is excellent throughout as is the picture quality. Unfortunately the sound is out of sync by exactly one beat in the bar throughout the whole of the opening track 'Testify' and remains out of sync for the rest of the DVD. I cannot for the life of me understand how such an enourmous error got through to the final product without somebody noticing the problem and correcting it. If you have the means and the patience to correct this problem yourself with software then I would recommend buying the DVD. Otherwise, I would give it a miss.
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on 22 April 2003
I thought the quality of this DVD was much better than the other self titled live DVD, as for the 'out of sync' problem....i never noticed or even saw it, so it wasnt really a problem. THE only problem i noticed was that they had cut Bullet in the Head out, i've seen the show on MTV2 when they played it, but its no-where to be seen on the DVD which is kind of a let down. Apart from that its got most of their greatest tracks, and they all sound fantastic. This is them at THEIR BEST, you wont be disappointed.
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on 8 October 2006
Another great performance DVD from Rage (Olymipic Auditorium is arguably more essential due to the fact it's their last show and features Renegades songs). The set list is great and the performance is, as usual, phenomenal.

I would argue that the extras are somewhat lacking, but who cares when the show is so good.

In reference to the sync problem, it is only noticable in the first song Testify. I couldnt see any sync problems at any other time in the DVD so dont let that put you off.

However, if you only buy one Rage DVD, make it Olympic Auditorium for a better crowd atmosphere and brilliant extras.
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on 20 August 2008
Outside Mexico City's Sports Pavilion hundreds of young Rage fans rattle metal fences and throw rocks at the increasingly nervous police. Inside, a seething crowd of 5,000 lucky ticket holders cram into the cavernous pavilion chanting anti-government slogans and poking their middle fingers into the thick, sweaty air while waiting for Rage Against The Machine to storm the stage.
One of greatest live acts in music history, Rage only affirms that fact with this show . Whatever club, theater, arena, of stadium they're in, the opening of each Rage Against The Machine show always feels like a grenade has gone off. But this night it was as if a truckful of bombs blew up as the band tore into the opening salvo of "Testify". Fans cascaded toward the stage like rippling waves stopping only to pogo up-and-down like jackhammers.
Longtime supporters of various political causes in Mexico, Rage were perfoming for the very first time in Mexico City. The connection between the audience and the band is electric. From the early "all hell can't stop us now" chant in "Guerrilla Radio" to the blood-curdling screams in the finale of "Freedom", there is an urgency at this show that is unrivaled. This is love rock & roll as it's meant to be heard: fierce, funky, uncompromising. This is Rage Against The Machine in their finest hour.
Here someone wrote that it had a time delay on DVD. The rejected disk has possibly simply got. At me such problem was not. A fantastic sound. A concert excellent, buy and enjoy. Unforgettable night, 5/5!!!
review image review image
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on 12 February 2001
We all knew Rage Against the Machine, explosive, agressive and very political. Make this loud, cram in thousands of fans and you have got the best experience of my life. I witnessed this magic at Reading this year and unfortunately turned out to be their last gig outside the US. They went out in style, I have never witnessed a performance with that level of energy. From the words 'We are Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles California' it was ... mental. Everybody were trying to leap out their skins from start to end. Anyone who ever saw them will fully apreciate me really licking Rage's arse because they were truly outstandin live. This one of their best performances is going to be a cracker - enjoy what you missed or bring back those superb memories.
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on 2 January 2001
This is one of the best shows of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. And I am sure most of you know that this band is one of the best rock bands of the 90's, if not the best. I don't think that there is ever going to be a greater rock show released in DVD format. This show is a must for every music fan. This is RATM as we knew them.
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