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on 7 November 2003
The second album from the top Canadian death squad, and the final one to feature the incomparable vocal talents of the lunatic (and Chad Kroeger look-alike, another Canadian, interestingly!) Lord Worm, this is quite simply one of the finest Death Metal releases of all time. The music is slightly less technical than on the two follow-ups ‘Whisper Supremacy’ and ‘And Then You’ll Beg’, but it is the vocal style which sets it apart. For sheer aural ferocity, Lord Worm simply blows Mike DiSalvo out of the water, which is no mean feat in itself, as the big man packs a fair bit of power himself, though his style is more hardcore than Death Metal. Lord Worm is Death Metal through and through, with his style being roughly halfway between that of Chris Barnes (ex-Cannibal Corpse) and Kevin Sharp (ex-Brutal Truth) – as gutteral is it is possible for a man to get! The other notable feature of this, and every other Cryptopsy album is Flo Mounier’s almost inhuman drumming ability; simply phenomenal, almost like a constant blastbeat!
After the recording of this album, Lord Worm left (possibly to form Nickleback, who knows?) and Mike Disalvo joined, and the music became more technical and progressive, and less extreme. This album, though, catches the band at the very peak of their awesome powers, and stands as a classic of the genre. The cover art, showing a 17th century painting of the head of John the Baptist fits the mood perfectly as well. Absolute class.
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on 3 February 2004
None So Vile (1996), Cryptopsy's second album, was out of print for several years until this reissue. Its status as the Holy Grail of technical death metal was reflected by the fact that it changed hands for significant sums on eBay, although anyone who availed themselves of a copy in this manner would doubtless have considered their purchase a worthwhile investment.
NSV exhibits everything you'd demand from a techinical death metal album; inventive, accomplished, catchy riffing, complex compositional structures, a crushing guitar tone and a monstrous production job.
What raises this album to the level of an elite release for me, however, is the mesmerising vocal performance of Lord Worm. In a genre which gets a lot of flack for its monotony, Lord Worm's vocal turn is the perfect antedote. From barking like a dog to issuing forth screams which simply stop mid-howl to jarring effect, the vocals on this album are unique. Lord Worm proved to be a deft lyricist as well, both grotesque and amusing in turn. In addition, the humour on this album is often overlooked, as guitars and bass on occasion trade wierd squeaks and plucks in-between the deluge of riffage.
The two post-Worm albums were still technically accomplished, but lacked NSV's 'X factor'. The good news is (January 2004) that The Lord is Returning for Cryptopsy's next release -- if they can equal this outing, then fair play to them.
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on 20 February 2015
If you're sat at home somewhere reading this, it is highly likely you will already know how good this album this. Coming out back in 1996 and at a relatively turbulent time for the genre, a band for four french canadian nutcases ram home some of the finest brutal death metal ever recorded. One of the strongest points of the album is Flo Mouniers drum sound, patterns and tightness:- can anyone find me someone who does a better job!. The bass is utterly monstrous, and those vocals from Lord Worm!. These were some very deranged times indeed.

Absolute classic; the songwriting is so very good for a sub-genre that almost exclusively relies upon extremity. This album today still remains by far Cryptopsy's best album without question. Despite a full barrelled assault right from the start, this is a wide interpretation of variation, structure and tempo speed. The only possible criticism is the unique incomprehensable vocal style of 'Worm, this is certainly likely to be devisive, even for death metal fans. "None So Vile" is an influential and towering masterpiece which really put the band name on the death metal maps.
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on 1 August 2006
Cryptopsy's second outing is a masterpiece in the realm of death metal.
I am sure there are many readers out there who haven't heard the album, and are wondering if all this boot licking is truly justified? Well, all I can say is go out, buy the album, and put it on. Put it on again. Then put it on again. This should be enough listen's to get over the sheer brutality of it all, then sit back and take in all the little nuances it throws up (quite literally) at you.
Lord worm may have the kind of moniker that drags death metal down to the ridiculous in the eyes of the non-metal world, but he does have the most guttural voice you'll hear this side of Suffocation. His voice is just awesome. Some of the stuff he biles up is actually scary. His ability to scream and growl back to back should be applauded for its own sake. The only drag is that it makes it a little dirge like when you really want to hear some words. But hey, who cares when you have the music to back it right up to the blood soaked hilt.
Flo Mounier's drumming is perhaps, on this album, the most perfect example of blast beat, snare bashing the death metal scene has ever heard. The fills and rolls he produces are mind blowing, and the odd "out of time" clicks and bangs that abound on each track just make it a mad one to behold. (You'll realise why you have to listen to it a good few times to appreciate now). I admit, on my very first listening, it sounded a mess. But I'm always slow on the uptake with new albums. Hell I thought Legion by Deicide was messy when I very first heard it !!
But no, with a little perseverance it becomes a thing of dark beauty.
There are also little bass pings ands slaps thrown in here there and every where for fun too (kind of reminiscent of Steve DiGorgio's odd bass moments).
The riffs are memorable (after a few listens) and the guitar work is also top notch.
The production is excellent, so with a decent sound system you'll hear everything perfectly.
The opening sample just makes the album, coupled with the way it just opens the first tune like a shell out of a howitzer.
For fans of Nile, Decapitated and (current) Vital Remains etc. for technicality and sheer musicianship.
For fans of Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, etc. and all hard hitting mega extreme metal everywhere.
It's just nuts!! Long live None So Vile!!
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on 13 February 2003
People often talk about supergroups but Crytopsy really are a supergroup! The intricate and varied riffs that John Levasseur and Eric Langlois bring to this album are just a treat to listen to, once you get over the initial shock of the intensity of this album. Flo Mounier is possibly the greatest drummer in the history of music. Only Gene Hoglan could come anywhere near him for speed, ability to change tempo and creativity of rhythm. Lord Worm is just terrifying. His roars, grunts and screams could be mistaken for that of the Devil himself.
If you liked or only have And Then You'll Beg, this is much more extreme. The music is definitely Cryptopsy but the 'live in a basement' sound, as opposed to the glossy, crystal clear production of And Then You'll Beg makes this sound like a proper death metal album. Given the lack of money Cryptopsy must have had (still have!) when making this album the quality of the production is some achievement.
The first three songs on here, and Phobophile, are the best tracks, although each track is very strong. Crown of Horns begins with a monster's roar and then an old man gasping, "I do that rather well don't you think?" This excerpt from the Exorcist III is instantly followed by a "song" from the bowels of hell. It's the kind of song you have to hear yourself to be able to understand how heavy it is. Slit Your Guts is another career best from the band, a track that will always be on their setlist. Grave of the Fathers is my favourite of the lot, though. It has a plethora of irresistible hooks, whilst the breakdown in the middle of the song sounds important to the structure of the song rather than just padding. Phobophile is an utterly fantastic song. The riff on it is instantly memorable.
The album ends with an excerpt from Army of Darkness where Ash taunts, "yeah, that's home and cry to Mama!" It's the perfect quote to end an album like this, and the perfect antidote to the XFM and Virgin Radio brand of "rock".
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VINE VOICEon 11 July 2006
Cryptopsy's 2nd full-length album set a new benchmark for technical death metal, with a blaze of ferocious guitar riffage beaten into submission by the almost inhumanly fast drumming of Flo Mounier. Incredibly fast and technical, with a fantastic production featuring dirty guitar tones and high-pitch snare drums, this is pure heaven for anyone who is a fan of extreme death metal. The only slight quibble I have with this record is vocalist Lord Worm's appalling diction (half of the time you wonder whether he's actually mouthing the words or just wailing a wordless moan) but he makes up for that with some amusingly bizarre lyrics, even if you can't understand a word he sings. Great stuff.
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on 7 March 2002
The person who has already reviewed this album originally gave it justice except that in giving only 4 starts, seemed to have overlooked the fact that this is possibly the best Death Metal album ever released. Lord Worm's vocals are some of the most guttural you will hear, and the rest of the band are so tight and heavy you won't believe your ears. the thinkg that makes this a classic is that the songs also have great tunes, unlike later albums like Whisper Supremacy, where there is practically nothing you can listen to to begin with because it's just soooooo technical and heavy. Also, this is the only album that catches lord Worm perfectly, which also makes it great, because Mike DiSalvo was good, but NEVER as intense.
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on 17 September 2003
This is Cryptopsy's first live album. The quality of sound is astounding considering the diffeculty of recording such extreme music where so much is happening at the same time. It also manages to capture the exhilirating and intense atmosphere and it is clear that Cryptopsy are in their element in this home show.
The tracklist plays like a greatest hits, taking the best tracks from each of their four studio recordings. Opening track the brutal Crown of Horns sets the pace and their is little let up from start to finish apart from some between song banter (in French) from newly recruited vocalist Martin Lecroix. This is Lecroix's first recording with Cryptopsy and his vocals are excellent, his style falling somewhere between that of original vocalist Lord Worm and second vocalist Martin De Salvo, gutteral death grunts which are just about decipherable.
Particular highlights of the CD include newer tracks We Bleed and Shroud which are as insanely complex and tight as on the recordings. Along with genuine classics such as Cold Hate Warm Blood, Phobophile and Slit Your Guts which keep your head banging and your ears ringing.
It is very diffecult to critiscise this recording, but there are a few minor flaws. First of all the bass is practically lost in the mix for the majority of the songs and the only time you really hear it is in the many breaks that pepper these mental tunes. Having said that, when you do hear it it is the meatiest bottom end your likely to come across. Solos from both guitarists sound vital and really add the finishing touches to the organised chaos. The drum solo from Flo Mounier confirms his place as one of the best Death Metal Drummers in the world, mixing in elements of Jazz Fusion to keep things interesting. His kick drum speed has to be heard to be believed.
Annoyingly, for me anyway, this solo comes right in the middle of one of my favourite songs "Graves of the Fathers" which slightly ruins the flow of the song. This is why i couldn't see my way to giving the CD 5 stars. However for some these minor details may not be an issue.
What is certain is that this is one of the best Extreme metal live recordings ever committed to tape and is an essential purchase for Cryptopsy fans and those who have just discovered these titans of the Death Metal genre.
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on 6 May 2001
FACT: Cryptopsy are one of the best death metal bands on the planet. FACT: This CD shows their style perfectly. FACT: Very good value for money. OPINION: a damn good CD! One of the best the genre has spewed up. The crushing riffs, rumbling vocals and supersonic, sledge-hammer drums make this CD a killer example of fine death metal at its best! The only downside is that the production is a little lo-fi compared with 'and then you'll beg', but this is not too bad!
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on 21 January 2004
If anybody tells you that death metal is dead then tell them to buy this album - its that simple.super-talentedn and brutal as hell,also has one of the best intros to an album ever when it erupts after a demon-like roar courtesy of some old bloke.
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