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4.6 out of 5 stars16
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2001
I will be honest.I hated the PSX. That was until i played some game my brother couldn't figure out.Man was i gripped!It surely could only have been God who presented Jill Valentine with a shotgun,allowing me to beautifully turn zombies heads into a mix of mashed coconut shells and rasperry ripple ice cream,battle an enormous snake,overgrown sharks,giant spiders,demonic dogs and things that dont even have names.Ok so this game is a bit old,and Res2 and 3 are out, but nothing can compare to this unique and original game.With its great gameplay and twisted storyline this game is a well-known classic, its oly let-downs being the graphics and the hammy acting of the characters.The success of this game shocked game producers,who then gave us titles on the same story lines such as "silent hill", which are great but fail in comparison to Resident Evil.This game will have u sayin goodbye to your social life,using the coffee machine far too much, and staying up to the wee hours trying to find out whats round this corner,why is Wesker saying...?where can Chris be...? and suchlike.Even after completing this game,(which took me precisely 10 hours and 43 mins to do 1st time) there are many hidden secrets and points to be picked up that you missed first few times round.Even as the expierienced Queen of Resident Evil, i still find this game the most difficult and playable in the series.If u aint got this already,kindly come down from the moon or wherever it is you have been hiding,and play this game!!
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VINE VOICEon 9 December 2001
This game is amazing, there is no comparisson to any other, alot of strategies etc but it is so cool, its like making your own personal horror movie, play it in the dark and its even scarier. Once you have sussed out the general theories the rest does follow quite naturally A deffinite must have for all strategic game lovers!
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on 30 August 2001
Resident evil, one of my personal favorite games. I first played it in my friends house at 11:30 at night, it scared the crap out of me and I was hooked on the escapades of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield ever since. This version of the game has been visually surpassed by both Resident Evil 2&3 on the playstation, but in my opinion Resi 1 had the best gameplay and longevity (Resident Evil 2 can be rattled through in under two hours and it only took me a week to beat No. 3, even if it was bought in Paris and consequently all in french). This is the game that spawned the survival horror genre and shouldn't be missed at any cost UPPERS # Addictive gameplay # Lasts longer than either of its brethern # Strong storyline # CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP
DOWNERS # Average voice acting with terrible dialogue (containing the now infamous "I hope this isn't Chris' blood" line) # Graphically inferior to other games on the market
FINAL VERDICT: Buy this game now!!!
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on 5 January 2011
Resident Evil. The game series that gave birth to "Survival Horror." The game series that made zombies cool. The game series that made stars out of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. It can be argued that the Resident Evil series has lost its way since the start of the PS2 days. But the PSone games? Capcom certainly knew how to make them back in the 90's, and Resident Evil from 1996 is yet another PSone classic.

The story takes place in the future time of July 1998...the future time from 1996's POV that is. A special task force from the Raccoon City Police Department known as STARS Alpha Team is searching for their missing fellow STARS members from the Bravo Team in the forests northwest of Raccoon City. Both teams are investigating some weird murder cases that are taking place in the forests, with victims apparently being eaten. When the Alpha Team land they are attacked by flesh-eating dogs and are forced to run away and hide in a nearby mansion. But this is only the beginning of their worse nightmare.

Before you start the game you have a choice of two characters to play with. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, which is basically an Easy and Hard mode. Jill's game is easier. She has eight inventory slots, access to a lockpick, later access to a bazooka and can do certain tasks that Chris can't. Chris's game is harder. He only has six inventory slots, more enemies to kill and er...can't play music. He can however run faster than Jill and take more damage before he pops his clogs.

When you start the game the first thing you'll notice is the voice acting (yes, you'll notice it even before the graphics). Whatever negative words you can think of it describes the quality of the acting perfectly. It stinks. The lines sound like cheap plugs for commercial products that nobody cares about; and what were Capcom thinking with the live-action segments? The actors look like they'd just got back from a Halloween party. It's just lame. Fortunately the rest of the game is outstanding.

Despite the terrible acting the storyline is still well presented and keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Comrades are being attacked by flesh-eating zombies, huge snakes and other frightening monsters. Other comrades are just disappearing. It's up to you to find out exactly what's going on in this mansion.

What you have to do is enter different rooms, solve puzzles, and find items in one place and use them in another, all the while killing anything that gets in your way. You start out with just a knife with Chris and a baretta handgun with Jill, but as you progress you'll find stronger weapons, such as shotguns and magnums. You'll also find documents throughout the game that you can read. Some of them will give subtle teasers as to what's gonna happen next, whilst some will give you clues as to how to solve certain puzzles.

At fourteen years old the graphics do show their age. 3D characters animated in front of pre-rendered backgrounds seemed so amazing at the time, but much less so now. Even so, it's still impressive to a certain extent. The zombies look really creepy even in PSone graphics, and they do cause your heart to race when they grab you and start chewing on your neck. It's even worse when you walk by a seemingly dead zombie lying on the ground, and then all of a sudden they spring up and grab your ankle. When you shoot the monsters, and blood starts spraying out of their bodies, you quickly realize this game is NOT for the squeamish.

The music is very chilling, as you would expect from a horror game, and it still stands up well today. When you enter most of the rooms the string instruments kick in and play a slow eery tune which makes you feel uncomfortable, especially if you're playing this game for the very first time, as you'll have no idea if the room is safe or filled with zombies. In one instance you're slowly walking down a corridor and that music starts to play. But there doesn't seem to be anything around. Looks like you're safe. Then...SMASH!!! The window shatters and a zombie dog comes charging at you! Frightening or what?!

Resident Evil is a classic that must appear in any PSone collector's collection. The gameplay is top draw; the enemies and music are scary; and Chris' voice, though terrible, is still funny. He's a tough guy, and you need to be too if you wanna complete this game.
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on 30 August 2001
Resident Evil is undoubtably the scariest of the series(i always remember playing this at night with all the lights out and jumping everytime i ran into one of those hunter creatures) and for under £10 a great bargain too,although the acting in the intro isnt to hot,or the voice acting for that matter either,it doesnt spoil the game at all,the story is great(zombies,spooky mansion,strange and dangerous looking monsters,conspiracy and not forgeting the enigmatic Umbrella corp)this game has all the right ingredients of a classic horror/sfi-fi movie,so if your into all of those things then you should definetly check Resident Evil out.
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on 4 December 2001
If you have played another Resident Evil game and you enjoyed it, then I strongly urge you to buy this and complete it [try to get a guide]. If you can bear the graphics and the less imprisive aray of wepons then this game will take you on a wild ride through the background of this exellent sereis. So next time you play one of its many sequals you will understand the story line and enjoy it alote more. Not only that, this game is an absolute classic, it remains my favriot of all the Resident Evil games and i've played and completed every one several times.
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on 16 June 2001
Even though you need carbon dating to age this, resident evil remains the king of survival horror. Despite the fact that the actors in the intro movie would be better suited in prisoner: cell block h the story line isnt that bad.
The many enemies that resident evil throws at you is impressive from the zombie to a giant snake. Oh listen to me go on get that mouse pointer to the basket now you fool! in 3 or 4 days you will be whipping zombie ass and thinking "im glad that kid reviewed at amazon!"
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on 26 October 2000
Resident evil is THE survival horror game. I know fans of alone in the dark would debate that, but that series was never as blood thirsty, or simply as scary as this one. The first in the series, although now looking a little dated, is still as chilling as it was back when it was released. My advice? But this game, and then rush out & buy nemesis as well ( you may as well miss out the second one, it isn't anywhere as scary as this one ). Resi for under a tenner? Bargain!!!
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on 26 December 2000
You know things are looking up when you're looking for a top notch playstation game, and come across the finest survival-horror game for 10 quid. It might look a tad dated now, but the graphics still knocks 7 shades of shit out of a lot of games out now. Only bad thing about it is the intro is still cut and other movies are absent. Other than that, Buy this damn game now before I send mutant raccoons to your house and they will eat your garbage. You have been warned...
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on 12 March 2014
This game marked on our lives in 1996 where we could enjoy it on multiple platforms and see the creation of a great saga in which we could enjoy with their survival, their hordes of zombies and cruel experiments company that encacaba of destroying the world.

If you have a chance to try and not let it go, because taste it a great treasure for a collector.
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