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4.7 out of 5 stars63
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 February 2001
Being a Steps fan from the beginning, I've been anticipating this album forever. I can't even begin to express how I felt after listening to this album for the first time. Now it's the only CD I ever listen to.
1.) Better the Devil You Know: A Kylie Minogue cover, which is on the US version of Step One. It's good, but there's only a number of times you can listen to it.
2.) Stomp: A disco beat, with cool computer generated sounds. Makes you want to get up and groove.
3.) Summer of Love: It's been compared to being VERY similar to Irene Carr's "What A Feeling" from the movie Flashdance. It's a great song, b/c it's upbeat and poppy sounding.
4.) It's the Way You Make Me Feel: It sounds like there's some computer technique used on the voices in the beginning. It's not at all Steps' style. A very beautiful song that can't be described.
5.) You'll Be Sorry: H's voice has never sounded better. To an extent, this can be compared to "Deeper Shade of Blue" from STEPTACULAR. Not very Steps-like.
6.) Learn to Love Again: H co-wrote this song and it's a beautiful song. However, it's not one of the stronger sounding ones. It's neither dance nor ballad. Somewhere in the middle.
7.) Never Get Over You: Lisa co-wrote this song and it's got an Ace of Base technique mixed in with computer beats. There's a really cool echo to Lisa's voice as she sings. Very upbeat and danceable.
8.) Hand on Your Heart: Claire co-wrote this song and I can't say I'm a huge fan of it. Too much of a ballad and it didn't seem to really get off to a great start. I like it, but it's one of those songs I would want to listen to if I'm in a really chill and mellow mood.
9.) Happy Go Lucky- The strongest Ace of Base sounding song on the album. It kind of reminds me of Ace of Base's "The Sign". The reggae beats to this mixed in with Faye's strong vocals make this song a plus.
10.) Buzz: This title track is one of the best ones on the album. It's got a really nice techno beat to it. Again, Ace of Base sounds. They're really working on getting this reggae beat into their new style. Lee has a rap solo that sounds really cool.
11.) Here And Now: This song makes me speechless. The chorus is the strongest part. It's the most amazing song I've heard in a LONG time. When I listen to this song, I can almost picture them in concert and all the fans are swaying and singing. It's beyond amazing. I can't describe it in words.
12.) Paradise Lost: The chorus- "Paradise Lost is a place without you/In the shadow of love there's no room with a view/ Walking alone on the sand/Wish you were hear again (here again)/Wishing You were here again" Listening to this song will make you get the goosebumps. It's a strong track from this song with yet again, the Ace of Base sound.
13.) Turn Around: Co-written by Lee, it's a good track. It's got a techno dance beat going on. It's very catchy.
14.) Wouldn't Hurt So Bad: This is one of those songs that really doesn't stand out much. It's nothing special, but a good song. A ballad.
15.) If You Believe: This was the first song that I heard off the album. It's possibly one of the best songs songs there is. It's cowritten by Faye (my favourite and idol) and she collaborates with none other than THE Cyndi Lauper, among others. It's a slow ballad, but it's such a beautiful song, and I find myself singing along every time I listen to it. Faye's vocals are really strong and they have some sort of effect on me. If you don't get goosebumps from any of the other songs, this is THE one that will. Non-Steps...only better.
Overall, what a fantastic album. I can't rave about it enough. It's beautifully done and I'll be listening to it for months to come.
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on 14 October 2001
Steps are unstoppable! Not only do they bring fabulous music, tours and dance routines to our lives, but thet keep us well supplied with unbelievably incredible albums like 'Buzz'. The likes of 'Better the Devil you Know', 'Summer of Love'and 'Stomp' fill this fun-packed album with glitz and enjoyable Dancey tunes.'You'll be Sorry' and 'Here and Now', (Personal Favourites of mine) Are good upbeat tracks that have the power to stick to someones mind for a long time after they are first heard. Each member of Steps has put a track that they have written to the album. Claire's powerful voice brings life and depth to her track 'Hand on your Heart'. H's cultural taste comes through his writing in 'Learn to Love Again'. Lisa sang her song, 'Never get over You' on tour dressed as a bride turned hippy chick, whick I think really suits the style of this cool treat for Steps fans. Lee wrote and co-sings 'Turn around' with Faye. They do this track justice! Finally, Faye adds 'I f you Believe'. I can find no suitable words to describe the shear beauty of this track. She co-wrote thios track with her fiancee Jasper Im and Cyndi Lauper. Other tracks on this album include, 'Its the way you make me feel' and 'Happy go Lucky'. Both hold Steps' Magic within them. 'Paradise Lost' has a 'unique to Steps' ballad/dance style.All fifteen tracks of this album help to make it the stunning creation that it is. It has the power to transform even non-steps fans into die hard fans! A Steptacular Album all in all.
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on 13 May 2003
Better The Devil You Know- This song is a great disco track but a bit sinful though! 8/10
Stomp- Obviously this song is great it wouldn't have gone #1 if it wasn't. It's a great party song. 9/10
Summer Of Love- It's hard to rate this song because sometimes i can't stand it and other times I can't get enough of it. the W.I.P remix is better. 6/10
The way you make me feel- This song is unbeatable you just can't get tired of it. I would have liked to see it reach #1 rather than #2.still it's worth 10/10
You'll Be Sorry- It's dance routine is what makes it a good song, also the single version is better, and shorter! 7/10
Learn To Love Again- No offense to H but I hate this song which is something i usually never say. I've heard better from him 0/10
Never Get Over You- This song is great Lisa can really sing well and she can write good music too. 9/10
Hand On Your Heart- Anything that claire sings is phenominal because her voice is out of this world. This is one of my fave ballads 9/10
Happy Go Lucky- Used in the movie "The Princess Diaries" it has a good beat and is fun to listen to. 8/10
Buzzz- Why this was never a single I don't know. It doesn't have much of a point but is still single material,listen for the buzzz 10/10
Here&Now- The single version is way better than the album version, the music is way different and much better to dance to.8/10 (single) 6/10 (album version)
Paradise Lost- If you don't like this song I suggest you see a doctor because this song is the greatest ever. I'm so mad this wasn't a single, it would have hit #1 and gone 4x platinum and the dance routine,video,and costumes would have been the best, the song has a middle eastern sound to it. 10/10
Turn Around- Fianlly Lee gets to sing, but not the whole song. this song grows on you after a while. 7/10
Wouldn't Hurt So Bad- This song has a weird beat and sound to it but it's still pretty kool. 8/10
If You Believe- WOW! I never knew Faye was that loud. This song is the perfect closer to an awesome album. this song will send shivers down your spine. I guess Faye was holding back all these years. She packs a powerful blow at the end, it's great. 9/10
This album is perfect and something no steps fan should be without. Paradise Lost, The way u make me feel and Buzz are the most brilliant songs which I guarentee you'll listen to over and over again. Overall rating 9/10.
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on 16 July 2001
This is the second album released in the US from the UK pop-sensation STEPS... their popularity is comparible to that of the Backstreet boys and N*sync in the US.
If you've heard the first US-album 'STEP ONE' you will notice that the music has develop into a more Global/American sound, but it's still very STEPS.
The album starts off with the amazing title track Buzzz with added 'z' for extra effect... I get a B-B-Buzzz off you.. Just be-c-c-cause I do ---> this will stay in your mind forever!
Andy Goldmark writer of Jennifer Paiges 'Crush' has written 4 songs for this album: Buzzz, Happy Go Lucky (Lyrics comparable to Britney Spears 'Lucky'/ has a more reggae sound to it just like Buzzz), Mars & Venus (a new unheard song that isn't on the UK version, but is rumoured to be the next UK christmas single) and Wouldn't Hurt So Bad (A very good ballad).
The second track is one off the many stand out tracks on this album. It's written by Jorgen Elofsson (writer of Britney Spears 'Sometimes' and 'Crazy'). It's The Way You Make Me Feel will capture your heart immediately!
The UK #1 Hit single Stomp (A tribute to Bernard Edwards/Nile Rodgers)is also included... it's a real stomping disco track!
Here And Now is maybe the best track on this album... it's the closest that STEPS get to sound like their fellow Jive label mates Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC.
Summer Of Love is a very catchy Latin sounding track (one of my personal favourites)... it will remind you of the brilliance of the first album.
For this album STEPS have also written their own songs... they will astound you of how good they really are ---> Never Get Over You written by Lisa (Uptempo), Learn To Love Again written by H (Uptempo) and Hand On Your Heart written by Claire (Ballad)
This is a very good follow up to an album that was filled with the best songs from two UK-albums. I think the new sound will attract more US-people to become STEPS-fans.
It's not hard to see I'm a big fan and the reason I am is because their music is fun, happy and cool. And because Claire, Faye, H, Lee and Lisa are the most lovely people i've ever seen!
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on 27 March 2001
What An Album. A "pop" mixture if ever there was one. Step One was chesse. Steptacular was half cheese. This really only has one cheesy song. Try mixing Pop, Dance, Ballads, Club Tracks, Organs, Reggae and a little cheese (Happy Go Lucky_ and you have Buzz.
Better The Devil You Know - Lovely! 10/10
Stomp - Yeah its good, but there are so many other single-worthy tracks. 8/10
Summer Of Love - Amazing! Latin Based Dance mixed with Pop. 10/10
Its The Way You Make Me Feel - Chorus sounds like a mini-musical! Great! 10/10
You'll Be Sorry - Deeper Shade Of Blue mixed with Darude. AWESOME! 10/10 - Best track on album
Learn To Love Again - Bearable....just. 3/10
Never Get Over You - Best Of The Solo's. 8/10
Hand On Your Heart - Average. 5/10
Happy Go Lucky - Cheese doesn't really fit in on this album - 4/10
Buzz - So Cool. 10/10
Here And Now - BSB mixed with Britney but a Steps feel. 10/10
Paradise Lost - Very dreamy, beachy sorta feel. 10/10
Turn Around - grows on you - 7/10
Wouldn't Hurt So Bad/If You Believe - 5/10
Overall - Amazing!
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on 26 February 2003
To say that this album is fantastic is a vast understatement. It is simply, well, "Whoa". This album not only has original music written by our favorite "Steppers" (Learn To Love Again, Turn Around, and Never Get Over You, to name a few), it also has one remix (Stomp) and an instrumental song (5,6,7,8), as well as some really wicked other tracks (Stomp, Buzzz, Summer Of Love, You'll Be Sorry, Here And Now, and the list goes on and on!) making 18 exciting tracks! Sorry but if you are looking for something wrong with this album, well, then look somewhere else, because this album is flawless. It has fast tracks, it has slow tracks, it has well, everything that you could want in an album. This would make an awesome gift for Steps lovers (not to mention that it goes perfectly with any existing Steps colletction!). If you hate Steps (or pure fun for that matter) or the beauty that is pop music, then listen to this album, it WILL change your mind. Taken from an American Steps fan (or fanatic?) you should really try it! Excuse me now, I have to go dance to Summer Of Love...
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on 13 February 2001
While this album seems to lack the number of the real up-beat tracks that Steps are known for, the quality of every one of the 15 tracks found on this album is stunning!
On Step One and Steptacular, there were tracks that were basically fillers. On Buzz however, not one track can be deemed a "filler". From wonderful ballads such as Claire Richard's self-penned "Hand On Your Heart" and Faye Tozer's "If You Believe" (which closes out the album on a wonderful note), to mid-tempo tracks from the US music powerhouse Cheiron with "Here And Now" and "It's The Way You Make Me Feel", to your regular get-up-and-dance tracks such as "Stomp", "Summer of Love" and "You'll Be Sorry", this album is a top of the line production!
As Steps look to conquering the States, this album definately has primed them for the brutal battle that awaits them on the US charts. If you're deciding whether or not to purchase this album, it's a must-purchase! You won't be sorry!
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on 23 February 2003
First off, I am American and I have been a huge Steps fan since I first heard their song Love U More (it was on some kind of compilation of new songs) and when I found the Japanese version of Buzz I had to have it (I have the cheap 11 track U.S. version, but it does have Mars And Venus). This album delivers in every way, with disco inspired tracks (Stomp, Better The Devil You Know, and Human Touch) heart wrenching ballads (It's The Way You Make Me Feel, If You Believe, and Hand On Your Heart and just some awesome songs (Buzzz, Here And Now, Happy Go Lucky, ...the list goes on and on!). It might be expensive, but I am quite happy with this particular version of Buzz. Not to mention the W.I.P. Mix of Stomp and the instrumental version of 5,6,7,8 are included as well. You really cannot go wrong with this album, you will love it!
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This album includes Better the devil you know and "Summer of love, which were both UK hits for Steps when released as singles before the album was eventually released. The album yielded further hits, these being Stomp (a Brritish number one), It's the way you make me feel (which peaked at 2 in the UK) and the double-sided hit Here and now / You'll be sorry, which also made the UK top 5.

Among the other tracks Cyndi Lauper co-wrote If you believe with Steps member Faye Tozer, but as far as know, Cyndi did not record her own version of the song. Shame really, because while I like the Steps version, I would like to have heard Cyndi's version too had she recorded it.

This is another great album from Steps, but it was to be more than a decade before they recorded another album together.
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They say that wine improves with age and this can describe "STEPS". Three years since they have released 5678 and this album shows what a wonderful journey they have taken. This album is one of the best I have ever bought and my collection is over 200 albums.The songs get you dancing in all moods from jumping up and down to that slow dance with your loved one. What makes this more special is that each memeber have wrote a song of their own, every song is a potential No 1 no doubt. They are special not only by their performing but they also can ahve you sitting for hours to listen to thei music. Most albums takes a while to get used to but I fell in love with this straight away buy it now one for you and it will make a great christmas present for anyone.excellent , pure genius.
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