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  • 2001
  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars203
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2005
This ablum has got to be the best album that I own, It has everything an album needs to be a classic. All of the tracks are so different and the production on the album is second to none. I have just attempted to write my favourite track's but decided against it because I would just be writing the whole playlist!!! This album is essential for any Hip-Hop fan. But beware, if you will be offended by VERY bad language and some quite gritty, leaving nothing to the imagination lyrics-this isn't for you!!
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on 30 January 2006
this album brilliant, dr dre proving he really is the best producer ever, even though dr dre doesnt write his own lyrics, they are written by everyone on 2001 who is not dr dre, and dr dre only does 2 songs by himself without any guest appearances, the production is what really stands out, every beat is banging, and varied, there are some relaxed beats which u can just listen to, and club beats which get you bouncing, dr dre delivers his trademark g-funk production on this, and even though people think the chronic stands out as dr dres best, i think this is better than the chronic, there are some really good guests on it such as xzibit, eminem, snoop dogg and hitman, and even though the subject matter is noraml rap topics, this is a great album to dance to at any party or club and overall this is a great album any rap fan should get,
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on 29 September 2005
This album is probably one of my favorite rap albums along with doggystyle, the chronic and 2pac greatest hits. The production is top notch and the beats are very catchy. Still dre has a very catchy beat with good lyrics and is to show people that dre is back. if you liked the chronic you will like this. He has also got heaps of great rappers on here such as snoop dogg, nate dogg, eminem, kurupt etc. A+++++++++++++++++++
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on 17 August 2005
Dre is back , with one of the best comeback albums ever !After the phenominal success of 'The Chronic ,' Dre must have had a few headaches , pondering over how he could come back with an equally satisfying and great hip hop album and believe me , those headaches were worth it !
This is a classsic album , not quite as classic as the chronic , but any album from Dre featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg , Eminem , Xzibit , Mary J. Blige , Nate Dogg and brilliant , slick and skilled production from Mel Man and Dre himself , with killer rhymes and beats has got to be good right ?
RIGHT !The best , standout songs on this album are the brilliant songs featuring Snoop Dogg which are 'Still D.R.E' , a classic westcoast anthem with a great video to go with it and 'Next Episode' feat a guest appearance from Nate Dogg . This has a very catchy and original beat with tight lyrics from Dre and the Dogg's .
Also , the songs feat Eminem are very good , being 'forgot about Dre' , with its slick , 'G-funk'backing and lyrics fronting haters such as Eezie E .Whats the difference is also good , with a pounding beat sampled by Sean Paul and Blu Cantrells 'breathe.' The most talked about and famous song fromm the album 'xxplosive' certainly lives up to the hype and is a very strong standout song on first listen . Despite its shortness in length , lets get high is brilliant and at times even makes me laugh . The watcher is a very good introductary song as is the 'intro' feat Xzibit which seems oddly 'relevant' and is also funny . 'Bang Bang'is also one of my favourites which fortuneately DOES NOT sample Nancy Sinatras song of the same title . This shows Dre's originality ! The skits are slightly annoying and some unnecessary but are funny and enjoyable on first listen .
Overall this is yet another classic album dropped from Dre and despite the number of guest appearances on EVERY song ,Dredefinly shows his expertise in producing and rhyming which , on the basis of this album alone , show haters like Eezie E ,he is here to stay and is still king of the west coast !
Cant wait for that Detox album !
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on 16 January 2005
After reading some of the reviews of this amazing album, I thought I had to add my 2 cents worth. People seem to be complaining that Dre doesn't appear on the allbum as much as he should, that's because he's a Rap Producer, not Rap Artist. Do these same people ask why Quentin Tarantino desn't appear in more of his movies? Let him do what he does better than most others, from behind the scenes. Other complaints seem to surround Dre not having the same views as he did on Straight Outta Compton or The Chronic, he's moved on since then, The mans a multi millionaire now, how could he still rap about how hard life is for him as a Black American. In my opinion this album is amazing, so many classic tracks, every album has the odd tune that doesn't appeal to all, but in my opinion this is one of the best Rap albums of all time. If you havn't got it yet, what you waiting for.
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on 29 September 2003
Dr. Dre's intention here is obvious. He wants to make a modern-day Chronic. This, however, is a very hard task. Now he's a millionaire, and so are all of his associates. Will they be able to remain humble and not let any of it go to their head?
Well, the answer is both yes and no. Dr. Dre, as always, delivers mind-blowing production, with tracks such as "Explosive" showing us exactly how talented Dr. Dre is when it comes to Hip-Hop production.
As with The Chronic, every track aims to be as worthy as the next, although this isn't quite possible with this. Too many skits slow the album down and repitition is a problem. Nobody seems to be saying anything new on each individual track and whilst on The Chronic this wasn't a bad thing, because the album was relatively short, on here it is. This album clocks in at just under 75 minutes, which can be too much for the listener unless you are a die-hard fan.
The sheer number of guest appearences is a problem also. Dr. Dre seems to be putting people on the album for the sake of it, without taking into consideration how they'll sound over certain tracks. The Chronic did have a tonne of guest appearences, but it added to the record in my opinion. Not one artist present on The Chronic was a part of a label other than Death Row Records, and it truly felt like a group effort, with everyone putting in 110% to ensure the record was succesful. Here, we have nobodies such as Time Bomb, Hitman and Six-Two, who have no affiliated to Dr. Dre's label, Aftermath Records. None of them are particularly good, so what's the point?
But, this is still a great album. And although it is a little on the heavy side, if you take it in small doses you'll love every minute of it.
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on 31 October 2004
Dr Dre:
Late 80's: (NWA) Straight Outta Compton - original hip hop genius
Early 90's: The Chronic - pure hip hop at its best
Early 00's: The Chronic 2001 - Dre back and better than ever!
Dr. Dre the old school guru of west coast hip hop hits the the new century with the best hip hop album of all time. The beats hit it everytime, the rhymes are mad and the chronic is forever rolling in our system as long as this album is in the CD player.
This is hip hop as its meant to be, Dre doesn't even have to be on some tracks it don't matter! This has probably got the best line up in a non compilation album ever Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Mary J Blige, Xzibit, Hitman, Knoc-turn'al and Kurupt. Produced finely by Dre and Melman this is a must buy. Even the skits are so playable, just listen to Ed-ucation by Eddie Griffin. Big Songs on here such as Still D.R.E., Xxplosive, What's The Difference, Forgot About Dre and The Next Episode, they are enough to buy this album alone not to mention the other 18 tracks on the record.
Absolute hip hop classic buy it or... be laughed at by people who do have it.
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on 14 January 2011
Brilliant beats, lyrics and rappers - this album's got 'em all. Dre's producing is as good as ever, and he proves his worth as a rapper as well. Snoop Dogg and Eminem feature on classics Still D.R.E. and Forgot About Dre. Other good songs are What's The Difference?, Bang Bang and Some L.A. N*****. Overall, well worth the small amount they're chargin for it.
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on 15 March 2000
Dre after leavin NWA has been producing some good stuff such as his Chronic in 1997. This time he has gone a step higher. The Doc has reached top notch with this album with fantastic lyrics fitting to great melodies and beats. He has been helped along with fellow hip hop artists whom he has helped in the past. Eminem and Snoop are just two of these. This is one of the best Westcoast hip hop albums i have ever heard and Dre has now earned a spot in my top ten rappers, If you haven't got this album. Get it! This album is outstanding and by a recommended artist by myself and by most people.
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on 23 November 1999
Forget the bad reviews, forget it all. Dre shows he's still got it, and is on top form. the sound is brilliant, and Dre DOESN'T rely on Eminem and Snoop, he takes the chronic to the next level. Dre shows his eye for talent with hittman, and gives xzibit a piece of the lime light. dre is still using great samples mixing beats and lyrics. there are a few disappointments - not enough of Eminem, kurupt and nate dogg, no daz, or warren g. Dre also shows that west coast rap is coming back to regain it's crown after east coast rap has been dominating for too long.
top notch for the D.r.e
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