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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2001
Well, its certainly one of the best albums that I've ever heard, but it's not the best, not even the best Bizkit album. That title goes to Significant Other. However, that's taking nothing away from Chocolate Starfish.
There is an excellent array of songs present on the album, notable efforts include Rollin' (both versions), My Generation, Take A Look Around, Hot Dog, Livin' It Up and My Way.
However, I do feel that the guitar talents of Wes Borland and Sam Rivers has been slighty underused, especially in a couple of songs, My Way being one of them.
To all the Bizkit fans who are truly hardcore, backoff with criticising the teeny boppers. The album may be a bit commercialised in comparison to Significant Other, but it was the featuring of Rollin' as The Undertaker's music in WWF that brought Bizkit to the forefront of the mainstream, now people who had never heard of Limp Bizkit are going to their concerts...they're in for a shock when they see the Mosh Pit and hear the heavier songs from past albums.
The special CD is an excellent feature, with 4 great videos (Faith, Re-Arranged, N2Gether Now and Nookie) and 3 excellent tracks (Faith, Crushed and Counterfeit)
Fred, Wes, Sam, Lethal and John, keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to hearing the next album.
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on 27 February 2007
Fred Durst has come a long way in his ten year music career. Limp Bizkit have gone from being the biggest rock act of the 90s, to a band that are not only do not sell records, but are truly hated by most of America. Remember that most reviews you've read were written after Limp Bizkit went out of fassion, not at the time of the album, but this is from a man who still enjoys Limp Bizkit, and sees no reason why everyone else hates him.

After Run DMC feat Aerosmith's "Walk this way" the 90s were becoming dominated by rap metal, and bands were willing to add more controversy and explicit language to their music. Did Limp Bizkit take this to far? Too damn right they did! Not only do Limp Bizkit constantly say F-ck, show off their hate to other bands quite openly, but they also combine the genres way too much. Papa roach are considered rap metal, yet they don't combine metal head riffs from songs like Full Nelson, while the lead singer is using phrases like "Who's in da house", or in the middle of the album add in an R'n'B style beat like Getcha Groove on. At this time period though, this was taking things to the extreme, which the public always loved, but it is no surprise that todays Emo-pop-rock generation do not appreciate an album like this.

So why have I given it four stars? The answers is simple: The music is good! Wes dominated the writing of this album, and perhaps he is the missing factor of the band, and his departure is why the band are hated today. But this is not the issue. The fact is that this album topped the charts, got decent reviews, and lets face it, had you jumping around your room for three weeks. Look back to year 2000, Marilyn Manson, Blink 182, The bloodhound gang... none of these bands are selling particularly well today, but today's a different issue. If you like an hour of headbanging rap metal, Limp Bizkit are for you.
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on 26 February 2013
There's no denying that Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst in particular had an exceedingly provocative and controversial career. I remember vibing to LB in my mid teens and their music really does tap into emotions of despondency, anger and depression. This is the darkest, most trashy album of the big three (Three Dollar Bill, Significant Other, and Chocolate Starfish) but it still has energy and enough melody and force to commend it. It's a bit of a nostalgia trip really. Prior to downloading this off Amazon, I hadn't listened to LB for over ten years. I think they have stood the test of time; and, without bragging, I listen to such giants as Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Queen, U2, Smashing Pumpkins etc. It's very much of its time and to those who look down on it now I say that this music spoke to millions of young people and gave them an outlet and thus served a positive purpose. I have regained respect for Limp Bizkit listening to them again and I thank them for their contribution to my life.
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on 8 June 2008
Limp Bizkit will never go down as one of Metal's Classic bands - but neither are they the worst either!
In Sam Rivers, there is a really good bass player -seriously, the guy is seriously underrated (I wouldn't have minded this guy replacing Jason Newsted in Metallica), DJ Lethal isn't the best DJ in the metal world (I'd go for Aaron Pause from Mordred) but he still adds texture, and Wes Borland is a strong rhythm player with some crushing riffs & a really hard tone. John Otto is a pretty average drummer, but then again I don't think Rap Metal, generally, asks a great deal from it's drummers so maybe there's more in the tank.
What often lets the band down, far more on this CD than the others is Fred Durst's childish lyrics with a ridiculous over use of the F Word!
Used properly, strong language can still make a point but come on! This is like when you were 13 years old & were out to shock! It's quite pathetic! Suicidal Tendencies made the same mistake with their 1994 album, Suicidal for Life. Seriously, does anyone REALLY swear to this extent?? (apart from anyone in an Irvine Welsh novel!)
Some of the rap artist guest appearances & mash ups here work, some often dont!
This album feels very much like an album only created to sell records and attempt to crossover more to a hip hop crowd. It lacks the musical integrity of the previous albums.
Having said that the following albums were MUCH better - 2003's Results May Vary is more or less a Durst solo album (Borland had bye-byed) and is actually a decent rock album, with less rap and much better lyrics. It's nothing at all like Chocolate Starfish (seriously??!!) and 2004's Unquestionable Truth also impresses in taking some of the new found maturity and marrying it to the aggression of Borland's guitar (a brief return for this album). Not dissimiliar to Rage Against The Machine. Both albums also really highlight that bass guitar that I've praised so highly.
What is tragic, is that Durst does show glimpses of ability and could convince as a credible artist if he cut out some of the antics and recognised that he's a man heading towards 40 - not 14!
It looks unlikely that a new album with Borland on board will ever happen as there's no love lost and maybe that's for the best.
It still chills, when the Rollin' video pops up on Satellite TV, with the band performing on the heli pad of the World Trade centre only a year or so before that fateful day....
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on 3 April 2002
I have had this album for a while now, and my views on it always change after i listen to it. I either think it's brilliant or it's really bad..but right now i think it's brilliant!!! The first 7 songs are great party songs. You can just imagine playing the first part of the album full blast while chillin with your friends. Then the album tones down a bit for 'The One', which sounds a little similiar to Re-Arranged from Significant Other, but it's still a good tune. Getcha groove On feat. X-zibit follows this which is a good chill-out song. Then the album takes a turn from fun lovin' party songs to darker songs,lyrical wise. Up until Take a look around, it's obvious the lyrics havn't been given much thought, but this changes. In Take a look Around, which i'm sure you've all heard, Durst is full of rage screaming 'Now i know why you wanna hate me, cause hate is all the world has ever seen lately' (maybe he's saying this to all the people who think they are sellouts). Next is It'll be OK, another song with strong lyrics such as 'just wanna kill myself for you'. Boiler is another dark tune followed by Hold On,which at first sounds just like a filler, but listen to the lyrics. The album ends on a fantastic version of rollin' with DMX,Redman and Method Man. Overall, this album may not be the best, but it has a good mixture of party songs and songs with simple but somehow deep lyrics.(well...deep for Limp Bizkit)
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on 10 January 2002
I've had this album for a while now and from the moment I got it right up to now I still find myself pressing the next button on the cd player for some tracks.Obviously most people got into them after the success of Take a look around from Mission Impossible 2 and it is a stand out on the album.Other tracks of quality include My way,Rollin and Boiler.However I think they are trying to be too diverse combining hip-hop beats,commercial rappers and mellow tracks that all sound a bit rushed.Also although swearing does not affect me in records I think this is taking it to the extreme,the track Hot Dog wouldnt sound out of place in a Roy Chubby Brown performance.Does a parental advisory sticker really boost sales?Anyway die hard fans of the group wll enjoy it but most will only find themselves listening to this album because they've listened to everything else in their collection already.
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on 8 July 2001
Shallow. Pointless. Basic. Purile. I could go on. Metal used to be about meaningful lyrics, good melodies and screeching guitar solos. Apparantly it is now some irritating dwarf swearing and saying how good his band is. There is not one song in here that means ANYTHING! There is not one riff that a beginner guitar player couldn't write. There is no genuine emotion here. This is not just Limp Bizkit that it applies to. Its all of nu-metal, Korn, Deftones ect. But at least the others have something real to say, even if they don't have a great deal of musical talent. Fred and his cronies have no talent and nothing to say, so why are they in the rock business. If you like this then I urge you to listen to cllasic metal from real musicians, e.g AC/DC, Metallica or Iron Maiden. Don't waste your time with the midget in the red cap and his nu-metal pals.
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on 9 July 2001
I love this album point blank! The mystique of the Intro build's up well to a thunderous ride of musical thrills! I love the Sirening sounds and lyrical assault of Full Nelson and Hotdog! The dwon-to-earthness of My way. The cool beats of Take A look around and Livin it up. Boiler, My generation and hold on reach out to everyone! Take a Look arounds my fav with cool lyrics, chilling guitar beats and hevy metal crashes!
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on 6 March 2001
i bought the album on the day of its release and listened to it from start to finish.from the first seconds of the inro i was intrigued and rightly contains a contrast of hard hitting riffs (My Generation,Livin It Up) but then there are some amazing mellow tunes to tone it down (It'll Be Ok, Hold On). fred,as ever, is whining out his lyrics aimed at his supposed "rivals" and to be honest its immature, but then i spose you have to be immature to be able to listen to limp. labeled as a metal band for people who dont really like metal,this album lives up to that as thier number 1 position in the singles and album charts proves.nevertheless any true metal fan, like myself, should own this album purely for the thumping beats from jon otto and wes borland. a very listenable cd that makes you jump and nod your head but still a long way from its predeccesor significant other.
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on 25 February 2010
This album may not be musically credible, the lyrics may not be very well written and Fred Durst may be a moron but who can honestly say they weren't hooked on 'Rollin' when it came out?

Limp Bizkit were never destined to be the saviours of metal but who cares? This album is a hell of a lot of fun and is full of brilliantly catchy, rap metal songs.

Some of Wes Borlands riffs are genius, but are sadly going to be overlooked by the fact that they are part of a genre that never really had much life in the first place.

I'm sure everyone out there must have a secret soft spot for at least a couple of Limp Bizkit songs, and my guess is that if you do, they're probably on this album.

"DJ Lethal - bring it on!"
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