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4.3 out of 5 stars29
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 September 2001
A few months back, my brother borrowed a Playstation One off his mate. Gran Turismo 2 came with it, and I spent most of my time playing on this game. The graphics are brilliant, the game play is awesome, and the cars are out of this world. Buy your favourite car, soup it up till it can't go any further, and hammer it against the Computer and your mates. Once you have a car in your sights, you will work like anything to get it.
I have now bought the game, as I have just got a PS2, and don't want to spend triple the amount on Gran Turismo 3, which only has better graphics, and less cars!
Truly great game!
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on 1 November 2000
This is an excellent game all round. The graphics are brillint, realistic and there isn't a lot of pop up. The handling of the cars is great, they are so much fun to drive. The best thing is power sliding and overtaking at the corners. When the manoeuvre comes off good it's great, but with some rear wheel drive cars it's difficult to control the power slide. The music is quite good, but after a while you might get annoyed with it. The sounds of the engine and the squealing tyres fighting for grip is very realistic. There are hundreds of accurately modelled cars from the Mini to the Dodge Viper. This game will last you for a very long time. First you have to get the licences to be able to compete in the races, then you've got all the different cups to win. There are two discs to Gran Turismo 2 - one is for the Arcade version where you don't buy the cars with money you've won racing, you just choose a car and race against similar models; on the second disc you get £10,000 and start with a second-hand car, then win races and up-grade your car. This is excellent value for money. The only bad thing about this game is the rally section which is disappointing. Although this isn't a new game it can still compete and win against them
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on 2 January 2001
This has got to be the best game on the PlayStation, without a doubt. There is only one con about this game, and that is the rallying area, not bad, but plenty of room for improvement.On this game there is so much choice, you don't always know what to do. You get cars dating from the 60's and into the future, and company's from Mini to Chrysler to Tommy Kaira (who?). This game is Gran Turismo, but amazingly, better. There is more cars (just over 600), loads more tracks, extra licenses, more racers and events...I could go on and on, but I won't. I can't believe this game is cheaper than Gran Turismo (both an essential buy). If you haven't already got this game buy it!!! The game gets better and better as you go along, until it can't get any better. By the way, try completing this game, it takes, well, a long, long, long time. months of enjoyment! Go on, you know you want it!
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on 25 July 2004
Like a lot of people, I loved Gran Turismo when it came out, and was fully expecting to love GT 2 even more. More cars, more tracks, supposedly better graphics, what was there NOT to love?

Well, plenty as it turned out.

The game was released in an unfinished state, the manual spoke of an option to change the speedo from KPH to MPH, it wasn't in the game. Record times weren't saved so there was no point setting lap records. Some players had their saves wiped by visiting the test track and saving their Top Speed records, losing a GT save is a big deal when you have spent weeks buying, tuning and customising cars.

The game also suffered terrible slowdown and frame dropping at times, most notably on the Seattle circuit, where having a load of cars in your rear view mirror could hack things down to an appalling 5 fps or less, not to mention the pop-up which meant that some bends magically appearing 50 feet in front of you when you were doing well over 100mph, not really adequate braking room and even when I knew the tracks like the back of my hand some of these still caught me out every time.

There's a lot of good things in the game, so many new cars to own and play with, a vast number. And some of the new tracks were well worth the addition, but as for the graphical improvements, they are barely noticable, and must contribute to the poor frame rate and general graphical glitchiness, also evident in pop-down in the rear view mirrors, leaving some pursuing cars driving in mid-air.

The worst thing for me is the awful understeer that a lot of the cars seem to have, and as this game was the basis for GT 3 it has carried into the beautiful PS 2 game and spoiled it a little for me. Using cars you have found handle sublimely in GT mode and then finding they refuse to turn into a corner in arcade mode is very frustrating.

The extra cars make it worth getting (especially the excellent Ford RS 200), and I played and finished it to the end, but I feel the original Gran Turismo is the more complete product, and is still the one I choose to play when I want vintage GT thrills.
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on 7 June 2001
Sony rushed this one and dropped the ball.
GT2 is excellent but not as good as the original GT. How so when it's kinda the same but with more cars and tracks? Well they're clearly trying to model a bit more in the cars (traction control now makes an appearance) and because it's the same Playstation they're having to cut corners to keep the speed.
Most noticeable is the shortening of the clip length of the scenery. You are hurtling down a clear straight and suddenly a building appears right in front of you and you realise there's a 90 degree right hander in front of you. GT did not have this problem, and had a much longer clip length.
Also the quality control is not as good as GT, plenty of glitches and bugs.
If GT had never been released GT2 would still be earth shattering, but as it stands GT2 is definitely in the shadow of the original. I have both (like most of us), and though the margin is small, GT beats GT2 for playability every time.
Four stars because it's still a storming game, but GT would get five.
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on 2 November 2001
Well no frankly, if you gave this game to your gran she would probably feed it to the dog!(or cat respectively)
But anyway, if ever you wanted to feel the sensation of driving some of the worlds greatest cars down some of the hardest tracks without even leaving your home. Then this is the game for you!
Over 300 cars to choose from and some of the favorite tracks from the first game (languna sector) and some new'ens as well.
Good graphics and a great sound track provide you with everything you need to take you from driving a Ford Fiesta to a toyota GT1 !
So get a copy now and fire up your playsation and get down to the greatest game in the world!
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on 9 April 2002
Most sequals are no where near the original. Gran turismo 2 is an exception. With tons more cars, manufacters, races and all new rally this is a brilliant game that will keep you playing for hours. the reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because there are to many low class cars that serve almost no purpose. Also, because of the hp restrictions you do end up needing to buy a hell of a lot of cars, unlike the first one in which it is possible to complete it using 4 or 5 cars and there is no need to buy more than 10 cars if you just want to complete this. Because of the amount of cars needed to complete GT2 you will find that you will do the same race over and over and over and over and over... etc. However when you win races (in most ones needing a licence) you recieve a car. There are only 3 championships in the game. the others are separtae races where you can use different cars. Despite its flaws it is still a very good game and for any racing fan this is a must.
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on 6 June 2005
I bought my first ever Playstation Demo Disc and it had Gran Turismo 2 in it. It was very good fun. where I got to drive round the Rome circuit in 3 cars. But when I got the full game. I found a few things wrong. Could have had the demo layout (one disc. japanese names and the demo layout of the arcade mode. and the gt mode) with the closed things available. If it had all of those things. it could have knocked GT1 off the top spot. But it never did. with all those thoughts. I wanted them. But...still. a 5/5. but GT1, if I could. give it a 6/5. I think you should buy it if you just want a more boring and easier game than GT1. but if you are a true racing fan. buy GT1. It's much better. P.s The racing screen should have been from the demo and in the replays it should have said 'Gran Turismo 2'
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on 21 August 2001
As you can see from my rating GT2 is wicked, some may call it the ultimate driving experiance.This is one of the best games ever- it's got good graphics, fabulous realism and most importantly it grips you with excitement... this is well worth buying.
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on 22 May 2001
The problem with GT2 is that it is just bigger than GT1 (with many more cars and tracks), but not better in terms of handling or racing. It seems that so much effort has gone into providing tuning options for the new cars that the need to provide interesting and varied races has been overlooked.
The new menus are by no means user friendly and there are some mistakes which mean that you don't always end up with the car that you attempted to purchase ( for example the Renault Clio sport 172 turns out to be a 1.1 litre Clio!).
The game is still a challenge and graphically very good, though the gameplay could still be greatly improved.
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