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3.6 out of 5 stars31
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2000
I agree wholeheartedly with the Rugby Fans review from 24th October. What a wasted opportunity this set is and how brilliant it could have been. Anyone new to the band will find it an excellent alternative to trawling up and down the country to record fairs to try and track down most of the already released material on here. If you've been a lifelong fan and collected their output over the years then not a lot here will be new.
To summarise; already released on CD....
On the shoreline, Hearts on fire, You might recall, Paperlate, Evidence of Autumn, Do the neurotic, Inside and out, Feeding the fire, I can't dance (12"), Dreaming while you sleep (live), The Brazilian (live), Your own special way (live), Land of confusion (12"), Tonight, tonight, tonight (12"), Open door, Pigeons
Already released on vinyl....
I'd rather be you, Naminanu, Submarine, Invisible touch (12"), The Lady lies (live), Day the light went out, Vancouver, It's yourself
Never released commercially (vinyl or cd)....
Illegal alien (live), It's gonna get better (live), Deep in the Motherlode (live), Ripples (live), Burning Rope (live), Entangled (live), Dukes Travels (live), No reply at all (live), Man on the corner (live), Mama (work in progress)
Should have been included....
Match of the Day, Me and Virgil, Inside and Out (live), Eleventh Earl of Mar (live), All in a Mouses Night (live), White Mountain (live) circa 1975, Keep it Dark (live) + unreleased demos
Personally I would have ditched all the tedious 12" mixes in favour of the above section. I know these sets aim to capture broad appeal but surely the sales are mainly attributed to fans wanting to add gaps into their collections and 12" mixes of a band like Genesis are not usually sought after nor highly regarded. The demos mentioned in the earlier review would have been however.
A missed opportunity I fear and not the treat for fans that the 1998 retrospective set was.
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on 24 October 2000
While I applaud Virgin Records' continuing loyalty to the Genesis back catalogue and the high quality of the tracks on the first Archive Box Set, I am a little dissapointed at the content of the latest trawl throught the archives. The ardent and long time fan, who this set is aimed at will probably have (in one form or another) all of the tracks on offer here. Firstly disc one: A selection of B-sides, many supposedly on CD for the first time. But at least 4 of the offerings appeared on CD singles. And why the ommission of "Me And Virgil" from the Paperlate EP?? Naminanu was the B-side to 2 singles (Keep It Dark and No Reply At All) so is hardly a rare track. Inside and Out (and the rest of "Spot the Pigeon" (though Match of the Day is omitted here, why?)was given a CD release a few years back by Virgin) On disc 2 the so called "Rare" live tracks are from some of the most popular bootlegs that most Genesis fans will already own. The LA Forum, Wembley and Theatre Royal / Lyceum shows were all FM broadcasts at the time and are now all available on CD's if you know where to look. I for one would have prefered some "real" rarities in CD quality like, for instance, the 1975 Trident Studio demo's(from where "It's Yourself" comes!), the 1978 Dallas rehearsals, the Invisible Touch "Work in progress" demo's (as recorded for the BBC), "Silver Song","All in a mouses night" from the 1977 tour, etc.. Disc three boasts that Man On the Corner was not on 3 sides live, but it did appear on the video of the same name and was repeated again on the History of Genesis video Set. I hope that the live version of "No Reply At All" is the one featuring the EWF horns - if so, why not add (from the same show - Forest Hills, New York - 1982) Paperlate? The live version of "Your Own Special Way" was on the CD single of Hold On My Heart (GENDG 8) and is billed as featuring the "Invisible String Section" - some rarity! And finally, the live version of "Dreaming While You Sleep" was originally found tucked away on the CD single "Tell Me Why" (GENDX 11). So, to say the least, i'm disapointed. I won't be bothered either way if i have it or not. What i'd like to know though, is do the Band have any plans to give the fans what they really want? Other groups from the same era (Deep Purple, Fairport Convention,Jethro Tull etc.) have benefited from opening up the archives and have released high quality CD's featuring rare and "UNRELEASED" live and studio material. A prime example is this years "California Sessions" by Deep Purple - the original studio tapes from the "Come Taste the Band" rehearsals. I'm sure any Genesis material in a similar vein would prove popular (especially with the option for it to be sold via the internet)
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on 9 November 2000
This is a good retrospective of the Collins years, but what a missed opportunity! Archives 1 really had the tastebuds going with the whole of the Lamb live and some rare and unreleased tracks. However, here we have 16 years of material squeezed into 3 CD's. On the release of Archives 1, fans were asked to request tracks for inclusion in Archives 2. I can't believe that any true fan asked for the 12" mixes!! What happened to Match of the Day, All in a Mouses Night (live), Eleventh Earl of Mar (live), Inside & Out (live), Me & Virgil? I'm relieved to have got all the 'B' sides on CD at last (although all of the tracks from the Invisible Touch sessions were originally released on the Limited Edition 'Invisible Box' CD single collection). In summary.......4 stars, but oh how easy it would have been to get five from the true Genesis fans!
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on 11 February 2015
There are some good things about this (the 2nd) release from the Genesis archives, but, like so much of their later work it is padded out with pointless filler.
First issue; Whereas the Archive 1 set was spread over 4 discs this has only 3, why? Was the '76 onwards material not considered worthy of another disc? Surely not! A disc comprising either the full 1978 Knebworth show (A midsummer Night's Dream, if you have the bootleg) or the 1980 Lyceum gig would have been a nice addition. Or, if the 3 disc format was cast in stone then a splattering of tracks from those shows as opposed to the 12" drivel that is offered up in the (mistaken) belief that fans like them.
To make the point; Disc 1 has some good B Sides but why the 12" of I Can't Dance? Disc 2 is largely error free, although why a live version of It's Gonna Get Better & The Brazilian are included bemuses me. There is no real difference to the studio tracks. Disc 3 starts with dreaded 12"'s from Invisible Touch. Not 1 or 2 but 3 of the damn things! Arrrgh!!! Having said that it improves greatly thereafter.

So in the opinion of this reviewer what could we have had to replace afore mention abominations? Well, by my reckoning there are 6 tracks surplus to requirements, & allowing for track length here are my suggestions; Match of the Day (how was this missed?), Keep it Dark (live), Say It's All Right Joe (live), White Mountain (live from '76 tour). Duke's Travels/End (live). That probably takes up roughly the same time as those they replace.

As a whole probably 2/3 of this collection could be described as interesting to fans, whereas the Archive 1 set was a feast of goodies. It's a shame because there was a real opportunity to give us what we have always wanted; real rarities from the post Gabriel era. I'm afraid they missed the target with this one.
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on 4 November 2000
Genesis Archive 1967-1975, issued in 1998 was a marvellous retrospective study of the highlights of the development of what was to become probably the most influential rock band in history. It was a 4 CD set which charted the high points of their early career. Why, then, have Genesis chosen to try to condense sixteen of their most productive years into three CDs. Sixteen into three doesn't go. Consequently, whole swathes of important Genesis music is missing; most notably the "Trick of the Tail" and "Wind and Wuthering" years. What is included is material which is either incidental to their growth or is available in other formats; i.e. Greatest Hits collections like "Turn it on again". With the original box set, Genesis enclosed a questionnaire seeking feedback about the possible content of the sequel. I wonder if they disregarded that information. I cannot imagine that purchasers of the first volume would have overlooked the middle years and my opinion is confirmed by other reviewers on this page. I've been looking forward to this box set with eager anticipation for two years. I'm desperately disappointed: not with what is included so much as with what is missing. There was a real opportunity to select a shorter period to focus on, say 1976 - 1984, and to digitally remaster the highlight tracks of the albums and concerts from that era. I'm certain there is a market for that material. How can it possibly be released now? And what will be the content of Archive #3? 1992 - 2000. Not exactly classic years of Genesis music. In the circumstances, I'd suggest a more descriptive title for Archive #2, "Paradise Lost!".
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on 12 April 2001
Dear me, a tale of what could have been!
After the success of Box Set 1 I was so looking forward to the second instalment. Would they include the full Lyceum Theatre set 1980 (of which a fantastic sounding version exists - check out side 4 of Three Sides Live and the snippets from this set)? or maybe Los Angeles 1984, Chicago 1978 or maybe one of a huge number of gigs all of which were recorded professionally but never released?
The answer turns out to be a resounding no. Instead we get a mismatch of tracks in no particular order, some real duffer B sides from the later 1980's period and a handful of moments showing what might have been. Apparently the band were embarrassed by "Match of the Day" and "Me and Virgil" so left them off but include "Your Own Special Way" with orchestra - the soppiest version imaginable of a track that never worked live.
Some great moments do remain - Inside and Out is still the best track from "Wind & Wuthering" days and "Entangled" live is nice. The Lyceum 1980 tracks, particularly "Ripples", are good versions and deserve a release in their own right. The B sides from Abacab, "Submarine" and "Naminamu" are also good and should have made the album ahead of "Whodunnit"
Sorry guys but whatever time and effort went into this was largely wasted. A whole concert on two discs plus a bonus disc of B-Sides would have been far more cohesive; this will please neither fans nor the casual listener.
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on 8 November 2000
OK, I admit, I'm a Genesis fan. I can't say I've trawled though records fairs trying to find their records, but I've probably heard most of their music, in fact I own all their albums. Genesis Archive II 1976-1992 is in the same vane as Archive I. Okay so it's not full of old band demo tapes but it's got some cracking tunes on it. The live set is excellent; really capturing the atmosphere at the time the songs was recorded. Illegal Alien starts the set off on CD2 and really captures the humour of Genesis' later years. The B-sides are b-sides, but some of these and other tracks are so close to fulfilling the album criteria and ambience, it's seems a shame that weren't included originally, more to the benefit of us now! So to the 12-inchs. Well the 80's were full of them, and of the mixes that are in the album a good bunch has been included. Land of Confusion with its ballsy thud and I Can't Dance with its excellent Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford riff. Some fans might be upset; others might be over the moon. Some love Phil, other prefer Peter. So I maybe half a die-hard fan but this is still in my collection, right next to Archive I. It's just great to listen to. Even the 10-minute work in progress version of Mama has something about it that makes you want to listen to how the group made things from nothing. Experience the different sides of Genesis, in this box set that's full of energy and atmosphere. The sound that is so Genesis, in fact a cleaner, crispy Genesis sound, and captures their full strength. Think of it as an addition to every album recorded in the period.
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on 3 November 2008
With the new Genesis Gabriel era releases about to land, now is a good time to review some other sets released. This archive set followed the excellent Genesis Archives release which captured a lot of unreleased material from the Gabriel era. This archive aimed to do something similar for the Collins era (the Wilson `era' doesn't warrant a mention really with just one album and tour). Does this collection succeed ? Partially I would say.

First of all the music is largely superb and as a fan of Genesis it's a worthy addition to any collection. Tracks such as `Hearts on Fire', `I'd rather be you', `Feeding the fire' and best of all `Inside and Out' are gems that really should have been included on the original albums. Live versions `Burning Rope', `Dukes Travels/Dukes End', `The Brazilian', `Ripples' and best of all `Entangled' are also fantastic.

But oh, the frustration of what could have been ! In my opinion, Genesis were never a 12" singles band and any attempts by the record company to release these were merely playing lip service to the current fad. None of the 12" tracks included here are an improvement on their standard release counterparts and they're all far too long ! The omission of `Match of the Day' and `Me and Virgil' is unforgivable, whatever the bands personal tastes - some people actually quite like these songs ! Who on earth decided to include a live version of `It's gonna get better' minus `Keep it Dark' ?; another unreleased live track that was always played before and the two songs merged together; instead we get an awful (un-live) fade in. Live versions of `Eleventh Earl of Mar' and the 1976 tour rendition of `White Mountain' would have been most welcome too - certainly in preference to the 12" mixes. Other songs have been played live over the years, perhaps less often and would have been worthy contenders.

So in summary a patchy box set with a nice booklet featuring many photos and information but with music content that could have been better thought out.
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VINE VOICEon 17 March 2003
This box set was a bitter disappointment to me and any of the reviewers praising it must be fans of 1980's/90's Genesis who have little knowledge of or desire to listen to the classic period material. Most older Genesis fans still regard the early Collins years as vintage Genesis and unfortunately this release will please them in snippets only.
The composition of this box set over three discs should have been changed in my view so as to cover the period 1976 - 84. A further release could then have covered the period from 1986 (Invisible Touch) onwards and we would not have had to wade through the tedious stream of endless 12" remixes of singles of dubious interest.
There are a huge number of high quality concert recordings that could have formed the basis for a wonderful collection of rare and sought after tracks and performances. The 1976 Hammersmith show with "White Mountain" an obvious highlight, the Wind & Wuthering set with "11th Earl of Mar", the entire Earls Court show from 1977 (although this would probably have overlapped with Seconds Out too much). The 1980 Lyceum set or even one of the many recorded 1984 shows would have made much more sense and given a far more cohesive basis to hang the rest of the box set around much as the wonderful Lamb performance from Box 1 did.
There are some highlights here particularly Ripples and Untangled as well as some of the earlier b sides such as "Its Yourself" and particularly "Inside and Out" (the best non album track ever written by the band). Surely however "Match of the Day" and "Me and Virgil", inexplicably omitted, would have been preferable to the 12" mixes included. As for the live orchestral accompanied version of "Your Own Special Way"; this is a particularly sickly version - so syrupy it is almost unlistenable to.
If I sound jaundiced then I am - as a serious Genesis fan with a large collection of the various tapes alluded to above. I would have loved to have seen digitally remastered versions of some of them and feel cheated at what we have on offer.
As far as I am concerned this is the last nail in the coffin for the classic period fan and only shows how out of touch the band are with the older fans.
What might have been......
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on 5 November 2000
I must say I was disappointed by the first archive collection - I had and still have ver little interest in late 1960's demo recordings and the amount of space dedicated to a full live recording of "A Lamb.." is perhaps open to question. I agree with most of the comments made by the reviewers from Hornchuch and Rugby but unlike them I actually applaud the record company for bringing together most of the b-sides from the period together in one place. I actually give the CD 3.5 stars perhaps tending to 4 stars with time. It's a waste of space including all the 12 inch singles and why miss out various b-sides and tracks from the Match of the Day and Paperlate e.p.s??? A full live recording from the Duke tour would have been a great addition (encore - the Knife) plus I would also have greatly enjoyed Knebworth 1978 if it was also included. Finally bits and pieces from the 1987 tour (the last great , great one) including the drum solo would have rounded things off nicely.
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