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4.3 out of 5 stars205
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2001
I bought this album on the day of release in the UK and being such a lover of U2's music, I wanted to give the album a fair hearing and here I am, 8 months down the line and still not sure. The back to basics line is not quite the rule here (pre-release hype rarely matches the finished product) but what U2 have done is shed the wanderlust and settled in the armchair for a few cosy singalongs. Make no mistake "Beautiful Day"; "Stuck in a moment..."; "Kite", "Grace" and "The Ground beneath her feet" are all superb, however their effect is diluted by some of U2's most insipid songs - "Peace on earth"; "When I look at the world"; "Walk on", "Wild Honey" - all decidedly average. My U2 interest really took of with Achtung Baby and went super-nova with Zooropa and hearing this set of indifferent tracks makes me pine for when U2 were a leading edge band, now alas, they appear to have embraced middle age longingly. This is not a bad album - I do so want to like but I have to say that the great songs are there but surrounded by an awful lot of fluff. If U2 want a back to basics guideline, a earful of the music coming out of Athens, Georgia should prove quite "revealing".
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on 19 October 2000
With some truley classic songs on this album, e.g.Walk On, Stuck, Kite... This should be a definate stocking filler for you and all of your friends this christmas.
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on 14 January 2010
My girlfriend loves it, and even I like it (usually being a classical music listener). More rock than pop this time round.
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on 31 March 2006
From fizzy pop to stagnate juice
I am a huge U2 fan, but I don't recognize my band on this record. It's flat and totally lacking any of the fizz of U2's previous albums. Achtung baby, Zooropa, and Pop are mind-blowing records and set the standard for others to follow. All That You Can't Leave Behind is a very self-conscious album, which was born out of the band's worries over possible disproval from the mainstream music press, such as the once great NME and U2's lack of musically confidence - in other words, selling it to the masses.
All That You Can't Leave Behind is a well-crafted album. It's not awful, very much the opposite it's very beautiful. However, I just know that U2 could've knocked out even bad than bad mofo of a record. They just wanted to play it safe.
If you're looking for a great gift for you're Mum, this is the one.
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on 14 November 2000
This album is fairly good but come on people it isn't a Joshua Tree or An Achtung Baby or even Unforgettable Fire or Under a Blood Red Sky . some good lyrics and some fine melodies that stick in your head but it's quite mellow for me . I preferred the energetic side of U2 . This album is perhaps a step up from pop , tho some would disagree , but i wouldn't place it above zooropa . U2's best days are definitely behind them but it's still good to see a real rock band producing some quality music . Stick to this trend for the next album please lads .
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on 30 November 2000
This album sadly proves that U2 can no longer compete with younger bands like Radiohead and the Manic Street Preachers. I have to admit that the spirit left U2 years ago and that their last great stand was 'Achtung Baby'. 'ATYCLB' is dull and unimaginative with only 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' being particularly interesting (I didn't realise that Edge could play acoustic guitar!). Forget the media sycophancy that inevitably comes with every new U2 release, this is a poor effort by a tired band.....
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on 31 October 2000
U2 used 2 be a decent band until they teamed up with the heroin junkie H from steps. This album is a little disapointing although there are some great raps from Bono. Adam Clayton stuggles to master the human beat-box technique and Edge's abilitys on the flute are poor at best. Larry Mullen unfortunately starts screaming through the 8th track on the album and won't stop until Bono's trumpet solo reaches a climax. This album is good but not great.
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on 27 November 2002
Someone told me U2 made this album. I cannot quite believe that. To me, U2 are those who made some of the best music of the 80s and the 90s. They were surely among the best musicians during those years. And now what? Is this the best that they can do? Aren't they ashamed of themselves? And what about you, U2 fans? I've been checking out some of the reviews here, and I sit in disbelief as I read lines like "back at their best", "beautiful album": what are you talking about? Can you compare this stuff to Achtung Baby or The Joshua Tree? Do you really believe this stuff is good? Maybe the one reviewer who seems to agree with me is right, you are trying to persuade yourself it is. Because it's not. Firstly, it's too commercial, and that's proved by the huge financial investment on videos, aimed to target those persons who form their music culture by watching MTV (the same ones who think Britney Spears and Ricky Martin are the best musicians around). Secondly, they lack ideas and inspiration, as shown by the fact that forgotten b-sides are suddenly resuscitated and thrown in a CD, Best-ofs and Remixes compilations are released as regularly as the yearly migration of seagulls, and new electronic music experiments are carried out with disappointing results. But, more importantly, the quality of their music has so clearly decreased, because songs like "Beautiful day" and "Elevation" do NOT have the "sound that made them one of the worlds biggest bands in the eighties", dear "music fan from Molesey, Surrey, UK", as you stated in your review (how can you say that 'Kite' is the 'One' or 'With Or Without You' of this collection, that is almost criminal).
Who are the greatest artists of history? Those who retired at their peak. Those who realised that success and glory made them shine like stars, but also that, like stars, they were destined to die, so they decided to leave while they were still shining. Those who were never forgotten because they took such decision.
But maybe Mr Bono is too busy trying to solve the world's problems by himself to understand that...
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on 15 January 2001
U2 used to be more then just my favourite band. They used to soak up my life - sad I know but rock n roll has a nasty habit of doing that when you are young.
The worst thing about this album is not that I don't like it, because I do. No, the worst thing about it is as somebody who used to think this band could do no wrong, I've been proved wrong. It's all so very average.
The best track on this album is the bonus track, The Ground Beneath Your Feet. Why? Because it's filled to bursting point with the sort of passion which makes U2 great. Otherwise the rest of the album sounds a bit like a U2 tribute band making a U2 album. The band have almost become a parody of themselves.
Sure Beautiful Day and Stuck In A Moment stand out as perfectly great songs within a world filled with boy bands/girl bands and faceless dance tunes. But as for the rest, well however much I play this album, however much I beg it to grow on me, I just end up becoming more and more bored with it.
I've always wondered whether after a certain time and as the band got older, they would end up sounding as boring as a band like the Stones. However what I didn't expect was for them to turn into Dire Straits.
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on 20 January 2002
this is definitly one of U2's best albums! all the songs are brilliant and there isnt one that is bad! they said theyd gone back to basics on this album and thats definitly true and thats what makes it so good. this is a definite must for any U2 fan or even anyone who remotely likes them!
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