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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2003
From all the other reviews available for this movie, you should be able to foretell the full three stories of this incredible lesbian journey. But what the other reviews do not tell you, and what you most want to know, is this:
It is worth buying this movie as it has two incredible sensual love scenes in it.
And if you are totally honest about it, you want a movie that will build the anticipation in you with an incredible story line, creating the expectation of an exhilarating conclusion. And this is exactly what two of the three stories deliver.
An absolute must for any lesbian movie collector!
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on 16 February 2006
I thought this was a very moving film with so much truth in it. I am only glad that we now look back at this film to "how it use to be" I wish all the couples who are now able to tie the knot the very best. great movie !
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on 19 March 2010
This was one of those movies I had heard about and just had not gotten around to seeing, but I ordered it, watched it, and ended up asking myself some very brutal questions about my own views on gay issues.
The story, told in 3 parts, focuses on different aspects relating to lesbian women through varying time periods. The first is without a doubt the most poignant and heartbreaking, that of a 30 year long relationship between two elderly women which comes to an abrupt end when one of them dies following a fall and subsequent stroke. Left behind is Edith, brilliantly portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave, who must go through the demoralizing motions of contacting Abby's relatives following her death, and then has to endure their total disregard for the life of their distant Aunt while they ruthlessly clear out the house as though Edith had no rights at all. I found this very hard to watch, strangers coming into a woman's home and ripping her life apart while "politely" skirting around the unspoken fact that their Aunt's "friend" was her lifelong partner, and forcing her out of the home she and Abby had shared for so many years.
The second story, more upbeat, challenges the gender roles issue. A group of college students in the 70's who share the same house become unsettled when one of them meets a stereotypical "butch" girl, played very sincerely and in a surprisingly erotic way by Chloe Sevigny.
The third story is a modern day story. Two women, played by Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone, are a couple trying for a baby. This story is endearing, with effervescent performances from the irrepressible Ellen and likeable Sharon, and gives a sense of hope that times are changing at long last.
This movie has many messages. It certainly got me thinking about things and I found it very entertaining. The cast is solid, and the stories very real, and although obviously popular among the gay community ( not least for its very erotic love scenes) should also be considered by a wider audience for the topics it addresses. This is a very intelligent movie and one that deals with its subject with great dignity. Great stuff !!!
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on 8 October 2003
The film is really three short stories albeit linked by the thread of being set in the same house.
The first story is proper heavyweight movie stuff wisely condensed down to about 30 minutes (other directors might be tempted to wallow), and is excellent. Very moving. 5*
Second story also very good, lots of angles on prejudice, and being different, and being true to yourself. And a little something for those who have a sensual side. Minor quibble about how true to life some of the characters are (all too cute ?). 4*/5*.
Final story is thought provoking but less gripping - for me the characters were just less interesting, and the "comedy" element was a bit staged. Some entertainement value and it raises some big issues. 3*
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on 1 March 2001
This film makes you laugh, cry and fall in love and not necessarily in that order!! Although based on lesbian couples and relationships I feel that this film should be watched by all, to help any individual understand that gay people have feelings too, that are just as strong as anyone elses. The quest for happiness, normality and acceptance is well shown and I feel that this film highlights the changes in attitudes towards lesbians and gays that have occured over the last few decades. It gives all lesbians hope that life can be normal - well as normal as life can be!!
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on 27 February 2009
This film is brilliant, and shows the world that lesbianism exists all over the world, and in any place. It shows the beauty of two women's love for each other, in a very gentle way. It is romantic and a joy to watch. Vanessa Redgrave plays an excellent part.
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on 15 April 2001
The trilogy shows how lesbian couples have progressed through time and fitted in with society. An extremely good portrayal of life through a lesbian couple's eyes. WATCH IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.
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on 28 February 2001
These three amazing short films were a pleasure to watch. While all of the films were brilliant the best was by far the one set in 1961. It was very unique unlike any other film I have ever seen.
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on 12 July 2013
i have seen the original vhs.. and was surprised to watch this dvd so called "chipped"!!! quite frankly a bit of a dissapointment to what Ellen Degeneres tried to portray....
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on 22 February 2007
It is a sad fact of our lives as lesbians that at some time or another the vast majority of us will have had to deal with discrimination, based solely on our sexual orientation. A sadder fact is that many of us do lose the understanding or support of family, when we identify as gay or lesbian. By simply being honest about who we are we stand to isolate ourselves from the people we have known and loved longest in our lives. That is why the wider lesbian community can become so important, as a surrogate family and support system. Our shared history gives us a common understanding and we have all learned, against a backdrop of misconception, the value of understanding.

History has brought us a long way. Generations of women prepared to stand up for who they were, despite the consequences,
have helped shape the more tolerable world that most of us live in today.

If these walls could talk 2 will likely make you cry, it will undoubtedly make you remember, but mostly it will give you hope;
through what has been, to what is, to what will be ~ a brighter future for us all.
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