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4.6 out of 5 stars390
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2001
When I bought "Hybrid Theory" I didnt quite know what to expect, but I know I didnt expect it to be so good. Chester Bennington's vocals are perfectly complemented by Mike Shinoda's rhymes. I thought it would be like Chino Moreno and Fred Durst joining together in the same band, and both canceling each other out, wanting to be top dog of the band. This could not be further from the truth. Neither vocalist wants to steal the show, and both get a fair amount of play during each track on the CD (except "Cure For The Itch"). Bennington's vocals are immaculate, with soaring screams to soothing lines. His voice is so dynamic and adds a extra dimention to what some other bands dont have. To mix it up furthermore Shinoda's rapping opens up a floodgate to what styles this band can take onboard. The music seems to be heavily influenced by hardcore and industrial rock, with a large slab of hip-hop added by DJ Joseph Hahn. His sampleing and timing is perfect overshadowing the likes of DJ Lethal. The riffs supplied by Brad Delson are heavy and are very catchy. The drumming supplied by Rob Bourdon is again heavy and sounds... well... great. This is a band which is going to go very, very far. I would reccomend this album to my pearents (well maybe not), or anyone who likes any form of rock music (except big indie fans). The next Nirvana have arrived.
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on 28 March 2001
Linkin Park are something of an enigma - rough, grinding (typically nu-metal) guitars, hip hop influences, crashing drums and the odd wailing chorus, beautifully tempered by a sweet singing voice wouldn't sound out of place in the line-up of any of the interchangable, disposable, meaningless pop bands which proliferate out charts (much to the dismay of real music fans).
But that isn't to say the pure quality of the voice of the unfortunately-named Chester Bennington detracts from the raw edge of Linkin Park's debut effort. Far from it, because it isn't the quality of the vocals in boy bands that fills those with a modicum of taste with a nameless dread, it's everything else. What it does do, however, is provide an extra dimension which not only pleases but refreshes. After all, angst-ridden howling can become a tad tiresome after a while, and that fact this particular band have had the courage to go for something a little different elevates them above others in their genre, which will go a long way giving them the longeivity that is rarely affored to heavy rock groups.
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on 1 August 2004
Linkin Park's first album takes it's name from the name it would have been called if techno trio Hybrid had not threatened to sue. It's name means basically that the music is the hypothetical theory of the band whose music is a hybrid of different styles.It is not thought possible that a screaming/sweet singing person's style could be mixed with hip hop rapping/sweet singing from the band's Mike Shinoda wile being supported with guitar, bass and drums that range from soft yet hard-hitting melody to hard, rough line that scream out the innermost feelings of the song. This mixed with the ingenuity of DJ and lyricist Joe Hahn and lyricists Chester Bennington (vocals), Mike Shinoda (vocals/guitar/piano), Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar) and, even though he had left before this album had been released, Phoenix (Dave Farrell, bass/violin), makes Hybrid Theory stupendously amazing and moving album that truly deserved to go platinum in December of 2000.
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on 21 July 2001
i first heard linkin park when a friend of mine told me 2 download a song called one step closer, after this i was hooked and instantly went out 2 buy the album. Since that day i haven't put the album down, i play it almost all the time and i think the rap-nu metal thing works really well, espescially with chester benningtons strong vocals and mike shinodas rap skills, i also want 2 say that joseph hahn must b the best dj...ever. My favourite songs r: By myself, in the end, with you, pushing me away...and pretty much the rest of the album. (In Britain) Linkin Park are still in the top 20 after 8 months (#14 the last time i checked) and i can't wait 2 get their next album which is released in september. Not many people know this but Hybrid Theory was the band's original name before they got Chester :-)
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on 17 October 2001
After hearing the singles and a reccomendation from a friend i went and bought this album. Most nu-meatl albums i've listened to the tracks are never as good as the singles, but this album all the tracks are amazing you are blown away by them. They all ahve great lyrics especially "In The End" and "Forgotton" compared to other nu metal bands who just swear. When you listen to it, not just one or two tracks stay in your head, they all do. It starts with "papercut" - a very catchy fast track then goes onto "one step closer" a heavey track which is exellent. then goes on to "with you" which has some amazing singing and is one of the best tracks on the album. "crawling" which appears later on the album is another example of great singing. "In The End" is truly the greatest song on the album it has everything - great singing, catchy chorus, heavey beat and some on the decks. "Forgotton" is one of the heavey true nu-meatl tracks. Then there is "Cure For The Itch" which shows the band's dj's talents. Overall truly amazing album. i don't suggest this i say it is essential.
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on 12 April 2005
I dont infact write any online reviews but i had to make an exception here. This is the most consistant albums ive ever listened too. Every track has been produced so well, blending two very popular genres rap and rock together. The guitar riffs are synchronised perfectly in with the lyrics. The lyrics are very clever and insightful.
There is a lot of meaning in every verse and i must admit that every track has a very cacthy chorus. It is very hard to distinguish the strongest track seeing that they have used different types of elements in every track making each of them individualy unique. Chesters raw and yet sometimes beautiful voice blends amazingly well with mikes very fast mc'ing.
The start of the album is started with a fast pumping beat that gets your adrenaline pumping as mike spills out very fast unique lyrics (Papercut). The last track is mainly from chester showing off his vocal talent providing the most soulful song on the album (Pushing me away). "Cure for the itch" is a track that the DJ of the group shines. Showing off the skills that he has with the decks providing us with a very relaxing melo song. I first heard Linkin park from watchin the video "crawlin" which was my favourite track for a very long time. At the time i actually used to be in to only rap and garage but they completely changed my perception of rock, as i watched the video They opened up my mind and i soon became a huge fan of rock music.
I borrowed the album off my mate for about a year where even my Dad loved the music they produced. I even bought the album two years after. Undeniably the best album i have ever heard in my entire life!!
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on 15 June 2004
Following the release of their second single ( 'Crawling' ) I was motivated to buy this album . The first single had put me off somewhat by the rapping element - I'm not a fan of that music form . Having bought the album , it became a firm favourite , and I still return to it now . The lead vocals are excellent and varied in style . The rapping element is an integral part to the bands sound , and without it I feel the bands sound would be redundant . The musicians produce a colourful tapestry of sounds , and all are without doubt technically gifted . All in all , I felt that the mix of styles was a breaath of fresh air in a genre that can sometimes sound stagnant .
Favourite songs - 'Papercut' and 'In The End' .
Recommended .
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on 26 October 2001
Hybrid theory by Linkin Park offers Hip-hop sounds mixed with rock and electronica, making their sound truly unique. Hybrid theory is the best phrase to describe their music, it's a blend of all the members different styles. " In the End" and "pushing me away" have to be 2 of the best tracks on the album. Look out for "cure the itch" it's not a song in the sense it hasn't got any singing. It is basically techno beats with bass, electronica, and a catchy piano tune, it's truly amazing. Linkin park's brilliant music will stay around for generations. If you haven't moshed your way down to your local record shop, buy it! here! now! on amazon. Hybrid Theory is an essential to any CD collection.
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on 2 July 2004
Woah. This is an awesome album. Well worth 5 stars and more! The true rocking stlyle of this album is superb! The album starts out with papercut, a truely awesome song especially the harmonising bit in the middle. One step closer, what can I say? A hit single, dont need to say much more thatn that really. With you, one of the best mixes of Mr. Hahn ever and proves that not only is he the coolest but the best in the world at what he does, no joking! Points of authority is still great but I must admit had me a little disappointed for some reason. Crawling... I feel no more needs to be said! Runaway, had me reaching for the repeat button after I played it and still does now. By Myself, awesome shouting Chester! In the end... I also feel no more needs to be said! A place for my head, a great song, a true masterpiece. Forgotten, similar to papercut but still very different just as awesome and great! A cure for the itch, Mr Hahn shows us how good he can be in this piece of skill! Pushing me away, a fitting way to the end the album, extremely good. Buy it, buy Reanimation, buy Meteora and if you have any money left, buy live in texas. Infact why are you reading this review? Dont take my word for it listen to all the sane people who gave this 5 stars! Infact, dont take their word for it, go and buy it, you wont regret it!
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on 24 January 2002
What more can I say? This album has been in my CD player for the last four months and I still appreciate the lyrics everytime i hear them. With songs like Crawling, In The End and Pushing Me Away, you can't go wrong! Its not just the fact that there is no swearing (so I can comfortably play the CD in front of my mum) or the fact that the soft singing and crazy screaming actually blend, its the fact that the songs don't bore you like most other CDs do. I think anyone who slags it off as commercial or boring has a very bad hearing problem. Wish it was longer though but hey we can't all be perfect. Linkin Park rock!
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