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4.3 out of 5 stars79
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2010
Now, in 2010, many people would simply laugh and think you're joking if they hear you've bought a PS1. The thing is, after all, getting on for 15 years old now, and games being released for it are practically non existant.
However, the PS1 gives ten times the amount of friendly entertainment than anything else on the market - seriously. It's the single most fun thing to play on with your mates in the universe. Sure, the graphics are blocky, the technology antiquated and it sounds like your old cassette player you threw away five years ago, but the huge mountain of games you can get for it are the sort of games you can play again and again, and they never get old. The controllers are simple and slim which can sometimes make you feel as if it's more natural to play with the pad on the left as opposed to the analogue sticks on dualshock controllers. The actual style of gameplay is addictive and fun, and the games can be very challenging - don't underestimate the quality of gameplay and think it'll be a walk in the park. It isn't. Games are just as demanding on the PS1 as modern games consoles, and it keeps willing you on to continue playing.
If you don't have the money for a PS2 or 3, then I implore you: Buy a PS1. In my opinion, it's better than the other two, and you won't ever tire of it.
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on 10 February 2003
Got one of these for my daughter at Christmas. Initially felt a bit guilty as a lot of her friends either got a PS2, gamecube or an X-box. However I picked up the console, 3 pads, memory cards, 12 games-around 9 which are damn good, steering wheel and dance mat for just over £140. This may sound a lot for what is essentially labelled an 'obsolete console' but try picking up 9 good games and one of the other consoles for that price.
Anyway my point. I got this machine Christmas 2002, X-box and gamecube released early/mid 2002 and the PS2 shortly before Christmas 2001. Now that is essentialy just a year where the PSone has had any REAL competiion (sorry Dreamcast loyals!)and look how many people now laugh at,dismiss and generally slag off this machine that no doubt just over 1 year ago they were perfectly happy with. Are they ashamed or something?
Comparisons to the new 'big 3' are also laughable.
It's old - well YES it is nearly 8 years old now.
It's graphics are poor/flickery - No they are not,SNES,Saturn and even N64 (the Playstations original rivals)now THEY had flickery, blocky graphics.
It has no real new releases - Harry P's, Dance games, Treasure Planet 3 that prove that one wrong.
It's only a Ps-one - No it IS a PS-one. A damn fine machine in it's own right.
I have a GBA and have not played it ONCE since Christmas day, such is the attraction ,playability and satisfaction that can be gained from this machine.
I have also priced several of the games I bought my daughter for Christmas on the big 3 and have found, in some cases, that where I paid £12-17 for them they cost between £35-£44 on them.
What is they point of owning a machine, or buying one for your children, that you can't afford to run?
Also I hear replacements for the big 3 are almost complete and could be out as early as 2005, talk about longevity!
In short yes I can see that it's days are numbered, new release wise anyway, but with over 1200 games avaliable (if you can find them)and the imminent replacment of the competition,it should not be discounted as a serious choice if you are looking for a dedicated games console for yourself, a pressie for the kids or something to take your mind off your upcoming final exams! (like me)
Cheap as chips gaming that is extremely enjoyable, in my humble opinion anyway.
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on 11 March 2008
So, after buying this console i was firstly quite amazed at the size of it. Even after looking at numerous pictures of the ps1 i was still shocked at the dvd box sized contraption.
I think it should be also noted that the memory card DOES NOT come with the system. The memory card enables you to save your progress on the individual games, and quite rightly, some may assume it does come with the console, 'fraid not. Luckily its going for £3-£5 on amazon so its not an expensive addition.
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on 11 February 2005
Okay so Playstation One a bit dated when you think of what other consoles are out and about in the 21st Century but there is something almost timeless about the Playstation One, especially as it plays all those oldies/goldie games that have yet to make it to Playstation 2.
I like the Playstation One because it is SO compact and streamlined. Not only that but you can by an attachable LCD screen for it so you don't have to rely on the TV.
If you are like me, someone who travels a lot, then this is a console that is easy to pack along with the LCD screen and it doesn't take up a lot of room in your luggage.
There are still accessories that you can buy, like a Playstation one carry case, extra handsets, cheat systems and memory cards and they don't cost the earth.
Also Playstation One games are a lot cheaper than some Playstation 2 games, you can buy them second hand for a few quid, one the downsides is that new Playstation One games are now in decline so eventually it will become an obsolete console at some point but that is a few years away yet so you might as well enjoy it whilst you can like I am doing.
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on 8 September 2008
I loved the PS (the chunky one). It was a revolutionary console, bring ing gaming into the 3D - so untill we find 4d, no console has a chance of juming as larger barrier (still true 15 years from its release).

This was the first home console I owned, and it served me well. Don't bothere buying one now - just go for a 6th era console if you want cheap thrills. I got a copy (just for sentimental purposes) for £2 (or the £1.78 change I had left) at a local market. For me, it marks a simpler time - before I moved on to 6th era and eventually PC (the best platform) gaming.
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on 10 December 2011
It's amazing. It is simply amazing. I'm a 90's guy; a lover of the PSone console; and I've written a lot of reviews for PSone games; yet I've never written a review for the actual console itself. Well I think it's time I rectified that problem. With today's mega consoles with endless features, it's gonna be incredibly difficult to convince you that the PSone is a great console to own, especially if you're a younger gamer who has eyes only for the PS3 or X-Box 360. But I'll do my best to smooth talk you.

First of all this is the PSone, a slimmed down version of the original PlayStation (PSX) console which was bigger, grey in colour, and more square shaped. The PSone is about one third the size of the PlayStation. It's light grey (almost white, like a white knight), very light weight, and easy to carry around. A nice thought for anyone who dreads carrying a heavy brick from room to room, or even over to a friend's house.

The console can be equipped with several accessories. As well as two usual controllers, you can insert memory cards above the controller slots which will enable you to save your gaming progress. You can also insert multi-taps for 4-player, and even 8-player games. I know the PS3 has online play, but admit it you enjoy having your friends around, don't you? You love trying to grab their controllers and press their buttons to stop them from beating you in a racing game, don't you? You know you do!

What else? You can also insert a PlayStation mouse and play certain mouse games like Broken Sword and SimCity 2000. A Dance mat can be used for strutting your stuff on the Dancing Stage games. Or if you want to, you can just listen to CDs. The PSone will allow you to pop one of your favourite albums into the machine and use numerous CD features, including rewind and fast forward as well as track skipping. But the one feature I'm particularly proud of is the LCD screen. It's sold separately, but you can buy an Official Sony PSone LCD screen and screw it into the back of your console. This will allow you to use the machine without the need for a TV, and picture and sound quality on the screen is simply brilliant.

And then of course, there are the games. The PSone boasts a large and very impressive back catalogue of games. Here's a few to get you started:

Gran Turismo: The ULTIMATE racer. Simply a must-have.
Resident Evil 2: One of the scariest experiences you'll ever come across. Brilliant.
Tomb Raider 2: A great adventure. And the lead character's not bad-looking either!
Crash Bandicoot 3: One of the best platformers you'll ever come across.
Metal Gear Solid: Great story. Great stealth game. Great everything.
Driver 2: Brilliant mission-based racer with some swell FMVs.
ISS Pro Evolution 2: The best retro footie title money can buy.

OK, so if you've got say, a PS3, you're not gonna be blown away by any of the PSone's features. The graphics are out dated and there's no online gaming, you've got me there. But one thing I'm sure will win you over is the playability of the games. They're just simply addictive. Games like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil tell riveting stories that keep you excited as you play through them, while sports/racing games like ISS PE2 and Gran Turismo contain plenty of retro charm. Sure the handling feels heavy, but give it time and you'll get used to it. You'll have a lot of fun.

Well, that's it. I've done everything I can to persuade you to take a look at an old PSone console. If you youngsters still have eyes only for the PS3 or X-Box 360, then there's nothing more I can do to talk you out of it. Now I'm off back to my bedroom to reminisce about classic console gaming...with a small light grey friend. We'll meet again...maybe.
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on 27 February 2006
For those of you who used to own the original Playstation but, like me yours mysteriously stopped working when it was stepped on by an unbelieveably foolish visitor, this is a must have. A classic console, this slimline version looks so nice and is so compact that you can literally put it anywhere. I'd also like to point out to gxay that the Gamecube (while being the greatest console ever) is a generation ahead of the PSOne and so the two should not be compared. This console is great for fans of the classics, as a Nintendo fan through and through I don't own that many games, but Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX are timeless classics that no one can resist.
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on 16 December 2000
I think that the playstation is fantastic.I don't see why everyone is buying playstation 2.I personaly think that playstation 2 is a waste of money,you had to order it three or four or even five months ago.Who cares if it has a DVD player.My Dell computer has a DVD player so i don't have to buy one.And even if you dont get one the games are limited and really expensive.I think that the original playstation is better value for money and for the games and the games prices as well.The playstation is compact so that you can fit it nearly anywhere.Also the controls are easy to use and all of my friends agree with me on all of the things that i have wrote.So over all i think that i will give the playstation a 5 out of 5.Thank you for taking time to read this.
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on 1 October 2000
This amazing new invention from those wonderful people at Sony, allows you to take your console with you wherever you go! It is a first for gaming systems as it is the smallest gaming console EVER! It plays normal Playstation games and has the same gaming capabilities as its big brother, but only a third of the size. A must have for gaming fans who want a portable games console.
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on 4 November 2014
The psone is now considered retro and collectable, I urge anyone considering buying one to buy one now or Asap while they are so cheap. They seem extremely well made as never had an issue with psone and even though it's not hd it doesn't look ugly on a big tv ( just stick to 4:3 ) but I would recommend purchasing the Yellow Red white composite cables as rf sucks as it always did.
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