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4.4 out of 5 stars197
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2013
The image on the front of the DVD says it all. It's mindless, silly, slapstick stupidity and I love it.

I've always been a fan of Bottom. Rik Mayall is a brilliant actor and I genuinely like him, but as Ritchie he is an absolute slimeball who gives me the heebies. But, that's how the character is supposed to appear. Ritchie is rude, obnoxious, sweaty, overbearing and has serious anger issues but that's what we love about him. Our of him and Eddie however, he is the schemer and seems to have a little more intelligence than Eddie.

Eddie Hitler (Ade Edmunson) is a barely functioning alcoholic who does what he can to follow Ritchie's schemes and never gets it right. Ritchie's short temper and Eddie's clueless bumbling is a frequent flashpoint for the violence Bottom/Guest House Paradiso is well known for. The fight scenes are so completely over the top they aren't believable but to someone as immauture as me, I love them. Especially during GHP when Eddie stops Ritchie in his tracks with a pair of nut crackers.

Keep an eye out for cameos in this movie from Simon Pegg and Bill Nighy who play the unsatisfied guests in the Guest House Paradiso.

Don't expect anything more than you get from Bottom. I'd even say the plotline is less than you'd get from Bottom but it has some hilarious laugh out loud moments and like the top reviewer, I've burst out laughing at inappropriate moments just thinking about it. You may find yourself like me, laughing politely at a weak joke someone's just told but in my head I can hear Ritchie sarcastically going "Ahha ha. Ah ha ha ha! AH HAHAHAHAHA! Mary Celeste. I must write than one down..... AH HAAAAAA!"

Also keep an eye out for Ritchie's face during the "goodmorninggoodmorninggoodmorning" scene when the Nice Family arrive. The glide down the stairs made it for me.
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on 31 December 2004
Firstly, I would like to point out that I am a major Bottom (the series) fan. Secondly, as someone else pointed out, this has all the ingredients to make a great film, but it has something lacking. This is probably due to the excessive amounts of slapstick (which I know was used in copious quantities in the series to great effect) but it just seems that the whole film is based around Richie and Eddie hitting each other with various pieces of furniture without any of the hilarious dialogue which made the series so funny. Having said that, there are some great moments, and true Bottom fans should not be too disappointed. Although the films ending once again descends into the excessively crude behaviour which spoils the whole affair.
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on 18 September 2003
I own this movie on DVD and I have watched it about 10 times and it's still funny. The jokes will never get boring and I often burst out laughing at inappropriate times just thinking about them. The premise is that Richard and Eddie of Bottom fame own the cheapest hotel in Britain next to a nuclear power plant. They are desperately in need of cash and when a film star in hiding comes to stay their luck just might be in.
To watch this movie and not become utterly bored or disgusted you first need to like the humour. Some would say that only hardcore fans really enjoy watching it. But overall it's a great movie.
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on 6 April 2005
I couldn't stop laughing. The slapstick is constant and the violence between Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonson is extremely sick but funny. True, the story is weak, but the humour more than compensates for this.
I loved it.
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on 3 December 2004
The idea for Guest House Paradiso came about when Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonson were touring around the country with Bottom Live. Staying in so many hotels made them wonder how Richie and Eddie (their characters from Bottom) would cope having to run one. Near the end of the writing Rik Mayall had his quad bike incident, an accident that had all Rik and Ade fans extremely worried, leaving Adrian Edmonson to finish off writing and to take up the role of Director.
Rik and Ade's writing has always been about being ridiculous, from The Dangerous Brothers, The Comic Strip Presents ... Mr Jolly Lives Nextdoor, to Guest House Paradiso. They have simply extended that into a full length film. Complicated plots or quality of acting is not the priority for a film like this. Its the amount of stupidity, nob gags and violence that count.
As for the latter, Rik and Ade have excelled throughout the years for the realism in their comedy fight routines, either live or on tv. You will not be disappointed in the kitchen scene at the beginning of the film. If slapstick violence is your thing then this scene will have you in tears. No matter how many times you watch it.
Another extremely funny moment is when Simon Pegg, (from Big Train, Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead) is hoisted by his nipple up to the ceiling by Rich and Eddie using a fishing rod/hook. Very cringeworthy indeed.
To sum up. This film will appeal to any Bottom fans, or indeed anybody who appreciates the ridiculous. However to see Rik and Ade at their best I recommend Mr Jolly Lives Nextdoor. Which is asbsolute perfection. "Never ever ever bloody anything ever" !
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on 24 March 2011
My housemate and I have recently revisited Bottom through the box set DVDs. This movie was a dim and distant half-memory and I was pleased I hadn't imagined it, but was surprised that I couldn't remember it better.

When the DVD arrived we expected something similar to the series (as I think you should expect from something called "the Bottom Movie"). What we actually got was something... almost inexplicable.

Mayall and Edmonson reprise roles as Richie and Eddie, though somewhat altered and distorted from their TV originals. Richie is less pervy and almost prudish at times, and far FAR too clean! (And has a different last name?!?). Eddie is almost unchanged, but lacks some of the (I almost don't dare to use the word) depth that was present in his TV character, being almost more of a punching bag/plot convenience than half of a comedy duo.

I won't spoiler the plot (which is not the worst part of the movie anyway), but towards the half-way mark it's clear that they've run out of ideas for Eddie and Richie and resort to gags that my 15/16 year old self thought hilarious, but now at nearly 30 I barely smiled - which I was really sad about, I wanted to like this film!

To wrap up - I think this was a huge missed opportunity for two classic comedy characters, and if they'd simply stuck to the same type of humour and comedy they've used to great success in the TV series (and stage shows), they'd have done really well. It's that they tried to venture into areas they clearly shouldn't go that let them down, and for some reason having more money seems to have limited them, and the end result is not quite one thing or the other.

Bottom completists should get this just to fill out the set, and it's not all bad, there are some genuinely funny moments and a few little bits that are really Bottom classic, it's just overall it's disappointing as a Bottom Movie. Simon Pegg makes an appearance, though unfortunately the script doesn't do him justice either and it's a mostly forgettable role.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 August 2015
‘Guest House Paradiso,’ or, as was added later on the video box, ‘The Bottom Movie.’ I’ve been a fan of ‘Bottom’ (and before that ‘The Young Ones’) ever since it first crawled onto our televisions screens. So, like many, I was happy that the hideous Richie and Eddie had made it onto the big screen. I remember back in 1999 when it came out that it only received a luke-warm reception, but I saw it anyway. My reaction – it just left me a bit cold.

It’s not a ‘Bottom’ movie. The characters, although basically identical to the Richie and Eddie that we know and love, have different surnames. It would be a bit simplistic to say that the movie failed on account of that one minor point, but, for some reason, I can’t really think of anything else.

Guest House Paradiso was not a commercial or critical success at the Box Office. I decided to watch it again because I enjoyed re-watching the series recently. I was surprised when I saw online how well-received it actually was. However, even from a second viewing over fifteen years later, I still didn’t ‘get it.’

And I don’t know why. Guest House Paradiso has everything that bottom has: the characters, the gross-out humour, the slap-stick violence and the overall feel of Bottom. Yet it still didn’t do it for me. Perhaps I enjoyed seeing Bottom in ‘smaller doses.’ The half hour runtime of an average TV episode seemed just right. Maybe I found that stretching the concept out for an hour and a half was too much?

Yes, there are funny bits and I did smile. It’s stupidly dumb, but it never tries to be anything else. Despite my love for the Young Ones and Bottom, I have yet to warm to this big screen version. But, if you’re thinking of watching it, based on what I’ve seen I am now in the minority. It seems that Guest House Paradiso has found its market at last and time has been more forgiving than the critics at the time and me now. I’ll always have a special fondness for the antics of Richie and Eddie, just not here. Sorry, boys.
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on 17 September 2012
The Bottom series has always been a hallmark in British humour, especially for myself, but the thought of any new Bottom material (disregarding the live shows) in the 90's materializing, let along being considered, seems almost insane. So when I got this film originally on VHS back in 2000 (now on DVD through the live Bottom boxset) I was surprised. 'Could this be any good?' I thought, half preparing to be disappointed, but 90 minutes later those thoughts were unfounded. This is amazing!
Without ruining any surprises the story is Mr. T**t (Rik Mayall) and Eddie/Edward (Ade Edmonson) run a very low-grade hotel that more looks like a haunted house on a hill than a hotel. Admitedly, the story is quite weak BUT if you love the pair and the kind of humour they produce then it won't matter.
This also is one of the earliest films with Simon Pegg in and the acting by the complete cast is fantastic.
The feeling (aesthetic) you get of this film is that it feels like it's plucked from the 1920's-1930's black and white era.
There are many funny moments in the film that makes you laugh very hard and there is a very slapstick but violent part in the first 20 minutes. Keep your eye out for that.
If you love these guys and want some Richie and Eddie to tide you over until the new bottom series in 2013 then check this out right now, especially if you want to see richie in spandex.
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on 17 June 2013
Two lunatics run a horrific, cheap guest house, on a cliff edge, next door to a nuclear processing plant. Amazingly though, due to the fact that more often than not, beggars can't be choosers, they still receive guests (some of the time), and those unlucky enough to decide to stay there are soon victimised by our obnoxious hoteliers who make money from them, by stealing their valuables, being rude and cutting corners whenever they can. That is until one day when a famous Italian bombshell movie star comes to stay there, whilst on the run from her nasty fiance...

First saw this at the cinema when it came out and if I hadn't already been acquainted with the two stars and knew what to expect, I probably would've thought it had been written by a mentally defective, teenage male monkey with anger management issues! Fortunately, I was aware of the duo behind this and loved every minute of it!
It is true, and can be said that the OTT violent slapstick, toilet humour, gross antics, vicious mean~streak and childish low brow, bodily fluid comedy wont be to everyone's taste, however if like me, you find someone being hit in the face 15 times, funnier than just being hit once, you'll probably get along with this just fine!
It also has the honour of having probably one of the funniest gags of all time (I don't know why I find it so funny? It just has me in hysterics every time)...
"PHEEB, one boiled egg...."
Anyway, to those of you who don't appreciate Rik and Ade's style of comedy, you will probably want to remove at least 5 stars from this review, and for that, I can hardly blame you. But for me, It's an absolute crying shame that it wasn't more of a success and better received, thus funding the spawning of a sequel.
Not their finest hour admitted, but still brilliantly crazed, appealing unashamedly to the side of me that thought South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut was also high art!!
"PHEEB, hello?...."
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on 27 December 2000
Before I bought this DVD I had read a lot of bad reviews. I can only assume these reviews are by people who don't like this kind of humour or didn't enjoy Bottom on TV. This film is like Bottom with bells on, it's funny from the opening scenes to the final one. If you like Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson and loved Bottom this is a must own DVD.
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