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4.5 out of 5 stars60
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2000
The game play in RA2 is great, especially in multiplayer mode.
The specialist units are a good inclusion allowing different styles of play to each of the countries - My personal favourite is the British Sniper.
The graphics are brilliant, beating Tiberian Sun's even through its based on the same engine.
I would recommend buying this game if you like the original.
The next step is to play a multiplayer game using our free campus-campus calls at University. (What else is a student to do when your not drinking?!)
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on 8 July 2001
This game is just excellent....Westwood know that when they make a C&C they make it good and if you have ever played one you would agree. The skirmish is brilliant and fun. The AI is challenging and completing it should'nt be hard (i already have after only a week not continuous play for the Allies) But if you're new 2 C&C take it from'll love it and play it 4 ages afterwards.
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on 20 January 2001
Once again Westwood have brought out another action packed Command and Conquer game. More units,More Tanks,More danger,More WAR!! You can play as Soviet or Allied. Both wanting to battle each other. Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 gives you the opportunity to be more devious,cunning and ruthless then ever before. Easy to play and highly addictive,red alert puts the fate of the world in your hands!!
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on 10 November 2000
I think that the new game Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 is a very good stratigic game with a good storyline and excelent features including hover crafts, a psycic guy and even men who will do anything to blow up enemys, even strap bombs to themselves. It has two C.D.s so you can play multiplayer Games or the Soviet and Allied discs. It is a very advanced game with men who can send things out of time so that they disappear for the remainder of the game or until the little guy is killed. Some of the other Command and Conquer Red Alert Games have blood going everywhere when they die but on this game there is no trace of blood, only bones or even in some cases there is nothing left of the dead body. It may take a while to get used to it because all new games have new features, but if you want the game to last longer with more fun I suggest that you do all the trials first or the game will not last for long. For those of you out there that have two computers conected, the multiplayers arefantastic even though I normaly get betten by my dad.
Review written by Christopher Clark
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on 16 January 2001
There's much wrong with this game, but I played it more than any other recent game. I liked Tiberian Sun much better since it was more consistent, more balanced, had better atmosphere and more interesting missions. In the end they are very similar games though.
But the real fun comes when playing online, and unfortunately the Tiberian Sun server seems to be so unreliable that I hardly ever manage to start a game. This is where RA2 works much better, even though the server interface is highly outdated. There are also many improvements over Tiberian Sun with relation to unit- and game-control which will come as a relief to anyone who played any of the older games.
Oh, one more thing. The nuclear-weapons really spoil this game, so my advice would be to only play with those turned off.
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on 10 November 2001
The game has consumed many hours of my life, the storyline is good but the units and structures are GREAT! Its a lot better than the disappointing Tiberian Sun. Its kindda annoying when the game finishs 'cos you know you can't play any new missions!
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on 15 October 2001
Where to begin. The graphics are immense, every little detail is there, you can see the conscripts guns the flash from the tanks guns. The sound is brilliant, my favourite is the sound of the Chrono Legionares weapon as it phases units out of time. The gameplay is endless, with skirmish and mission based gameply. My favourite is skirmish as you get special units depending on which country, the French get a cannon the size af a deployed MVC! The best things are the new units, the tesla trooper can take tesla technology from the base to the battlefied, the Apocolypse Tank is a twin gunned monster that can crush enemy infantry. One of the more interesting new units is the British sniper, this unit can take out G.Is with one shot before they ven get on screen. The game is a lot more balanced in its unit areas, land sea and air. In the first game the units were mostly concentrated in two areas for each team, the allies had the sea, which was controled by fleets of gun boats, destroyers and cruisers. Whilst the Soviets strength was in their air force, with the machine gun wielding yaks and the missle firing mig. In the second game the allies have moved away from the weedy turret and got the Prism Tower, this structure takes in sunlight and zaps it out in a concentrated beam, a network can be made with these.
I wont bore you any more with units, etc. Just buy it and find out for yourself.
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on 29 January 2001
Oh new c&c game must have!!! Having played it and compled both sides now, it appers that westwood took hold of tiberain sun and hurled it back in time is if the Cold War was still raging, at the same time improved some annoying things that Tiberan Sun had. The detial of the landscape and the weapons are brillant, one of best bits among many is the muti-player were you can choose a country and enjoy it's benfiets, on the down side is the somewhat dodgy script and acting and some real nasty puns. Other words probably the best RTS game yet
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on 17 November 2000
Red Alert 2 has one major problem, it is almost identical to Red Alert one. True the graphics are better, but the tanks and 90% of the building are the same, basically there is no more originality that was in the first. I do admit though that the squids are fun.
I also found the game too short, and really to easy, and thought that the storyline jumped far too much. My impression is that they wanted to make it a lot bigger but most of the missions were pulled at the last moment.
The end of the Russian missions is just terrible.
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on 1 July 2001
It is such a good game! Westwood have finally cracked the good command and conquer game. The next thing I would like westwood to do is to make a 3D command and conquer game where IT IS EQUAL TO BOTH SIDES! In Red Alert, the soviets had the advantage with the tesla technology, and this time, the allies have an advantage because of the prisim tanks. I play this game all the time and I bought it in January. I will probably carry on playing it untill a VERY good game comes out, like Black and White 2.
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